The Path Toward Heaven
491 All Emissaries in the Mountain Work for Green Mountain
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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491 All Emissaries in the Mountain Work for Green Mountain

"Oh, it's him."

Bu Qiuxiao went on thoughtfully, "I heard he had entered the upper limit of the Broken
Sea State a long time ago. He is truly outstanding judging by his performance today."

He of course had heard of this peak master of Shiyue on Green Mountain; but this
immortal master had always kept a low profile and stayed behind closed doors over the
years, and so they had never met each other.

He Wei and other sect masters nodded in silence. Those regular disciples had never
heard of this name, and they were still enthralled and in a state of shock and

They didn't expect to witness such a formidable swordsman of Green Mountain whom
they hadn't even heard of.

The violent waves formed at the nearby patch of the ocean again.

The sword boat of Green Mountain was flying close to the surface of the ocean, and
fewer sword lights came out from it now.

Dozens of dark shadows suddenly emerged on the surface of the ocean below. They
should be the sea demons raised and trained by the West Ocean Sword Sect.

A flash of blood-red sword light dove into the ocean and traveled at a high speed in the
sea water, leaving countless traces of fresh blood behind. The sword light was so hot

that the sea water began to boil when the light passed it and turned into evaporating
steam. It then went back to the sword boat.

Every onlooker could see clearly that those shadows were dissolving and falling to the
bottom of the ocean.

The power of this blood red sword light was not as strong as that of the flying swords of
the Immortal Guangyuan and other elders, but the shocking effect of it was just as
enormous for the observing Cultivation practitioners.

The sea water, the size of one square mile, had turned red, looking like an endless
blood pond; it was an extremely gory scene.

Nobody asked about the owner of this sword light because they all knew that this blood-
red flying sword was the rumored Thoughtless Sword.

Zhao Layue had reached the middle state of the Free Travel at such a young age; how
did she lose to Zhuo Rusui last time?

The immortal Guangyuan didn't come out after returning to the sword boat.

The powerful swordsmen like Chen Youtian, Mo Chi and Bai Rujing had done the same.
And Zhao Layue had only wielded her sword once.

The Green Mountain masters of the previous generation would strike only when the
disciples encountered overwhelming opponents, otherwise they let regular disciples of
Green Mountain do the attacking.

As they pushed into the deeper part of the West Ocean Islands, the disciples of
Liangwang Peak could fully employ the lethal sword work that they had learned and
practiced during their battles against demons and devils over the years. Their flying
swords rained down onto the surface of the ocean like a storm.

The most intimidating part was that the Green Mountain Sect could always find the most
proper way to demolish whatever obstacles the West Ocean Sword Sect threw in their

The fallen snow of Shangde Peak, the striking thunder of Bihu Peak, and the formations
of Tianguang Peak…they were all achieved by the simple flying swords. These swords
could perform endless magic to overcome the magic treasures and formations of the
West Ocean Sword Sect at will.

The Immortal Liu Ci and Yuan Qijing hadn't even struck yet, and many swords of the
Fairy State hadn't shown up by then, but the West Ocean Sword Sect had already been
under such an overwhelming attack that they didn't have enough force to launch a
decent counterattack.

This was absolute suppression.

Looking at the battle scene above the surface of the ocean that was magnificent but not
particularly intense, the sect mater of Kunlun, He Wei, suddenly asked, "How long has
the battle gone on?"

"It didn't start until we came," said Bu Qiuxiao, furrowing his brows.

Having heard the news that the Immortal Taiping came out from behind death doors
and hid at the West Ocean Sword Sect, the scholars of the One-Cottage House had
reacted faster than anybody else, and were the first to arrive at the scene.

It was obvious that the Green Mountain Sect could have started the attack earlier, but
they did it only after the Cultivation practitioners of other sects had arrived. What was
their intention?

It meant that this battle was launched for the observation of all Chaotian, which is why
they had waited until the spectators arrived.

The Cultivation practitioners of other sects were so shocked; after understanding their
point, that they couldn't utter a word.

The West Ocean Sword Sect was a newly established major Cultivation sect that had
been around more than one hundred years; they had suppressed another powerful and
major sect, the No-Mercy Sect, and did so without mercy. Even though the West Ocean
Sword Sect had been damaged to a great extent after the battle of the Cloud Platform,
they were still one of the most powerful Cultivation sects in the world. However, the
Green Mountain Sect would attack such a powerful sect at will and do so at a time of
their choosing. How confident they must be in their prowess to behave this way!

Seventeen sword boats of Green Mountain headed toward the deep part of the West
Ocean Islands. The sword lights grew sparse, but the rubble and fresh blood filled the
ocean in their wake.

The rain fell onto the sea and islands along with the wind of sky, washing the blood
clean and smothering the smoke and dust that had arisen after the collapse of the

Seeing this, the Cultivation practitioners of other sects produced a sensation of

"It is a war."

