The Path Toward Heaven
460 The Gurgling Girl in the Wind and Snow
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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460 The Gurgling Girl in the Wind and Snow

The Sword of the Universe landed on the cliff, and the Snow Girl gazed at Jing Jiu
without saying a word.

It had been a while since she walked out from the other side of the snowy mountain, but
it was the first time Jing Jiu had taken a good look of her.

Baked by the Chaotic Fire of the Sun Banner, the ice and snow on the surface of her
body had melted quite a bit. She still looked round, even though she was not as chubby
as before. Her fingers were still quite chubby though, looking as lovely as rice cakes.
Yet it was impossible to find out what her feet looked like since they were stuck

Back when Jing Jiu was trapped in the deep part of the snowland, he had
communicated with that great Queen of the Snowy Kingdom a few times. Like the
majority of humans, Jing Jiu had guessed what looks the being of highest state in
Chaotian would have, but nobody had ever imagined that she was a chubby

The foe Jing Jiu was worried about the most in Chaotian was neither the Fairy Book of
the Center Sect nor his Big Brother, but the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom. He was
certain that she was the most powerful Cultivation practitioner in Chaotian, even more
than his friend the Giant. It was possible that he wasn't her match even in his former life.

How could he avoid the threat from the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom? It was simple
enough: stay out of her way at all times. That's why he hadn't returned to the North
again. And that was why he intended to leave at once even though they were still a few
hundred miles away from White Town. It was why he hadn't taken a look at the Snow
Girl from the beginning up to now, because he didn't want her to see him.

Now that she had blocked him, there was nothing he could do. Though he couldn't help
but look at each other, he held his tongue as much as he could.

The Green Girl poked her head gingerly out of the Green Sky Mirror. She took a look at
the profile of Jing Jiu and the Snow Girl. She intended to say something, but decided to
hold her tongue in the end.

It was quiet, a silence as deathly as that in a graveyard.

All of a sudden, the sound of footsteps could be heard in the wind and snow.

Tong Yan had finally caught up with them.

He looked at Jing Jiu and said dryly, "I didn't expect you to stop and wait for me."

The Green Girl realized by now that Jing Jiu had left Tong Yan behind, in front of that
snowy mountain; she glanced at him with an air of commiseration, thinking that chess
players were indeed quite relentless.

In the next moment, Tong Yan saw the Snow Girl. He held back the questions he
wanted to ask Jing Jiu and fell silent.

Tong Yan's temperament was aloof and proud. He was rather calm even when he saw
Jing Jiu leave with the Green Sky Mirror, but his silence at the moment had nothing to

do with calmness.

It was obvious that he was stunned speechless right now.

The reason he had experienced such a tumultuous emotional change was because he
had vaguely guessed the identity of the Snow Girl.

He was a talented disciple of the Center Sect and had a profound Cultivation state; he
became a swordsman in the middle state of Yuanying at a young age. Yet, he hadn't
played any role during the battle in front of the snowy mountain. It was not because his
fighting capability was too weak, but because the Sun Banner was too formidable.

If the Snow Girl hadn't shown up in time, they would have been dead by now.

In other words, the Snow Girl was their savior.

But, Jing Jiu didn't even dare take a look at her, fleeing faster than a dog that had just
lost its home. He had even abandoned the Sword of the Universe, a flying sword of
Fairy State that he had tempered with a great difficulty. Why?

It was because another being was present. There was no sound on the snowy cliff. It
was as quiet as yet another graveyard.

The combined graves are no different from a single grave to begin with.

It was then that a noise broke the silence.

Cold Cicada had woken up. It was delighted to see Jing Jiu, making buzzing sounds
while its thin limbs rubbed against each other at a high speed.

Jing Jiu, Tong Yan and the Green Girl all gazed at Cold Cicada. The expression in their
gazes was complicated, encompassing a bit of pity and a bit of admiration.

Even the Snow Girl glanced at it sidelong. If she had the white part in her eyes, what
she did could be counted as rolling her eyes.

By now Cold Cicada realized what situation it was in, feeling extremely terrified. Its body
suddenly turned rigid and fell down to the ground like an empty chestnut with a faint

The most terrifying part was that it, for some reason, couldn't simply pass out.

Jing Jiu shot it a glance.

Cold Cicada struggled a great deal in its mind and hesitated for a long time. Then it
crawled toward Jing Jiu gingerly in the snow.

The Snow Girl fixed her gaze on Cold Cicada again.

It became rigid again. Cold Cicada turned around slowly, shooting a glance at her and
then at Jing Jiu.

In the wind and snow, Cold Cicada had no idea where it should head even though the
world was so huge.

The dilemma made it feel bewildered. In the end, Cold Cicada made up its mind; it
closed its eyes and turned its belly upward, pretending being dead, but its body couldn't
stop trembling.

