The Path Toward Heaven
474 By the Bank Covered with Willows
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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474 By the Bank Covered with Willows

Zhuo Rusui failed to assassinate the Qin Emperor in the Illusionary Realm of the Green
Sky Mirror, but it was evident that Zhuo Rusui was much more powerful than Bai
Qianjun, which couldn't even be denied by the elders of the Center Sect.

Bai Qianjun's look grew more terrible.

Guests of the Manor of Prime Minister had guessed the identity of Zhuo Rusui, feeling

This was merely a common marriage proposal in Zhaoge City, even though it was done
between the Manor of Prime Minister and the Manor of State Duke; why did the
proposal ritual draw the attentions of these immortal masters who were supposed to
stay on remote mountains?

Some guests soon figured it out. The presence of these immortal masters, like the
designated marriage by the Emperor, had hidden meaning.

If Prime Minister agreed to establish a marital relationship with the Jing family, it
indicated that he and many officials in the imperial court might support Prince Jing Yao
in inheriting the throne.

However, it was absolutely impossible for the One-Cottage House to let this happen,
and it was impossible for Prime Minister to agree to the designated marriage. As such,
would the Green Mountain Sect make them accept the marriage by force?

No matter whether it was the appointment of the Crown Prince or the marriage, it
couldn't be settled by force, at least not now.

Seeing the confrontation between Bai Qianjun and Zhuo Rusui, Gu Qing pondered all
this while standing under a tree.

This was a predicament, which had been proven by the fire of Xianyang City in the
Illusionary Realm of the Green Sky Mirror.

So he had to think of another option.

In Zhuo Rusui's opinion, they should simply snatch the seventh mistress from the Manor
of Prime Minister and then send her and Jing Li to Green Mountain; but Gu Qing
believed that this act would bring more ensuing trouble and negativity. More importantly,
this was not what his Master wanted.

Gu Qing narrowed his eyes, as he looked at that handsome son of State Duke Shan
with a composed bearing.

This son of State Duke Shan's was indeed an outstanding figure. He could maintain the
composed bearing even when a drastic event occurred in the middle of his marriage
proposal to the granddaughter of Prime Minister.

But, could State Duke Shan stay calm when he saw that woman by his son?

There was a jewelry shop on the street near the Manor of Prime Minister.

This jewelry shop was owned by the Gu Clan.

The large Gu Clan in the south had finally established a solid business presence in
Zhaoge City after their unswerving efforts of several decades and the help of the Manor
of State Duke Lu and the Zhao Manor.

In a secret room, the manager of the Gu Clan looked at a pale but still pretty woman

who was holding a child, and said, "Rest assured, if you do as requested, we'll take you
out of Zhaoge City and marry you off to an honest man, and we'll give you enough
money for your daily expenses."

This woman had been a most popular courtesan in one of the brothels in Zhaoge City.
The son of State Duke Shan had paid the brothel enough money to acquire her
freedom. Then he bought a house for her, and the two of them had produced a
daughter. The Manor of State Duke Shan tried to wipe out any trace of this affair last
year when they wished to establish a matrimonial relationship with the Manor of Prime
Minister. Unexpectedly, the woman didn't die and was hidden by the Gu Clan.

Recalling the night when the caretaker of the Gu Clan charged into her house, her face
grew paler. She nodded as she clenched the child more tightly in her arms.

According to the original plan, she should be brought to the Manor of Prime Minister
right now to tell Prime Minister and guests the truth.

It was then that a scholar walked into the room.

This was the most secret room in the jewelry shop; how did he get in here?

Looking at the woman holding the child, the scholar said sympathetically, "You won't
live a comfortable life in the hands of the Gu Clan. If you are not afraid of hardship, you
can come to the One-Cottage House and work as a laundry lady. Though you won't
make much money every month, your child will be able to have free lessons. This might
be a favorable option.

Soon after, the scholar walked out of the jewelry shop; and then he was headed to the
Manor of Prime Minister.

Seeing him, Prime Minister Qin was taken aback. He took two steps forward and asked,
"Why did Young Brother Yun come here today?"

The scholar was none other than Xi Yiyun of the One-Cottage House. He bowed to
Prime Minister Qin and said, "My Teacher is here too."

