The Path Toward Heaven
332 Seeing the Head and not the Tail of the Divine Dragon
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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332 Seeing the Head and not the Tail of the Divine Dragon

The number of fractures in the sky increased.

The blue sky and the white clouds dropped down after being shredded into pieces.

The gloomy black scales became the dominant color in the sky.

The Old Dragon had forcefully broken the Great Formation and passed through it!

If it were the Great Formation in the Royal Palace, it would be able to block the Old Dragon for a while; but the formation in Zhaoge City had no chance of blocking the Old Dragon.

As the Old Dragon was about to kill Jing Jiu, something unexpected happened again; the distance between Jing Jiu and the Old Dragon had increased rather than decreased. The Old Dragon grew extremely angry, and he spewed a band of dragon breath upward.

The dragon breath was the most precious energy of his life force; as such, he seldom used it, even though it had the formidable power. However, he was poked fun of by Jing Jiu that day and had almost lost his mind completely in his rage, so he wasn't even trying to think about the consequence.

It had suddenly become extremely cold in the sky. Millions of icicles formed into the snowflakes even though the space was totally dry, and wrapped Jing Jiu inside.

Even those swordsmen of the Broken Sea State would be frozen to death by the dragon breath.

What should Jing Jiu do then?

In the beginning, the people on the ground could see the black speck in the sky. Later, only the likes of Yue Qianmen in the profound Cultivation state could see the Old Dragon pursuing his opponent. After Jing Jiu and the Old Dragon had broken through the Great Formation of Zhaoge City one after another and went to a higher elevation, even Yue Qianmen couldn't see them anymore.

However, Yue Qianmen was rather calm right now. The Fiend Prison had left the ground, and the divine dragon had shown himself. As a result, his opponent, regardless of whether he was an enemy or something else, would definitely die.

The Immortal Jing Yang had already ascended, and the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom was in the north; there was no one else more powerful than the divine dragon in Chaotian.

The Emperor could see the scene in the high elevation, so his expression was grave.

He reached his hand to the front of Royal Concubine Hu.

Royal Concubine Hu had released the Emperor's sleeve a while ago, and kept her hands in the sleeves to hold the Jade-Egg of Rosefinch vigilantly, warming it with her hands.

Seeing the Emperor's hand in front of her, she hurriedly put the Jade-Egg of Rosefinch in the Emperor's palm.

The Emperor took the Jade-Egg of Rosefinch and was sending it to his mouth.

He was able to handle the Old Dragon himself.

This city was Zhaoge of the Jing imperial court, and this place was the Royal Palace of the Jing Family.

But, if he killed that greedy dragon in front of so many people, he would face off against the Immortal Center Sect Master who was on his way here.

He needed to swallow this Jade-Egg of Rosefinch.

If this was what had to happen, the best outcome would be a weak victory.

All he hoped for was that the Green Mountain Sect would come quickly, that the Fruit Formation Temple would give up their neutral position to get the Broadsword King back, and that he could persuade Bu Qiuxiao on his sick bed and award the South Heavenly Pond to the Kunlun Sect. After all this, he would gather all the forces from all the sects to kill the Immortal Bai.

If everything went well, whom should he appoint as the Center Sect Master to clean up the mess and fix the damage?

Bai Zao.

She was the only daughter of the Center Sect Master couple, and loved by the masters of the Center Sect and admired and respected by her colleagues; most importantly, she was affectionate toward Jing Jiu.

Well, he had to persuade Zhao Layue next. It seemed meaningless to talk to the Zhao family first.

The Emperor had already learned the Zen Method to the highest level and possessed an exceptional prowess himself. It took him only a moment to think of all this.

The reason he was thinking of these ridiculous things at such a critical moment was because he was immensely nervous.

Thinking that the balanced situation kept for many years in Chaotian would be gone, and that the peaceful country created by his forbearers hundreds of years ago would disappear, how could he not be nervous?

He, as the Emperor, was even more nervous than others.

Looking at the Jade-Egg of Rosefinch near the Emperor's mouth, Royal Concubine Hu thought that the Emperor asked her to warm the egg so that it would be warm when he swallowed it.

Thinking of this matter at this critical moment was due to nervousness. Her pale face substantiated this fact. Seeing the huge black dragon in the sky, she, as a vixen, had a natural fear of the divine animals. If she hadn't stood by the Emperor, she would probably have exposed her vixen tail because of the scare.

Not all the people were nervous or fearful.

In a corner of the ruined Taichang Temple, a white cat hid under a stone slab propped against something.

The muddy water was drooping down from his long hair, along with the heavy raindrops and dusts that landed on him, and he looked terrible.

Yet, the expression in his eyes was rather calm, devoid of any emotion.

He acted the same way as when Jing Jiu was almost burned into scorched coal in the Fiend Prison while still behaving like a handsome white clothed young master.

The white cat's tail erected like a flag post. This was a posture displayed by him only when he was extremely lazy or extremely serious.

