The Path Toward Heaven
523 The Youth in White is The Same, just with a Different Bamboo Chair
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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523 The Youth in White is The Same, just with a Different Bamboo Chair

Jing Jiu glanced at Yuan Qijing, urging him to speak up.

Yuan Qijing sighed before saying, "This is it."

The Green Mountain disciples felt baffled, wondering what he meant by saying "This is
it". Didn't he need to announce the result before calling it quits?

Even if the Round Turtle supported Young Senior Master, the Sword Justice and the
Night Howler hadn't cast their votes yet.

It was then that Yuan Qijing came before the hut and bowed to Jing Jiu in the chair.

"Yuan Qijing of Shangde Peak greets the Sect Master."

This was his opinion.

As for the opinion of the Dead Dog, it was unnecessary to ask him.

Though it could prolong the process to ask for the opinion of the Dead Dog, it was truly

The person who had obtained the support from two Principal Guards of Green Mountain
and the Sword Justice should be qualified to sit on the seat of the sect master, no
matter how one viewed it.

Thinking of this, the Immortal Guangyuan came before the hut and stared at Jing Jiu
meaningfully. "Lu Guangyuan of Shiyue Peak greets the Sect Master," he said while
bowing to Jing Jiu in reverence.

"Chen Youtian of Bihu Peak greets the Sect Master."

"Fu Wang of Yunxing Peak greets the Sect Master."

The peak masters came before the hut and greeted Jing Jiu in tandem.

Sitting in the chair, Jing Jiu nodded to them while stroking the white cat.

Zhao Layue stayed on the same spot and didn't move.

Neither did Nan Wang.

Next, the elders of the peaks greeted Jing Jiu.

"Chen Bizheng of Xilai Peak greets the Sect Master."

"Chi Yan of Shangde Peak greets the Sect Master."

"Mei Li of Qingrong Peak greets the Sect Master."

"Greetings, Sect Master!"

Hundreds of Green Mountain disciples bowed to the ground facing the small hut.

Hundreds of flying swords dipped their tips in the night sky, as if they were bowing to
Jing Jiu all at the same time.

The sword wills shot up swiftly, toward the highest level of the sky.

The clouds dissipated in the night sky, making the stars look brighter.

The top of Tianguang Peak was filled with a solemn atmosphere.

The distant Sword Peak sensed it, from which thousands of flying swords flew up into
the sky along with countless deep whooshing sounds, pointing toward Tianguang Peak
to congratulate the new sect master.

The flying sword of different shades emitted silvery or dark glows under the starlight.
They might not look beautiful, but they were definitely magnificent and awe-inspiring.

Seeing this scene, all the Green Mountain disciples were shocked speechless.

Was this the rumored "Greetings of Ten-thousand Swords"?

Was Jing Jiu born to be the sect master of Green Mountain since he could arouse such

a peculiar phenomenon? Even those who hadn't been willing to accept Jing Jiu as their
sect master couldn't help but feel this way after witnessing this scene. The resentment
and doubt in their minds had abated without them even noticing.

It was at such a solemn moment that a very discordant voice burst out.

"I'm still against you becoming the sect master."

Jian Ruoyun stared at Jing Jiu, his eyes full of despair, as he continued, "Unless you kill

Jing Jiu ignored him.

This angered Jian Ruoyun even more. With a clean whooshing sound, he called out his
flying sword.

Zhao Layue's eyes turned cold, and the Thoughtless Sword was ready to fly out.

Jian Ruoyun didn't intend to kill Jing Jiu, because he knew clearly that he was not his
match. What he intended to do was commit suicide in an attempt to use his own blood
to cleanse the previous evil and misdeed on the part of Jing Jiu.

The flying sword pierced toward his center of brows along with a bright rainbow.

He had entered the initial state of the Free Travel a long time ago with an outstanding
talent in sword work, so it was hard for anybody to stop him at such a short distance.

Jing Jiu still didn't pay any attention to him.


The sword light halted in the air, and then dropped to the ground, splashing some
broken ice in every direction.

"Why didn't you let me die?!"

