The Path Toward Heaven
540 The Swallowing Boa
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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540 The Swallowing Boa

With a grunt, Bai Qianjun glided down from the tree; he didn't give a response to Zhuo

He was covered in blood. If he had still stood on the treetop, he would look rather pitiful
in this condition.

Zhuo Rusui landed by the stream as well; but he didn't withdraw his gray flying sword. It
hovered quietly by his side, ready to strike at any moment.

The flying sword calmed down and displayed its true appearance. Its shaft was a light
gray color, looking exceedingly ordinary, yet its surface had countless fine fissures,
resembling the scales on a fish.

The name of this sword was the Swallowing Boat. It was quite famous in the Cultivation
circle, and was the flying sword of the highest state on Tianguang Peak, even higher
than the Blue Ocean; and its origin was also extraordinary.

The Immortal Liu Ci brought Zhuo Rusui to Tianguang Peak and asked him to stay
behind closed doors as soon as he joined Green Mountain. So he had no chance to go
to Yunxing Peak to look for a sword himself. It was the Immortal Liu Ci who went to the
peak and found this sword and later gave it to Zhuo Rusui. What Liu Ci did was not
compliant with the sect rules; so Shangde Peak pointed it out in a serious fashion. Yet,
the Immortal Liu Ci had a high ability to pretend not to hear anything despite his high
Cultivation state. The protest from Shangde Peak was ignored. This case demonstrated
how much the Immortal Liu Ci had liked this personal disciple of his.

This was the first time these disciples of the Kunlun Sect had witnessed the rumored
Swallowing Boat Sword. But they found that this sword didn't look as murderous as
rumored; it looked like a soft preserved fish.

Yet, who dared look down on this flying sword? Similarly, who would dare neglect Zhuo
Rusui who always had the droopy eyelids and looked drowsy?

As a young legendary genius at the Green Mountain Sect, Zhuo Rusui began staying
behind closed doors ever since he entered the mountain gate of Green Mountain, doing
so for twenty years. He defeated Zhao Layue after he came out from behind closed
doors, shocking the whole of the Cultivation circle. His fame weakened only slightly after
he lost to Jing Jiu on Cloud-Dream Mountain. And he had kept a low profile over the last
few years. The impression the Cultivation circle had of him was still of a man in black in
the Illusionary Realm of the Green Sky Mirror who enjoyed killing others frenetically. It
wasn't until now that the disciples of the Kunlun Sect remembered that he had always
been the strongest swordsman among those of the young generation.

Bai Qianjun was not an ordinary Cultivation practitioner, a talented disciple nurtured
specifically by the Center Sect; but he had been defeated horrifically by Zhuo Rusui a
few times. He didn't even have a chance of winning against Zhuo Rusui. Exactly how

strong was Zhuo Rusui then?

However, the Cultivation circle was still under the control of the swordsmen of the
earlier generation.

The stream water suddenly became still as it stopped flowing. Along with the whistling
wind, the leaves fell down in tandem. A few figures dropped from the sky along with the
falling leaves.

Elder Yue Qianmen of the Center Sect led a few disciples bursting into the scene while
exuding a powerful energy.

Feeling extremely intimidated, the disciples of the Kunlun Sect backed to a distant spot
after bowing to him hastily.

After shooting an expressionless glance at Zhuo Rusui, Yue Qianmen looked at Liu
Shisui; then he gazed at Xiao He standing by the forest. His lethal intent surfaced for an
instant, but it soon disappeared.

Zhao Layue stood under a tree by Xiao He. It was unclear when she had arrived.

Yue Qianmen was a strong swordsman in the Lianxu State. Fang Jingtian and the
Immortal Guangyuan were the only two on Green Mountain who had a slim chance of
defeating him. The young swordsmen of Green Mountain, no matter how talented they
were, couldn't pose any threat to him. Yet, Yue Qianmen still felt a bit of pressure when
witnessing the scene, and had many sentimental thoughts.

The pressure he felt didn't stem from the present situation but a vision in the future. His
sentiment came from his regret and his disappointment at his own sect.

Three young people with natural Dao quality were standing in front of him.

They were all at the Green Mountain Sect.

The next generation of the Green Mountain Sect was truly too strong. It seemed that
Green Mountain would have three more figures in the upper state of the Broken Sea a
hundred years from now.

To say nothing of Liu Shisui, Zhuo Rusui was paid a great deal of attention since his
birth by many Cultivation sects, and Zhao Layue was born in Zhaoge City. Why didn't
they snatch these two up in the first place?

Thinking of his own sect, Luo Huainan had died young, and Bai Qianjun had a terrible
temperament and wasn't going to have a bright future; and Tong Yan…Was it possible
that all they could hope for was none other than Bai Zao?

