The Path Toward Heaven
539 Green Mountain is Always Alone
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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539 Green Mountain is Always Alone

Liu Shisui was very famous in the Cultivation circle, especially among the disciples of
the young generation.

He was of natural Dao quality, and nurtured favorably by the Green Mountain Sect. He
joined the Old Ones and helped destroy the Cloud Platform, and he also helped kill Luo
Huainan during this time period. After he returned to Green Mountain and was locked in
the Sword Jail, he was allowed secretly by the masters to leave the jail and became a
personal disciple of the house master of the One-Cottage, Bu Qiuxiao. He had learned
the sword styles of a few different sects and won the first place in the Cultivation
tournament at the latest Plum Meeting. He was indeed a formidable figure.

However, Elder Chen Wen of the Kunlun Sect had broken through the Sea State many
decades ago according to the classification of the southern area. He was truly powerful
and superior to Liu Shisui in every way. The fact that Liu Shisui said "Go ahead" in such
a composed and self-confident manner with no hope of winning the fight was a bit
absurd in many people's eyes.

This behavior was tantamount to Jing Jiu walking to that chair and saying "Let me do it"
while being gazed at by all of the nine peaks.

When Liu Shisui had said that, the Lone Sword, which rested quietly on his wrist as if it
had fallen asleep, seemed to have a poor opinion of him as well.

Xiao He had the same opinion of him. So she mentioned the relationship between Liu
Shisui and Jing Jiu right away even though it was a chagrined act.

Defeating someone who had a higher Cultivation state was only heard of in the legends
or happened to somebody like Jing Jiu.

Chen Wen didn't laugh, as he was aware that Liu Shisui was not an ordinary person,
meaning it was not an easy task to defeat and severely wound him. Though the Green
Mountain Sect and the Kunlun Sect were not on good terms, he only intended to
humiliate Liu today, and didn't dare overdo it.

What Xiao He said seemed to be ridiculous, but it in fact had some effect.

All of Chaotian knew that Liu Shisui had been Jing Jiu's study attendant.

If a caretaker of the Prime Minister was as important as a high-ranking official, the study
attendant of the sect master of Green Mountain was much more important than the
regular elders of the sect.

Xiao He had already retreated to the inside of the forest. She hadn't struck once since
she fled Haizhou City many years ago, and was used to standing behind Liu Shisui.

Liu Shisui took a step forward. The instant his shoe touched the ground, a violent wind
rose with a loud whistle, hurling the fallen green leaves into the sky as they danced and
drifted about.

The stream water splashed in all directions, turning into tens of thousands of beads of
water in the air and rotating around Liu Shisui like a whirlpool at a high speed.

As his foot stomped on the ground, he thrust his fist toward the opposite bank a few
hundred feet away.

The gloomy black smoke mixed with the blood-red flames emerged from his fist, which
then turned into a black dragon heading toward the face of that elder of the Kunlun

Was this the secret magic method of the Bloody Demon Church?

Sensing the gloomy energy in the wind of that thrusting fist, Chen Wen's expression
grew grave. He found that this young man turned out to be more powerful than he had

He employed the escape method of the Kunlun Sect and turned into shadows filling the
sky. As a result, he evaded the black smoke easily. He arrived in the sky instantly, and
smacked his palm downwards.

It seemed as if this palm was an ordinary strike, but it blocked the autumn sun as its
shadow bore down on the ground like a mountain.

As an elder of the Kunlun Sect in the Broken Sea State, his casual strike possessed the
power of heaven and earth.

It was beyond the ability of Liu Shisui to receive such a palm full of energy, one full of
the energy and heaven and earth.

By the time he was about to be suppressed by the palm, Liu Shisui took out an object
that looked like a pen. He used it to draw in the air, as if he was writing something in the

A rainbow appeared in the area where the pen touched.

The rainbow formed exceedingly fast. It took only an instant for it to form from the
ground to an elevation in the sky a few miles high. It looked quite colorful, as if it was
not something that one could find in the human world.


The rainbow landed squarely on Chen Wen.

No matter how high his Cultivation state was, he was like the ink sprayed from the pen,
retreating swiftly and bumping into the cliff wall behind him.

The horrific quake started from the cliff wall and traveled to the ground, and then the

The stream water splashed in all directions, making the remaining whirlpool swell in
size; and the green leaves in the air shot downwards like sharp swords.

Those disciples of the Kunlun Sect fled in tandem, the scene looking rather chaotic and

Chen Wen flew out of the cliff wall, with a pale face and loose hair covering his head
and shoulder. With the blood stains on his clothes, he was in a more scruffy condition
than all the others. It seemed that he had been wounded severely.

