The Path Toward Heaven
212 One Must Pay for Their Bad Deeds
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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212 One Must Pay for Their Bad Deeds

There was a small village outside the Green Mountain.

Liu Shisui's home was located here.

The common folks had no idea of what had happened in the Cultivation world. As such, the life in the small village was not affected in any way.

Liu Shisui's parents worked every day, just like they had before, and lived their lives the same way as they did in the past. Though they were older, they were still in very good shape, their hair still black hair, their strong teeth; they looked quite vigorous.

Two free-traveling Cultivation practitioners were standing atop the forest in the deep part of the mountain.

One of them said mockingly, "Liu Shisui must have stolen the magic pills from the Green Mountain to give to his parents. This act alone would deserve the death penalty; it shows his filial piety, though."

The other one said with a pale face, "Liu Shisui has killed Luo Huainan, and has high status among the Old Ones. Do you think the Old Ones would leave us alone if we did this?"

"There is nothing to worry about! This place is so close to the Green Mountain that the Old Ones wouldn't dare come here."

The first free-traveling Cultivation practitioner snickered and said, "We'll force him to show up after we've kidnapped his parents; then, we either kill him or send him to the Green Mountain to win the magic methods and treasures of the Green Mountain and the Center Sect. Who would dare bother us afterwards?"

Having said that, he was to leave the top of the forest to capture Liu Shisui's parents and force them to tell him Liu Shisui's whereabouts using some cruel methods.

In case his parents didn't know where Liu Shisui was, how should he inform Liu Shisui that he had his parents…?

It was a question he had never considered before.

The worst outcome would be that he had tortured Liu Shisui's parents to death; that was the worst consequence to him.

All of a sudden, he felt something odd, and his expression changed a bit as he looked down below his feet.

A layer of frost had formed on the leaves in the middle of summer.

And then, a hole appeared between his brows.

A moment later, blood oozed out from that hole.

A layer of frost formed on his eyebrows and later on his entire body, and then his breathing completely stopped.

He didn't even see the sword light that had pierced through his head before death claimed him.

The other free-traveling Cultivation practitioner didn't see the sword light either.

He simply witnessed his partner dying right in front of him, his body trembling uncontrollably, the man rendered speechless because of the intense fear.

A snowfall occurred in the forest.

The remaining free-traveling Cultivation practitioner had realized something, screaming in his mind: The Flowing Snow! The Flowing Snow!

His body was frozen by the cold will and couldn't stay on the treetop any longer, falling down to the ground.

He dared not to run away, bowing to the sky persistently while kneeling on the ground in the wind and snow with great effort, to show his sincerity.

Bang!!! Bang!!! Bang!!!

His forehead was bleeding as he knocked his head on the ground, blood dripping everywhere.

He was perplexed, wondering why the important figures of the Green Mountain Sect would protect the family of their expelled disciple.

Did this mean that the honor of the Green Mountain Sect couldn't be offended?

The snow was flowing like the waterfall.

The cold will felt like it was piercing his bones.

He felt the will power, so he didn't dare stay put and fled on his fours, bringing the will power with him.

--The small mountain village was a forbidden land; nobody was allowed to get near it.

There was a small town located west of Jian'an County.

Liu Shisui walked on the only street of the town with a conical hat on.

It was a troublesome affair to be wanted by the entirety of Chaotian, but it wasn't dangerous.

He wasn't qualified to be a hidden swordsman, so the Green Mountain Formation wouldn't search for him persistently.

The total number of Cultivation practitioners was extremely small in comparison to mortals, and it was hard for the local governments and servicemen to find him.

As long as he kept a low profile and stayed away from places like Zhaoge City and the spiritual mountains where the Cultivation practitioners might be present, he shouldn't be too concerned about being discovered by someone.

There was a reason why the Old Ones and those deviant sects could survive for so long.

Mulling over these matters, Liu Shisui came to a tea house and ordered a bowl of ice tea.

He suddenly heard a shriek in the street ahead, and saw a great deal of dusts rise up in that direction.

Looking closely, he saw a horse run amok in the street with a carriage behind it, the carriage causing many near accidents.

