The Path Toward Heaven
271 Fishing in Mucky Waters 3
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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271 Fishing in Mucky Waters 3

The Thoughtless Sword accelerated after entering the empty realm. It had entered the thunder region twice during the journey to receive the energy of the thunders and to resupply the spiritual source. By the dusk of second day, the Thoughtless Sword had arrived at the deep part of the distant ocean.

The Huge Whirlpool swallowed the ocean water constantly like it did eons before, but the sound of the falling ocean water wasn't so violent, but rather gentle and ear-pleasing. Maybe that was why it was called the "Secret Realm of the Singing Spring".

The fog enshrouding the islands was still quite thick, and even the sea creatures couldn't get out of the area. It was inconceivable that the child servant and Xiwang Sun could have successfully left the islands.

The Giant sat in the ocean cross-legged, holding the huge ten-thousand-year-old ancient tree in his left hand and supporting his head with his right hand, his eyelids drooping. Even though he was extremely sleepy, he still managed to glance at that patch of fog once in a while.

The Thoughtless Sword dropped down from the sky and flew in front of him. The sword circled a few times in the sky, its tail quivering, and then stopped short.

The Giant revealed a joyful expression in his eyes, and extended a finger to touch the Thoughtless Sword carefully.

His touch was very precise so as not to knock the sword away.


The Thoughtless Sword flew away.

The Giant waved his hand in the direction where the sword disappeared.

A strong wind arose in the sky.

The Giant pulled his hand back and covered his mouth to yawn. He lowered his head to look at the islands in the fog, revealing a naïve smile on his face.

He waded to the edge of the Huge Whirlpool one hundred miles in the north and threw the ten-thousand-year-old ancient tree into it.

He shouted to the west and turned around, heading toward the Alien Land in the east.

In the early morning the next day, the Penglai Island had the first hurricane of the summer.

As the boat owners and sailors were nervous about the incoming hurricane, they suddenly heard the shout blended in the wind. They couldn't help but scream cheerfully.

The Sea God sent the message!

We could sail again!

Thousands of precious boats and godly boats left the ports and headed toward the deep parts of the ocean, leaving behind countless nice-looking trails on the surface of the watery blue.

The surface of the green lake reflected the sunlight like a mirror.

The reflected light on the lake separated.

The surface of the lake was disturbed.

A roofed boat drifted slowly on the lake.

All of a sudden, the raindrops fell on the lake, creating countless ripples.

This was Smoke Rain Lake of Shangzhou City, and it possessed a beautiful scenery. It was the most popular spot for visitors save for the Near Star Building.

Sitting at the head of the boat, Liu Shisui held a bamboo fishing rod. Xiao He sat across from him, sewing something with a needle.

No fish had bitten the hook for a while.

The bubbles caused by the drizzles dropping on the surface of the lake looked like the bubbles created by the fish, making the situation even more frustrating.

Yet, Liu Shisui had a tolerant temperament, his calm countenance showing no hint of frustration.

Seeing him pay no attention to her, Xiao He wavered her eyes slightly and blew secretly at the surface of the lake.

She had been acting quite elegantly in front of Liu Shisui no matter whether it was in Haizhou City or during their escape.

Due to this small trick she performed, Xiao He displayed her attractiveness and looked even lovelier now.

The fishing line quivered once and instantly straightened.

Surprised, Liu Shisui pulled up the fishing rod and found it was a carp on the hook. "Pretty good," he said happily.

Smiling at him sweetly, Xiao He remarked, "Young Master can surely do a good job with anything."

Liu Shisui waved his hand dismissively, saying, "I'm not a young master."

Xiao He claimed wide-eyed, "Of course you are."

"Only someone like my Young Master could actually be called a young master," Liu Shisui said in a serious tone.

Upon hearing this, Xiao He felt a bit pain on her shoulder and a chill. She wasn't in the mood to perform the trick anymore, snorting grudgingly.

Liu Shisui didn't understand why her mood turned sour suddenly, wondering if it had something to do with the rain.