Staring at Liu Shisui in shock and anger, he yelled sharply, "Is this the City-Guard Pen?!
It's impossible!"

The City-Guard Pen was one of the most precious treasures of the One-Cottage House,
and as famous as the Dragon-Tail Inkstone and other two treasures. It was a magic
treasure of a very high state and hadn't shown up in the world for a long time.

He didn't expect Bu Qiuxiao to give such an important magic treasure to Liu Shisui who
was merely a disciple joining the house late in his life.

Liu Shisui didn't give him a response. He took two magic pills in an effort to recover his
zhenyuan as quickly as possible. It was not long ago that the City-Guard Pen
recognized him as its master, though his Cultivation state was not high enough yet. As
such, his zhenyuan had almost been exhausted after drawing in the sky with the pen.
He had no way to draw one more time at the moment, his face as ashen as white paper.

Chen Wen leapt into the sky with a shriek. A flash of sword light traveled along with the
sword light, and arrived by the stream in the blink of an eye.

Liu Shisui shook his left wrist slightly, and the sword bracelet turned into the Lone
Sword, shooting into the sky.

A crisp clashing sound occurred when the Lone Sword and that sword light met in the

After a faint clicking sound, a flying sword arrived above Liu Shisui's left shoulder; but
this flying sword's tip was clipped by the Lone Sword, so it didn't pierce through Liu
Shisui's shoulder. Yet, blood was dripping down from his shoulder.

Chen Wen was in worse condition. There was a bloody hole in his chest, from which the
fresh blood was gushing out.

The Lone Sword returned to Liu Shisui. It was extremely bright, short and cute, looking
quite adorable.

Liu Shisui caught the broken sword from his shoulder and tossed it to the ground.

The sword quivered slightly, as if it intended to fly away.

Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!!

The sword lights illuminated the banks of the stream.

That sword was cut into pieces by the Lone Sword.

Chen Wen spat out a mouthful of fresh blood in the sky.

The blood fell down like the raindrops.

"What is this freaking sword?!"

The flying sword that was connected to his Dao Heart was destroyed. Though his
Cultivation state wouldn't be affected, it would take many years for his strength to
recover. Chen Wen felt both bewildered and furious. It was impossible for him to have
his emotion in check any longer.

What was this sword?! Why was it so sharp as to cut his flying sword of the fairy state
into pieces?!

In the next moment, he thought of the rumor after the Battle of the West Ocean. "Is it the
Lone Sword?" he asked, an incredulous expression showing in his eyes.

As a sword Cultivation practitioner, Chen Wen knew about the famous swords of Green

Among those famous swords, the Lone Sword had the most lethal power, because it
was the sharpest.

When a sword practitioner faced such a legendary sword, they would have an awe-
striking feeling, and…feel outrageous.

Liu Shisui possessed the City-Guard Pen of the One-Cottage House and the Lone
Sword of the Green Mountain Sect…That was why he dared challenge me, Chen Wen

Chen Wen was furious by now. He employed the escape method and evaded the
approaching sword light scarcely. As he arrived by the stream, Chen Wen extended his
arms with all his might.

A fire crane left his shoulders and headed toward Liu Shisui swiftly.

The pale-faced Liu Shisui twisted his right wrist while standing on the wild fires; he took
out a folding fan seemingly out of nowhere and waved it toward the fire crane.

As the clean wind arrived, the fire crane grew smaller instantly and then turned into a
puff of green smoke, vanishing into nothingness. But, the two of them had encountered
by the stream at a close distance. The worst thing that could happen to a swordsman
was drawing close to the opponents. As such, they would like to keep as much distance
from their opponents as possible during the combat. However, Chen Wen's flying sword
had already been destroyed, and he was severely wounded at the moment; so he had
no choice but to take this risk.

Liu Shisui was in a bad condition as well; so they were locked in a life and death dual.

All of a sudden, a serene and peaceful energy appeared by the stream.

Over a hundred rosaries arrived noiselessly, forming a shield dividing Liu Shisui and
Chen Wen.

The old monk at the upstream said after uttering a Buddhist mantra, "Two Culitvationists
stop, please."

The disciples of the Kunlun Sect knew this old monk. He was the Master Huiyuan of the
Tonghua Temple. They met here by chance at the banks of the stream.

The Master Huiyuan was proficient at the Buddhist methods, and had a benevolent
heart for human beings, but he also loathed evildoers. He was respected by the mortals
and other Cultivation practitioners equally.