Looking at Yuan Qijing, Jian Ruoyun yelled angrily and in despair, "I'd rather die than
see this evil man become the sect master of Green Mountain."

"I don't care whether you're dead or alive."

Yuan Qijing went on expressionlessly, "As a junior, you instigated the peaks not to
comply with the Will. You will be locked up in the Sword Jail as punishment. You can
choose to kill yourself after coming out from it."

Jian Ruoyun was in complete despair now.

The caretakers of Shangde Peak came over and took him away.

Yuan Qijing looked at Jing Jiu, waiting for him to speak.

As the sect master, Jing Jiu had to say something.

At the very least, he needed to review the past and provide a plan for the future.

"Everything stays the same," said Jing Jiu.

The Green Mountain disciples were listening carefully.

"That's it," Jing Jiu said.

Upon hearing this, the Green Mountain disciples eyed each other, wondering if their
ears were working properly.

Was the speech over?

Jing Jiu had spoken his mind.

He had never been a sect master before.

Liu Ci had done a good job.

So, it was convenient and safe to follow what Liu Ci had done.

It was also easy this way.

The Cultivation practitioners should focus on cultivating. One full day had already been
wasted that day. There was no point in standing around; everybody should go back to
their Cultivation.

Yuan Qijing was fully aware of what kind of a person Jing Jiu was. "We'll discuss the
specific matters later. The meeting is over," said he expressionlessly.

Having said that, Yuan Qijing stepped onto his sword, heading toward Shangde Peak.

The disciples of Shangde Peak bowed to Jing Jiu hastily and caught up to Yuan Qijing.

The remaining peaks had done the same, departing on their swords.

Yet, the flying swords in the night sky traveled rather slowly; many people couldn't help
but spin their heads to look at the top of Tianguang Peak.

The starlight shone on the small hut.

Jing Jiu sat in the chair while stroking the white cat.

The scene of his white cloth and composed bearing would stay in their memories for a
long time to come and arouse a deeper meaning.

Yushan had also left following her big brothers of Shangde Peak. Recalling the scene in
which Jing Jiu walked toward the small hut, his white cloth ruffling, and sat in the chair,
she folded her hands in front of her chest, eyes full of the starlight.

They were classmates back when they were at the Sword-Washing Hall. Later, she
called him Big Brother Jing Jiu, then Young Senior Master; now she had to call him Sect

On a flying sword not far away, a disciple of Shangde Peak by the surname of Lü had
the similar sentiment.0000000000000

Over thirty years ago, he went to that small village and saw the child with natural Dao
quality, and he also saw the youth in white clothing on the bamboo chair.

Tonight the same youth seemed to wear the same white cloth, except that the chair was

Hundreds of flying swords were departing Tianguang Peak, heading toward various
places. But they flew at a slow pace; they were seemingly unwilling to leave. It seemed
that those sword lights halted in the middle of the night sky, mixing with the stars; it was
as if the ocean of stars had arrived in the human world.

It became much quieter on the top of Tianguang Peak. Yet, the people of Shenmo Peak
hadn't left; nor had the elders and disciples of Tianguang Peak.

After taking the position of the sect master of Green Mountain, Jing Jiu had also
become the peak master of Tianguang. As such, he needed to make some
arrangements for the peak.

Guo Nanshan came before the hut, and began to report the relevant affairs. Besides the
affairs of Tianguang Peak, he was also responsible for the disciples of Liangwang Peak;
it looked like he would take a long time to finish the report.

Seeing those young brothers of his and disciples listening to Guo Nanshan carefully and
quietly, Bai Rujing felt more and more agitated.

He disagreed to let Jing Jiu become the sect master earlier; it was because Jing Jiu was
not the sect master at the time.

Now Jing Jiu had already become the sect master, so he wouldn't want to make a fuss

It would be considered as being rebellious if he dared do anything disrespectful.
However, if he won the rebellion, he would become the sect master; and if he lost, he
would be the treacherous traitor and locked in the Sword Jail for the rest of his life, like
what had happened to Senior Master Lu Tai; and he couldn't even go to the hermit
peaks waiting for his death.

