The Path Toward Heaven
241 The Scrip
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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241 The Scrip

Along with the dreadful scream, Song Qianji summoned the magic treasure, which flew through the sky, leaving a trail of blood behind.

The glass sword didn't pursue the magic treasure, hovering in mid-air.

Looking at the bloody raindrops, He Wei showed a cold expression in his eyes.

Song Qianji's body had been pierced through, and his Dao Tree and Sword Pill were all destroyed, so he had no chance to survive the attack. He was knocked thirty feet away and dropped to the ground, lifeless.

He Wei waved his sleeve a few times, a few sparkles drifting out, and soon the sparkles turned into the hot flames on Song Qianji's corpse, burning it to ashes instantly.

It was still quiet in the blood-colored valley ten miles away. The people of the Mysterious Dark Sect had already discovered the disturbance over here, but nobody came out to check it out.

It was because the current Mysterious Dark Sect couldn't find any swordsman who would be able to fight He Wei face to face.

He Wei jumped in the air, his cloth and sleeves fluttering, and soon he arrived at a very high elevation of the sky. The blood-colored valley became a red line in his vision, and he could see the entire Cold Mountain underneath his feet.

A jade like glow appeared in the eastern sky, its energy distant and delicate; it was hard to gauge its Cultivation state.

He Wei narrowed his eyes slightly, and bowed to that spot, "Greetings, Immortal Bai."

"Thanks, Cultivationist He."

A mild voice came out from the jade like glow.

Without saying anything more, He Wei sat cross-legged on the cloud, recuperating with his eyes closed.

The Cold Mountain was still as quiet as before. No traces of movements could be seen in the area of one thousand square miles. Occasionally, the figures of yellow sheep could be seen in the midst of the wild grass and cold willows.

Of course, what one saw wasn't the whole truth.

This was the most dangerous place in Chaotian. There were countless demons and devil men hiding in the deep end of the gloomy valley, behind the formation and underground.

If he were another Cultivation practitioner, He Wei would have been attacked many times, as he looked down at their valley so arrogantly.

Yet, He Wei's Cultivation state was too powerful, so those in the deviant sects were unwilling to attack him unnecessarily.

More importantly, the wife of the Center Sect Master was here with him; who would wish to meet certain death by attacking them?!

In the deep end of the blood-colored valley were the singular and barren cliffs, but there were many buildings on the cliffs protected by the formation.

Compared to their former headquarters, which had been destroyed by the Green Mountain Sect, their current headquarters of the Mysterious Dark Sect was far inferior in every aspect; but it wasn't easy to break through.

The beams in the Mysterious Dark Hall were made of black jade, exuding a faint scent of blood, and a certain gory intent was hidden in the deeper parts.

There was a curtain made of the blood peals in the far end of the hall, behind which there was a soft bed.

A middle-aged man was lying on the bed. He was Su Qige, the Sect Master of the Mysterious Dark Sect, with an elegant aura and handsome appearance.

Ever since going mad after improper cultivating, he had been paralyzed for many years; but he somehow survived the inner conflicts of the Mysterious Dark Sect.

Gao Ya was the only remaining elder of the seventh generation at the Mysterious Dark Sect. He was extremely skinny, his cheeks were dry and bony, as if his life force had been nearly exhausted; but one would be able to see his strong ambition and desires in the deep part of his eyes.

Looking at the two bright white lights on the formation map, he asked with a grave expression, "What are Sect Master's thoughts?"

Su Qige shot Gao Ya a glance, and then said nonchalantly, "Since the Immortal Bai has come in person, I have no thought about it. All we can do is to wait for our deaths."

Gao Ya sneered, "If these old crooks could break through our Formation of Ten-Thousand Flags, our sect would have been wiped out long time ago. It's impossible for us to wait till today!"

Su Qige closed his eyes, without speaking another word.

Gao Ya looked at a young man and said earnestly, "Don't be afraid, Young Master. Even the immortals of the Heavenly Arrival State can't dismantle the formation in front of our mountain gate."

