The Path Toward Heaven
522 Unconvinced
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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522 Unconvinced

There was an uproar.

Guo Nanshan was the principal disciple of Green Mountain, and Zhuo Rusui was the
personal disciple of the Sect Master; both were the most important disciples of the
Immortal Liu Ci.

Though they were the disciples of the third generation, they were far from the regular
disciples of the third generation; they had enjoyed a special status on Green Mountain.

Now that two of the important disciples came out to oppose Bai Rujing…as Jing Jiu had
said, was Bai Rujing qualified to represent Tianguang Peak?

Bai Rujing felt a bit astounded, his body turning slightly rigid. He swept his glance over
the rest of the elders and disciples of Tianguang Peak.

He had an immensely high status on Tianguang Peak, and had earned more respect
over the years; but those disciples chose to avoid his gaze, and some of the elders
even stared at him in anger.

Bai Rujing suddenly felt a sensation of crisis. He turned toward Guo Nanshan and Zhuo
Rusui, saying sharply, "Don't forget that I'm your senior master!"

He then abruptly toward Jing Jiu and yelled sternly while staring into Jing Jiu's eyes,
"Do you think this method of yours will work?! I'm an elder with the highest status on
Tianguang Peak! I'm in the upper state of the Broken Sea! Who is qualified to oppose

It was true, and it was an issue; but it was also a nonissue. So Jing Jiu ignored him.

Mo Chi came out, Regret and sadness written all over his ugly face. "What about me?"
he demanded.

Bai Rujing's voice sounded a bit hoarse, as he asked, "What are you doing? Do you
intend to compete with me?"

"I've never competed with you over these few hundred years," Mo Chi replied, "but I
have to this time, and that's because we are the members of Tianguang Peak and we
have to comply with the Will of the Sect Master. And yet what are you doing?"

"This is exactly my opinion," Zhuo Rusui chimed in. "You've been opposing the Will of
my Master vehemently since the very beginning. What qualifications do you have to
represent Tianguang Peak?"

Bai Rujing didn't pay attention to Zhuo Rusui, but stared at Mo Chi as he said through
gritted teeth, "Don't you forget that I'm the Big Brother!"

Mo Chi was struggling to find the words to rebut him.

Jing Jiu shot Yuan Qijing a glance.

Yuan Qijing furrowed his eyebrows slightly. He turned to Bai Rujing and said, "Mo Chi
entered the gate one day earlier than you."

Bai Rujing's face turned pale. "I entered the gate earlier; it must be recorded in the
register. You can check it out on Xilai Peak if you don't believe me," he said.

"It's because you persuaded him to change the date of entering the gate," Yuan Qijing
said nonchalantly. "Do you want me to tell more?"

Bai Rujing's face was even paler now.

Everybody realized that there must be a secret hidden in this matter, but they were not

aware of the details.

"Is it important to be one day earlier or later? It's truly pointless," said Zhuo Rusui
droopily after making a yawn.

What he said had scorned Yuan Qijing, Bai Rujing and Mo Chi, even Jing Jiu, who
hadn't spoken the entire time.

"Even if you're the most experienced, so what? I'm still unconvinced."

Zhuo Rusui turned to Bai Rujing and continued expressionlessly, "Should we ask all the
members of Tianguang Peak and find out how many of us support you?"

Jing Jiu thought that he began to like this kid more and more.

Bai Rujing realized that he couldn't keep on claiming to represent Tianguang Peak
anymore under the circumstances. He grilled Jing Jiu with an awful expression, "Do you
think anybody would support you even if you succeeded in inciting discontent?!"

That was true. It would be merely one vote even if Jing Jiu got the support from
Tianguang Peak.

Apart from Shenmo Peak, who would support Jing Jiu in becoming the sect master?

Bai Rujing thought so, and so did the Immortal Guangyuan, Fu Wang and the vast
majority of the Green Mountain disciples.

"I support him."

The speaker was Nan Wang.

Bai Rujing's face looked even worse now.

Many people were stunned speechless.

If she agreed to the Will of the Sect Master in the first place, they thought, why would
she second Bai Rujing in selecting the sect master by the peaks?

"I know this Will is kind of irresponsible, but it was his last wish; I'll support it, of course."

