The Path Toward Heaven
465 Why so Much Delay If We Cannot Meet in Heaven
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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465 Why so Much Delay If We Cannot Meet in Heaven

If the Snow Girl had already learned the Inherited Heaven Sword, how long did it take
her to learn it then?

This was a question worthy mulling over and calculating precisely; it was because this
would be a record in the history of the Green Mountain Sect.

Jing Jiu had asked Tong Yan to teach the Snow Girl how to communicate normally with
the humans, then he came to the lakeside, set up the formation, and was about to
sharpen the sword. In the meantime, Tong Yan had taken out the bronze ware, the
ceramic ware and a few books. It had all happened in a little more than a minute at the
very most.

No, actually it was shorter than a minute.

Jing Jiu reached out his hand and grabbed the booklet drifting to him in the air and
burned it into green smoke with the sword fire.

As he looked at the green smoke, Jing Jiu thought that the Snow Girl had already
finished reading the booklet before Tong Yan walked into the meditation room.

Though the expression on his face hadn't changed a bit, the emotion inside him was far
from reticent.

He had often stayed behind closed doors on Shangde Peak and Shenmo Peak, and
seldom traveled to the outside world; but he nonetheless lived a long time, so he had
seen and experienced a great deal of events and beings, especially after he had read
the diaries left by his Big Brother.

But he had never encountered or even imagined a being like the Snow Girl.

The Inherited Heaven Sword was the main sword of Tianguang Peak, and was the
secret method that the sect masters of Green Mountain must learn. It employed the
sword as a formation, and its complexity was only slightly inferior to the Endless Sword
style of Qingrong Peak, but its profound essence was even more wonderful than the
Endless Sword. As such, it was exceedingly difficult for someone to complete even the
entry level of the sword style.

How many years did it take Gu Qing to learn the sword style? How many years for Liu
Shisui? What about Zhuo Rusui?

How many years did it take Liu Ci to learn it? How many years for his Big Brother? What
about himself?

In hundreds of years of the history of the Green Mountain Sect, no genius in the sword
work was as talented as the Snow Girl.

In fact, they were far inferior to her.

Jing Jiu didn't feel disappointed or dejected; but still he was sentimental about the huge
difference between two life forms.

It was like what Tong Yan had in his mind when he thought of Jing Jiu's face earlier.

It was indeed boring.

"The things Tong Yan was to teach you are indeed uninteresting; you don't have to
learn them if you don't want to," Jing Jiu said while looking at the Snow Girl.

He had decided not to teach her anything anymore. It was possible that she would have
learned all the Cultivation methods throughout human history within a few days.

Most importantly, if she learned the hypocritical and deceptive ways employed by the
humans, especially the unreasonable urge of killing the innocents from time to time,
something terrible might happen.

"Do you want to learn the game of Go? The Go pieces of one side are just like your
eyes, nice looking," Jing Jiu asked her suddenly.

The Green Girl was certain that the chess players were not only heartless, but also
shameless. She couldn't help but cover her face with the transparent wings; yet, she
couldn't block the embarrassed expression on her small face.

The Snow Girl looked at Jing Jiu quietly.

If it were anybody else, even if it were Zhuo Rusui who had a thick-skinned face, they
would feel embarrassed when being gazed at like this; but Jing Jiu didn't feel anything,
as he said calmly, "As I said earlier, I can't even go there myself for the time being, so I
have no way to take you there, unless you could help me reach the necessary
Cultivation state."

The Green Girl knew where that place he talked about was. She couldn't help but
glance at Jing Jiu, wondering if he wanted her to help him ascend.

Yet, he could state such a shameless request in such a calm manner, as if he took it for
granted. This was truly more than the Green Girl to bear.

Jing Jiu of course didn't expect the Snow Girl to consent to his request. It was only a
prerequisite, something that might be useful a few hundred years later.

Since the sword formation was broken through, Jing Jiu couldn't continue sharpening
the sword. He picked up the Green Sky Mirror and left the snowy lake.

The Snow Girl followed him with the quilt on her head. She looked like a drifting ghost of
a little girl.

The Young Master Li had slowly awakened. Thinking of that immortal master who had
suddenly appeared in front of him and the dreadful snow and frost, it took a long time for
him to come back to his senses.

As he was to leave while holding the ancient zither, he happened to see the Snow Girl
following Jing Jiu when he passed by the stone bridge.

Jing Jiu stood in front of the old nun, and rubbed her head like he was her elder; and he
also said something to her.

The Young Master Li felt it odd, but his attention was drawn to the Snow Girl.

He wondered if she was the little girl under a pile of winter quilts he had seen the night

Thinking that her illness had been cured, the Young Master Li felt aghast as well as
relieved. He chuckled wryly as he recalled that he was so worried at the time.

It was ridiculous that he, a mortal, wished to save an immortal.

