The Path Toward Heaven
240 Why Did the Sect Master Laugh?
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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240 Why Did the Sect Master Laugh?

The Giant yawned, because he felt sleepy.

He felt sleepy because of the boredom.

He felt bored because the residents on the islands couldn't come out from the fog, and he couldn't enter the fog; in addition, there was no boat or any human being on the ocean.

He had shouted to the distant place earlier on.

Four hours later, a violent wind rose on the surface of the calm ocean in that distant place, the sails being blown by the wind like the bulging cheek of a little child, making loud whistling sounds.

The clouds over the ocean were scattered by the violent wind. The thunder somehow could be heard in the blue sky, which was the Giant's shout that had been warped by the space and time.

A godly boat from the Penglai Island was traveling calmly and joyfully toward the deep part of the ocean.

This godly boat was to go to the cluster of islands first, then travel further to the Alien Land and return in seven years.

Such an ambitious travel had been impeded by the sudden violent wind and thunders.

The owner of the boat walked onto the deck, and he narrowed his eyes due to the assault from the violent wind, waving his right hand to signal the man with wings, who was swaying in the wind and about to take the risk to check out what was laying ahead as he was being beckoned to come back.


The man with wings landed on the deck and retrieved his two wings, an expression of fear on his face.

"We haven't seen such an odd event since you brought me to the ocean from Chaotian ten years ago."

The wind had gradually died down, but the owner of the boat still narrowed his eyes, indicating his wisdom and experience. "This is the warning from the Sea God," he said.

This was the first time the man with wings heard of the name of Sea God. "Did you say Sea God?" he asked surprisingly.

The owner of the boat said sentimentally, "It was the Sea God who had saved us back when this boat collided with an ice-bug and nearly sank to the bottom of the ocean, right after we managed to get away from the Large Whirlpool which had almost swallow our boat amid the chaotic wind."

The man with wings wondered if this Sea God was the rumored hero of the Alien Land; but wasn't that story made-up?

He could remember clearly that everybody thought it was false when that story was told in Chaotian; it was because nobody could believe that the hero of the Alien Land could actually stride over the ocean to rescue a godly boat as heavy as a mountain.

It wasn't until this day that he found out that the hero of the Alien Land was not a human but a godly being.

"Send the message to all the precious and godly boats on the ocean to return."

The owner of the boat wheeled around, heading toward the inside of the boat.

The man with wings fell in steps with him, asking, "When will we sail again then?"

"We must wait for the Sea God's order, of course," said the owner of the boat.

The Kunlun Mountain was similar to the Bihu Peak of the Green Mountain, with a lake on the highest place of it.

The only difference was that the lake on the top of the Kunlun Mountain was much bigger, looking like a boundless blue sea known as the "Heavenly Pond".

The surrounding cliff walls of the Heavenly Pond were covered by the snow; it was very cold here, but the surface water of the lake was warm. It was said that a dormant volcano was underneath the lake; it was also said that the spiritual source underneath the Heavenly Pond had the same origin as the fire source of the Mysterious Dark Sect.

A faint fog lingered over the lake water, isolating the lake from the cold outside. One part was the natural fog, and two parts were the effects of the Kunlun Formation.

There was an island in the middle of the Heavenly Pond shrouded by the fog. The island was lush with countless green plants and many fairy animals roaming on it. It was full of spiritual energy, similar to a fairy realm.

The Sect Master of Kunlun, He Wei, pulled his gaze from the Heavenly Pond, disconnecting his Spiritual Awareness with the Cold-Signal Bird, and looked at the crowd in the hall. And then he laughed.

He was one of the leaders in the orthodox Cultivation circle, but his temperament wasn't so amicable. His general personality could be described as being cold and irritable. The fact that he laughed at all at the moment meant he was in a very good mood.

Seeing the smile on the Sect Master's face, the disciples and elders standing by the sides of the grand hall felt surprised. And soon, they fell in deep thought, wondering whether they should compliment the Sect Master on his warm smile or ask why the Sect Master laughed in order to please him.

