The Path Toward Heaven
202 The Spring Rain Falls on Zhaoge City Again
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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202 The Spring Rain Falls on Zhaoge City Again

With the aid of Three-Purities Grass, it would be much easier to enter the Free Travel State by practicing the Nine-Deaths Sword Style. Jing Jiu of course was aware of this fact, so he had prepared for this.

Until now, Zhao Layue still didn't know exactly how many treasures were hidden on Shenmo Peak.

As she had Three-Purities Grass in her possession, why would she still want to seek it somewhere else? Did she do it for Gu Qing, for the future?

In the early morning, the boss of the Precious-Tree House entered the room. His eyes were slightly red, indicating that he hadn't slept that whole night. Still, he was quite clean, devoid of any smell, his sideburns wet.

He heard that the immortal masters of the Green Mountain preferred cleanliness, so he was worried that his mortal smell might offend her, and he had bathed a few times before coming here, and he didn't dare use any fragrant powder.

In all honesty, this worry was unnecessary when facing Zhao Layue.

Zhao Layue didn't even glance at the man kneeling on the ground, saying, "I think many people have already known about this."

The boss of the Precious-Tree House stiffened, suddenly feeling fearful.

Though the evaluators in his house were loyal, who wouldn't pay close attention to the peak master of the Green Mountain, and who could guarantee that no information would be leaked out?

Handing him the case, Zhao Layue said, "The Three-Purities Grass is in this case."

The boss of the Precious-Tree House was even more shocked, wondering what this meant.

Zhao Layue said, "You make sure to put it someplace where I can find it. Can you do that?"

Staring at the floor in front of him, the boss of the Precious-Tree House didn't dare move his eyeballs, but his mind was racing.

Though he didn't understand the intention of this peculiar request, he still replied without hesitation, "Yes, I can."

Gu Qing walked him out of the room. He said "thank you" to Gu Qing many times with a hunched back.

"I have seen the formations outside the walls and windows of the Precious-Tree House."

Gu Qing said, "What are the formations for?"

The boss of the Precious-Tree House replied, "Mostly for insulating sound and energy."

Gu Qing asked, "Will the formations trip an alarm when someone bumps into them?"

The boss didn't dare guess why he asked these questions, simply answering, "Yes."

Gu Qing asked again, "Are the same formations used for the Precious Treasure Hall and the Outside Hall?"

The boss replied, "They are used to conceal the energies of the precious treasures, without any other purpose, so we are using the same formations, provided by the Great Marsh."

After a moment of silence, Gu Qing said, "I believe that you know how to disarm these formations while not triggering the alarm."

The boss still couldn't figure out what he wanted to do; but his back had already been soaked in sweat, saying in a slightly trembling voice, "Y-yes, I know."

Zhao Layue and Gu Qing continued their journey northward by riding on the swords. They descended when they saw a huge city in the distance.

To Zhaoge City.

They had landed on the ground, not because they were showing their respect to the imperial court or because they were afraid of being mistaken by the Pure Heaven Bureau, but because they didn't plan to go to the West Mountain Residence.

There was a mansion outside Zhaoge City. This beautiful place, looking like a fairy realm, was the second house of Zhao family, built with tons of silver and gold.

There was a lake in the garden of the house, with one boat on the lake.

Sitting at the head of the boat, Zhao Layue looked at a few shabby clouds in the blue sky, remaining reticent.

Three years ago, she and Jing Jiu had a conversation on the same boat.

Jing Jiu then left to take care of a matter. Zhao Layue guessed that he would have gone to Li Mountain.

After that, Mo Xi of the Water-Moon Nunnery appeared, asking her to meet Guo Dong in the Mingcui Valley; it was then that the assassination attempt occurred.

Because of the assassination attempt, Zhao Layue couldn't participate in the Cultivation tournament; and because of the conversation on the boat, Jing Jiu took her place in the Cultivation tournament and hadn't come back since.