The young man walked slowly to the window, his slowness due to his deformed legs. Looking at the reddish sky lit up by the fire source, he said, "What will the Immortal Bai and the Sect Master of Kunlun do?"

"They have probably learned of the inner conflicts of our sect and came all the way here to intimidate us. This is the so-called struggle of 'orthodoxy against deviance'; this is simply something you must get used to, Young Master."

Gao Ya said this to the back of the young man, but his eyes revealed a mocking expression.

You are merely a puppet, so there is no need to think about these matters. Are you seriously thinking you are the master of the Mysterious Dark Sect?

The young man turned around. He was Wang Xiaoming, the adopted son of Shi Fengchen.

It was unknown as to what peculiar experience he had after leaving Zhaoge City years ago. He had learned a full set of deviant methods, and had even become the young master of the Mysterious Dark Sect.

He didn't notice the mocking expression in Gao Ya's eyes a moment earlier, but this didn't prevent him from thinking of an idea…that this person should be killed.

Then he looked at Su Qige, the Sect Master of the Mysterious Dark Sect on the bed, wondering if this person should be killed as well.

The devil men of the deviant sects on the Cold Mountain could sense the arrival of the Sect Master of Kunlun and the Immortal Bai.

They had no idea why these two important figures were present here and what they had in mind; then again, fear sometimes showed itself without proper reason.

The sects that had the mountain gate formations hurried to reinforce the strength of these, and those free-traveling practitioners hastened to flee underground.

Those remaining members of the Bloody Devil Sect who had hidden here for many years fled to the deep part of the underground cave with all their might, even though they were well aware that what awaited them was also quite dangerous.

There were innumerable underground caves in Chaotian, and some of them could lead to the Underworld; but the passages were usually too narrow and the natural prohibition was too strong, so that only the thinnest traveling souls could pass through them. The powerful devil men like the disciples of the Underworld Master could merely make use of the projected shadow to show up in the human world, like what had happened in Mingcui Valley.

A few places could be called the passages between the ground and the Underworld. In addition to the well known Large Whirlpool, the other place was the "Valley of Gathering Souls" inside the Cold Mountain; but it had been prohibited by the Center Sect many years ago. Currently, a small number of demons of the Underworld could come up through the valley with a great deal of luck. Yet, another place was close to the East Ocean.

There was a pit in the valley surrounded by the green trees and undergrowth.

The pit was dark and deep, almost bottomless.

It was called the "Heavenly Well".

No Cultivation practitioner knew why it had such a name.

The Water-Moon Nunnery was located on a mountain about three miles from the Heavenly Well, making it easier to suppress the devil men coming out from the well at any time.

Many years ago, that outstanding Godly Nun of East Ocean came here to build this Water-Moon Nunnery with the purpose of suppressing the devil men of the Underworld.

Chaotian had experienced more than two hundred peaceful years, and the activities of the Underworld had been evidently declining, seemingly totally gone in recent years.

The Heavenly Well had been activity for many years.

One day in spring, the peacefulness was suddenly shattered.

A small green-curtained sedan, guarded by a dozen disciples of the Water-Moon Nunnery, arrived here in a drifting manner. The great grandmaster of the Water-Moon Sect was inside the sedan.

A moment later, the Lotus Boat descended slowly from the sky, with the golden clouds created by the morning sunlight behind it. The Chief Monk of the Fruit Formation Temple and the Principal Justice, Master Duhai, came to the side of the Heavenly Well, along with other eighteen ascetic monks.

The sound of reciting the script rang out, echoing amid the green valley.

The words in the script, emitting the faint golden glow, formed a net like the monk's robe, slowly dropping down onto the pit.

Countless hissing sounds could be heard inside the Heavenly Well, like a burning hot iron knife being doused with the cold water.

A large amount of traveling souls had probably died that instant.

The gloomy and cold energy sank gradually, until it couldn't be sensed anymore.


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