Bai Rujing's ambition was to procure the control of Tianguang Peak, and he had no
intention of becoming the sect master; nor did he dare to.

However, he thought that he was qualified to choose not to wait here and to be

"What other commands does Sect Master have?"

Before Guo Nanshan finished his report, Bai Rujing came out and said to Jing Jiu, "If
not, I'll take my leave now."

When he spoke, his countenance was not very reverential, but it was not indifferent
either. He looked rather calm.

Somehow, the crowd on the peak top felt the two words "Sect Master" uttered by him
full of ridicule and mockery.

Jing Jiu was not upset.

The person who had a wicked thought would think everybody else looked like a wicked

One who didn't feel like being a suitable sect master would have the feeling of being

Seeing Jing Jiu give no response, Bai Rujing was taken aback slightly; then he wheeled
and headed toward the bottom of the peak after a hasty bow.

Though Bai Rujing didn't show any evident disrespect, his bowing was a bit too fast.

Moreover, he was to leave while Guo Nanshan was still reporting; was it appropriate?

Watching the back of this senior master, Gu Qing and Yuan Qü felt somewhat angry.

Coming to the edge of a cliff, Bai Rujing was to descend by riding his sword. However,
the frustration was still brewing in his mind; in the end, he couldn't help sneering once.

It was rather quiet on the peak top, so everybody could hear this sneer.

In the next moment, everybody had heard another sound.


The Immortal Liu Ci didn't like the long speeches; so he often responded with "hmm"
when the disciples made reports to him.

His disciples such as Zhuo Rusui had inherited this habit of his Master's.

As such, the elders and disciples of Tianguang Peak were good at figuring out the
meanings of "hmm".

They had easily figured out that the faint "hmm" indicated discontent and reproach
thought it sounded like an inquiry.

It grew even quieter and was as quiet as a graveyard now on the top of Tianguang
Peak. The starlight shining on the peak had become a bit colder.

Bai Rujing halted his steps. He turned around and asked after a moment of silence,
"What other commands do you have, Sect Master?"

"Why did you sneer?" demanded Jing Jiu while stroking the cat with his head lowered.

Staring into Jing Jiu's eyes, Bai Rujing retorted, "Nobody can sneer anymore on Green
Mountain from now on?!"

Seeing the rage on this man's face while crouching in Jing Jiu's lap, Ada mused
dismissively that nobody, apart from Yuan Qijing, dared sneer at Jing Jiu.

Gu Qing took a step forward and pressed Bai Rujing, "Senior Master, are you still
displeased with my Master becoming the sect master?"

Pressed by a junior, Bai Rujing grew extremely furious. He couldn't stand it any longer,
as he exclaimed tersely, "I'd like to know if the Sect Master is going to punish me for
sneering once. You're really powerful now after inheriting the position of the sect

Hearing this, Jing Jiu tightened his hand slightly; it was unclear if he did it due to anger
or other reasons.

And…he had been stroking the cat the entire time.

Feeling the sensation of a pinch on his back, Ada howled once reflexively.

A powerful energy appeared on the peak top again, along with a violent wind.

Sensing an imminent danger, Bai Rujing called out his flying sword reflexively, shielding
in front of his body.

It was at this moment that Gu Qing's voice broke out.

"How dare you! You've drawn your sword before Sect Master! What are you intending to

It became quiet again on the peak top.

After that howling, Ada didn't do anything else except glare at Jing Jiu resentfully.

Everyone was looking at the flying sword in the night sky.

Bai Rujing had a terrible look, as he cursed many times in his mind.

It was evident that this was a scheme plotted by his opponents; they intended to spur
him to do so.

However, anyone would do the same reflexively when they faced imminent danger.

No matter how furious he was, Bai Rujing was well aware that he had to withdraw his
sword immediately, otherwise Gu Qing would blame him for offending the sect master.

He willed slightly, and the flying sword flew back through the sky…but it didn't come all
the way back!

Along with a crisp clashing sound, an exceedingly bright flame appeared in the night

A flying sword with desolate aura appeared in the night sky, blocking Bai Rujing's

All disciples of Green Mountain knew this sword.

