The Path Toward Heaven
458 The Presence of the Snow Girl
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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458 The Presence of the Snow Girl

There were many sorts of snowman in the world; as for how many, it utterly depended on the imaginations of the children who liked playing in the snow and the populace in the south who had seldom seen a snowfall.

This snowman looked ordinary, with a small head and chubby face; but the face lacked a carrot and a red pepper, so it looked too clean.

If one observed the snowman more closely, they would discover that this snowman had two peculiar traits.

This snowman had a long white hair that drooped all the way to the ground. It was unclear if the hair was made of snow or some other materials. Yet, it looked like real hair, so real, in fact, that it looked to onlookers like it was rather unreal instead.

Secondly, the snowman's eyes were very deep and profound, and they were, in fact, so black that they mesmerized onlookers The eyes would make any observer fall into a dream, or most likely, a nightmare.

The snowman should be a female; so it should be called the Snow Girl.

The Snow Girl was looking at the other side of the mountain.

There was an endless ocean of fire on the other side. She could perceive the heat waves coming from there even though it was a long distance away.

Ice and fire can't coexist. Any fire would pose a threat to her, not to mention that the threat was from the Chaotic Fire of the Sun Banner.

She could sense that her subjects would die in that patch of fire ocean.

These fires were not like ordinary flames, so it was completely possible for her to be harmed by them, especially when she was in a weak state.

Yet she was not scared. As she was staring at the other side quietly, she analyzed the situation there based on her instinct as was embedded in her bloodline, and debated whether she should leave or go over.

It was then that she suddenly sensed a trace of energy.

The instant she sensed the energy, her sea of awareness had stirred like the whirlpools forming in a violent windstorm. She had to stop the unbelievably fast calculation she was engaged in.

The energy came from a place where she had never been to and it was extremely cold. It was hard to tell whether the energy had any sign of movement or if it was in a state of absolute stillness.

The absolute coldness and absolute stillness were the most formidable things, and even made the Snow Girl feel apprehensive, but those were also the highest states a being like her strived for, the strongest desires embedded in her instinct.

These aspirations and desires were the sources of the windstorm in her sea of awareness.

The Snow Girl stood up, but she still looked very short.

She headed toward the other side.

Her steps were very peculiar. It seemed that her two feet were wrapped in the white cloth bags. She could only bound forward, resembling the rabbit jumping in the snow of fairy tales.

Though the steps were very peculiar and awkward, she could somehow travel exceedingly fast. It took her merely half a minute to get to the other side of the mountain.

This place was the snowy mountain, with a great deal of accumulated snow at its foot as a result of the earlier avalanche.

All sorts of snow were her servants.

The fires were everywhere on this side of the mountain. The fires shot up from the cracks on the ground and dropped down from the clouds. With the dried-up icy stream and burned rocks, this place looked like a hell in the human world.

For the Snow Girl who had never left the icy peak and snowland, this was something she had never witnessed, which made her feel immensely uncomfortable and displeased.

She didn't even glance at Wang Xiaoming who stood by the edge of the cliff on the snowy mountain.

She didn't care about those weak humans. Though the Sun Banner was the source of all these strange fires, it was not something she was eager to find out.

Her line of sight fell on the distant Green Sky Mirror, and then she saw Cold Cicada. Yet, it didn't concern her so much as to what would happen to this cicada, since it was a lowly subject of hers, the lowliest kind, in fact.

Soon, she saw the dirt and sand atop the Green Sky Mirror, and then sensed something. She looked at Cold Cicada again.

The dirt and sand brought back by Jing Jiu from the universe were not as cold as before. Their temperature had increased, and they were on the verge of being set ablaze again.

Cold Cicada's entire body was red, looking like it was cooked thoroughly.

It was absolutely impossible for any cold object to exist in this environment; but the Snow Girl was certain that the cold energy she was looking for had been here; at least it had existed in the dirt and sand and the lowly subject before.