Yue Qianmen tried his hardest to restrain himself from indulging those thoughts. "What
has happened?" he demanded while pointing to the rock by the stream.

The stream water had stopped flowing, and the blood stains on the rock didn't grow
lighter, as if they coalesced.

Zhuo Rusui joined in, "Yes, I'd like to know what has happened here."

Yue Qianmen ignored him and said to Zhao Layue under the tree, "Do you admit that
this matter has something to do with Liu Shisui? Or should I go to the House Master

If the Green Mountain Sect admitted that Liu Shisui was the disciple of Green Mountain,
then the Green Mountain Sect had to take responsibility for the matter. If not, it would be
a matter concerning the One-Cottage House.

"Talking to us is fine," said Zhao Layue.

Liu Shisui intended to explain what had happened earlier, but Yue Qianmen chose not
to pay any attention to him. He said while staring at Zhao Layue, "I need to take him
away for questioning."

Though Yue Qianmen's Cultivation state was far superior to Zhao Layue's, his status
and generation in his sect was the same as Zhao Layue's, so he had to discuss this
matter with her.

"No way," Zhao Layue replied.

The simpler the reply, the stronger her position was.

Yue Qianmen raised his eyebrows slightly. Those disciples of the Kunlun Sect, who
were still horrified by the occurrence, felt more bewildered.

Even though Zhao Layue and the other two were of natural Dao quality, their Cultivation
states were not high enough. A swordsman in the Lianxu State could eliminate them
with a flicker of his finger. So why was she still so haughty?

The line of Yue Qianmen's sight fell on Zhao Layue's bosom.

As the shadow of the treetop cast on her, the others saw a white cat in her bosom.

The white cat awakened slowly after a yawn.

Though many disciples of Green Mountain didn't know who the four Principal Guards
were, the elders of the Center Sect were fully aware as to who they were.

"It turns out that the Master White Ghost is here."

Yue Qianmen's expression grew grave, but he didn't show any fear. He continued, "But
it's the intent of the Immortal Bai."

It was at this very moment that the Immortal Bai was in the sky and on that Cloud Boat.

Zhao Layue was not worried, though, because Ada didn't pretend to sleep again,
meaning Ada knew what was to happen.

As expected, a melodious sounding of a bell could be heard in the distance.

The sudden battle and assassination by the stream had finally aroused the attention of
the Fruit Formation Temple.

Soon after, an exceedingly crisp sound of a bell broke out in the sky.

In comparison to the sound of the bell at the Fruit Formation Temple, this bell sounded
much fainter, but it had a stronger penetrating power. It was unclear whether it was the
sound of the South-Screen Bell or some other magic treasure.

It was the signal to return.

Yue Qianmen said nothing more. He led his disciples and those disciples of the Kunlun
Sect leaving the place. They departed in a hurry.

However, everybody was aware that the Center Sect wouldn't let it go, and they would
cause further clashes at the Plum Meeting a few days later.

The stream water returned to life and resumed flowing downstream, making faint
plopping sounds.

Xiao He walked to Liu Shisui's side. She suddenly felt the chilly wind over the stream
piercing into her bones as she looked at the blood stains on the rock being washed
clean by the water. Her face grew pale.

What had happened today was rather bizarre, and it had an element with which she
was quite familiar. This fact horrified her terribly.

"Senior Master Zhao," Liu Shisui bowed earnestly to Zhao Layue.

On the current Green Mountain, Liu Shisui admired and respected his Young Master the
most, and Zhao Layue was the next in line.

Zhao Layue was his idol when Liu Shisui was at the South-Pine Pavilion, and later she
was his partner in Guiyun City.

"Big Brother…"

Liu Shisui didn't know what to say after bowing to Zhuo Rusui. It had been many years
since they met in the Illusionary Realm of the Green Sky Mirror. Though they had seen
each other many times at the Royal Palace of the Chu State in the Illusionary Realm
and were acquaintances, it was nonetheless in another world.

"This sword looks great."

Liu Shisui made the comment while staring at the Swallowing Boat Sword, "It looks like
that ceramic ware; but I forgot the kiln it was made from…"

"The Zi Kiln," Xiao He reminded him.

"Yeah, the Zi Kiln."

Liu Shisui always spoke and behaved in an honest manner, so what he said could
convince others easily, and others were also willing to befriend him. Yet, Zhuo Rusui felt
a bit irritated after hearing this, as he thought to himself, "The fissures on the sword
were cut by the Sword of the Universe. What about the sword bracelet on your wrist?
Are you willing to exchange it for my sword?"

The Lone Sword and the First Child Sword were the ones with the highest state in
Chaotian right now. It was impossible for Liu Shisui to exchange it for any other sword…
Well, even if Liu Shisui was willing to, he was unwilling to give up this sword.

The Swallowing Boat was a better name and suited his temperament better, he thought.

