The Path Toward Heaven
97 The Sword of the Undefeated State
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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97 The Sword of the Undefeated State

Innumerable gazes looked toward the stone forest.

Liu Shisui stood on the stone post, wearing a shabby robe, his hair like weeds, making him look like a ghost.

However, the sword he wielded looked so balanced and peaceful.

Like a king of three generations, a general of a powerful country, or a handsome scholar.

Jian Ruoyun hadn’t drawn his sword yet.

He was watching Liu Shisui’s sword quietly.

Many people, including Jian Ruoyun, were waiting for Liu Shisui’s sword to pass the middle post.

Until then, Jian Ruoyun could call out his sword.

Time passed.

Liu Shisui’s sword had passed the middle stone post.

That stone post was right in between the two stone posts on which Liu Shisui and Jian Ruoyun respectively stood.

Having flown over three hundred yards, the will of Liu Shisui’s sword hadn’t been reduced even slightly as it maintained its heavenly power.

There were no surprised screams, as the crowd was too shaken to make a sound.

Though the scene looked seemingly unimportant, it revealed a shocking fact for the entire Green Mountain:

Liu Shisui had already entered the State of the Undefeated.

"He’s great," Zhao Layue remarked.

Regardless of what had actually happened, Liu Shisui deserved such a compliment. It was a great achievement for him to enter the State of the Undefeated, as he had been a virtual prisoner for the past two years.

The Peak Master of Qingrong asked, "How old is he?"

"Seventeen or eighteen?" a disciple replied tentatively.

The Peak Master of Qingrong glanced at Zhao Layue in the distance without saying anything.

The masters of the nine peaks were surprised.

After Immortal Jing Yang entered the State of the Undefeated at a young age, the youngest Undefeated State swordsmen were Zhao Layue and Zhuo Rusui, with Liu Shisui being the third person to achieve this feat.

Were Liu Shisui able to practice Cultivation normally, would he have improved even faster?

If he didn’t done that thing and wasn’t a suspect in another murder case, how would the Green Mountain have treated such a genius like this?

Some masters even wished that what he had just said to be actually true, as how fabulous would that have been!

The wind started blowing from the other side of the cliff, bringing cold to the mid-spring air instead of warmth.

The wind touched Liu Shisui’s sword, making the sword vibrate slightly, when suddenly, his sword emitted four green beams of light.

These four green light beams were not an imagined phenomenon, but rather tangible entities; they were part of the Chaotic Sword.

The flying sword abruptly sped up along with the four light rays of the Chaotic Sword, all heading toward Jian Ruoyun.

At last Liu Shisui attacked, as forcefully as he could.

Seeing the bright sword light and four beams of the Chaotic Sword, Jian Ruoyun waved his sleeve casually, his expression unchanged.

A gray flying sword rose up, coming toward Liu Shisui in an instant.

"As fast as lightning" was usually an exaggerated description.

But Jian Ruoyun’s sword was actually as fast as actual lightning, so fast that no naked eyes could see it.

Liu Shisui’s sword was blocked before its stored energy could apply power.

Two flying swords met above the stone forest.

The sound of sword clashing echoed in the valley.

Then the two flying swords separated, and then met again.

And again…and again...

In mere moments, the two flying swords clashed countless times.

The crisp sword sounds were as frequent as raindrops.

Countless sparks of fire spread, like silvery flowers in a tree blooming in front of the mountain peak, brightly illuminating this forest of stone.

Even the sun in the sky appeared dimmer.

The two flying swords fought fervently in the sky.

Standing on their respective stone posts one thousand yards apart and keeping their hands behind their backs, Liu Shisui and Jian Ruoyun stared at each other quietly.

After a long while, both the gray sword light and the bright sword light abruptly retreated.

They flew back to Liu Shisui and Jian Ruoyun .

The disciples at the bottom of the stone forest were truly stunned.

Big Brother Jian Ruoyun’s sword Cultivation was apparently stronger than Liu Shisui’s, so why did their sword fight end up in a draw?

The two flying swords quivered faintly, with hundreds of tiny cracks on the shafts of both swords; it seemed their sword materials were close in quality as well.

Jian Ruoyun glanced at his sword.

Liu Shisui took a step forward without even looking at his sword.

The top of the stone post had just enough space for one person standing on it.

It meant he had stepped off the stone post.

Yet his flying sword was waiting there.

