The Path Toward Heaven
256 The Huge Mountain Rising in the Ocean
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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256 The Huge Mountain Rising in the Ocean

The waves were rolling on the dark surface of the ocean. It seemed that monsters of some sort were hiding underneath it, making people feel depressed, even suffocated.

Nobody spoke for a long time, because they didn't know how to respond to Xiwang Sun's assumption.

Bu Qiuxiao's voice rang out.

"We always use pen, paper, ink, and ink-stone at the cottage; we don't use knives except for cooking."

He flew to the front of Xiwang Sun, and said to him calmly while staring into his eyes, "You should be fully aware that I haven't bought any knife from you, and I believe nobody at our cottage has either; in that case, perhaps I am qualified to ask you a few questions?"

Xiwang Sun looked at him and said with a smile, "Though I don't have the evidence, I know the One-Cottage is not so clean."

Bu Qiuxiao retorted nonchalantly, "Then if you don't have evidence, keep your mouth shut; otherwise, we would have come here and attacked you ten years ago. There would be no need to wait till now."

Xiwang Sun snickered, "What you said is sensible. But the Old Ones have already been around for so many years, why haven't you dealt with it until now? I think you people simply use this as an excuse to suppress our West Ocean Sword Sect."

"The Cultivation circle is still within the human world, meaning that it would obviously have dark dealings. The long existence of the Old Ones has its reasons, which everybody knows. Yet, the problem is, the style of the Old Ones has become more extreme and ruthless since you've come to the scene ten some years ago. Not to mention your collaboration with the devil men of the deviant sects; you have even tried to interfere with the war between the imperial court and the Snowy Kingdom. And the worst part is, you have even dared collaborate with the Underworld. How can we forgive you and let you live?"

Having answered Xiwang Sun's question, Bu Qiuxiao said nothing more. He looked at Tong Lu and other disciples of the West Ocean Sword Sect and demanded, "Hand them over, and surrender!"

The two elders of the West Ocean Sword Sect in the Free Travel State exchanged glances and were about to say something.

Tong Lu shouted sternly while looking at the elders of other sects, "NO! This is the territory of our West Ocean Sword Sect! Even if what you said were true, you should have pleaded with my Master to punish those offenders using our own sect rules rather than barge in here like this! What do you intend to do by laying siege to the Cloud Platform? Do you want to wipe out our sect?"

Bu Qiuxiao paid no attention to him, and instead cast his glance at the deep end of the ocean.

Though he had already predicted how the situation would develop that day, nobody could be sure of the final result, since a certain person hadn't shown up yet .

A sword light suddenly arrived from the other side of the ocean.

It had eventually come.

Bu Qiuxiao furrowed his eyebrows.

The sword light came at an incredible speed, and it arrived here from the deep part of the ocean in an instant; it should have been traveling in the empty realm.

An invisible barrier existed between the empty realm and the tangible sky, but it couldn't block the perception of heaven and earth created by that sword light.

The strong wind whistled, and tens of thousands of snow piles formed on the ink black surface of the ocean.

The salty ocean wind, like the real arrows, created countless cracks in the space.

The sword lights closest to the Cloud Platform, numbered over one hundred, started swaying. The disciples of the Green Mountain couldn't ride their swords steadily, so they retreated to the farther places.

Chen Youtian and the commander of the Great Marsh stood in the front, their expressions grim, and were ready to attack; but they were stopped by Bu Qiuxiao.

Bu Qiuxiao backed up further, and the disciples of the Green Mountain had already backed a few miles away. The patch of the night sky, which had been filled with the crowded sword lights earlier, was sparsely lit now.

The siege of the Cloud Platform had been shattered.

The sword, which had already showed such a power without attacking anybody, could only belong to the Godly Swordsman, nobody else.

Facing such an absolutely powerful swordsman, the sheer number of opponents was meaningless.

The intent communicated by the sword light was loud and clear.

You people were merely a bunch of ants.

