The Path Toward Heaven
238 The Traveling Sword
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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238 The Traveling Sword

The starlight fell on the ocean of clouds; it was apparently the night time, but the clouds looked whiter than they did during the day, as white as snow.

The stars in the sky looked like countless dim suns. The monument didn't cast a shadow, and the shadow of the sword sheath on the monument was quite faint.

The Round Turtle opened his mouth slightly as well as his eyes, the shapeless starlight entering his mouth slowly.

Standing by the cliff's edge, the Sect Master spoke toward the ocean of clouds below, as if talking to himself.

"The young people often have ideas of changing the world. Though the ideas are naïve, it's commendable."

"You of course wouldn't support it; but I would beg to differ. It's obvious that they are not the same as us."

"But, I didn't expect this. It seems that they have done a little bit too much this time."

"Since it's a done deal, I have a matter that needs your help. Remember that you have a friend over there."

On the top of Shenmo Peak, the starlight was like the white snow as well.

"I asked Ada to tell you plainly that I was against the idea. You didn't heed my objection then, but now you ask me to help."

Standing by the cliff's edge, Jing Jiu remained silent for a moment while looking at the ocean of clouds flowing like a waterfall, and then continued, "As you know the relationship between that child and me, so let him live."

Was this the condition for a trade?

Jing Jiu left the cliff's edge.

Gu Qing was in the cabin in the forest behind closed doors.

Yuan Qü was practicing the sword work at the back of the mountain.

Zhao Layue was sensing heaven and earth by the waterfall.

White Ghost and Cold Cicada were asleep.

It was quiet in the manor cave.

As Jing Jiu put his palm on the cliff wall, the wall that looked like a whole piece moved apart, exposing a tunnel.

He walked to the deepest end of the tunnel, then came to a larger cave, where there was a big hole in the ceiling of this cave. This place was the highest spot of Shenmo Peak.

His sword had arisen that year from here, slicing that heavenly thunder.

The starlight shone through the hole in the ceiling, projecting a silver coin on the ground.

Jing Jiu walked onto it and sat down cross-legged, with his eyes closed.

His Dao Tree swayed without wind.

His Sword Awareness came out.

The sound of the waterfall was like that of thunder.

Zhao Layue sat on a green rock by the pond.

Her Sword Awareness spread out like the starlight in all directions, covering all the objects within a few miles. She was sensing the slightest changes quietly.

All of a sudden, she opened her eyes.

A Sword Awareness came down from the peak top.

The Sword Awareness brought with it the sword will or the spiritual awareness aroused by the sword.

This Sword Awareness was very powerful and pure. The Sword Awareness she had tempered by practicing on Sword Peak was far inferior to it.

This Sword Awareness was Jing Jiu's.

The Sword Awareness fell down along with the waterfall, onto her hand.

The bracelet on her wrist vibrated, giving out the buzzing sounds.

Zhao Layue didn't try to fight for the control of the bracelet with Jing Jiu's Sword Awareness.

She was just curious about what Jing Jiu intended to do.

The bracelet left her wrist and flew to the night sky, turning back to the Thoughtless Sword.

The reddish sword light illuminated the whole cliff, and the waterfall looked as if it were pouring down the blood.

The wind rose, blowing over the wild grass by the pond and making them bend to the ground.

The Thoughtless Sword disappeared.

A red dot appeared in the distant night sky and then vanished.

Zhao Layue jumped in the air, the sword lights coming out from her cloth and beneath her feet. She traveled one hundred feet with one step, and soon arrived on the peak top.

As she entered the manor cave, she saw Jing Jiu sitting under the starlight with his eyes closed.

Gu Qing and Yuan Qü had also sensed the departure of the Thoughtless Sword and came to the manor cave.

"What's the matter?"

"The traveling sword," said Zhao Layue.

Gu Qing and Yuan Qü eyed each other, feeling astonished.

The Thoughtless Sword was one of the main swords of the nine peaks on the Green Mountain; how could it travel around?

Yet, how could Jing Jiu, who was still in the Undefeated State, withstand the exhaustion of Sword Awareness at such a level?