Looking at the disappearing blood on the surface of the ocean and the ruined islands,
Bu Qiuxiao continued after a pause, "Only a war can demonstrate the true strength of a
Cultivation sect. As such, I have always had a high opinion of the Windy-Broadsword
Church, because they have participated in the wars, and grown stronger because of it."

He made this comment for the benefit of the students of the One-Cottage House on the
Boat of Diligent Study; it was intended to be an instruction.

In the war between mortals, the fighting skill of any individual general was meaningless
no matter how powerful he was.

In the war between the Cultivation sects, the Cultivation state of a single practitioner
was not very significant for the outcome of the war, unless this Cultivation practitioner
reached the Dachen State or the Heavenly Arrival State; then they would have a chance
of altering the situation in the battlefield.

However, how many people were in the Heavenly Arrival State in the entire Cultivation

There were two in the Heavenly Arrival State at the Green Mountain Sect.

In addition, Green Mountain had four Principal Guards.

Many people trained their gazes at a high spot in the sky reflexively.

A huge boat was intermittently visible amid the thin clouds near the Empty Realm.

That was the Cloud Boat of the Center Sect, and many highly achieved swordsmen of
the Cloud-Dream Mountain were on it. It was said that the Immortal Bai had also come.

The Center Sect was probably the only one that could compete with the Green
Mountain Sect, in terms of the resources, the overall strength of swordsmen, and the
number of the magic treasures and the swords of high state.

If these two sects were at war, which one would be the victor in the end?

Nobody dared raise the question, but everybody started thinking of it inwardly.

Seeing the disciples lost in thought, Bu Qiuxiao shook his head.

He believed it was useless to think about it.

Witnessing the prowess and audaciousness displayed by the Green Mountain Sect
today, who would in their right mind think that the Center Sect had a chance of winning
the war?

Liu Shisui didn't dwell on this sort of thing.

As a former talented disciple of Green Mountain, he of course thought that the Green
Mountain Sect would win, no matter whether it was the war between Green Mountain
and the West Ocean Sword Sect or the imagined war between Green Mountain and the
Center Sect.

Standing on the Boat of Diligent Study and looking at the sword boat traveling to the
distance, Liu Shisui sighed.

That sword boat had the least sword lights coming out from it. It was evident that fewer
disciples were on that boat, and Zhao Layue was definitely on it, which meant it must be
the sword boat of Shenmo Peak.

He naturally felt proud when Green Mountain was demolishing the West Ocean, but he
couldn't help but feel a bit regretful.

He thought that he would have been on that sword boat if those events hadn't

A deep buzzing sound rang out as the sword bracelet on his wrist started quivering.

As the main sword of Liangwang Peak, the Lone Sword of course wished to participate
in this crusade against the West Ocean Sword Sect and kill the enemies along with its

Liu Shisui caressed the sword bracelet gently to comfort it, as he thought that the Green
Mountain Sect would have a complete victory if the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean
didn't show up, and that there was no need for him and the sword bracelet to do

If the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean showed up, he could actually do nothing,
and…the sword would definitely pretend to be asleep, Liu Shisui thought.

Everybody was aware that the Green Mountain Sect would win this war, but nobody
knew how the price the Green Mountain Sect would pay, and how many lives they
would lose.

It was because the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean hadn't shown up yet.

The rainfall suddenly stopped, and the wind in the sky vanished without a trace.

Yet, countless tides occurred on the surface of the ocean.

Bihu Peak of Green Mountain had employed the style of the Tide Sword, but it was not
as powerful as the tides forming on the ocean at present.

The word "tide" was contained in the sword instruction of the West Ocean Sword Sect.

The waves of the tides rose up high in the sky and landed onto the surface of the sword
boats, creating countless snowy sprays.

The sword boat in the front swayed a little as a result, but it steadied itself soon.

The disciples of Tianguang Peak extracted their flying swords, as they stared at the
tides, as if they were facing a formidable foe.

It was then that Zhuo Rusui lifted his droopy eyelids, seemingly excited.

The countless tides on the surface of the West Ocean had been produced by a sword.

The sword was consisted of many layers, resembling the pagodas in the Zen temples or
the tides piling upon each other.

The name of the sword was the Sword of Twelve Storey Building.

Speaking of the famous swords of the Fairy State, this sword should be ranked among
the top few.

When this sword was picked up by that person on a beach over two hundred years ago,
it was no different from a useless piece of iron or bronze.

The state of the Sword of Twelve Storey Building had improved along with the
increased Cultivation state of that person. It was a flying sword of the Fairy State now,
not even inferior to the First Child Sword of the old days.

A sword improved with its owner. Yet, that person was even more famous in
comparison, and more outstanding.

That person gave himself a Daoist title: A Sword from the West.