This boat should have sunk when she and Jing Jiu were on it.

Gu Qing was cultivating with closed eyes on the grass by the lake.

No one was in the garden and the house, save for themselves.

Not even a servant was around.

It was extremely quiet.

Zhao Layue and Gu Qing left the second Zhao house as dusk arrived, entering Zhaoge City before nightfall.

It was still bright outside the city gate. After they had passed the long and dark city gate tunnel, the raindrops fell and landed on her cheeks, reminding Zhao Layue that it was spring now.

Walking amid the spring drizzle, Zhao Layue and Gu Qing stopped at an entrance to an alley.

From here, they could see the dark eaves of the Taichang Temple in the distance, which looked even more like the horns of an old dragon due to the dusk and raindrops.

Zhao Layue walked up the steps and pushed in a green brick on the wall by one inch.

She knew that a smooth stone ball in an unseen place would start rolling, and then it would break a precious ceramic bowl or pot.

When she listened to Jing Jiu talking about this, she didn't quite understand. Why didn't they use the formation? If the purpose was to listen to a sound, why would they use such precious ancient ceramic ware?

Later, she realized that the simpler system was more reliable, and the damage of the precious objects would draw immediate attention.

The courtyard door was opened, and Zhao Layue and Gu Qing walked in the courtyard.

She greeted the Jing family by nodding across the courtyard, and walked to a room along the roofed corridor.

No bamboo chair could be found in the room. A few ink stones were placed on the bookshelf, and a chess game was set up on the table.

Looking briefly at the chess game, Gu Qing was certain that the game set on the table was that chess game played on the Chess Board Mountain.

Walking out from a corner, State Duke Lu said sentimentally, "I have known your father for many years, but I never thought that I would meet his daughter with such a status."

Gu Qing was somewhat astonished, but he didn't say anything.

Zhao Layue bowed slightly, and said in a low voice, "He said that I could get your help if necessary."

State Duke Lu said, "Please tell me your request."

"I want to go to the palace," said Zhao Layue.

"You want to see the Emperor?"

State Duke Lu thought that she was definitely qualified to make an appointment with the Emperor in your current state, though she must intend to meet him in private since she asked him to make the arrangement.

"I want to see the Royal Concubine. Please make the arrangement for me," Zhao Layue said.

"Okay," said State Duke Lu while shooting a meaningful glance at her.

When somebody mentioned the royal concubine in the palace, they always referred to Royal Concubine Hu.

Everybody knew this.

Thinking of the situation in the palace over the past three years, especially Royal Concubine Hu's situation, State Duke Lu's son was a bit bewildered.

"The reason why she wants to see Royal Concubine Hu is unimportant."

State Duke Lu knocked on the table lightly with his finger to snap his son out of his deep thought, saying, "What is this most important message that has brought her here today?"

His son paused for a moment, and answered, "The entity our state duke house has been serving for generations is Shenmo Peak."

State Duke Lu said, "That's right."

His son was quite surprised, asking, "The person who made the pact with my grandfather was…the Immortal Jing Yang?"

State Duke Lu said, "Apart from this, there is no other explanation. What are your thoughts?"

His son laughed loudly, as he said, "What are my thoughts? Your son feels great right now, and I even want to scream—who else!"

State Duke Lu shook his head with a smile, reminding him, "The Immortal Jing Yang has already ascended."

His son felt somewhat regretful when being reminded of this fact; and he thought of something and said, "How are you going to arrange it? Even though the Emperor trusts you completely, it's still difficult to bring someone in the palace undetected. Last time Jing Jiu went to the palace to see the Emperor, but it's different this time."

"Not difficult at all. After the Emperor knew she had left the Green Mountain and probably would come to Zhaoge City, he asked me…"

Recalling the conversation he had with the Emperor in the royal study the day before, State Duke Lu showed an odd expression, as he continued, "To arrange for her to enter the palace."
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