The Path Toward Heaven
519 The Wind Came and Blew over Green Mountain
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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519 The Wind Came and Blew over Green Mountain

It was raining in Zhaoge City.

Raining in spring was quite common, and the description of the spring rain was also

Yet this was the first "spring rain" for the year; many people were aware of its meaning.

Standing in front of the grand hall, the Emperor and the Royal Concubine Hu looked at
the drizzling spring rain, as the Emperor commented, "Everybody will go someday."

"Is everything okay?" asked the Royal Concubine Hu, feeling worried.

The Emperor replied, "As long as I'm alive, the Center Sect won't dare do anything, and
after I'm gone, the Green Mountain Sect will take care of you. But you should be
prepared to have a few hard years."

The Royal Concubine Hu pressed, "Your Majesty will live ten thousand years, so why
did you say that?"

The reclusive room at the Water-Moon Nunnery was still quiet as ever.

Guo Dong was still asleep. The silk threads flew up along with the wind, some of which
strayed out of the window and fell down after being soaked by the rain.

That window was round, and the lake looked from inside was also round. Many of the
trees by the lake had been cut down, but more of them grew out in the last few years;
they looked a bit messy now.

There was an isolated small courtyard across from the lake. No one could enter and
come out of the courtyard freely because it was sealed by the formation of the Water-
Moon Nunnery.

Jing Xin resided in this small courtyard.

He was exiled from Zhaoge City, and was not allowed to go to the Fruit Formation
Temple. He had no choice but to come here.

He was nevertheless a former prince, but he had to live in a nunnery. It was a
humiliating fact no matter how one looked at it.

However, one couldn't detect any anger or resentment on his face; the expression in his
eyes was as calm as lake water.

The spring rain fell on the surface of the lake, creating ripples.

The violent wind was whistling, hurling the raindrops in all directions, making "pah, pah"
sounds when they hit the mud walls of the huts.

The Thousand Mile Windy Corridor was renowned for the frequent violent winds.

No matter how mild the spring rain was, it would become ferocious in this damned

As the wind stopped, the formation of the house was automatically dismantled. The
leftover drizzle fell onto Liu Shisui's face noiselessly.

He looked in the direction of south, remaining silent.

Bu Qiuxiao came before him along with a layer of mist around him. He looked at the
world amid the spring rain, and asked Liu Shisui, "What are you thinking?"

Liu Shisui wiped his eyes before saying, "I'm a little worried."

Bu Qiuxiao understood what he meant.

The relationship between the Green Mountain Sect and the Center Sect had gotten

better for a while, but it grew tense again over the last few years. In fact, the relationship
between these two sects had become worse than before.

These two leaders of the orthodox Cultivation sects simply couldn't avoid to confront
each other regarding the matter of the Immortal Taiping or the position of the emperor.

Bu Qiuxiao was certain that Chaotian would witness many more foreboding events in
the ensuing years due to the temperament and prowess of the Immortal Bai.

The One-Cottage House chose to remain neutral after he had that conversation with
Jing Jiu.

Yet, Liu Shisui couldn't change his temperament, so he wouldn't make a choice on this

The violent wind rose again, slicing the drizzle into countless pieces and hurling them
onto the mud walls of the hut.

Bu Qiuxiao remarked, "The most important issue right now is who will be the sect

He had sent a disciple to Zhaoge City to ask this question, but he got a boring answer.

All of Cultivation world knew that the peak master of Yunxing, Fu Wang, had no chance
of becoming the sect master. Was it Fang Jingtian or the Immortal Guangyuan?

These two peak masters had more chance than anybody else to break through the
Heavenly Arrival State. Would they wait till that moment to become the sect master?

Or, would Yuan Qijing, disregarding the complaints, take over the sect master of Green
Mountain by forceful method?

The spring rain fell onto the clouds and fog.

The clouds and fog had gradually dissipated.

A dozen mountains and valleys that looked like the fairy realm had gradually revealed
their true appearances.

The moment the spring rain dropped down, the Center Sect had finished their three-
year long seal-off of their mountains.

A shriek echoed in heaven and earth.

It was the shout from the Unicorn. It was unclear if he did it to demonstrate his prowess
or to express his contentment.

The elders and disciples who had been behind closed doors on Cloud-Dream Mountain
walked out in tandem, their expressions collected and confident.

Innumerable smaller sects north of Yu County, as the vassals of the Center Sect, were
busy arranging their trips to Cloud-Dream Mountain to pay tributes to the Center Sect.

Bai Zao walked to the edge of the cliff while the cloud-like ribbons of hers hung on the
tree branches. She looked at the south, remaining silent.

She wondered where her Big Brother was and what kind of mood Jing Jiu was in at the

The spring rain fell down in the human world. People in many places could sense that
the Immortal Liu Ci had left the world.

