The Path Toward Heaven
194 The Negotiation with the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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194 The Negotiation with the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom

After having caught the object, Jing Jiu looked at the jade-like thing in his palm and felt slightly startled as he sensed a distant and ancient energy inside it.

The moment Luo Huainan took off, he sensed the same energy when he was underneath the cliff amid the wind and snow, and he knew it must be a magic treasure of an extremely high spiritual state.

It was actually the Ten-Thousand Mile Seal.

The magic treasures of such high spiritual state were rare even on the Green Mountains. Jing Jiu didn't expect that the Center Sect Master had given both treasures to his daughter.

"Had Luo Huainan known you had both treasures, he wouldn't have attacked you," Jing Jiu said to Bai Zao.

"Yes, he would still be the same generous, open-minded, and loving Big Brother."

Bai Zao said with a calm expression, "But, he didn't expect that father gave me one, as did my mother."

In fact, her father intended to give one of the Ten-Thousand Mile Seals to Luo Huainan in the first place.

Therefore, Bai Zao came over even though she knew full well the danger ahead.

She recalled her exchange with Luo Huainan.

At the time, she referred to Jing Jiu when she said there was one extra person.

So two Ten-Thousand Mile Seals couldn't take three people away from here.

She had already decided to remain behind to stay with Jing Jiu.

Luo Huainan mistook her remark as: there were two of us for only one Ten-Thousand Mile Seal.

If Luo Huainan had attacked her a little bit later, he would have understood what she actually meant since she was about to explain further, and then he wouldn't have acted the way he did.

Otherwise, he would still be the respectable and admirable Big Brother of the Center Sect, as Bai Zao had said.

Thinking of this, Bai Zao let loose a bitter smile. Even now, she still felt it was really ridiculous.

Jing Jiu didn't know what was on her mind, but he mused over why she took out the Ten-Thousand Mile Seal; wasn't she afraid that he might snatch it?

"You use the seal to leave then."

Bai Zao continued, "My Golden Pill has already broken anyway, so I can't use it."

Jing Jiu now understood why she did it.

Life and death was far more important for Cultivation practitioners than for the mortals.

The longer one lives, the more they fear death. This was a popular saying, but it was also the truth.

The Ten-Thousand Mile Seal meant the opportunity to live, but she gave it to him in such a calm manner.

He was silent for a while before saying, "I won't die, so you should treat your injury first."

It was as if Bai Zao didn't hear what Jing Jiu had just said, as she said in a soft voice, "After you get out of here, tell my parents what has happened here and ask them to sentence Luo Huainan to death."

Jing Jiu thought inside his mind that she had no need to tell him what to do, since this was something he must do later.

Bai Zao suddenly asked, "Why don't my parents come to save me?"

The Center Sect Master couple was the number one or two ranked figures in the Cultivation world, in a Cultivation state that could shake even the heaven and earth. Even though it was enormously cold here, it shouldn't be able to prevent them from coming here.

Jing Jiu knew what was on her mind, and said, "They must have a good reason for not showing up."

He didn't try to comfort her, or to find an excuse for the couple of the Center Sect, but it was because he vaguely guessed why they had been in such a situation.

Bai Zao felt quite sentimental as she asked, "Is it true that Cultivation practitioners must be relentless?"

"You won't die either, so there is no point in thinking about this."

Having said so, Jing Jiu inserted the burning iron sword in front of the corpse of the snow worm and waved his hands to move the rocks blocking the cave entrance aside, and then he walked out of the cave, coming to the cliff's edge.

He gazed at the deep end of the wind and snow.

A place thirty thousand miles away.

The other being was unparalleled in power and should be the life form of the highest state in Chaotian or even all lands.

If classified by the Cultivation States of the Green Mountain Sect, the other being had already broken through the Heavenly Arrival State long time ago, and had actually achieved the Possessed Heaven State.

Even his friend on another land had no chance of defeating such a powerful opponent, let alone the Center Sect Master couple.

If he was his former self in the previous life, he would be able to end up in a draw in combat with the other being during the moment of his ascension.

As far as his current state was concerned, he was merely an ant in the eyes of the other being.

If he rode the sword to leave here, it might alert that being.

It would be fine if the other being didn't heed his action. What should Jing Jiu do if the other being was really angered by his action?

