The Path Toward Heaven
207 The Death of Luo Huainan
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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207 The Death of Luo Huainan

Liu Shisui, who hadn't been seen in a long time, was not a young man anymore.

His countenance was still calm and composed, but the wild fire in his eyes looked kind insane.

Pushed back by the attacks of Luo Huainan's bloody arrows, Liu Shisui stepped on the devil flames on the ground and flung himself forward once again, wielding his sword downward!

As this was going on, his right fist punched toward Luo Huainan's face along, accompanied by a waft of burned black smoke.

Though Luo Huainan's meridians were damaged, he forced the devil flames out of his body by spitting out that mouthful of blood. As his Dao Heart was reopened, he called back the North-Time Bell.

A beautiful flowing light illuminated the small courtyard that had been enshrouded by the darkness of night.


The courtyard walls collapsed, and the violent air waves hurled up the broken stones which then shot out in all directions, knocking down the disciples of the North-Brook Sect outside and rendering them unconscious.

As Luo Huainan's Cultivation state was much higher than Liu Shisui's, he wasn't someone Liu Shisui could fight face to face, even though Luo Huainan was badly injured.

Liu Shisui's flying sword was made and tempered after he had left the Green Mountain. This lower-state sword was destroyed instantly and broken into countless pieces.

The North-Time Bell passed through the devil flames, filling the air and struck Liu Shisui's chest with a heavy blow.

Liu Shisui retreated after spitting out some blood.

Luo Huainan had been injured twice that day, most grievously the second time when Liu Shisui attacked him unexpectedly, causing more damage. He didn't want to stay any longer than necessary for the sake of his safety. Luo Huainan employed the Escape Method of Heaven and Earth to escape the devil flames in the courtyard and turned up in the sky, ready to flee.

Suddenly, a flash of sword light arrived and pierced through his body!

That sword light was extremely icy and subtle, and it was hard to discover.

With a thud, Luo Huainan waved his sleeve while looking at the common residential house on the ground.

A band of sword light struck the residential house below.

Another stronger enemy was hiding in that house. Luo Huainan had no choice but to leave in great pain, not even having time to collect the North-Time Bell.

Two black flames formed underneath Liu Shisui's feet.

He jumped up into the sky and seized Liu Huainan's legs with all his might.

Luo Huainan hit Liu Shisui's back with his palm.

Normally, the palm that had landed on Liu Shisui would definitely have killed him, but the power of the hitting palm was much weaker now because Luo Huainan was severely wounded.

Liu Shisui spat out some blood, but he didn't let his hands go, holding onto the legs like two iron clamps.

The residential house on the other side of the street collapsed.

The flowing light of the North-Time Bell was cut into pieces by the returning icy flying sword in the sky.

A person in black clothing, wearing a conical hat, arrived while stepping on the air.

How could this person fly without a sword?

Seeing the person in black approach at high speed, Luo Huainan knew this was the most critical moment of his life.

He employed the best hidden method that he hadn't even completely mastered yet as his face even paler now.

A small golden figure appeared in his pupil.

Luo Huainan used his finger to pull out the small figure, which then shot out a light beam, looking either like gold or jade.

The light beam possessed the insurmountable power, beyond the ability of any Cultivation practitioner in the Golden Pill State, covering an area of about forty square feet.

Regardless of how fast the person in black could move, there was no way for that person to avoid it.

Then the unexpected happened once again.

The person in black with the conical hat had suddenly disappeared.

In the next moment, that person reappeared in front of Luo Huainan, with dozens of sword lights exuding outward.

Those sword lights came out from that person's body.

Even the Escape Method of Heaven and Earth appeared ordinary by comparison.

It was the shapeless Sword Body!

Recalling what Guo Nanshan had described to him before, Luo Huainan was immensely shocked.

Staring into the eyes under the conical hat, Luo Huainan figured out who that person was.

Zhao Layue!

He clenched all his fingers with a loud shout.

The night sky changed shape, and a violent wind suddenly rose.

His two hands, like two shapeless mountains, pressed downward onto Zhao Layue.

Zhao Layue didn't duck. She simply took the hit the hard way.

Luo Huainan's hands clawed around her neck.

His hands were full of cracks, spewing out the bloody arrows.

Once he tightened his hands a bit more, Zhao Layue would die.

But it was too late for that.

Liu Shisui's fist headed toward his stomach like an aged dragon, along with the black devil flame.


The night clouds were scattered by the violent wind.

A breaking sound could be heard vaguely.

The whole city was disturbed by the sound.