As the wind tousled the curtain on the carriage, Liu Shisui could see a family sitting in the carriage. The man was trying his best to stop the frightened horse by pulling on the mouth muzzle, and the wife was holding a crying child in her bosom, her face pale.

A common man had no chance to stop the frightened horse, and the one who could do it must be a Cultivation practitioner.

The Cultivation practitioners seldom showed up in this small town, but it would be a prominent event once they did.

So Liu Shisui decided not to interfere with this incident.

Liu Shisui walked into the street while having these thoughts.

The horse and the carriage were on the verge of bumping into the side of the street and killing everybody in the carriage.

Liu Shisui appeared by the horse along with the wind, holding the neck of the horse with his hands.

The frightened horse, once running amok like wildfire, was halted completely by his seemingly regular arms holding its neck.

Pah!!! Pah!!!

The dusts came out from the bottoms of his shoes, and two cracks appeared on his left sleeves.

The frightened horse let out a painful neighing, kneeling down on the ground after its front knees gave way. Liu Shisui held the neck of the horse in his left arm.

The carriage suddenly stopped, causing the couple in it to fall down and the child to fly out of the woman's bosom.

Liu Shisui reached out and caught the child, holding the kid in his right arm.

The screams and shrieks vanished instantly, and the street became deathly quiet.

Hundreds of gazes fell on Liu Shisui.

After making sure the frightened horse had come back to its senses, Liu Shisui gave the child back to the woman and walked back to the tea house by the street, finishing the tea in the bowl and heading toward the outskirts of the town.

Watching the figure that was moving further away, the locals in the street was stunned speechless. It wasn't until the figure had completely vanished that they all of a sudden started discussing the matter.

When Liu Shisui came to the woods at the outskirts of the town, he found something wasn't quite right there, and he said loudly, to the deep end of the woods, "You'd better get out."

A moment later, two young men and a middle-aged man, who looked like an experienced veteran, walked out from the woods.

One of the young Cultivation practitioners asked curiously while looking at Liu Shisui, "Don't you know you're being pursued by all of Cultivation practitioners in Chaotian? Why would you expose yourself by doing such a thing?"

"I thought that this small town was remote and that Cultivation practitioners would be present, and that I would have enough time to get far away even if I was discovered by somebody," Liu Shisui explained seriously.

That young man let loose a bitter smile, saying, "We had something to discuss with this Cultivationist Big Brother; but it wasn't so convenient to do it inside the mountain gate, so we have made the appointment to meet in that small town. And we happened to witness the scene of you saving the family."

"Which sect do you belong to?" Liu Shisui asked.

"We are the disciples of the Three-Purities Sect," the young man said while pointing to the other young man.

Liu Shisui though it sounded familiar, thinking he had heard of it somewhere.

"I'm a free-traveling Cultivation practitioner; I have no affiliation with any sect," said the middle-aged man.

"The Cultivation practitioners are looking for you everywhere, and we just happened to see you. I don't know if bumping into you is good luck or bad luck."

The disciple of the Three-Purities Sect showed a kind of daring emotion in his expression.

The other disciple of the Three-Purities Sect said wryly, "We know that we are not your equal, so we simply followed you in secret, with a great deal of caution, of course, but we didn't anticipate that you would still be able to detect us."

Finding Liu Shisui meant that they might be able to collect the awards from the Green Mountain Sect and the Center Sect, which would of course be a good thing.

Yet, the problem was, since Liu Shisui had the ability to kill Luo Huainan and had now = discovered them, would he let them live?

The free-traveling Cultivation practitioner suddenly said to Liu Shisui, "Maybe, I can help you gain some time, but you have to promise that you are not going to kill us."

"Okay," Liu Shisui said after some thought.

The two disciples of the Three-Purities Sect didn't quite understand what the middle-aged man meant, showing puzzled expressions.

The free-traveling Cultivation practitioner suddenly attacked, his magic treasure flying out from his sleeve like a shadow, heading toward the backs of the two disciples of the Three-Purities Sect.

Boom!!! Boom!!!

A great deal of dusts rose up in the woods along with the two booming sounds.

The two disciples of the Three-Purities Sect didn't drop dead though.

It was because a flying sword hovered noiselessly in the mid-air.
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