The Path Toward Heaven
236 This Is It for Me
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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236 This Is It for Me

The sparkles on the ocean surface looked like countless eyes.

Who is watching me?

Liu Shisui's face was pale.

The sword light shot out from his body and landed on the ocean surface after drawing a rainbow in front of the cliff in the darkness of night, cutting those silvery eyes into pieces.

A moment later, everything returned to their original state.

Liu Shisui took a deep breath and quit thinking about these matters. He walked back into his room and sat in front of the desk, reading the files.

The life on the Cloud Platform was actually not so different from the life on the Green Mountain.

He spent most of his time on cultivating the sword work, and the rest of time on copying and compiling the relevant materials of the Old Ones.

He focused all his attention on reading the files and scrolls.

All of a sudden, his eyelashes quivered.

He felt that a few transfer orders were suspicious, even though they were the ordinary transfers of the lower level personnel, meaning the problem was not so obvious on the surface.

The glowing orb casted its light on the paper, making the inky words even darker, like the color of night.

He lifted his head to look at the ocean of stars outside the window. After a moment of silence, he took out a pen and paper, and wrote something on it.

The words written on the paper were simple, but he was the only one who could understand the hidden meanings of those words based on his own analysis and inference.

Though he wasn't the child from that small village anymore, he was still pure and innocent. However, he learned how to conceal himself and look at the world in his own perspective and many other ways.

A few simple transfer orders and related information had formed a hazy and complicated pattern.

An hour later, he figured out that the Old Ones would carry out something significant, but what would they do exactly?

He had spent a lot of time mulling over the issue.

During the next day and night, Liu Shisui sat in front of the desk and perused those files ceaselessly, recording his analysis in the strange symbols.

He would drink water when he was thirsty, and when he was hungry, he would tell himself that he would go to a restaurant to have something delicious later.

As his eyes became red, he had finally attained a primary conclusion.

Though he wasn't so sure about what Xiwang Sun was to do exactly, he was somehow certain that his next target was the Fiend Prison in Zhaoge City.

What would the Old Ones want to do exactly? Were they really collaborating with the Underworld?

Liu Shisui picked up the paper full of words and squeezed it into ashes with his hands. He got up and walked to the window, and he rubbed his face with his still warm hands, feeling a lot better.

It was another starry night outside the window, not so much different from any other night.

He wanted to take a stroll outside, but he didn't dare to.

He wasn't sure whether Xiwang Sun assigned someone to keep a tab on him; moreover, even if Xiwang Sun trusted him, he still felt that he was watched by someone.

He was somewhat uneasy.

For this task, he had already sacrificed ten of his young years, withstanding countless curses and risks.

His inner struggle was even more painful, bothering him day and night.

He had witnessed the Old Ones murder people and commit evil deeds; and he didn't inform the outside world even if he knew the assassination targets of the Old Ones in advance.

Last night he had made the decision to stay in the Old Ones a little longer until he could find the names of those who were best hidden and most powerful, and he also wanted to find the evidence of their collaboration with the Underworld.

But this time, the target of the Old Ones was the Fiend Prison.

Did he still have to wait?

No, not this time! The human race couldn't take the risk. And given that the Old Ones had chosen the Fiend Prison as their target, it confirmed the collaboration between them and the Underworld; what more evidence do we need to prove it?

Looking at the starry ocean water at night, Liu Shisui remained reticent for a long time, and then he told himself, "Then, this is it for me."

He walked to the stony wall and dismantled the forbidding formation, and then he took out those scrolls and put them on the desk.

Based on certain clues, he knew that he had no way to take these scrolls out of the room, and he had never even tried it.

He opened those scrolls and read them one last time.

He closed the scroll after having read the last name in it. He put the scrolls back in their original spots and walked out of the room.

He didn't bring anything with him.

He flew through the clouds and fog and landed on an island that was noisy with the crashing sound of ocean waves. Liu Shisui entered the ruined Sea-God Temple and passed through the secret tunnel, and he finally arrived in Haizhou City.

He walked through the busy streets and markets along with the crowds, and then entered that restaurant.

Xiao He had already prepared the dinner, waiting for him to come.

Liu Shisui said "Thank you", and took over a pair of chopsticks from her and started eating his dinner. He didn't say a word during his meal.

Xiao He looked at him with a gentle smile, the expression in her eyes very peaceful, but she was actually in a very complicated mood at the moment.

She was certain that he hadn't anything with him from the Cloud Platform.

Yet, she felt that he was about to bid her farewell this time.

Are you going to leave here like this, without even bringing a piece of colorful cloud with you?

Liu Shisui had soon finished eating all the food in the bowl. He thanked Xiao He sincerely and exchanged some pleasantries with her, then left.

Seeing his figure disappear in the crowd, Xiao He felt something was amiss.

Unlike Xiao He had suspected, Liu Shisui didn't leave Haizhou City.

He returned to the ruined Sea-God Temple through the tunnel, and then passed through the forbidding formation in the darkness of night, returning to the Cloud Platform and the quiet room.

Standing by the window and looking at the starry night that wasn't different from the last night, he rubbed his bulging belly, showing a relaxed and satisfactory smile on his face.

It was unknown whether the satisfaction came from Xiao He's scent, the flavor of the meal, or some other things.

Chaonan City was the capital of Nanhezhou, and the most populous city in the south land of Chaotian. The city was also close to the Green Mountain, and had an abundance of wealth.

It was impossible for the Precious-Tree House to possess all the wealth. In fact, the wealth of the Precious-Tree House wasn't even ranked in the top five.

Most of the wealth was controlled by a dozen clans who had a close relationship with the nine peaks of the Green Mountain; one of the clans was Gu Clan.

The Gu family had too many businesses. In fact, there were so many businesses that their family members didn't even know which business was theirs.

One example was the shop in the western section of the city specializing in seafood sales.

In an early morning, that shop send a cart of seafood to the Gu mansion, including a large fish, which was then sent to the private kitchen later.

It was odd that this fish was not steamed or boiled, and not fried either, but rather, it was sent in the same condition to the dining table of the great grandfather.

The great grandfather took a small silver knife from the current clan chief and cut open the fish belly personally, pulling out a glowing pearl the size of a fist from inside the fish's belly.

Sensing the faint spiritual energy exuding from the glowing orb, the clan chief said in surprise, "Even if this is a pretty good Energy Pearl, there is no need to be so cautious."

The expression in the great grandfather's eyes was a bit mucky, and he tossed an irritated look at the clan chief, saying, "How can we know why the immortal masters want to do it this way? Hurry up and seal it, and send it to the mountain."

Three days later, a case from Chaonan City was brought to Liangwang Peak.

Looking at the stamp on the case, the expression on Gu Han's face suddenly changed, and he informed Guo Nanshan as quickly as possible.

The disciples of Liangwang Peak gathered in a cave soon afterwards, and they activated the forbidding formation to secure the cave entrance.

Everybody gazed at the case.

"This is my clan's stamp. It is sent here from the west."

"You should understand what I mean," Gu Han said to Guo Nanshan.

Looking at the case, Guo Nanshan asked, "But, what did he mean by sending this to us?"

Gu Han said, "The pearl is inside."

Guo Nanshan was astounded, exclaiming, "How could it be possible?!"
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