Nan Wang went on with a carefree expression, "Don't you people think this is very

This was a losing battle for Jing Jiu in the beginning; but all of a sudden it seemed to
have a chance for him after Tianguang Peak changed their minds and Nan Wang voted

Shenmo Peak would undoubtedly vote for Jing Jiu, which meant that three peaks had
supported him. What if Yuan Qijing would vote for him?

Though Bai Rujing's face looked awful, his despair hadn't reached the bottom yet. The
situation seemed to be dire at the moment, but it was not that bad. To become the sect
master, Jing Jiu needed the support from six peaks; the supporting votes were not even
close to that number.

It was then that Chen Youtian suddenly claimed, "I support the Will of the Sect Master

Bihu Peak had been acting in a low-key manner because of the incident of Lei Poyun;
they had been actually rather deplorable.

In many people's minds, he would choose to give up his right of voting at the very most;
how could he choose to support Jing Jiu?

As a matter of fact, the others didn't make a mistake about him. Chen Youtian planned
to give up his vote; but he saw the white cat squatting by Zhao Layue's skirt at the

And the white cat was watching him with an extremely cold expression in his eyes.

He had recognized the cat; what could he do otherwise?

Chen Youtian's supporting vote aroused another barrage of discussions. The looks
were even more awful now on the faces of Bai Rujing and others. Yet, the situation was
still not out of control yet, they thought.

All they needed was another vote against Jing Jiu; then they would win.

That vote was in the hands of Xilai Peak.

Elder Chen, the representative of Xilai Peak, had expressed his objection to Jing Jiu
being the sect master without hesitation earlier.

And Jing Jiu didn't ask Elder Chen if he was qualified to represent Xilai Peak like what
Jing Jiu did to Bai Rujing.

The matter was basically settled.

Yuan Qijing had no need to vote. Even if he and Zhao Layue supported Jing Jiu, it was
still meaningless, because Jing Jiu wouldn't be able to obtain enough supporting votes.

"Unless you could do what the Immortal Taiping and the Immortal Jing Yang had done,
to make all the peaks submit by beating them up…"

Bai Rujing continued while staring into Jing Jiu's eyes, "Otherwise, you won't be able to
become the sect master today!" He was actually quite furious though he appeared calm
and composed.

Jing Jiu still ignored him.

"Who will become the sect master then? If we go by this rule, nobody will be able to get
support from six peaks. Should the seat of the sect master be empty from now on?"

Nan Wang didn't pay any attention to Bai Rujing either. She went on while looking at the
Immortal Guangyuan, "Why are you making a fuss here?"

Liu Ci and Yuan Qijing couldn't even discipline this little sister of theirs, let alone the
Immortal Guangyuan, regardless of how powerful he was.

The Immortal Guangyuan had no intention of arguing with her. "I recommend Big
Brother Yuan as the next sect master," he said without hesitation.

Many people thought that the Immortal Guangyuan was the best candidate to be the
next sect master; but he recommended Yuan Qijing for the position. Though it was
unexpected, it was a best solution nonetheless.

As Nan Wang said, the two sides had already become rather antagonistic; as such, no
one could procure the support of six peaks. In other words, nobody could convince all
the others.

At the moment on Green Mountain, Yuan Qijing in his Heavenly Arrival State was the
only one who could convince more of them.

Even if Yuan Qijing didn't wish to be the sect master for some reason, he had no choice
but to take the position under the circumstances in order to avoid the turmoil on Green

The elders and disciples of Green Mountain thought this should be the result of today's

Who could possibly feel unconvinced?


All of a sudden, the people on the top of Tianguang Peak heard the call of a cat.

Countless gazes searched the sound and found a white cat crawled out from under
Zhao Layue's skirt.

The Immortal Guangyuan and Fu Wang blanched; Nan Wang opened her eyes wide,
feeling startled; Bai Rujing became extremely alarmed, as if he faced a formidable foe.

The disciples of Green Mountain felt it odd, wondering how a cat came here.

In the next moment, they noticed the expressions on their masters' faces; they couldn't
help but feel astonished, wondering why a small cat was so horrifying to these masters.

Ada shook his body, the white hair opening up like a dandelion.

If one looked closely at the hair of the cat, they would find that the hair was in locks,
resembling the swords.

The regular disciples of Green Mountain didn't have such vision though, but they could
sense a powerful and unimaginably formidable energy on Tianguang Peak.