Liu Ci had kept a low-profile and had a tendency of not showing off his deeds. As a
result, he wouldn't occupy a significant spot in the history of Chaotian.

However, the sword light that traveled the world and encountered no resistance three
years ago had changed his position in history.

The deviant sects had been destroyed, and the Muddy River had been reddened
overnight. The Center Sect was forced to seal off their mountains. The whole of world
was quietened.

Something like this had never happened in history.

It wasn't until now that people realized how powerful this sect master of Green Mountain
was and how much influence he had on Chaotian.

It was for this reason that his departure would cause a noticeable commotion.

The mainland of Chaotian might witness an unrest.

As said by Bu Qiuxiao, the direction of the change in Chaotain depended on the issue,
which was who would become the next sect master of Green Mountain.

It was quiet on Green Mountain.

So was on the top of Tianguang Peak.

None of the peak masters had spoken or moved, instead standing like statues in the
same spots.

The shadow of the sheath of the Inherited Heaven Sword grew shorter first and then
longer. In the end, it extended all the way off the monument to an unknown spot.

The movements of the shadow reflected one's perceptions of life at different stages.

Time had elapsed slowly, and the spring rain had gradually abated. The red and warm
setting sun shone on the peaks, making them look wonderful.

Yuan Qijing said, "It's done."

It was unclear if he had stood for too long or grown old; his back was not as straight as
before, and his voice sounded a bit tired.

The memorial service was over. The next event was more important.

The atmosphere of sadness and reminiscence was still echoing among the peaks, and
it would continue for a while. But the march on the path toward heaven must move

It was not because of the relentlessness of the Cultivation practitioners; it was the usual
action style of Green Mountain.

All the disciples of Green Mountain leapt in the air on their swords, waiting for the
masters on the peak top to announce the new sect master.

Thousands of flying swords exuded formidable sword wills, slashing like the tangible
ones to cause waves in the ocean of clouds among the cliffs, which then dispersed in all

The stone forest revealed the true nature of those stone posts at the foot of the peak,
looking like the huge swords ready to take off.

It was the first time the top of Tianguang Peak revealed itself to the onlookers.

The rocks in the form of plates were everywhere on the peak top, among which there
was a small path leading to a small hut behind the stone monument.

A common chair was placed in the hut.

After the Immortal Taiping was locked in the Sword Jail three hundred years, Liu Ci, as
the new sect master, walked along this path to sit on that chair.

It was probably because he didn't like the memory of that day or he thought the chair
was too hard; perhaps, he preferred sitting by the cliff's edge and close to the ocean of

All in all, Liu Ci didn't like the chair.

He had never sat on it after he became the sect master, not to mention that he hadn't
received any colleague or disciple here. But he couldn't alter the fact that this chair was
the seat of the sect master of Green Mountain.

Countless gazes fell on that chair.

Who would sit on it today?

Yuan Qijing was someone with the highest status at the Green Mountain Sect, and he
was also the oldest and had the highest Cultivation state. If he inherited the position of
the sect master, it was something taken for granted. Yet, Tianguang Peak and Shangde
Peak were confrontational for many years; would those elders and disciples be
convinced? Most of the disciples of Liangwang Peak hailed from Tianguang Peak, what
kind of attitude would they have regarding this?

Even if Yuan Qijing could suppress the opposition with his status and prowess, he
would nevertheless arouse many complaints and cause a great deal of discontent within
Green Mountain. Those people would think that it was too outrageous for him to
suppress Tianguang Peak right after the Immortal Sect Master had departed.

More importantly, Yuan Qijing was even older than Liu Ci who didn't have many years,
whereas it would be better for him to help the new sect master as a Sword Justice.

According to the status, Fang Jingtian should be the next in line. Fang Jingtian had kept
a low profile for many years. With his white eyebrows often ruffling in the wind, he
looked like a wealthy merchant, and he hadn't displayed anything outstanding over the

years. However, Yuan Qijing was the first disciple of the Immortal Taiping, and Liu Ci
was the second. He was the third. As such, it was impossible for him to be an ordinary

The peak master of Shiyue, the Immortal Guangyuan, kept even a lower profile.

It wasn't until he wielded his sword at the West Ocean that the Cultivation practitioners
of Chaotian discovered that he had a very high Cultivation state and had been in the
upper state of the Broken Sea a long time ago. He had a chance of entering the
Heavenly Arrival State.

These three people were the best candidates for the new sect master of Green

Yuan Qijing acted as somberly as ever, and no emotion could be detected on his face.
As such, nobody could tell what was on his mind.

The Immortal Guangyuan wore a nonchalant expression, as if he didn't care about what
would ensue.