Hearing this, Chen Wen had a terrible look, but he opted to halt his steps.

Since Liu Shisui had so many magic treasures with him, he would pay a steep price
even if he could eventually kill him.

Liu Shisui had also called back the Lone Sword.

It was then that the rosaries had suddenly moved, blocking all the retreating routes for
Chen Wen!

Chen Wen sensed the danger awaiting him, and his face turned pale. With a shriek, he
summoned his disciples to strike, and at the same time, he was to throw out the magic
treasure that he had been holding in his hand.

Yet, it was too late. Nobody expected the Master Huiyuan, who was renowned for his
outstanding moral values and noble behavior, to suddenly kill someone. It appeared to
others that he had been in the middle of reconciling the two opponents.

More than one hundred rosaries exploded at the same time!

The booming sounds bombarded the ears constantly; the stream of water splashed and
evaporated, turning into the puffs green smoke at an extremely high temperature!

The crisp shriek stopped short!

As the smoke and dusts settled, the figure of Chen Wen was nowhere to be found by
the stream. The blood was seen everywhere, on the rocks and in the water, with the
steam coming out.

The Master Huiyuan was found at the foot of a cliff a few miles away, and vanished
without a trace soon after.

It was deathly quiet by the stream.

The flowing stream water washed away the blood on the rocks, as it meandered toward
the downstream. The sound of the stream was nice and soft, but it was shockingly loud
and heart-wrenching in the ears of those present at the moment.

The shock and bewilderment were written all over the faces of those disciples of the
Kunlun Sect. They looked around the valley and at each other, unable to figure out what
had just happened.

Liu Shisui was at a loss as well.

All of a sudden, some of the Kunlun Sect disciples began to cry; the sound was rather

A few sword lights illuminated the valley. Those disciples of the Kunlun Sect called out
their flying swords and pointed at Liu Shisui. "You've killed our senior master!" they
yelled frantically.

Xiao He had come before Liu Shisui. She waved her hand to set up a shield, as she
said to Liu Shisui in whisper, "You leave here first."

The reason Liu Shisui was at a loss earlier was because he had a benevolent nature,
though he came back to his senses soon. The training he received at the Old Ones
reminded him that he couldn't leave like this. He dragged Xiao He to his back and said
while looking at those disciples of the Kunlun Sect, "It should be the scheme of the Old

Hearing his calm voice, those disciples of the Kunlun Sect calmed down a bit. Thinking
of what had happened earlier, they found it truly odd.

But, it was obvious that someone was unwilling to let Liu Shisui get out of the situation
so easily.

"But you were a member of the Old Ones; who knows if you've colluded with them. If
you are innocent, why don't you execute this devil vixen by your side first?"

An indifferent voice came from the sky.

And a figure had dropped down from the sky along with the voice.

In the high elevation in the sky close to the Empty Realm, there was a huge boat visible
intermittently. It was the Cloud Boat of the Center Sect.

The person jumped off from the boat.

Bai Qianjun's windy hole, created by a powerful magic method, headed toward the bank
of the stream while he was still in the air. During the years after the Dao Competition, he
had been staying behind closed doors, and his Cultivation state had improved. Yet, he
was still relentless and cruel. He attempted to kill Liu Shisui before making an effort to
find out what was going on.

Liu Shisui had exhausted all of his zhenyuan, so how could he resist this windy hole?

Unexpectedly, a flying sword flew out from a precipice.

The flying sword was rather peculiar. It didn't possess much sword light, and its shaft
was a faint gray color when being looked at from a distance, resembling the color of the
sky as well as the cliff.

Even if someone saw the sword, they would take it for the sky or a cliff.

And the flying sword didn't have a powerful energy. It drifted in the wind feebly like a
fallen leaf.

The fallen leaf drifted into the windy hole, and then flew up noiselessly and quickly back
to the sky.

Crack!!! Crack!!!

A dozen tiny and deep ruptures appeared on Bai Qianjun's body!

He retreated diagonally a few miles with a grunt, and landed on a large tree not far from
the stream.

As the wind blew over the treetop, he rose and ebbed with the wind, blood seeping out
from his body.

He stared at the precipice with a gloomy face, exclaiming, "Zhuo Rusui…do you only
know how to sneak-attack others?!"

The gray and feeble flying sword glided back to the front of the precipice.

Zhuo Rusui stepped onto it.

He rode the sword to a spot above the stream. He looked at Bai Qianjun on the tree and
felt rather annoyed, as he said, "The truth is that you wouldn't have been my match
even if I hadn't snuck up on you."


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