Along with many grunts, those disciples in a low Cultivation state sat down onto the
ground after their knees giving in. The likes of Zhuo Rusui had to release their sword
wills to resist this formidable energy.

The Green Mountain disciples were exceedingly astounded, wondering what this white
cat was…since only someone in the Heavenly Arrival State could produce such a
formidable energy.

However, everybody understood the meaning of the meow uttered by the white cat.

"I'm unconvinced."

"Master White Ghost, please take away your magic," the Immortal Guangyuan said

Ada shot him a glance, and the formidable energy on the peak top had suddenly

Hearing the name of White Ghost, the Green Mountain disciples had all guessed his
identity, feeling both shocked and excited. They were all aware that there was a
mysterious Principal Guard of Green Mountain, called Master White Ghost; but nobody
had seen his true appearance. They didn't expect him to appear today; and more
unexpectedly, he turned out to be…a cat.

Gu Qing said to Bai Rujing, "According to the sect rules, the opinions of the four
Principal Guards count when selecting the next sect master."

Ada bounded to the small hut behind the stone monument, the erect white hair coming
down gradually.

He came before the chair, jumped up and landed on Jing Jiu's lap.

He then turned his head slowly around, staring at the crowd on the peak top.

The expression in the cat's eyes was indifferent, showing an extraordinary aura, as if he
was looking down at the world.

A hand landed on the cat's head, and slid down backwards in a steady and gentle

"Very good," Jing Jiu praised.

All gazes were fixed on that small hut.

Jing Jiu was sitting in the chair.

Lying in Jing Jiu's lap, the white cat made a faint snoring sound.

Yet, the sound assaulted the hearts of many people like a thunder.

This scene had astounded many people, including Bai Rujing.

He didn't come back to his senses until a moment later. Recalling what Gu Qing had
said, he found a bitter taste in his mouth.

The sect rules of Green Mountain were clearly written: Each Principal Guard of Green
Mountain had a vote, like all the peak masters, for selecting the next sect master.

What were the opinions of the Principal Guards? The White Ghost had expressed his
opinion unmistakably, though the opinions of the other two were not known yet.

He had already jumped onto Jing Jiu's lap, and he narrowed his eyes comfortably when
being stroked, and started purring.

How could a cat express his opinion in any other way?

The Immortal Guangyuan, Fu Wang and Nan Wang had known a little bit about the
recent experience of the White Ghost; but they didn't expect him to actually side with
Shenmo Peak.

Ada didn't express his opinion by Jing Jiu's request; it was his own idea.

He was unwilling to see Yuan Qijing become the next sect master; otherwise, how could
he face that dog again?

He was well aware that the dogs became more vicious in front of their masters. He had
suffered a great deal when the Immortal Taiping and that dog were in the hermit peaks.

Though Ada appeared to be a lazy cat who was only concerned about lying in the
bosom of a young woman and nothing else, he wouldn't hesitate to stand his ground
regarding his own interest, since he was one of the Principal Guards of Green

The situation for Jing Jiu at the moment was like the mountain path on Liangwang Peak,
where one turned around after reaching a dead end.

Eight peak masters and three Principal Guards of Green Mountain had a total of eleven
votes. To become the next sect master, one needed to obtain at least eight supporting

If Jing Jiu could obtain the support from the remaining votes, the votes of Yuan Qijing,
the Dead Dog, and the Round Turtle, he would become the next sect master

"Do you support him?"

Yuan Qijing inquired the Round Turtle under the stone monument.

The Green Mountain disciples who had never visited Tianguang Peak were shocked

They had experienced too many shocks already that day.

They thought that the turtle under the stone monument was a real stone turtle; but was
he actually a Master Principal Guard?

The Round Turtle didn't open his eyes.

The twilight had been gone, and countless stars twinkled in the night sky. The peak top
was still bright, but it grew quieter.

Everybody gazed at the stone turtle, waiting for his decision.

Jing Jiu was fully aware that they would have to wait for a few years based on the
Round Turtle's slow temperament. He uttered "hmm" out of impatience.

In fact, there were two "hmm" sounds uttered.

The Round Turtle opened his eyes, poked his head out and tore off a piece of the
starlight. He uttered a faint "hmm" indignantly after swallowing the torn starlight.

It was truly a very faint "hmm".
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