It was like what had happened ten years ago when he bought magic pills in an attempt
to save her when he learned that that woman was ill.

It was indeed quite absurd.

The Young Master Li turned and headed toward the outside of the nunnery hall while
holding the ancient zither in his chest, his back figure showing a hint of disappointment.

The immortals and mortals walked on different paths.

Tong Yan thought of these words while watching the disappearing figure in the distance.

He was aware that this person didn't play the music for him or anybody else present,
and that he played it for that senior master of the Water-Moon Nunnery. But, it would be
in vain no matter whether it was the crazed affection or long-lasting affection, or simply
a sort of expectation.
Any Cultivation practitioner had to understand this when they stepped on the path of
Cultivation. The lifetimes and states were quite different between the immortals and
mortals. The former friends and relatives would become more and more different in
terms of health and other aspects; eventually, the immortals would end up visiting their
graves years later.

Tong Yan had understood this since he was five years old. Normally, he wouldn't have
such sentiments; he had some sympathy for the Young Master Li, probably because he
had experienced a similar situation before.

He returned to the meditation room, and was to collect those bronze ware and ceramic
ware and give them to the Young Master Li the next day when he went to Dayuan City.
Now that the Snow Girl was unwilling to learn them, it would be useless for him to keep

It was then that he suddenly felt something was out of place. He hurried to the window
and saw the waves on the surface of the lake and the Sword of the Universe hovering
over the lake.

The Snow Girl stood at the front of the sword, wrapped within the quilt. Jing Jiu stood
behind her with the Green Girl sitting on his shoulder and the Green Sky Mirror tied to
his back.

Was Jing Jiu about to leave? Tong Yan wondered how Jing Jiu would conceal the Snow
Girl's cold intent and if he had the means to bring the lamp formation of the nunnery
with him. But he hadn't gathered his own belongings yet.

As he was thinking of all this, he suddenly noticed the regretful hint expressed in the
Green Girl's eyes. He felt his heart had abruptly sunk.

"I can't do anything about it. The Green Sky Mirror is in his hands," the Green Girl said
with an indignant expression.

Tong Yan didn't say anything. He called out his magic treasure without hesitation, and
hurled it at the surface of the lake.

It was the daytime, and the spring sun was rather bright against the blue sky; but it
suddenly grew dimmer.

The longevity lamps in the nunnery hall had been lit simultaneously. The lamps were
triggered by the assault, and the formation had been activated.


The magic treasure had flown back.

Tong Yan realized by now that this lamp formation of the Water-Moon Nunnery could be
also used to restrain him, apart from insulating the cold intent of the Snow Girl.

The Sword of the Universe gave off a faint buzzing sound, and the ripples on the
surface of the lake became denser.

Tong Yan yelled at Jing Jiu, "Are you actually robbing me?"

"I have won the bet with the Unicorn at the Fruit Formation Temple," Jing Jiu said. "So I
should be able to borrow the Green Sky Mirror for awhile. You should spend your time
here concentrating on your Cultivation. When you are ready to go to the West Ocean, I'll
give it back to you."

Tong Yan wondered why Jing Jiu knew that he had planned to go to the West Ocean,
his eyebrows furrowed. "If she were discovered, what would you do then?" he asked.

The energy coming out from the Snow Girl was too powerful, and the cold intent inside
her body could affect heaven and earth. A mere winter quilt was not enough to conceal
her energy.

"I have to take my leave now," Jing Jiu said.

Though the Snow Girl hadn't done anything visibly, the longevity lamps hanging on the
trees around the snowy lake started swaying side to side.

Hundreds of sword wills came out from the Sword of the Universe and fell down along
with the Snow Girl's awareness; those sword wills swaddled around the winter quilt like

This was the Inherited Heaven Sword style.

The cold intent inside the Snow Girl was sealed off; none of it leaked out.

At the moment she looked like a little girl who forgot to add more firewood to the stove,
was afraid of coldness, and wrapped the winter quilt tightly around herself on the
heating bed to spend her New Year's Day.

The Young Master Li left the nunnery hall, heading to the outside of the mountain.

It didn't take long before he arrived at the intersection of the two streams.

There was a pond here, which had had many lotus flowers in it.

It was springtime, and everything had just experienced a dreadful wintry spring, so no
new buds could be found on the branches of the lotuses. The lotuses only had the
remaining leaves from last year, looking rather depressing.

He stood by the lotus pond, remaining silent; it was unclear what he was thinking about.

All of a sudden, an item fell down from the sky toward him. He reached out his hand
reflexively and caught it. He found it was a ceramic vial.

He lifted his head and saw a flash of sword light heading to the horizon.

The sword light traveled extremely fast, and vanished into the horizon in a few seconds.

The Young Master Li looked at the sky quietly and fixated his gaze on the horizon for a
long time.
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