The Path Toward Heaven
280 The Proof Demanded by Master Dark Phoenix
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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280 The Proof Demanded by Master Dark Phoenix

After Fang Jingtian addressed this question, it became even quieter on the stone beam, and the silence lasted for a long time. A long moment later, the wind blew over from the other end of the valley again, disheveling the clouds and fog and changing the shapes of the clouds. The dark shadow at that spot became more discernible, and two long shadowy objects could be vaguely seen behind it.

"I will not help you."

A stern voice came out from inside the cloud and fog.

A few bamboo leaves appeared on the damp stone beam.

The two shadowy objects turned into tangible ones, sweeping away the surrounding cloud and fog.

The area had become clear as far as Fang Jingtian could see.

A rooster strutted out form the cloud and fog. His size was the same as a regular rooster, and his appearance was like one as well; the only difference was the crown on top of his head, which was as red as a burning fire.

This rooster looked extremely peculiar, with two separate tails behind him.

The two tails were about five feet long and quivered as he strutted forward; once in a while the tails would open up to display some patterns.

The surface of the tails had silvery dots located everywhere in a chaotic pattern, resembling the tens of thousands of stars in the night sky.

Staring at the tails for a long while, one would feel that those silvery dots looked like the miniature Secret Realm of the Singing Spring, which could lead to the bottomless abyss.

The most peculiar fact about this rooster was that he could speak.

He could actually talk intelligently after deliberate thinking, more like a human being than a parrot could achieve.

There were many famous divine animals in the Cultivation world that had intelligence and wisdom similar to Cultivation practitioners. But it was rare for a divine guardian animal to speak; usually they communicated with humans through the spiritual awareness, like the Unicorn of the Center Sect and White Snake of the Great Marsh; and White Ghost and Round Turtle of the Green Mountain couldn't speak, save for Dead Dog who couldn't even make a sound.

This rooster was truly peculiar.

He was the Devil Rooster, the divine guardian animal Master Dark Phoenix, respected and feared by the disciples of the Green Mountain.

If it were a regular person who had seen a peculiar rooster strut out from the cloud and fog, they would've been scared to death.

If it were a regular disciple of the Green Mountain who had seen him, they would have probably guessed his identity and then passed out from excitement.

Yet, Fang Jingtian behaved nonchalantly. There were other reasons for his behavior besides his status of the peak master of Xilai.

He looked at Dark Phoenix and demanded, "Have you forgotten what my Master said?"

Upon hearing this, Dark Phoenix revealed complicated emotions in his eyes.

The emotions revealed in the eyes included nostalgia, respect and affection, and also regret and resentment.

In the end all these emotions had faded away, with only indifference and pride left.

"You are merely number four; you could talk to me in such a tone only if you became the number one on the Green Mountain," Dark Phoenix said nonchalantly.

"Number one, eh…"

Fang Jingtian walked to the edge of the stone beam, looking at the distance.

The cloud and fog were very thick outside the stone beam, blocking his vision.

He was looking at Shangde Peak.

He entered the inner gate a lot later than the others and didn't stay very long on Shangde Peak; so he didn't experience the years of playing Mahjong and eating hotpots.

Those stories were told to him by his Master later in a tone filled with nostalgia and regrets.

Later on, he witnessed many events.

His Senior Master seemed to have no interest in the mortal affairs.

His two Big Brothers seemed honest and loyal.

Master had treated them extremely well, but instead was treated very badly by them.

"Since Master is still alive, they all have to die," he proclaimed.

"This is nonsense. You should respect the Sect Master and the Sword Justice," said Dark Phoenix.

Fang Jingtian turned to Dark Phoenix and said calmly, "The fortunate thing is that I have a terrible relationship with our Sect Master and Sword Justice. As the younger brother, I am well aware of it; the conflicts will be heated up ahead of the great terror, with the life and death on the line. This will be a good opportunity."

All of Chaotian thought that Yuan Qijing had broken through the state only over ten years ago and become the important figure in the Heavenly Arrival State.

Only few people knew that he had broken through it much earlier. It was only because of a myriad of reasons he had kept it a secret for a long time.