From beginning to end, it had remained quiet on the stone platform for the disciples of Liangwang Peak, from when Jian Ruoshan called out Jing Jiu for combat and ended up being severely wounded by Liu Shisui to Liu Shisui calling out Jian Ruoyun for combat.

And Guo Nanshan, Gu Han and Ma Hua remained absolutely silent.

Witnessing the scene above the stone forest, Gu Han thought of the first step Liu Shisui took on Sword Peak years ago, feeling both proud and resentful.

The two sword lights illuminated the stone forest again.

At that moment, Liu Shisui and Jian Ruoyun fought on their respective flying swords, many times more dangerous than before.

The two sword lights sometimes fell into the clouds; sometimes they flew up into the sky, and they even reached the top of Tianguang Peak when they flew to the highest elevation.

The clouds were stirred like boiling water, and many sword ruts appeared on the cliff walls, with stone chips falling down from time to time.

The two sword lights moved too fast to be seen clearly by the regular disciples.

Only those disciples with higher Cultivation states and masters of the nine peaks knew how intense and dangerous this sword fight had become.

Whoosh!!! Whoosh!!!

The two sword lights separated again.

The two of them landed back on their respective stone posts.

A trickle of blood oozed out from one corner of Liu Shisui’s mouth.

There was a cut on Jian Ruoyun’s sleeve.

The fight on the flying swords was not simply about sword riding.

The ridden sword had to change the directions constantly after leaving the stone post in order to prevent the opponent’s flying sword from attacking once it broke off from your sword; it was very important to always defend oneself, and since one had to travel on the sword, the attacking force of the flying sword was a lot weaker.

In this kind of battle, Liu Shisui should have the advantage, as he had already acquired the Chaotic Sword; he should still be able to attack the opponent in the air while traveling on the sword. However, Liu Shisui didn’t expect Jian Ruoyun to possess such excellent sword riding skills that would allow him to dodge his Chaotic Sword attack so well and then used the sword force to crash him.

"Why do the disciples of our sect rarely practice the Chaotic Sword? Because it is the deviant method."

Standing on the stone post one thousand yards away, Jian Ruoyun said to Liu Shisui, "It seems the Devil Pill can only help you so much."

A gust of wind pushed up the clouds beneath the top of the stone posts, stirring up Jian Ruoyun’s green clothes.

A strong energy emitted from his body, and the flying sword sensed it, cutting through the clouds with a white smoke.

Someone yelled surprisingly, "It is the seventh form of the Old Bird sword style, the Summoned Cloud!"

Before joining Liangwang Peak, Jian Ruoyun had been the personal disciple of the Peak Master of Yunxing.

The main sword of Yunxing Peak was the Sword of Absolute Emptiness, and the sword style was the Old Bird with thirteen forms.

If a disciple with the State of the Undefeated could learn the fifth form, he would be considered a talented disciple.

In fact, Jian Ruoyun had learned the seventh form, the Summoned Cloud!

It was rumored that he had made breakthroughs within the half a year he was imprisoned in the stone room on Shangde Peak; it appeared as though he had grasped the true essence of the Old Bird sword style!

Watching the intermittently visible flying sword in the clouds, his colleagues were seen with admiration on their faces.

The disciples of Yunxing Peak cheered him on loudly, and the masters nodded in appreciation.

Seeing the flying sword coming along with the cloud, Liu Shisui called out his sword again, but his expression changed slightly.

Jing Jiu had said his eyebrows were too straight. In fact, his sword was even straighter.

The bright flying sword illuminated the stone forest, and flew straight forward.

As the two swords were about to meet, a loud, thudding bang sounded in the stone forest.

The white cloud rose up, bringing with it an enormous energy, like the ocean waves rolling in all sides; the two swords were instantly swallowed up into the cloudy waves.

Liu Shisui felt his connection with the flying sword growing weaker.

Suddenly, Jian Ruoyun’s sword appeared again, right in front of Liu Shisui!

This gray sword seemed having traveled t space in no time.

The surprised screams rang out at the bottom of the stone forest.

He had used the change in clouds; He had learned the heavenly and earthly way!

Jian Ruoyun had proven he was already qualified to peer into the door of the State of Free Travel.

The gray sword was piercing toward Liu Shisui’s forehead, without any intention to stop.

Everybody thought Jian Ruoyun would halt his sword in last second, so they were not so worried.

However, Liu Shisui could undeniably sense Jian Ruoyun’s murderous intent.

His face was pale, and the looks on Liu Shisui’s face expressed resentment and a hint of determination!
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