The Path Toward Heaven
378 The Imprints of Bird Feet in the Snow
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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378 The Imprints of Bird Feet in the Snow

Seeing the scene in the sky, a commotion occurred outside the Huiyin Valley. Many people, like Que Niang, became excited.

The chess playing contained many values; it was an essential lesson for many Cultivation practitioners, except for those practitioners on Green Mountain.

The most famous Go game in the history of the Cultivation world was none other than the amazing game played by Jing Jiu and Tong Yan back at the Plum Meeting.

After they played that game of Go, Tong Yan stayed behind closed doors and Jing Jiu was nowhere to be found. Many Go lovers felt disappointment and regret, thinking that that level of Go game wouldn't be witnessed again.

Unexpectedly, in the Illusionary Realm of the Green Sky Mirror, Jing Jiu and Tong Yan met again, and they were playing another game of Go as the Emperor of Chu State and the son of King Jing.

Innumerable eyes fixed on the Royal Palace in the wind and snow and the small pavilion covered by the snow in the sky. Most of all, they gazed at the two men sitting across from each other on both sides of the Go board, with enthusiastic expressions.

The green bird perched on a tree branch located on the West Mountain, which was close to the Royal Palace. She knew what the people in the real world wanted to see right now, so she filled the whole scene with the Go board.

The black lines on the board and that black Go piece were very distinctive.

Jing Jiu reached out two of his fingers and picked up a white piece and laid it on the Go board.

His movement was gentle and noiseless; but the spectators in the real world seemed to hear a rumbling thunder.

Next, Tong Yan used three of his fingers to pick up a black Go piece and put it on the board casually.

There were merely three Go pieces on the board. And the placements of the pieces were far from outstanding; the movements of the players were simple and carefree. But the onlookers outside the Huiyin Valley felt their trip to the competition truly worthwhile.

That game of Go between Jing Jiu and Tong Yan had been well known in the Cultivation circle as well as in the mortal world. All the details that had occurred on the Chessboard Mountain were discussed by those who were interested in the game of Go countless times.

They remembered that Tong Yan had placed the Go pieces just like what he was doing right now; and they also remembered the style of Jing Jiu's playing. They hadn't seen this for a long time.

Que Niang folded her arms in front of her chest while staring at the scene in the sky. Her eyes didn't even blink once while glittering.

Seeing the nervousness and anticipation in her expression, Xiang Wanshu smiled softly.

But, Que Niang suddenly had a bewildered expression, as she exclaimed, "What is happening?"

Xiang Wanshu was startled and then looked at the sky.

In the next moment, many bewildered cries and screams burst out.

It wasn't because Jing Jiu placed another Go piece that was odd and nobody could understand, but because the scene in the sky suddenly became blurred and the Go board couldn't be seen anymore.

The green bird pulled back her line of sight, and the blurry scene gradually grew clearer. The scene was a human face.

The man stood in front of the green bird, his face covered with a white cloth, exposing his eyes only. Though his eyes were quite bright, they somehow gave out a lethargic feel.

"Move aside!"

Que Niang heard someone yell earnestly.

Many people outside the Huiyin Valley shouted reflexively; but they didn't realize that the man in the scene couldn't hear the sound outside the realm.

The angry screams and swears gradually died down; the uproar and commotion ensued. It was because somebody recognized the identity of the man.

The man masked by the white cloth was the most formidable assassin in the Illusionary Realm of the Green Sky Mirror, and he was the little weirdo at the Green Mountain Sect in the real world.

Why did Zhuo Rusui come to the capital of Chu State? And Jing Jiu and Tong Yan were in the Royal Palace right now; but why would he come to the West Mountain and stand right in front of the green bird?

The snowflakes were falling down soundlessly; and the West Mountain grew colder.

Standing in the snow, Zhuo Rusui looked at the green bird on the tree branch, wordless.

Blocked by Zhuo Rusui, the green bird couldn't project the Go game that was going on in the pavilion to the sky for the people in the real world to watch.

Regardless of how annoyed Que Niang or other practitioners were, they all stopped complaining, because they guessed that Zhuo Rusui must have a reason for doing this.