He Wei was indeed in a good mood that day. He didn't keep his subordinates wondering what to do next, saying directly, "You guys are not bad. I like it very much."

The crowd of Kunlun Sect didn't quite understand why he said that. They thought of how the Plum Meeting didn't take place that year and they didn't perform so well at the Four-Seas Banquet either; why did the Immortal Sect Master praise them?

"I heard that the Mysterious Dark Sect had a mishap. Is that true?"

He Wei looked at a middle-aged man standing on the third spot on the right side.

The name of the middle-aged man was Song Qianji, his Young Brother, one who had a high level Cultivation, having reached the upper state of the Free Travel, if one were to use the classification of the southern land.

The distance between the Kunlun Sect and the Mysterious Dark Sect and other deviant sects was close because they were all on the Cold Mountains. The main task for the Kunlun Sect was to patrol the surroundings daily, keeping an eye on the movements of those deviant sects.

Song Qianji was calm and alert and good at riding the sword, so he was most suitable for such a task. In recent years, he was responsible for the patrolling matters at the Kunlun Sect.

"The inner conflicts at the Mysterious Dark Sect should have resulted in many deaths. Yet, we didn't understand why this happened until we got the news from the Curtain Rollers two days ago. It was because Su Ziye had disappeared."

Hearing the report from Song Qianji, the expression on He Wei's face was somewhat solemn, and the disciples of the Kunlun Sect in the hall were also stunned.

Su Ziye, who was viewed by the Mysterious Dark Sect and even a majority of the deviant sects as the hope of reviving their power, had actually lost his status and disappeared!

"Take me there so I may see," He Wei demanded.

Song Qianji was taken aback before saying, "Big Brother, you don't need to go there personally for such a trivial matter."

He Wei shot him a glance in distaste, exclaiming, "If you could figure this out, I of course would have no need to go there myself!"

It was quiet in the hall. The disciples of the Kunlun Sect lowered their heads speechless. They all knew that the Sect Master somehow didn't like the Senior Master Song, though they had no idea why.

The sword lights landed.

This place was about six hundred miles from the Kunlun Mountain, and was the deep part of the Cold Mountain, very barren and dangerous.

There was a gloomy and deep valley among the ragged mountains, where the rocks on the mountains were red in color, exuding a faint bloody scent and an evil feeling.

In the deepest end of the valley was located the headquarter of the Mysterious Dark Sect. And the fire source was under the ground here, which was even more violent than the one under the Kunlun Mountain. The Cultivation practitioners would go mad easily here without the dilution of water from the Heavenly Pond.

The reason they chose this place as the headquarter of the Mysterious Dark Sect was that some deviant methods of the devil style passed down from their ancestors could help solve this issue.

He Wei looked at the place emotionlessly, with no intention of going there.

Though the deviant sects were weak in recent years, the Mysterious Dark Sect had a history of several thousand years and a profound resource; no matter how weak they were right now, it was still impossible for any orthodox Cultivation practitioner to charge into their headquarter.

From a distance of ten miles, he could even sense the lethal intent hidden in the valley, to say nothing of the rumored "Formation of Ten-Thousand Flags."

Song Qianji tossed a glance at him, wondering if he could find out more by standing so far away from the headquarter.

He Wei asked suddenly, "Do you know why I'm so happy today?"

Song Qianji thought there was no way for him to know the reason, but he still responded carefully, "I guess that our sect has some sort of good news."

"That's right. The treacherous and sly Old Ones have only managed to plant two moles, you and Liu Xiang, in our sect over the years. I'm quite pleased with this."

He Wei patted on Song Qianji's shoulder.

A transparent glass sword came out from his palm.

Song Qianji uttered a dreadful scream.

The glass sword pierced through his shoulder, passing his torso, and then came out from his anus, the blood pouring out uncontrollably.
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