Fang Jingtian and Jing Jiu were among the few who knew the secret.

It meant that Yuan Qijing had been cautious and alert about something, or maybe he was to do something unexpected.

No matter what, this was a preferable situation for Fang Jingtian.

Yet, it was a pity, as far as Fang Jingtian was concerned, that Yuan Qijing gave up on the idea of keeping it a secret and showed his Heavenly Arrival State to all of Chaotian.

Judging by the timing of occurrences, it had something to do with Jing Jiu's arrival on the Green Mountain.

Dark Phoenix asked, "Whom are you going to help?"

"The whole Green Mountain knew that the Big Brother had always disliked Young Senior Master," said Fang Jingtian.

It was true. Even the regular disciples of the Green Mountain knew that the Sword Justice Yuan Qijing would sneer whenever the Immortal Jing Yang was mentioned, displaying an extreme discontent and hatred.

"Among the Principal Guards of the Green Mountain, I am always the smartest one. Besides what your Master told me, I have never had unrealistic ideas in my long life."

Dark Phoenix said to Fang Jingtian sternly, "Unrealistic ideas are very harmful. You have actually been pinning your hope on such a thing; it is similar to having your death wish fulfilled."

Fang Jingtian pressed, "Have you ever wondered how my Master escaped from the Sword Jail?"

After a long pause, Dark Phoenix said, "If you can't prove it, I won't do anything."

Fang Jingtian asked, "What do you want me to prove?"

"Whether he is the Immortal Jing Yang or not."

Dark Phoenix continued calmly, "If he is, I of course will not attack him."

"I didn't expect you to be so afraid of Young Senior Master. Is it because he has your Life Board?"

Fang Jingtian continued, "As far as I remember, my Master said that he had already taken your soul out of the Life Board before the action."

"I of course fear Jing Yang; but it has nothing to do with the Life Board."

Dark Phoenix strutted to the edge of the stone beam and stood with Fang Jingtian side by side, with the tails dropping into the cloud and fog in the back.

Looking at the distant Shenmo Peak, Dark Phoenix remarked, "Back then he had even plotted a scheme against your Master; it's natural for me to be more than a little scared to attack him, as he is a truly formidable fellow."

Fang Jingtian said, "Even if he is the Young Senior Master, he is in such a low Cultivation state; there is nothing to fear from him."

Dark Phoenix protested, "Even though he is merely in the middle state of the Undefeated right now, and hasn't progressed in recent years, lying there all day long bathing in the sun like an idiot, White Ghost always rests in that young woman's bosom obediently; why?"

Fang Jingtian's silvery eyebrows arched up.

During the battle of the Cloud Platform, his two Big Brothers went to the West Ocean to intimidate the powerful opponents.

Had Dark Phoenix not warned him, Fang Jingtian would have carried out the original plan of landing on Shenmo Peak and killing that young man.

In that case, all would be over no matter who he was.

Unexpectedly, White Ghost was found on Shenmo Peak.

"Liu Ada is the most cautious, gutless, and sensitive among the four of us, and he is also the most cruel and murderous. If he hadn't found out something, how could he be so obedient?"

Dark Phoenix turned around and strutted to the cloud and fog. "So prove to me that he is not Jing Yang," said he.

Seeing the dark shadow disappearing in the cloud and fog, Fang Jingtian remained silent for a long time and said, "Fine."

To ascertain Jing Jiu's origin was something he would do anyway.

After he had received the news from his Master a few days ago, this matter became the priority for him.

"Have you known about Xilai Peak?" asked Zhao Layue.

Looking at the small green bamboo board in his hand, Jing Jiu said, "I am a bit surprised."

Zhao Layue knew the picture on the small bamboo board was a rooster.

Jing Jiu was surprised at Fang Jingtian.

Fang Jingtian came to Shenmo Peak and didn't attack; it meant that he had found out that Ada was here.

Normally, Fang Jingtian would stay inactive for a while; but unexpectedly, he was taking actions again so soon.

Doesn't he understand that he has already lost the opportunity?! Jing Jiu mused.


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