The Path Toward Heaven
246 Smelling the Jasmine with a Tiger Hear
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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246 Smelling the Jasmine with a Tiger Hear

The flying sword abruptly changed into a flash of light, rushing toward Liu Shisui.

As it was on the verge of killing him, the flowing light changed back to the flying sword before Liu Shisui could react and Xiao He could utter her scream, hovering quietly at his neck.

In such a short distance, the sword could speed up so quickly and halt so suddenly that it could almost be seen as a miracle.

The sharp tip of the sword touched the jasmine flower gently, like a dragonfly touching downing on water.

The jasmine flower opened up, turning into the purest Sword Awareness before entering the sword.

The made buzzing sounds as it vibrated violently, its shaft becoming brighter, when suddenly, the sword disappeared from in front of Liu Shisui, heading toward the blood-red elephant in the twilight with an ear-piercing whistle.

Usually, there was no need for a flying sword to make such a noise; then again, the sword was finally able to demonstrate its power in heaven and earth again after more than ten years, so it couldn't help but sing a joyful song.

On the top of Shenmo Peak, White Ghost opened his eyes, pushed himself up, and strolled to the cliff's edge with Cold Cicada on his head; he lowered his head slowly to smell a wild flower, showing a hint of smile in his eyes.

As he raised his head, he found that Zhao Layue and the other two were still in deep thought, and smile in his eyes changed to mockery.

They couldn't even think such a simple issue through!

Jing Jiu, in his current Cultivation state, would definitely have been killed if he had gone there. It would be much safer and more effective to send a few swords over.

And speaking of which, how many swords did this guy actually have?

Narrowing his eyes, White Ghost thought that he might have already joined the attack himself if he had known the answer.

The sword light vanished somewhere in the cliff, but the sword whistle was still echoing amid the mountain.

Nan Zheng narrowed her pupils slightly. Even though she had a high Cultivation state, she didn't dare to take it lightly when facing a flying sword of the fairy state; all ten fingers of hers plucked the strings on the zither as fast as the lightning.

The tunes of the zither became more intense, like the downpouring of rain, and they turned into countless invisible lines, building up layers of protective shields in front of her body.

The air suddenly changed shape; it was obvious that a certain force attempted to break through those protective shields.

With a few sounds like cutting the cotton, the flying sword pierced through a dozen of the zither tunes easily, leaving a bloody mark on her face.

The flying sword had slowed down a bit, but still at a dreadful speed; and it arrived in front of Tu Qiu who stood a mile away in the blink of an eye.

The look on Tu Qiu's face was terrible. With a loud shout, he thrust his right fist forward to meet the sword light.

The boxing glove full of diamonds was a powerful magic treasure, but it couldn't hold back the assault of the flying sword, breaking into countless pieces in an instant, like a butterfly spreading its wings.

The flying sword didn't stop at this point. It pierced through his fist and arm, then came out behind his shoulder.

Tu Qiu's right arm had been torn to shreds, with the blood and flesh flying in the air.

It wasn't until now that his shout could be heard, but it had already changed to a horrible cry.

Yu Buhuan reacted the fastest. He had come up with the idea of retreating, as he saw the flying sword leave Liu Shisui.

A band of yellow sand came out from the Barren Vase, and he vanished from the original spot after entering the yellow sand.

As the sword light passed through in the air, the blood stains were faintly visible on the flying sword.

Seeing this scene, Xiao He was utterly stunned, and Liu Shisui was shocked speechless himself.

"Kill them!" Nan Zheng shouted sternly.

The flying sword of the Fairy State moved too fast and was too sharp, so it was difficult for them to block it. However, they were still able to kill both Liu Shisui and Xiao He if they could entangle the sword for just a brief moment.

Hearing Nan Zheng's order, Yu Buhuan stepped out from the yellow sand, and pointed the Barren Vase to the distance, without considering his own wound on the leg.

The diamonds that fell off from the boxing glove floated up in the air, building a formation in front of Tu Qiu.

Nan Zheng hid behind the red elephant, but her movements didn't slow down.

Liu Shisui and Xiao He abruptly felt a strong sucking force, and the blood inside their bodies felt as if boiling, readying to break through their blood vessels and skins.

The zither tunes that had reached their ears were like the cutting knives, making them feel very painful. The Devil Pill couldn't even help diminish the pain.

As the flying sword realized that it couldn't break through their protection and kill them quickly enough, it turned into the flowing light and flew back to Liu Shisui, vibrating constantly while hovering in midair.

Liu Shisui was in extreme pain at the moment, his consciousness unclear.

He wondered why this flying sword didn't kill them all right away since it was so formidable.

As he was thinking of this, he vaguely heard a voice in his mind.

--I'm formidable indeed, but it depends on whose hand I'm in; so flee as soon as you can!

Liu Shisui wasn't sure if that was his hallucination, but they were in an extremely dangerous situation. He didn't have time to think it over, so he pulled Xiao He's hand and jumped up.

The flying sword arrived under their feet.

In the next moment, they had become two black dots one mile away, disappearing without a trace.

Looking in the direction the flying sword vanished, Nan Zheng remained silent.

"The Fairy State! This sword is absolutely in the Fairy State!"

Yu Buhuan muttered while gritting his teeth, his pants soaking in blood.

Tu Qiu knelt on the ground on one knee, his face ashen; he didn't scream again as he tried his hardest to bear the pain in his shredded arm.

Nan Zheng said icily, "It's better that they had fled; otherwise, you two would die with them even if we killed them both."

Tu Qiu groaned. He stood up with a great effort, asking uneasily, "What should we say to the master?"

Nan Zheng spun around and looked at the cloud in the west, which had never dispersed all year long, her expression awful.

The flying sword moved forward and in the meantime the earth moved backward, resembling the fast moving pictures, making any onlooker feel dizzy.

Soon, the flying sword was ten miles away.

At this speed, would they soon see the Green Mountain?

Liu Shisui thought of this, feeling delighted.

The flying sword was very short, only two feet long; so it wasn't so convenient for both of them to stand on it.

Xiao He stood behind Liu Shisui. She had no choice but to wrap her arms around his waist, her face against his back. It was unknown whether she was happy or not since her face couldn't be seen.

All of a sudden, a cold and awe-inspiring voice fell down from the sky.

"Come back."

Liu Shisui recognized this was Xiwang Sun's voice, and he didn't heed it, remaining silent.

The flying sword sped up again, because the sword knew that there was no way it could fight against this voice under the circumstances.

Xiwang Sun's voice rang out again, and it was if the flying sword couldn't evade it no matter how fast the sword flew.

"In fact, I wasn't sure it was you who betrayed me, because it didn't make any sense. I'm very curious about why you betrayed me. If you are willing to come back, I'll forgive you and let you live."

Liu Shisui spun his head around and took a look at the Cloud Platform that was disappearing on the horizon without responding to him.

He believed Xiwang Sun. He would be able to live as long as he gave up the resistance.

Yet, being alive wasn't necessarily a good thing.

He had read too many tragic cases in the files of the Old Ones in which the punished lived a life much worse that being dead, but they couldn't die even though they wished to.

Liu Shisui looked straight ahead, remaining silent.

Though he couldn't see the Green Mountain yet, he knew full well that the Green Mountain was somewhere ahead.

Xiwang Sun's sigh appeared in his mind.

A lightning bolt originated on the Cloud Platform, one hundred miles away, hitting the flying sword spot on.

Liu Shisui and Xiao He fell off the sword.

The wind was cold.

But they couldn't feel it while having their eyes closed.
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