Tong Lu's face wasn't pale anymore, and the disciples of the West Ocean Sword Sect, like the baby animals who had found their home, displayed a look of gratification one saw after a calamity. And the cheers could be heard among the cliffs of the Cloud Platform.

The sword light didn't stop after it arrived above the Cloud Platform in the night sky. It continued moving forward, heading in the direction of the Cultivation practitioners of various sects.

Over two hundred disciples of the Green Mountain formed a sword formation in the front, attempting to block the incoming sword light.

Bu Qiuxiao and other swordsmen were drifting everywhere in the night sky.

The disciples of various Cultivation sects were prepared for the attack with solemn expressions.

In the moment when everybody was extremely nervous, that sword light suddenly halted and then scattered.

It was as if a barrier had formed in front of the sword light.

The sword light spilled in every direction, like hot lava, flowing wildly and illuminating the night sky over Haizhou City.

The night sky glowed brightly, as if it were broad daylight instead.

People saw a tall figure stand in front of that sword light.

That figure reached out his right hand, seemingly holding a sword in the hand.

The sword light from the West Ocean couldn't move even an inch when encountering that person's hand; it had no choice but to splash in all directions like water being poured to a wall.

Who could block the sword of the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean by means of one hand and one sword?

People were shocked speechless while fixing their gazes on the sky.

This battle between two strong swordsmen actually occurred in the empty realm far away, so the majority of the Cultivation practitioners wouldn't be able to see it with their limited vision; but, the sword light was too bright at the moment, and the figure was reflected too clearly to be missed.

Was the figure the Immortal Sect Master of Green Mountain?

The sword light coming from one hundred miles away could only belong to one person.

It was the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean.

Two important figures in the Heavenly Arrival State faced each other in the sky.

When the Immortal Jing Yang ascended from Shenmo Peak over two decades ago, the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean went to the Green Mountain without invitation. It was the Sect Master of Green Mountain who forced him to show himself and retreat one thousand miles with the help of the Inherited Heaven Sword.

In that encounter, it seemed that the Sect Master of Green Mountain had a higher Cultivation state than the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean; but everybody knew it wasn't really the case, since the Sect Master of Green Mountain was on the Green Mountain at the time, having the territory advantage.

It was the real combat between two strongest swordsmen of the south land that day. And it was also the real combat between two swordsmen of the Heavenly Arrival State in Chaotian in the past twenty or thirty years.

Judging from the current situation, their strength was about the same, and no winner or loser could be determined.

"It looks like The Green Mountain Sect is nothing but average."

A deep voice came over from a part of the ocean one hundred miles away.

That voice didn't have any emotional fluctuation, appearing cruelly cool. The coldness must have come from the immense self-confidence.

The Immortal Sect Master of Green Mountain didn't respond.

Hundreds of sword lights flew through the sky, encircling the Cloud Platform again, readying to attack at any moment.

This was the response of the Green Mountain.

Even if the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean could resist the Immortal Sect Master of Green Mountain as equals, how could the disciples of the West Ocean Sword Sect be the match of the disciples of the Green Mountain?

What a strength the Green Mountain had displayed that day! They had four elders of the Broken Sea State, a dozen elders and Guo Nanshan of the Free Travel State, and about two hundred disciples of the Undefeated State.

The Green Mountain Sect could wipe out the Cloud Platform even without the help of other sects, needless to say that there were more highly achieved swordsmen hidden on the nine peaks of the Green Mountain.

Just average?

This group was more than enough for the battle.

Two important figures faced each other high in the night sky.

Over the ocean, hundreds of sword lights confronted one another.

The ink black ocean was ceaselessly rolling, and the atmosphere was tense to the extreme degree.

All of a sudden, the ink black ocean water rolled even more rapidly, creating more sprays, and then it moved apart to both sides, exposing a black bulge growing, which looked like a rising mountain.

As the ocean water flowed down from it, the object could be seen more clearly; its surface was a black skin glowing under the starlight.

A huge creature was hiding in the ocean.

The mountain that had risen from the ocean was merely its back.
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