Fang Jingtian was behind closed doors in the hermit peaks, so he didn't show up today.
An Elder Wu represented Xilai Peak in the meeting. He guessed that their peak master
must be in trouble since he hadn't shown up in such an important meeting and still
stayed behind closed doors. He couldn't help but feel somewhat resentful. After
shooting a glance at Yuan Qijing, he said, "Xilai Peak recommends the Immortal
Guangyuan as the sect master."

He figured that it was better for him to support the Immortal Guangyuan first since his
own peak master had no chance of becoming the sect master.

Shiyue Peak and Xilai Peak were connected, and they had had a close relationship.
More importantly, they couldn't allow Yuan Qijing to become the sect master.

The rest of the elders and disciples of Green Mountain were unaware of the situation.
They were startle, wondering what was going on.

The peak master of Yunxing, Fu Wang, swept over the faces of those present with his
gaze, and realized that nobody would support him, sighing in his mind. "Yunxing Peak
recommends Big Brother Fang," he claimed.

His idea was simple enough. Even though he had no hope in this contest, he would like
to complicate the situation, since nobody knew what would happen in the end.

Unexpectedly, the peak master of Bihu, Chen Youtian, who always remained silent on
such occasions, spoke out. He recommended Yuan Qijing.

The former peak master of Bihu, Lei Poyun, had died by the sword of Yuan Qijing. It
was unclear if there was a connection between these two events.

A few elders of high status came out and recommended their own candidates for the
role of new sect master. It was a bit chaotic at the meeting.

The Green Mountain disciples of the third generation didn't dare say anything; but their
emotions fluctuated with each name recommended.

Guo Nanshan felt ill at ease. He was worried that the Green Mountain Sect would be in
chaos as a result. Yet, he, as the principal disciple of Green Mountain, had no
qualification to speak his opinion on such an occasion.

It was then that some people voiced their discontent, "Why don't we check the content
of the Sect Master's Will?"

The speaker was Bai Rujing; he and Mo Chi entered the inner gate in the same year.
He was the elder with the highest status on Tianguang Peak after the departure of the
Immortal Liu Ci.

In a sense, his words represented the attitude of Tianguang Peak.

Hearing this, many people had come back to their senses. Those elders who had
recommended the candidates for the new sect master felt a bit mortified.

The Immortal Sect Master would of course leave a Will behind, making arrangements
for Green Mountain in the future; as such, they shouldn't have argued here.

Everybody cast their gazes at the stone monument.

They believed that the Will must be placed in there since the sheath of the Inherited
Heaven Sword was there.

Bai Rujing said to Yuan Qijing, "Please read the Will of the Sect Master, Sword Justice."

He was fully aware that the Immortal Liu Ci wouldn't pass the position of the sect master
to Yuan Qijing.

It probably had something to do with the long-lasting resentment between Tianguang
Peak and Shangde Peak.

Moreover, it would be senseless to pass the position from a Young Brother to a Big

Yuan Qijing remained silent, saying nothing; nor did he get up and take the sheath.

It was quiet on the peak top.

The twilight grew colder.

Looking at the awe-striking Sword Justice, hundreds of the Green Mountain disciples
didn't know what had happened to him.

It was obvious that Yuan Qijing didn't want to read the Will.

In other words, he was unwilling to carry it out even if there was a Will.

Bai Rujing took two steps forward, and demanded while staring into Yuan Qijing's eyes,
"Why are you afraid of reading this Will?"

The atmosphere on the peak top grew exceedingly tense.

Guo Nanshan and other disciples of Tianguang Peak displayed a hint of resentment in
their eyes.

It was just then that the footsteps suddenly rang out.

Everybody looked in that direction.

Guo Nanshan was stunned speechless.

So was Jian Ruoyun. He then couldn't help but feel furious.

Bai Rujing thought his own eyes must be blurred.

Even the Immortal Guangyuan felt surprised.

More people felt a bit dizzy, because the shock they felt was tremendous.

Zhuo Rusui's droopy eyes had opened as widely as a pair of bronze bells. Looking at
the figure, he remarked reflexively, "I'll be damned."

Yuan Qü and Ping Yongjia almost hugged each other; it was unclear if they were too
excited or too scared.

Gu Qing wore a pale face. He said to himself again and again, "It turns out that what my
Master said to me is true."

Only two people could truly hold themselves on the top of Tianguang Peak.

Yuan Qijing sighted once.

Zhao Layue looked in that direction quietly, since she had guessed it a long time ago.

The wind blew over Green Mountain.

A white cloth appeared in the sights of the crowd.

Jing Jiu walked to the front of the stone monument.

He stepped onto the shell of the Round Turtle and took down the sheath of the Inherited
Heaven Sword.


He came before the chair, turned around and sat on it. "Let me do it," he told the crowd.

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