He stood very close to the green bird. His eyes could be seen clearly, which were so imperturbable as well as intimidating.

Seeing the pair of eyes in the sky, Que Niang suddenly thought of a possibility; her countenance changed slightly.

In the next moment, Xiang Wanshu and others had also thought of the same possibility.

It was deathly quiet outside the Huiyin Valley, and even quieter than the West Mountain where the snowflakes were falling.

Jing Jiu summoned Tong Yan to come to the capital, and then Zhuo Rusui suddenly appeared. It w0 yjas most likely that they had arranged this ahead of time.

They would work together to get rid of Tong Yan.

Since Tong Yan was the most intelligent participant in the Dao Competition from the Center Sect, it would be easier for the Green Mountain Sect to compete for the Fairy Book of Longevity if they could eliminate Tong Yan.

Zhuo Rusui had tried it by the lakeside in Cangzhou earlier.

However, Jing Jiu had lived like a slow man in the Illusionary Realm; why did he suddenly change so much?

If this was indeed a scheme plotted by the Green Mountain Sect to kill Tong Yan, Zhuo Rusui had no choice but to come to check on the green bird, or at least to obtain a promise from her.

The green bird was the spirit of the Green Sky Mirror; if she wanted to help the disciples of her own sect, Jing Jiu and Zhuo Rusui had no chance to kill Tong Yan, no matter how powerful they were.

"You didn't succeed last time; was it Jing Jiu's idea then? Though I won't interfere with the Dao Competition, I'd like to remind you, you must be prepared to be killed yourself when you want to kill somebody else."

Having said that, the green bird left the tree branch and flew toward the Royal Palace.

The people outside the Huiyin Valley all heard this statement; this was the promise of the Center Sect.

Zhuo Rusui disappeared in the wind and snow.

The scenes in the sky changed as the green bird flew over different places.

The details of the capital of Chu State and the Royal Palace could be clearly seen.

A hushed uproar occurred outside the Huiyin Valley.

The highly achieved swordsmen who hid among the inhabitants of the capital with hidden weapons would be the kamikaze assassins trained by Cangzhou?!

And whom would the royal army of Chu State, which was fully equipped and ready to attack, in the end listen to?

Like the green bird said, Tong Yan must have his precaution now that he dared come to the capital. Did he also intend to settle the competition in this upcoming battle?

Que Niang's hands folding in front of her chest clenched more tightly now. The expression on her face was worrisome now, instead of nervousness and excitement.

The game of Go in the pavilion was actually very dangerous.

The scene in the sky suddenly turned to white.

It was the square in the Royal Palace, covered by the snow, where a man stood.

The man wore black clothing; he was highly distinctive in the white snow.

He was Master Mo.

He was the most powerful swordsman in this world.

Nobody had expected that Master Mo would come to the capital with the son of King Jing. Did he come to kill the Emperor?

Master Mo suddenly lifted his head to look at the sky.

All the onlookers in the real world could see his eyes.

The Cultivation practitioners had never cared so much about the people in the Illusionary Realm, because they didn't think they existed as the real entities.

Though Master Mo was the most powerful swordsman in the Illusionary Realm, he was nothing but a Cultivation practitioner in the initial state of the Yuanying.

But, when they saw his eyes, the onlookers outside the Huiyin Valley generated a strong uneasy feel, as if this man discovered their deepest thoughts.

The green bird saw Master Mo's eyes as well.

Then the green bird landed her feet on the snowy tiles on the roof of the grand hall and stared at Master Mo, and a moment later looked at the pavilion.

The game of Go in the pavilion had already gone on for a while.

The twenty some Go pieces on the board were scattered, looking chaotic. The placed pieces on the board didn't follow any set rules, and they were not placed side by side.

Jing Jiu suddenly looked in the direction of the wind and snow.

Tong Yan followed Jing Jiu's gaze and looked at the spot. "Someone is breaking through the state?!" he wondered with arched brows.

Jing Jiu said, "Someone wants to break through the heavenly barrier."

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