As they saw White Ghost sleeping on the cold-jade bed and Cold Cicada who was obviously awake but dared not to leave, they realized that their worry was unnecessary.

The ocean of clouds was above the human world.

The peaks of the Green Mountain were above the ocean of clouds.

The night sky was above the peaks.

The chaotic wind was above the night sky.

The empty realm was above the chaotic wind.

There was no air in the empty realm, itself devoid of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth there.

If it was difficult and painful for the Cultivation practitioners to ride the swords in the chaotic wind, it would be impossible for them to do so in the empty realm.

--The Cultivation practitioners below the Broken Sea State had no chance of surviving there.

Above the empty realm was the more terrifying thunder region.

The thunder region was full of violent energy, where the heavenly thunder would occur at any moment.

Even those people in the Heavenly Arrival State would come there only occasionally to perceive the heaven and earth's true nature, and dared not to stay for too long.

The Thoughtless Sword left the peak top, breaking through the night sky, and soon entered the chaotic wind, with a long tail remaining behind.

It sped up in the chaotic wind; one minute later, it vanished without a trace along with a thundering bang.

The Thoughtless Sword had entered the empty realm, unable to be seen from the ground.

In the empty realm where there was no air and resistant force, the flying sword traveled the fastest there. However, any flying sword of lower state wouldn't be able to withstand the cold temperature there, and moreover, the flying sword of higher state, due to the lack of spiritual energy to nurture it, would have gradually lost its sword spirit and turned into a useless iron, falling down to the ground.

Since the Thoughtless Sword was the flying sword of the Immortal Jing Yang, which was in the Fairy State, it wasn't afraid of cold; but, how could it deal with the lack of the spiritual energy?

The darkness of night had gradually faded away; and the morning light peeked, coloring the ocean surface in red.

The Thoughtless Sword had arrived above the ocean, and its speed slowed down, showing its dim sword shaft.

Suddenly, the Thoughtless Sword lifted its head and flew higher.

Half a minute later, it passed through an invisible barrier and entered the thunder region!

The violent energy projected the lights into numerous chaotic light shadows, and a horrifying power could be sensed there everywhere.

The heavenly thunders could easily cause death. The flashes of lightning, as thick as big trees, lit up nonstop, forming a scene that looked like a fence.

The thunders here was much stronger than those on the top of Bihu Peak.

The Thoughtless Sword didn't hesitate to rush toward the fence formed by the lightning.


The lightning struck down, and the thunder bellowed, like the thunderstorm in the human world.

The Thoughtless Sword flew through the thunder and lightning at a high speed, just like those brave seagulls.


The Thoughtless Sword left the thunder region and returned to the empty realm.

The sword shaft that had been washed by the thunder and lightning became brighter, with shining light threads around it; the spiritual energy had returned to its height.

The Thoughtless Sword resumed its acceleration again, and shortly disappeared in the sky.

After a long time, an island appeared in the ocean, where there were countless magic trees, a few miles high. It should be the Penglai Island.

After flying over the Penglai Island, the Thoughtless Sword entered the thunder region again to absorb the energy, and then sped up one more time.

By the dusk, there was a peculiar scene appeared on the ocean surface illuminated by the twilight.

There was a huge hole on the ocean surface, and a large amount of ocean water poured into it, the magnificent waterfalls forming along the edges of the hole.

That huge hole was extremely deep, and where it led to was unknown. Even if one looked at it from the sky, they still couldn't see the bottom of it. It was an extremely horrifying experience.

Was it the rumored Large Whirlpool? The Secret Realm of Singing Spring?

No matter how much the ocean water had fallen into that huge hole day and night, the level of the ocean surface stayed the same nonetheless.

The Thoughtless Sword wasn't aware of this issue that had bothered the humans for many years, and it had no need to think about it either.

After passing by the Large Whirlpool, it didn't enter the thunder region again to absorb the energy, but slowed down.

After a long while, the Thoughtless Sword slowed its speed to what it was when it had left Shenmo peak.

It was the early morning of the next day; the sunrise appeared in the sky.

A land was visible ahead, with a mountain range by the ocean, looking like the figure of a sleeping giant.
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