If this was the scheme plotted by his big brother, he had to admit it was an excellent scheme.

After the assassination attempt on her, Zhao Layue persuaded him to participate in the Cultivation tournament.

These were all perhaps in his plot.

As long as Jing Jiu had participated in the Cultivation tournament, he would definitely encounter the other being in the deep end of the wind and snow, either in person or in spirit.

The reason was that he was the only person in this world who had been more powerful than that being, even though he was merely an ant at the moment.

His big brother had not only understood fully his intention of changing his Cultivation life the second time around, but also made use of Zhao Layue's temperament to bring the other person in the deep end of the wind and snow to the scheme.

Such a wonderful scheme was really worth appreciating.

But, how could he defeat the scheme?

Jing Jiu sent a sword will to the deep end of the wind and snow.

This was a risky choice.

Yet, besides the negotiation, he didn't know what else to do.

Few people were qualified to negotiate with the being in the deep end of the wind and snow, and even Broadsword King in White Town wasn't qualified.

Yet, Jing Jiu believed that the other being would confer him a response.

The reason was the same.

Though he was merely an ant currently, he had been quite powerful, and more powerful than all the other beings.

In the next moment, an indescribable intimidating energy came from the distant north.

The wind and snow suddenly scattered.

It was as if countless booming sounds occurred in the heaven and earth, even though there was no thunder in the sky.

Jing Jiu's face looked unusually pale.

It was the snowland outside White Town.

The dark clouds filled the sky in the deep end of the snowland. One could see clearly that the snowflakes fell down into the thick cotton-like fog, disappearing without a trace.

Two bands of extremely powerful energies appeared in the sky from the east and from the south respectively.

The clouds changed shapes, turning into a variety of forms and figures, and a strong wind rose suddenly. Those flying sedans that were about to land shook violently, caught in the midst of the powerful current. The pilgrims kneeling on the ragged mountain roads to pray didn't dare raise their heads, reciting the scripts in a trembling voice with terrifying expressions.

Innumerable milky white light rays shone through the clouds from the east, giving out the intent of warmth and fineness.

The clouds in south started dropping rains instead, and the cold raindrops turned into ice the instant they touched the ground, looking awfully bizarre.

The Center Sect Master and Yuan Qijing had arrived.

Two immortals in the Heavenly Arrival State had come out, making the heaven and earth change in response; it seemed that the deep end of the snowland had even reacted by giving back the thunder-like booming sounds.

Suddenly, an extraordinary and intimidating energy from a broadsword shot up from White Town, blocking all the passages within a hundred miles across the sky.

The intention of the Broadsword King was apparent that nobody was allowed to enter the snowland right now, even if they were the Center Sect Master and Yuan Qijing.

Sitting on the doorsill of the temple, Guo Dong looked at the strange phenomena in the sky.

Her current Cultivation state was quite ordinary, but her sight was not poor; so she could tell that someone else was also coming in addition to the Center Sect Master and Yuan Qijing.

The slightly salty wind blew over from behind the mountain.

The Godly Swordsman Xilai should be somewhere at the moment, but she didn't know how far away he was.

The Lotus Sedan of the Young Zen Master should be somewhere nearby.

It had been years since so many important figures in the Heavenly Arrival State showed up in the world at the same time.

The unusual movement of the Snowy Kingdom was truly a big event.

The purpose of the Center Sect Master and Yuan Qijing to entering the snowland was mostly to save Bai Zao and Jing Jiu, that and to check out the situation.

Four hours earlier, Luo Huainan had successfully passed through the snowland and returned to the Cloud Dream Mountain by means of the Ten-Thousand Mile Seal.

But he was severely wounded, and passed out before he could say anything.

The deep and hoarse voice bellowed behind Guo Dong.

"She is very sensitive at the moment, but she won't attack first. Yet, if people like you enter her territory, she will regard it as a great threat and try to kill you all at any cost. The orthodox Cultivation circle cannot afford such a loss."

It wasn't clear whether the person was speaking to Guo Dong or to those two figures of the Heavenly Arrival State in the sky.

The two powerful energies in the sky had calmed down, because they had believed his judgment.

In hundreds of years, he was the only one who had fought the being of the highest state in the Snowy Kingdom.
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