Luo Huainan's Golden Pill, which had been pierced through by the First Child Sword and then punched by the Bloody Devil Style with the full force, couldn't withstand it any longer and broke apart!

Luo Huainan's face was really ashen now, and he loosened his fingers slightly.

Zhao Layue's fingers ran across like a breath of wind.

A bloody imprint appeared on Luo Huainan's neck.

The bloody imprint spread at an extremely high speed.


The neck was broken off.

Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!!

Four objects landed in the ruined small courtyard at the same time.

Luo Huainan's head and body could be seen amid the smoke and dust.

Liu Shisui and Zhao Layue stood up in the ruins.

He spat out another mouthful of blood.

Zhao Layue didn't, but her face beneath the conical hat appeared pale.

She called back the First Child Sword with a stretched hand.

Liu Shisui reached out and took the sword.

After eying each other, they disappeared in the darkness of the night.

On the top floor of the Precious-Ware House.

Walking to the window, Gu Qing started dismantling the formation outside the window, and one could imagine just how fast he was doing it judging from the residual shadows of his hands. What the boss of the Precious-Tree House told him was accurate, and he had already confirmed it when he dismantled the formation earlier that night. For some reason, the sword will of the Inherited Heaven was particularly suitable for the job.

The window opened a small crack.

Zhao Layue appeared in the room, and the sword lights on her clothing and hair had gradually been retrieved.

Gu Qing turned around and walked to the front of Zhao Layue after having set up the formation again, and he took out a case and brought it to her mouth.

Zhao Layue spat a mouthful of blood into the case, and then she took off the black clothing and threw it into the case.

The sword fire was ignited.

In a split second, the blood and the black clothing in the case were burned to ashes.

Gu Qing felt a bit relieved.

Later on, the Three-Purities Grass would be planted in the ashes, and no one would be able to tell the difference after the energy was shielded.

Only after they had finished taking care of all these matters, the Cultivation practitioners at the Precious-Ware House realized something had happened and rose up in the air by riding their swords, heading in that direction.

Gu Qing shot a glance at Zhao Layue.

"There are some remaining issues, but they aren't ours to deal with," said Zhao Layue.

Gu Qing asked, "Who was that man?"

"Liu Shisui," Zhao Layue replied.

Startled, Gu Qing said sentimentally, "Of course, we are the only ones who would do such a thing."

A moment later, he asked again, "How did that guy predict all this?"

"He didn't predict it. He has actually planned this."

In the ruins, Luo Huainan's head and body were separated without any sign of life.

A Yuanying flew out soundlessly from the cavity of his neck on the body.

The Yuanying was very small, emitting a faint golden glow, and he looked quite fragile, as if he could be blown to oblivion by the night wind.

Yuanying drifted into the well.

The sword lights and the treasure lights illuminated the ruined small courtyard, as many Cultivation practitioners rushed to the place from the Precious-Ware House.

Yuanying didn't dare show himself, because he was still too weak, and he could be destroyed and die at any minute; besides, he trusted nobody at the moment.

The scheme of that night was plotted by Luo Huainan and Guo Nanshan together, but unexpectedly, the scheme became a trap for him. Did the Green Mountain Sect want to eliminate him?

Yuanying sank to the bottom of the well, drifting against the current. He flew up and headed northward in the direction of the Cloud Dream Mountain when he drifted out of the city and into a river, out of sight of everyone.

A dozen tranquil peaks were visible under the night sky, and this place was still far from the center of the Cloud Dream Mountain.

Yuanying flew to the bottom of a cliff wall, entered a manor cave that was shielded by the vines, and used his energy to activate the formation to block the cave entrance.

There was a small green bottle on a stone table in the deep end of the manor cave.

It was unknown whether the bottle was made of glass or jade, but it exuded a dim glow.

This magic treasure was his lucky find, which could collect the energies of heaven and earth and nurture Yuanying.

As long as he could enter the small green bottle, he had no need to worry about dying of being scattered.

Luo Huainan's Yuanying flew to the top of the small green bottle.

Suddenly, dozens of thin line-like lights rose up from the tabletop and caught Yuanying in the net formed by those lights.

The lights were very straight, looking like the lines on the chess board.

Tiny dew-like light-bulbs were formed on the spots where the vertical and horizontal lines crossed each other, and they looked quite solid, like the chess pieces.

The horrifying expression showed on the Yuanying's face as he struggled to get out of the net.

Zap!!! Zap!!!

The sound of burning could be heard when those lights fell on the Yuanying.

The Yuanying revealed a painful expression, and his energy became weaker and weaker due to the damage of his original source.

Tong Yan walked out from the deep end of the manor cave.


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