The expression in her eyes grew more profound. The snow around her had suddenly sunk, and a layer of solid ice formed on the surface.

Because of the desires in the deep end of her being and the aspiration, she leapt toward a spot in the distance with no regard for those fires.

A white line appeared in the sky, passing through a great many layers of ocean of fire, where a hole was left behind.


The Snow Girl landed on the barren plain below the Green Sky Mirror.

The fires were burning madly on the barren plain, and soon swallowed her. But in an instant, the fires went out. The Snow Girl stepped on the ice and frost formed on the hot rocks, breaking them instantly.

The Snow Girl lifted her head and looked at the Green Sky Mirror.

The barren plain became deathly quiet.

The heavenly fires under the clouds and the tongues of fire from the cracks on the ground had all silenced all of a sudden.

Sitting on Tong Yan's shoulder, the Green Girl looked at the snowman on the ground with a pale face, wondering what this strange thing was.

Seeing the snowman, Cold Cicada felt extremely horrified; it had no way to withstand such a mental shock and passed out with a gurgling sound, falling off Tong Yan's shoulder.

Cold Cicada, like a piece of snowflake, fell on the Snow Girl's head. It looked like a delicate and beautiful butterfly hair band on her head, as it did on Liu Ada's head.

The Snow Girl was pleased with its behavior. She flew to the top of the Green Sky Mirror and looked down at the dirt and sand.

The dirt and sand were ablaze, exuding a burning smell that she hated, but she also smelled something she liked the most.

With her eyes closed, it seemed that the Snow Girl enjoyed the moment very much.

If she could breathe, she would've inhaled deeply at that moment.

It was \ then that the heavenly fires called upon by the Sun Banner started dropping down again, bombarding the Green Sky Mirror relentlessly.

The dirt and sand scattered, and the energy had also faded away the same way the scent disappeared from Cold Cicada.

The Snow Girl opened her eyes and glared at the sky.

Though she didn't show an obvious emotion, the whole world was aware that she was furious.

Though she didn't yell loudly, the whole world was aware that she was screaming sharply inside.

Hundreds of invisible waves and snowflakes coming from nowhere headed toward the sky, looking like a waterfall with snow shooting up from the Green Sky Mirror!

The waterfall with snow had met the shooting fires in the sky, making countless thunderous booms. A violent wind suddenly rose, making the wild fires on the ground sway fiercely. Heaven and earth had changed colors.

The shooting fires kept falling down, and the ice and snow melted gradually. The Snow Girl's face was slightly wet, and some clean water seeped out from under her feet.

The water was enormously cold and flowed to and fro on the surface of the Green Sky Mirror, and as a result, the fires in the dirt and sand were put out quickly.

Hovering under the Green Sky Mirror, Tong Yan thought of the soundless and sharp scream with a pale face and the rapidly dropping temperature, wondering what this thing was.

Soon after, he found that the Sword of the Universe blocking the fires from the ground had suddenly disappeared.

The Sun Banner was indeed one of the most powerful magic treasures in the world.

Those fire walls insulated heaven and earth, as well as the Snow Girl's soundless scream.

However, the sound could pass through some of the cracks on the ground.

The King of Fire Carps in the river of lava in the deep end of the underground had heard the soundless scream. His eyes betrayed a hint of terror, as he wondered why she came out.

He was debating about whether he should go out, though in the end, he chose to stay in the lava, because he was truly scared. Who could possibly defeat that being, he thought.

Wang Xiaoming didn't know who had come, but he could tell clearly that the most of the fires from the Sun Banner had been extinguished.

He was tremendously shocked by the fact. He had been unstoppable since he succeeded in tempering the Sun Banner; even the King of Fire left by the Center Sect in the Gathered-Soul Valley was not a match for the Sun Banner. How could it be? How come it could swallow the sun fires?! Was it possible that it was a magic treasure of heavenly state similar to the Sun Banner? But such an object shouldn't exist in Chaotian!