Upon hearing this, there was an uproar in the Manor of Prime Minister.

How could it be possible for Bu Qiuxiao, who had such a special status both in the
Cultivation circle and the mortal world, to come here?

"He wants me to bring a message to Big Brother," Xi Yiyun continued. "But before I give
you the message, I need to talk to my Cultivation friends of the Green Mountain Sect."

Hearing this, the guests were a bit disappointed at first, though this soon turned into

The Green Mountain Sect and the Center Sect had a confrontation for this marriage;
and now the One-Cottage House was going to support Master Prime Minister.

Unexpectedly, Xi Yiyun didn't look at Zhuo Rusui; but instead, he looked at a spot under
a tree outside the crowd.

Countless gazes followed his to fall on the figure under that tree.

Xi Yiyun said to that man, "The teacher of Prince Jing Yao, I'm truly disappointed that
you have employed such a dishonorable method."

It was then that the guests realized that the ordinary looking man was Gu Qing of Green
Mountain; they were astounded.

Gu Qing knew that his scheme was sabotaged by someone since that courtesan hadn't
shown up on time.

But it didn't matter. He had prepared a few more tricks for the son of State Duke Shan.
He didn't spend the last eight days doing nothing.

No matter how powerful and influential the One-Cottage House was in Zhaoge City,
they couldn't possibly sabotage all of his schemes.

Yet, the urgent matter right now was to answer this question of Xi Yiyun's, because Gu
Qing represented Shenmo Peak and Prince Jing Yao.

"You were unwilling to become the teacher of Jing Yao, but you are willing to pardon a
rascal, the son of State Duke Shan."

Gu Qing walked out from the underneath of the tree and continued while staring at Xi
Yiyun, "I'm not only disappointed, I'm also furious."

There was an uproar in the house.

State Duke Shan became livid.

Xi Yiyun demanded in a serious tone, "It happened a year ago. If you really wish to
rescue that young woman and avenge her, why have you waited until now?"

"Are you accusing me of having a malicious intention?" Gu Qing retorted.

"Yes," Xi Yiyun replied.

"I'm not Liu Shisui," Gu Qing said. "I have no interest in seeking justice for anyone. I'm
just a businessman; so I need some retribution when I rescue someone."

Listening to the conversation, the face of the son of State Duke Shan turned as ashen
as a white paper.

Zhuo Rusui couldn't stand it anymore, and exclaimed, "What are you guys talking

"We'll discuss it later," Xi Yiyun said, his eyebrows raised.

Gu Qing grew a bit angry now, as he exclaimed, "In order to prevent the marriage with
our Green Mountain disciple, you'd rather have Lady Qin married to a rascal. What kind
of principles and morals have you learned from all those books?"

"You are mistaken. I also object to having Lady Qin be marring to the son of State Duke

Xi Yiyun shook his head, then turned to Master Prime Minister and said, "This is also my
Teacher's intention."

An uproar burst out in the crowd.

Gu Qing felt surprised, and asked, "But why did you ask me that question?"

Xi Yiyun replied after a pause, "I'm just puzzled; what method have you people
used…to persuade my Teacher to change his mind?!"

There was a small lake in the old plum garden.

And there was a small patch of dense forest by the lake.

An old nunnery was situated in the forest.

Tian Jinren had stayed here back then.

The spring breeze ruffled the willows on the bank. It was a comfortable place when no
bothering noise of chess playing was within the earshot.

There was a bridge over the lake, which was empty.

Bu Qiuxiao stood by the lake while looking at the reversed reflections of the willows in
the lake. His robe, which was as blue as the sky, was reflected on the surface of the

The House Master of One-Cottage had an extraordinary bearing, which made any
observer feel awe-struck.

Jing Jiu strolled to him from the bridge, and said, "As I said clearly in the letter, you
should halt this marriage first; then we can discuss the other matter."

"I have already asked Xi Yiyun to go there," Bu Qiuxiao said. "But you have to realize
that the marriage proposal can start over even if it is halted for the time being. There are
many people she can choose to marry in Zhaoge City, even if she won't be able to
marry the son of State Duke Shan. As such, I hope that the following discussion will be
worthy of my trip."

Jing Jiu didn't give a response. He headed to the old nunnery in the forest.
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