The Path Toward Heaven
206 Who Is the One in the Scheme?
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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206 Who Is the One in the Scheme?

Glancing at the man in black, Luo Huainan's countenance was calm and peaceful, meaning he was expecting to this person

"You should get rid of the water on you; otherwise, the water marks will reveal to everyone that you have hidden in the well all this time."

Luo Huainan said to the man in black, "I'm a careless person in others' eyes; but actually I'm careful and cautious in action. I haven't forgotten to check the well."

The man in black asked, "Where have I hidden then?"

"In the cabinet," Luo Huainan said. "The closer the distance, the more powerful the evil energy will be. This is the style of your Old Ones, trying your best to close the distance between the Cultivation practitioner and yourself. As for how to conceal the energy, you rely on certain treasures as much as possible."

Lowering his head to look at his wet clothing, the man in black had produced a few peculiar flames in his eyes that were eerie but quite beautiful.

Soon, the water on his clothing had evaporated like a waft of green smoke, vanishing without a trace.

Watching this scene, Luo Huainan asked with furrowed brows, "Is this the devil flame?"

The man in black didn't respond to the question, but he was about to wipe out the wet marks with his hands as he noticed them on the ground.

Luo Huainan shook his head and said, "It might alert our Cultivation friends outside. Let the water marks dry by themselves."

Many footprints could be seen on the courtyard ground from the well to the room. It would take more time to dry them by the wind than by devil flame.

In fact, Luo Huainan wasn't worried that the people outside would be alerted because the formation that would insulate energy had already been set up in the courtyard. All he wanted was to talk to the other person.

"This is our first meeting. I didn't expect it to happen under such circumstances."

Luo Huainan said to the man in black, "Thanks for your hard work over the past few years."

The man in black said, "Not at all. It's only being misunderstood that leaves a bad feeling."

Luo Huainan said, "Jing Jiu was a good guy. I think you have wrongfully thought he misunderstood you. All in all, it was a misunderstanding, so you shouldn't blame him."

After a moment of silence, the man in black said, "Let's begin."

The wet footprints on the ground had already began to disappear, and they should be totally gone by the time when the two of them finished their talk.

Luo Huainan's finger rested on the table, saying, "You can't use the power of the devil pill for your first assignment because our Center Sect is particularly sensitive to the methods of the deviant sects."

"I'll use my sword," the man in black said.

Luo Huainan lifted his hand.

The man in black called out his flying sword and cut down soundlessly on the spot where Luo Huainan had rested his finger.

"The way you did it is just right, and they will suspect you for it."

Luo Huainan sensed the sword will of the Green Mountain from the smooth crack on the table, feeling somewhat incredulous. After so many years, his sword Cultivation was not only unaffected, but had also improved to some extent. If he had stayed on the Green Mountain continuing his sword work, he would have reached an unfathomable level.

Luo Huainan said, "After I have dodged your wielding sword, I'll use my North-Time Bell to counterattack; how will you respond?"

The man in black said, "Since I'm determined to kill you, I won't dodge your bell."

"Very good. What will happen next is much easier."

Luo Huainan walked to another corner of the room, saying, "As I won't choose to hurt you and myself at the same time, I'll use the Escape Method of Heaven and Earth to come here; can you anticipate where I'm going?"

The man in black walked over and said, "I can't. However, I've learned similar escape methods from the Bloody Devil Style, so I should be able to follow you in short range."

"Which level have you reached for the Bloody Devil Style?"


Luo Huainan thought he was indeed someone with natural Dao quality; even though he had abandoned Dao to learn the devil style halfway through, his Cultivation state had still improved rather quickly. As long as Luo Huainan didn't use his hidden magic methods, it would be believable that the man in black had injured him badly.

"How badly should I injure you?"

"Cut off an arm."

The two of them discussed, gestured, and planned.

After making sure that all the details had been covered, the man in black walked to the cabinet. "Why are you willing to do this?" he asked after suddenly stopping in his tracks.

"I'm the most noticeable person in the orthodox Cultivation world."

Luo Huainan continued wryly, "The assassination attempt on me by the Old Ones will draw more attention, and this will help you a great deal."

"My question was, why do you want to do this?" the man in black pressed.

After a moment of silence, Luo Huainan said calmly, "Somebody has to sacrifice for the cause, and besides, I won't die either way."

Without uttering another word, the man in black entered the cabinet and closed the cabinet door from inside.