The ruins were shaking constantly, and the dusts rose up, and were then watered down by the water fountains shooting out from the ground. The tremor was caused by the friction between the black dragon body and the ground.

The head of the dragon had perhaps already entered the high elevation in the sky, maybe even as far as having gone inside the Empty Realm; but his body hadn't completely left the ground yet.

The black body of the dragon was very thick, resembling the black city wall; the scales on the body were glittering, capable of blinding onlookers.

The white cat looked in that direction with narrowed eyes, ready to strike at any moment.

Though the majority of the family cats had unfounded self-confidence, the long haired white cat that was not afraid of the dragon, and who even wanted to bite the dragon, was the one and only cat of his kind in the world.

He was the Principal Guard of Green Mountain: White Ghost.

His nickname was Liu Ada.

Liu Ada had been keeping tabs on the Old Dragon for three years.

The hostility between the two of them had been going on for several thousand years.

Nobody understood the weakness of the Old Dragon better than Liu Ada.

The weakness of the Old Dragon was his strongest defense spot: the Chaotic Gate.

So he had been waiting for the Old Dragon to completely leave the ground, when his dragon tail would be in front of him.

He egged Jing Jiu on in silence, hoping Jing Jiu would fly higher so that the Old Dragon would fly higher as well.

Half a minute had already passed, and the Old Dragon's head was at least ten miles in the sky, but why was the dragon tail still in the ground?

Liu Ada cocked his head and looked at the black dragon's body, wondering whether this stupid tall guy had grown taller again.

As for Jing Jiu, Liu Ada wasn't worried at all.

The lethal power of the Old Dragon's breath was the extremely low temperature; but Liu Ada wasn't afraid of it in the least. He slept while holding Cold Cicada on Shenmo Peak for so long, so he was immune to the cold.

Likewise, Jing Jiu spent six years in the snowland, and hundreds of years on Shangde Peak; so Jing Jiu was also used to the cold. As a result, there should be no worry of him being frozen to death.

Just as Liu Ada thought, a layer of ice formed on Jing Jiu's scorched black body, but this didn't slow down Jing Jiu's traveling speed. Soon, Jing Jiu kept a safe distance from the dragon breath.

The Old Dragon bellowed angrily and continued his pursuit of Jing Jiu. The shout sliced open space.

Soon after, Jing Jiu and the Old Dragon passed the formidable Chaotic Wind and arrived at the Empty Realm.

There was no air in the Empty Realm, and no spiritual energy of heaven and earth. It was natural that no sound could occur here; it was dreadfully quiet.

Only the swordsmen of the Broken Sea State and beyond could survive in the Empty Realm.

Yet, Jing Jiu displayed a normal countenance, just like he usually did.

He didn't need to breathe, and had no need for the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for the time being.

The morning sunlight streamed in from the distant horizon.

It was like countless bright threads, filling the whole sky.

The black dragon's head was illuminated by the sunlight, and the dragon's whiskers tousled soundlessly, looking exceptionally frightful.

Jing Jiu was illuminated by the sunlight as well. He looked like a tiny speck, traveling soundlessly among the dragon's whiskers.

If He Zhan were here, he would be very delighted.

Jing Jiu thought of this while blinking his eyes a few times.

The icicles dropped from his eyelids and became even smaller specks.

The size of the Old Dragon was like that of a mountain or sea.

Jing Jiu's size was like a speck of dust.

The evident different between their sizes, emphasized by the golden sunlight, had a hint of sacred meaning, and any onlooker would be moved by it.

The scene could be put into a wonderful painting.

Jing Jiu suddenly looked at a distant place.

A few powerful energies were closing in on Zhaoge City.

Those energies were from the figures of the Heavenly Arrival State in Chaotian.

The Fiend Prison had a mishap, and the Underworld Emperor had a possibility to escape; there was no reason for them not to come.

The energy that was the quickest to arrive or was closest to Zhaoge City was in the northwest.

That was where the Cloud-Dream Mountain was located.

Time was very tight for Jing Jiu.

He suddenly stopped short, drifting in the Empty Realm, and turned around to take a look.

The Old Dragon was only forty or fifty feet away from Jing Jiu.

He could even see his own reflection in the pupils of the Old Dragon.

Yet, the expression in Jing Jiu's eyes was very calm, devoid of any emotion, as if he had already predicted everything.

"This is it," he claimed to the Old Dragon.

There was no air in the Empty Realm, so it was soundless here.

What the Old Dragon could see was the movements of Jing Jiu's mouth.

For some reason, the Old Dragon stopped short as well when he was about to catch up to Jing Jiu.

The Chaotic Wind brought up by the huge body of the Old Dragon from under the Empty Realm assaulted Jing Jiu violently and soundlessly.

The burns and the icicles dropped off Jing Jiu's body while encountering the Chaotic Wind, exposing the white and smooth skin. He looked like an infant at the moment.

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