The important figures of the same generation were accustomed to calling him Jia Xilai
(aka. A Sword from the West).

Some masters of the previous generation were too lazy to call him by his full name; they
simply called him Xilai.

Yet, a vast majority of the Cultivation practitioners called him reverentially the Godly
Swordsman of West Ocean.

Now that he was called the Godly Swordsman, one could imagine how high a state this
person's sword work was in, and how profound his Cultivation state was.

However, the Cultivation circle had a poor opinion of this Godly Swordsman as a
person, because his temperament was gloomy, reserved and dull, and he was also
narrow-minded and vindictive, devoid of the aura of an immortal man.

Under such circumstances, he was still considered one of the strongest swordsmen in
Chaotian. One could imagine just how powerful his true strength was.

His Cultivation state had been at its height since several decades ago. The Immortal Liu
Ci could only end in a draw when fighting against him, and Pei Baifa was knocked down
by him into the ocean with one swing of his sword.

It could be stated that the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean was one of the strongest
swordsmen in all of Chaotian, and an equal of Liu Ci, the Immortal Tan and the
Immortal Bai.

There was a view many years ago that this Godly Swordsman was a bit inferior to the
Broadsword King, but this view was nonexistent now.

The Sword of Twelve Storey Building appeared in the midst of the violent tides; who
would challenge it from the camp of Green Mountain?

Standing at the bow of the large sword boat in the front, Liu Ci looked at the sword with
narrowed eyes, his robe fluttering. It seemed that he had no intention of combating that

It was because he didn't have a sword; he brought the sheath of the Inherited Heaven
Sword for another person.

Yuan Qijing sat inside the boat quietly, without any intention of striking, waiting for the
appearance of the Great Grandmaster of the Foggy Island.

The rooster paced back and forth anxiously on the boat, dragging his eerily long tail
behind him. "Where is that old guy? Where is he? It makes me worried," the rooster said
in a human voice.

Yuan Qijing shot the rooster a glance, and knew that he wasn't worried about the Great
Grandmaster of the Foggy Island, Nan Qü, but another person.

The sword lights illuminated the surface of the ocean. Three flying swords broke
through the air and arrived, encircling the Sword of the Twelve-Story Building.

These three flying swords were obviously in the Fairy State since they all had a crystal
clear sword will and were as bright as a mirror.

The three swords were: the Sword of Absolute Emptiness of Xingyun Peak; the Sword
of the Returning Sun of Shiyue Peak; and the Eight-Sides Sword of Bihu Peak.

Zhao Layue didn't take part in the battle of this level because her Cultivation state was
still too low, which is why the Thoughtless Sword didn't show up.

"The Green Mountain Sect is so arrogant that they only let three peak masters do the

Looking at the scene in the distance, He Wei continued with an air of admiration and
resentment, "Even if the Immortal Guangyuan could resist for a while, the other two
would be killed instantly."

Liu Shisui shot him a glance, then looked at his wrist, realizing that the Lone Sword was
inactive, just as he expected.

The tides had gradually died down.

The figure behind the Sword of Twelve Storey Building became clearer.

The Godly Swordsman of West Ocean had finally shown up.

Facing the three famous swords of Green Mountain and seventeen sword boats, no fear
could be found on his countenance. He still looked nonchalant and dull as usual, like a
stone statue.

"What do you want?"

The Godly Swordsman of West Ocean said this with an even tone while looking at the
sword boat several miles away.

The Immortal Liu Ci looked like a fairy man standing at the bow of the boat, his Daoist
robe fluttering. "I just want to ask my Master to come back home," he said; his voice
was as pleasing to the ear as honey is sweet to the tongue.

Hearing this, the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean sighed on the inside, though he
looked calm on the outside.

He had originally planned to kill or capture the Immortal Taiping in collaboration with the
Young Mysterious Dark Master when Taiping came to the West Ocean to steal the First
Child Sword, and also planned to allure that emissary of Taiping's to come out from
Green Mountain and have him killed as well.

Unexpectedly, the Green Mountain Sect had come before he could carry out the plan;
and moreover, this time they had emptied their "nest".

The Godly Swordsman of West Ocean said expressionlessly, "You people failed to
watch over him and let him escape. Why did you come here and ask me for his return?"

Liu Ci didn't respond to him.

A brightly yellow scroll drifted over from the east and hovered in the sky. The inky words
came out from it along with the wind of sea; they were exceedingly visible under the
sunlight and entered the eyes of all the Cultivation practitioners present.

The message in the royal decree was: The Pure Heaven Bureau and the Curtain
Rollers had found out, after their respective investigations, that the Immortal Taiping
was indeed at the West Ocean Sword Sect, and that the orthodox sects should
cooperate with the Green Mountain Sect accordingly.

The sea wind stirred the surface of the ocean softly, and the golden glow had gradually
dissipated. It was very quiet in the vicinity.