It was getting late.

Walking to the table and sitting down by it, Luo Huainan shot a glimpse of his reflected image in the mirror, waiting, his eyes closed.

The auction was about to start at the Precious-Ware House.

Many people had already known what the most valuable treasure for auction was.

Countless gazes fell on the case in the middle of the auction hall.

The crowd was fully aware that nobody would bid for it no matter how precious the treasure in the case was.

It was because a Three-Purities Grass was in the case.

Many of them had guessed who the person on the top floor was, but they pretended to know nothing about it.

It was quiet in that room.

Gu Qing didn't sit down.

He still felt nervous even though he had already ascertained that the formation of the Precious-Ware House could guarantee the situation inside the room wouldn't be perceived by anybody outside.

Two cups of Queshe tea were placed on the table.

But he was the only one in the room.

There was only one person in a local residential house in Guiyun City.

Zhao Layue in black clothing sat on the ground cross-legged, facing a window.

It was a street outside the window, and a small courtyard was located one hundred feet away. The disciples of the North-Brook Sect were guarding the courtyard outside.

She was certain that Luo Huainan was in that small courtyard.

Three years later, she had re-combed her hair, tied a braid, and put on the conical hat.

The faint icy energy was exuded from the sword inside the sheath, which was the First Child Sword given to her by Jin Mingchen.

She was waiting for the moment to arrive.

But she had no idea of when exactly the moment was.

Luo Huainan didn't know the exact moment either. Since it was a staged show, it had to occur unexpectedly in order to look real to the onlookers.

A round small hole appeared on the cabinet door unknowingly.

A sword light glowed and then died down, passing by Luo Huainan's arm, cutting off a piece of his sleeve, and then breaking a corner of the table.

Luo Huainan jumped up, and the North-Time Bell shot out soundlessly, bombarding the man in black who had come out from the cabinet like a ghost.

The man in black didn't dodge it, and he curled the fingers on his right hand and dozens of devil flames burst out, enveloping Luo Huainan inside.

Luo Huainan employed the Escape Method of Heaven and Earth and disappeared miraculously from the original spot, and in the next moment he materialized in another corner of the room.

The two flames in that man's eyes grew wilder.

A band of black flame shot out from the body of the man in black, like a heavy fog rolling forward on the ground.

His body disappeared instantly, and in the next moment reappeared in front of Luo Huainan.

Luo Huainan didn't say a word; neither did the man in black. It was peaceful. If one saw the scene, they would feel it very eerie.

The traces of devil flames were everywhere in the room. The legs of the table were ablaze, exuding a burning smell. Pretty soon, the disciples of the North-Brook Sect outside the courtyard would be alerted.

--Hurrying up.

Luo Huainan gestured in his eye expression.

The man in black raised his palm and thrust toward Luo Huainan with dozens of devil flames.

Luo Huainan moved aside to avoid being hit in his vulnerable parts, but he didn't dodge completely, waiting for the palm to fall on him.

The man in black showed a hint of hesitation in his eyes.

Luo Huainan nodded with a smile, mistaking the other's intention.

The man in black wielded his palm downward.

Right on the Luo Huainan's chest.


The blood trickled out from the corners of Luo Huainan's mouth.

According to the original plan, at the moment he should counterattack and break off the left arm of the opponent, and then the other person would leave defeated; and the show would be over.

All of a sudden, Luo Huainan realized that something was not quite right, and he looked into the eyes of the man in black.

His eyes were bloody red, revealing a look of insanity.

The man in black didn't stop, and his right hand pushed against Luo Huainan's chest.

The terrifying and deadly devil flames infused into Luo Huainan's body relentlessly.

Had he gone mad?

Luo Huainan thought this in his mind.

The man in black had a devil flame that was many times more powerful than before!

His Bloody Devil Style had at least reached the fifth level!

"He is actually trying to kill me!" Luo Huainan screamed in his mind.

His eyes displayed a complicated emotion, and it was unknown whether it was disappointment or something else.

The deadly devil flames had already entered his meridians, causing irreversible damages.

Luo Huainan's face turned pale, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The blood that possessed the powerful energy of the Center Sect magic style shot at the face of the man in black like arrows, creating many holes in the black mask.

The black mask opened up, dancing like the butterflies in the air, exposing that person's face.

The face was somewhat dark, but very clean, looking fairly familiar.

He was Liu Shisui.
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