Jing Jiu looked at the Snow Girl quietly. All of a sudden, he reached out his hand and
picked up Cold Cicada, and put it away.

The temperature on the cliff dropped abruptly. Heaven and earth were wrapped with a
cold intent.

Staring into Jing Jiu's eyes, the Snow Girl suddenly uttered a gurgling sound.

The sound was very faint; it sounded like the noise a puppy would make when it felt

The Green Girl opened her mouth but couldn't make a sound. The expression on her
face was very fascinating, as she thought that it was incredible that this being's sound
was actually like this.

Tong Yan noticed that the Snow Girl didn't have a mouth and that the sound came out
from her stomach.

"Gurgle, gurgle."

Looking at Jing Jiu, the Snow Girl continued making her own sound.

Regardless of what kind of sound it was, it could alleviate the anxious and depressing

And the sound was such a faint and lovely gurgling one; even if it occurred in a
graveyard, one wouldn't feel scared of it.

The gurgling sound was very lovely and cute.

A gurgling person might disgust some people, but nobody would be scared of them.

The Green Girl felt relaxed a bit, and asked, "What is she saying?"

Tong Yan shook his head, and looked at Jing Jiu.

Jing Jiu stared at the Snow Girl as if he was facing a formidable foe, or an abyss, or
Nan Wang after she was drunk. "Do you want to go there too?" he asked her.

The Snow Girl gurgled once.

"No, you can't. You are a living being."

The Snow Girl gurgled twice, expressing her perplexity.

"Its name is Cold Cicada. Yes, it can go there, because it's a life of low state, and I
thought this little thing was quite peculiar back then."

Jing Jiu continued while looking at her, "But you are different. I don't have the ability and
qualifications to send you there."

Sitting on the Sword of the Universe, the Snow Girl didn't reveal a sliver of energy. She
acted like what Jing Jiu did sometimes, looking like a dead being.

However, as long as one saw the profound and black pupils of hers, they would be able
to tell that she was alive, and was a life of high state.

The Snow Girl remained silent, as if she was pondering something.

The Green Girl flew over and sat on Jing Jiu's shoulder. "Can you understand what she
is talking about?" she asked curiously.

Jing Jiu uttered "hmm".

Yet, the Green Girl thought that a gurgle was merely a gurgling sound to her; how come
Jing Jiu could figure out its meaning from a simple gurgling sound. "Are you two
communicating through the spiritual awareness?" she asked.

Jing Jiu said, "Guess."

The Green Girl wondered if Jing Jiu wanted her to guess.

Back when he was in the snowland, Jing Jiu had communicated with the Queen of the
Snowy Kingdom. It was much easier to communicate through the spiritual awareness;
but the energy sent over by her spiritual awareness was also quite formidable.

The Snow Girl wasn't communicating with him through the spiritual awareness at the
moment; so what he could do was guess her intentions. Guessing was truly a hard

It was indeed troublesome to deal with the children.

His Big Brother took on the disciples and subordinates all over the world, but he chose
not to have too many descendents throughout the world, which seemed to be a good

The Snow Girl suddenly gurgled one more time.

Jing Jiu said, "I can give you Cold Cicada, the sword, and everything else from that
world, even my bamboo chair; everything but myself."

The Snow Girl looked at him quietly.

The temperature on the cliff dropped abruptly, and the wind and snowfall picked up the

She didn't make any more gurgling sound, but the three of them could sense the danger

Though it was soundless, her voice could be heard clearly by heaven and earth, as she
had done when she was infuriated by the Sun Banner.

The Green Girl felt scared, and hid inside the Green Sky Mirror.

Tong Yan lowered his head, but he found that he had no way to calculate what she
would do next.

He was good at chess playing and had an outstanding calculating capability, but Jing
Jiu couldn't even predict what the Snow Girl would do next, let alone Tong Yan.

Nobody knew what the Snow Girl would do next and how she would strike.

When she encountered the Sun Banner, she hadn't done anything; the Chaotic Fire
drifted toward her on its own.

They didn't even know if she could raise her short arms.

Besides the Broadsword King and the Young Zen Master, no one had any experience in
this regard.

Even though they didn't know how she would strike, it was evident that they had no
chance of beating her.

Tong Yan could only predict this result, and knew that he had no choice but to wait for
her to strike first.

It was then that the Snow Girl suddenly closed her eyes.

The snow was blown off the cliff by the wind, and then scattered like clouds.

Time passed slowly; she didn't open her eyes.

The Green Girl couldn't restrain her curiosity any longer and crawled out from the Green
Sky Mirror. "What is going on right now?" she asked gingerly.

Tong Yan looked at the Snow Girl, saying nothing.

After a long while, Jing Jiu uttered "hmm".

Tong Yan felt relieved, and said to the Green Girl, "She has fallen asleep."
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