No Cultivation practitioner followed the Green Mountain Sect to attack the West Ocean
Sword Sect, not even those from the Hanging-Bell Sect and the Great Marsh.

It was because they were all aware that the Green Mountain Sect needed no help from
anybody; all they needed was an acceptable reason for attacking the West Ocean.

As such, the Emperor had written a royal decree for the benefit of them.

"Without evidence, the royal decree is as good as a piece of useless paper."

The Godly Swordsman of West Ocean went on expressionlessly, "The Green Mountain
Sect regards itself as the leader of the orthodox sects, but you people have killed so
many innocent practitioners. I don't need various sects present today to be the
witnesses; all I want to know is: Do you have the dignity to meet your ancestors in the

Liu Ci said nonchalantly, "Just open the Protective Formation of the mountain gate. If
my Master were not found here, the Green Mountain Sect would find a way to pay our

"Paying retribution" sounded simple and a bit offhand; but anyone could imagine what
the Green Mountain Sect would pay was much more than having a few people killed if
the Immortal Taiping were not found on the West Ocean Islands.

The fact that Liu Ci dared make such a statement meant that the Green Mountain Sect
indeed had profound resources.

Countless gazes were fixed on the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean, as they wanted
to know what choice he would make.

The Godly Swordsman of West Ocean lowered his eyelids slightly.

Back when he told Su Ziye to inform the Immortal Taiping that the First Child Sword was
hidden on the Tianxuan Island for the purpose of alluring him to the West Ocean.

But, the Godly Swordsman didn't even know whether the Immortal Taiping was at the
West Ocean or not at the moment.

If Taiping was here, why didn't he know anything about it?

If not, why did Liu Ci dare make such a statement?

He realized that he was indeed not someone good at scheming.

The Godly Swordsman of West Ocean chuckled wryly, and then said to Liu Ci calmly,
"It's simple if you want to come in; let's fight."

No sooner had he said this than a formidable sword will sprang out in the deep end of
the West Ocean Islands; the Protective Formation was mobilized to its fullest extent.

A huge dark shadow was rising up slowly from the bottom of the ocean; it should be the
divine guardian animal of the West Ocean Sword Sect, the Flying Whale.

The Cultivation practitioners of various sects suddenly wore a grave expression on their

Was it possible that the West Ocean Sword Sect was prepared to cause a maximum
collateral damage?

This place was in the central part of the West Ocean Islands, so the Protective
Formation of the mountain gate of the West Ocean Sword Sect would have the
uppermost power here.

No matter how powerful the Green Mountain Sect was, if they were to break through
this Protective Formation of the mountain gate, they would pay a dear price and lose a
great number of lives.

If the great formations of the mountain gate of a sect were so easy to be broken
through, how could the Mysterious Dark Sect survive for so many years right under the
hostile scrutiny of the Green Mountain Sect?

The intention of the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean was crystal clear.

He was willing to confront whatever scheme and goal the Green Mountain Sect had
conceived with his own blood and death.

Liu Ci fell silent for a long time, as if he was weighing if the action was worthwhile.

It was deathly quiet in heaven and earth.

All of a sudden, the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean had sensed something, as he
wheeled around and looked at a spot in the deep end of the ocean; a flabbergasted and
furious expression showed on his face.

It was then that he realized that Liu Ci was not evaluating the gains and losses, but
waiting for this moment!

There was an island on the other side of the ocean, called the Shaoming Island, about
one hundred miles away. It looked ordinary, but it was a place where the control center
of the Protective Formation was located.

A huge rock on that island had slowly changed its direction along with the loud noise of

Everybody sensed the sudden change of energy in heaven and earth.

What was to happen was corresponding to the foreboding saying "The eaves are
broken when it rains and the door is open when the thief comes to the house".

The Protective Formation of the West Ocean Sword Sect had been opened!

The fog shrouding the islands had dissipated; and its true appearance revealed to the
world under the bright sunlight.

There was a mountain on the Shaoming Island.

A platform was situated on the top of the mountain.

There was an ordinary, old chair made of elm on the platform.

Yin San was seen drinking tea in the chair.

His appearance was handsome, even a bit comely, wearing an amicable smile. It
looked as if he enjoyed the tea in his teacup so much that he considered it the tastiest
thing in the whole wild world.

Sensing the opening of the Protective Formation of the mountain gate, Yin San seemed
to be surprised, as he looked at the outside of the island.

There were seventeen sword boats in the sky.

He stood up slowly while holding the teacup, displaying a complicated expression in his
eyes. In the end, his line of sight was fixed on the Immortal Liu Ci. Then, the expression
in his eyes grew colder, and his brows arched slightly, as he yelled tersely, "You, the
wicked disciple of mine, have even pursued me at this place. Are you truly going to
persecute your master until he's dead?!"


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