The space in front of the cliff had suddenly formed a gap, and the Sword of the Universe appeared from nowhere!

The shaft of the sword was still scorching hot, but it was glaringly bright. The heat on the sword lowered somewhat as it reflected the snowy mountain on its surface.

The Sun Banner twisted on its own. The Sword of the Universe was tangled inside the banner and couldn't move forward.

How can a pearl as small as a grain of rice glow brightly?

As Wang Xiaoming was thinking of this saying, a cold and desolate figure had suddenly appeared in front of the cliff.

Jing Jiu passed through the ocean of fire and came over. He held the hilt of the Sword of the Universe and thrust it forward.


The Sword of the Universe came out of the banner, and was thrust toward Wang Xiaoming.

The black smoke occurred on the cliff, and countless balls of fire came out from the Sun Banner. Wang Xiaoming hid in the fires, as he shrieked, "Do you think you can get me this way?!"

As he was saying these words, the resentful souls in the Sun Banner cried many times; the fires rolled over with a roar.

This was the cooperation between the Chaotic Fire and the cry of the dark spirits.

Facing such a deviant magic method, even those figures in the Heavenly Arrival State would feel helpless.

Though the cries of the resentful souls had no effect on Jing Jiu, the Chaotic Fire was indeed very formidable. Even his body could withstand it for but a mere moment.

The "moment" last as long as it takes to say the very word.

The outcome would be decided within a moment.

In the moment, Jing Jiu seemed to have thrust the sword once. In fact, he had wielded the sword more than three thousand times.

The Sun Banner had blocked a majority of the three thousand swords; but a few swords landed on Wang Xiaoming, and sliced a few bloody cuts into him.

Meanwhile, the fires from the Sun Banner had swallowed Jing Jiu totally.

If he were a regular Cultivation practitioner, he would have been burned to a puff of green smoke.

Jing Jiu was still alive, but he was severely wounded. His white cloth made from the natural silk was burned into tatters, and many burning marks appeared on his body.

The Sun Banner was truly formidable. In his current Cultivation state, he had no way to resist it directly, and would die right away if he didn't retreat. But he still appeared quite calm; it was obvious that he must have other methods up his sleeve.

A soundless scream had suddenly burst out on the barren plain, and a fierce energy came over at a high speed at the same time.

The snowy mountain quivered restlessly, and a great amount of snow fell down like an avalanche; the cliff was buried under the snow instantly.

Want Xiaoming fell off the cliff. He backed up a few miles and watched the distance cautiously while holding the Sun Banner tightly to protect himself.

Jing Jiu displayed a grave expression that he had never had before; he squeezed the fingers on his right hand into a sword and employed the Inherited Heaven Sword style to draw a formation in the air as quickly as he could.

Along with a gust of whistling wind, a white figure arrived in front of the snowy mountain and demonstrated a chilly intent that was more formidable than the ice and snow.

It took Jing Jiu a long time to calculate the weakness of the Sun Banner and pass through the ocean of fire by means of the Underworld Fairy Sword to arrive in front of the snowy mountain.

However, the Snowy Girl passed through the ocean of fire directly and arrived here effortlessly. There was a huge difference between what she did and Jing Jiu did in terms of difficulty.

The Snowy Girl had paid some price when passing through the layers of ocean of fire created by the Sun Banner. The snow on the surface of her body had melted a lot, and she looked slimmer as a result.

The icy fog had faded away from her body, and the remaining fires on the ground had gradually extinguished.

The Sun Banner swayed in the wind, and generated countless flames heading toward her.

She was like a cold black hole, one who could absorb all the light and heat in the world.

Wang Xiaoming was shocked speechless.

The Snow Girl didn't even bother looking at him.

She walked to the side of Jing Jiu, and reached out her hands to take the Sword of the Universe from him.

The Snow Girl looked very carefully at the sword held to her chest.

It seemed as if she was looking at a painting appreciatively, or a universe.
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