"How come you are here?" asked Zhuo Rusui.

"I'm here to help, of course," replied Liu Shisui.

One asked a senseless question.

And the other answered it matter-of-factly.

The Plum Meeting of the Fruit Formation Temple was different from the plum meetings
in which the young Cultivation practitioners competed with and learned from each other
in Zhaoge City; it was more like the plum meeting that had taken place six hundred
years ago.

The human race faced a great danger when the plum meeting took place six hundred
years ago. This meeting was not as important as that meeting, but it was still significant

If the Center Sect and the Green Mountain Sect, the two leaders of the orthodox
Cultivation sects, became confrontational, Chaotian would plunge into turbulence.

At this critical moment, Liu Shisui had to come, and more importantly, his young master
was the sect master of Green Mountain now.

"It's not going to be a group fight; the number of heads doesn't help. And you can't use
the precious treasures of the One-Cottage House to help Green Mountain when the
fight starts."

Thinking of the pressure the Green Mountain Sect faced, Zhuo Rusui didn't feel sleepy
anymore, and said with a sigh, "It's all up to what the Sect Master thinks of it."

The Center Sect expressed their opinion clearly at the Plum Meeting last spring; they
wanted to reduce the quota for the Green Mountain Sect, even if it was merely a
symbolic gesture.

Liu Shisui remarked, "I'm afraid that my Young Master might not bother thinking about
this sort of matter."

The honest person usually spoke honest words.

Zhao Layue was aware that this was indeed the temperament of Jing Jiu. However,
since he sent Tong Yan to the Underworld, he should have some kind of a plan. "Let's
go back first and see what will happen."

When they were outside the Fruit Formation Temple, Xiao He saw the former vegetable
garden in ruins. Thinking of those peaceful years she spent there, she couldn't help but
feel sad.

But she couldn't stay at the vegetable garden because it was not safe to stay outside of
the temple. Nobody knew what the Center Sect and those orthodox sects would do to
her. Liu Shisui couldn't bring her to the One-Cottage House. Running an Inn outside the
Windy Corridor was totally different from staying together. As such, he had no choice
but to take her to Jing Jiu's place.

The Tranquil Garden was as quiet as before. Gu Qing was awakened by the sound of
bell at the Fruit Formation Temple.

Gu Qing had been exchanging letters with Xiao He over the years to maintain the
communication between Shenmo Peak and Liu Shisui. And it was Gu Qing who was
responsible for arranging affairs regarding the vegetable garden and the Inn. Yet, he
didn't exchange pleasantries with Xiao He. "My Master is still inside. Wait here for a
moment," he told Liu Shisui.

Liu Shisui thought that his Young Master was indeed awesome after he had learned
that Jing Jiu was discussing the Dao with the Young Zen Master.

Gu Qing noticed Xiao He's pale face. Thinking of the sound of bell earlier, he asked,
"What has happened?"

Liu Shisui related to him what had happened earlier by the stream.

After a moment of silence, Gu Qing said, "The remaining members of the Old Ones
have kept quiet for many years; why would they suddenly come out this time?"

After the destruction of Xiwang Sun's Cloud Platform, the Old Ones seemed to be wiped
out; but the foundation was not weakened. The battle of the Fruit Formation Temple
was proof of that.

Before the battle, it was impossible for anyone to think that the Principal Justice of the
Fruit Formation Temple, Monk Duhai, was an evil man of the Old Ones.

There must be more figures like Monk Duhai in various sects and in the imperial court.

For instance, the Master Huiyuan, who suddenly struck and killed Elder Chen Wen of
the Kunlun Sect, was one of them.

"He should have followed us all the way from the Windy Corridor and taken the
opportunity in the end."

Liu Shisui had lived at the Old Ones for many years, and compiled innumerable files
there; so he was quite familiar with their action style.

The target the Master Huiyuan was to assassinate was obviously not Liu Shisui;
otherwise, Liu Shisui and Xiao He would be dead a long time ago. What was the
opportunity he had been waiting for then?

It grew exceedingly quiet in the Tranquil Garden, because all of them had thought of
that person.

What did the Immortal Taiping intend to do then?

Did he intend to incite a war between the Green Mountain Sect and the Center Sect, the
Kunlun Sect and all the other sects in the north?

Nobody could answer his question. The fallen leaves were slithering in the courtyard
when being blown by the wind, piling high around the stone pagoda.

Ada strolled to the heap of the fallen leaves, and lay down in a curled ball.

A huge shadow appeared in the distant sky. It was the Cloud Boat of the Center Sect,
bearing down on the hearts of these young people.

Looking in that direction, Zhuo Rusui suddenly said, "We'll fight them then."

The red setting sun created a beautiful twilight over the surface of the ocean, obscuring
the boat gradually, as if the twilight had swallowed it up.


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