It was the Sword of the Universe!

Bai Rujing's face was as green as a bronze. He looked at Jing Jiu in the chair,
wondering what he meant by doing so.

Did Jing Jiu intend to fight against him save for humiliating and framing him?

How could he expect to win the fight?

The people who were leaving Tianguang Peak saw the flame in the night sky, and knew
it was the result of two swords clashing against each other.

Everybody stopped short and looked at the top of Tianguang Peak. Seeing the
confrontation between Bai Rujing and Jing Jiu, they couldn't help feeling astonished.

What did the Sect Master intend to do?

The swordsmen with a profound Cultivation state like the Immortal Guangyuan and Fu
Wang were startled as well, but they were concerned about a different matter. What
they couldn't understand was…how Jing Jiu had done it.

Bai Rujing didn't try to attack with this sword earlier, but to draw back his sword.
Somehow, it was blocked by the Sword of the Universe.

It was obvious that the distance between Jing Jiu and Bai Rujing was at least ten times
the distance between the sword and Bai Rujing, and there was no specific way of
withdrawing the sword. The withdrawal of the sword depended on the unpredictable
connection between the sword pill and the flying sword. To block the withdrawing sword
was many times harder than to block the attacking sword of the opponent.

Even if Jing Jiu had an extraordinary talent in the sword work and anticipated all the
returning routes of Bai Rujing's sword, how could he detect the connection and surpass
the longer distance?

Was it possible that his sword was fast enough to achieve such a feat? Or, was it
merely a coincidence?

What happened next proved that it was not a coincidence.

Bai Rujing suppressed his anger and the urge to teach Jing Jiu a lesson, as he
attempted to draw back his sword again.

A flame appeared in the night sky again.

Seeing this, the bafflement showed in Zhuo Rusui's eyes.

Back on Cloud-Dream Mountain, he had fought sword to sword against Jing Jiu; there
were thousands of flames in the sky that night.

It was evidently different tonight, indicating that Jing Jiu's Cultivation state had obviously
improved by many times. But, it had been only a few years since then.

Failing to draw back his sword, Bai Rujing looked awful.

In the eyes of the regular disciples of Green Mountain, it seemed that Bai Rujing had
attacked Jing Jiu and his flying sword was blocked by Jing Jiu.

Jing Jiu stood up while holding the white cat.

Bai Rujing understood his intention. He raised his brows slowly, his eyes turning a bit

All the people, no matter whether they were on the peak top or on the flying swords in
the night sky, felt exceedingly nervous.

It was until now that nobody thought Jing Jiu could beat Bai Rujing, even though he had
successfully blocked Bai Rujing's sword twice.

One of them was an elder of high status on Tianguang Peak in the upper state of the
Broken Sea, and the other was a young genius in the middle state of the Free Travel.
Though the two of them all sounded formidable, the difference in their Cultivation states
was truly evident…

A crisp wind whipped up on the top of Tianguang Peak.

Jing Jiu disappeared from the hut.

Bai Rujing squeezed two of his fingers as a sword and slashed forward with a shriek.

He didn't wield his sword, because the Sword of the Universe was blocking it. And also,
he was fully aware that it would be a serious crime to wield a sword at the sect master.

The figure of Jing Jiu reappeared in front of Bai Rujing.

Countless sword wills came before Bai Rujing, forming an indestructible shield
protecting him. This was the essence of the Inherited Heaven Sword style.

Jing Jiu thrust his hand into the air in front of Bai Rujing.

Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!!

The noises of swords breaking rang out.

The shield formed by the sword wills of the Inherited Heaven Sword had instantly
broken apart.

Two ruptures appeared in front of Bai Rujing. He flew backwards like a rock being hit
forcefully, and bumped into the cliff heavily.


The broken pieces of rocks and pine braches were everywhere in front of the cliff.

Propping against the broken cliff, Bai Rujing was covered in blood all over this body, his
face pale, and his eyes full of bewilderment and incredulous expression.

It was quiet on the peak top.

Jing Jiu walked back to the hut while holding the cat and sat back in the chair, signaling
for Guo Nanshan to continue his report.
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