The rain suddenly stopped.

The weather in the middle of summer was really like the mood of a young girl.

The sunlight abruptly grew hotter, and the steam had formed on the surface of the lake, making one feel humidly hot.

Though Cultivation practitioners were not afraid of the cold winter and the hot summer, that didn't mean that it couldn't make them uncomfortable, and now that the turmoil was over, it was time to leave.

Liu Shisui threw the carp back in the lake and said, "Let's go."

The old scholar reminded him before his death that they should go back to the Green Mountain only after everything had settled down. It had already been more than ten days since the battle of the Cloud Platform, so the situation should have stabilized.

Thinking of going to the Green Mountain and meeting Jing Jiu, someone she was scared of the most, Xiao He uttered "Hm" nervously.

After the roofed boat dropped them off at the lakeshore, they hopped on a horse-drawn carriage.

The animal drawing the carriage was a mild-mannered white horse. It walked at a leisurely pace all the way from Shangzhou City to the south.

Liu Shisui chose not to ride the sword, as it would be too conspicuous.

Though the Cloud Platform had been destroyed, many assassins of the Old Ones must have survived, and they would for sure want to kill him. toad that to the incident involving Luo Huainan, and he could still be in real danger.

The carriage stopped at a place about ten miles outside Cloudy Town. Liu Shisui led Xiao He in the darkness of night climbing over two hills, and then they arrived at a cliff.

Standing by the cliff's edge and looking down at the village with sparse lights at the foot of the cliff, Liu Shisui took a deep breath.

As he saw his parents cleaning the lotus leaves in the small courtyard, his expression grew softer.

"Why don't you go meet them?" asked Xiao He.

After a moment of silence, Liu Shisui replied, "I might do it later, only if…nothing happens to me."

Glancing at him, Xiao He wondered what could happen to him, since he was the big hero who helped bring down the Old Ones.

After climbing over the two hills again and returning to the carriage, Xiao He dismantled the formation. The two of them got on the carriage, heading to Cloudy Town. It was the early morning when they arrived.

The first floor of the restaurant was open, and a steaming pan was placed by the street. No one could tell apart the steam coming out of the pan from the fog coming out of the peaks, since they mixed together.

Seeing the distant peaks in the fog, Liu Shisui felt relieved. "Let's eat something first, then we go there right away," he said to Xiao He.

He bought two steamed buns of vegetable filling for four pennies, one for Xiao He and one for himself.

Looking at the steamed bun that was as big as her face, Xiao He didn't know how to eat it, feeling bewildered.

Liu Shisui wasn't aware of her predicament, taking a forceful bite of the bun after peeling off the paper wrapped around the bun, feeling satisfied.

All of a sudden, he sensed something, lifting his head and looking at the sky overhead.

A moment later, a dozen sword lights flew over, and then two magic treasures emanated a special glow. The large shadow of the Cloudy Boat could also be vaguely perceived.

The small town was enshrouded by the cloudy fog, so the common folk had no way of seeing the scenes in the high sky like Liu Shisui did; but the residents of Cloudy Town were rather experienced. They knew the Cultivation practitioners must have passed here simply by looking at the changed clouds. They discussed vehemently among themselves.

Liu Shisui became worried, wondering if the external enemies were attacking Green Mountain.

As he was about to throw away the steamed bun and ride the sword with Xiao He to catch up to the group, he heard the discussions around him.

Then, he noticed the locals were quite cheerful, devoid of any nervous expressions.

"This involves the immortal masters; it has nothing to do with us."

"It's such a happy event, though; why can't we share in the joy?"

"She is the only daughter of the Center Sect Master, a real fairy lady! She is actually coming in person to propose marriage, even with such a family background and status. We're just as proud as the the immortal masters on the Green Mountain!"

Hearing the discussions of the locals, Xiao He was startled, asking, "Whom will she be proposing to?"

"Is it the Young Master?!" exclaimed Liu Shisui, feeling startled as well.

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