The Path Toward Heaven
96 The Wild Fire and Hatred
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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96 The Wild Fire and Hatred

Liu Shisui came to the Sword Trial arena under the countless shocking gazes.

The weed-like hair covered his eyes, making him look like a prisoner.

"What are you doing here?" Elder Bai Rujing yelled at him sternly, a nasty expression forming on his face.

As an elder of Tianguang Peak in the State of Broken Sea, he had taught a disciple who secretly ate the Devil Pill; this was the most humiliating experience of his entire life.

Liu spoke hoarsely, without raising his head, saying, "This disciple wants to take part in the Sword Trial."

Bai Rujing’s expression became even colder. "What qualifies you to take part in the Sword Trial?! Get out of here immediately!" he bellowed at Liu Shisui.

"Master…I’m a disciple of Green Mountain, why can’t I take part in the Sword Trial?"

Liu Shisui’s head was still lowered, and his voice was still very hoarse.

Looking at his appearance and listening to his voice, many disciples felt sympathetic.

The female disciples of Qingrong Peak felt it was especially heart-wrenching.

Jian Ruoshan sneered at Liu Shisui. "You ate the Devil Pill secretly, but my brother was imprisoned unfairly for your wrongdoing. And I know you also committed other wrongdoings, but the masters haven’t found any proof yet, otherwise you would have been expelled from the mountain gate and your Cultivation would have been wiped out. Now you even have the nerve to come here and ask why you’re not allowed to take part in the Sword Trial!" Jian Ruoshan rebuked.

Liu Shisui didn’t respond, remaining silent and waiting for Bai Rujing’s reply.

Jian Ruoshan suddenly laughed, and then said with a mocking tone, "Now that you really want to take part in the Sword Trial, why not fight then, since I’m already here?!"

After saying that, he called out his flying sword.

The sword was made of dark gold, about two and half feet long, exuding a humming noise and vibrated at a speed that could not be perceived by human eyes

Liu Shisui abruptly waved his hand.

A shadow came out from his worn-out sleeve.

A strong gust of wind arose abruptly.

A couple of green light rays left his sleeve, heading toward Jian Ruoshan.

After a crisp sword clattering sound, the dark-gold sword flew away diagonally.

Pop!!! Pop!!! Pop!!!

Jian Ruoshan was knocked one hundred yards away, crashing into the cliff wall, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood and unable to get up.

There appeared a few visible ruptures on his body.

"The Chaotic Sword!"

"The Leaving Sword!"

Shocked scream rang out throughout the arena.

Some masters were so shocked that they couldn’t help but stand up.

Even the Peak Master of Qingrong had a grave feeling.

Be it the Chaotic Sword or the Leaving Sword, acquiring either extremely difficult, and the acquisition of these swords had requirements.

The requirement was that Liu Shisui had already completed the Tempered Will of the Sword, and was not simply in the initial state.

His gloomy and quiet stone room on Tianguang Peak was not visited by anybody, and there were very few intimidating wills of swords like on Yunxing Peak.

However, there was an unsettled wild flame inside him.

The wild fire had burned for two years, making it difficult for him to sleep for many night

"You dared launch a sneak attack!"

The infuriated Bai Rujing bellowed, "Today I’m going to destroy your Cultivation!"

The destructive infighting between the master and his disciple was stopped by someone.

"Wait a minute, Elder Bai."

Chi Yan said emotionlessly, "I’ve seen it clearly, it was Jian Ruoshan who challenged Liu Shisui first, and it was also Jian Ruoshan who pulled out his sword first, how could you claim Liu Shisui launched a sneak attack on him?"

According to the rules of the Sword Trial of Green Mountain, once one party called out the flying sword, the combat automatically began.

Since Chi Yan was the elder of Shangde Peak, he had the authority to explain the sect rules.

But why would he help Liu Shisui?

After some thought, the disciples realized it had something to do with the tension between two peaks.

Tianguang Peak produced a disgraced disciple, so those of Shangde Peak should have been happy.

In the Green Mountain, the relationship between Tianguang Peak and Shangde Peak was always complicated.

Everybody knew the reason, but nobody dared speak out.

The peak masters and the elders on the stone platforms remained silent, so the disciples didn’t dare express their opinions.

"What you said is correct. As long as you are not expelled from the mountain gate, you are still a disciple of Green Mountain, and qualified to take part in the Sword Trial."

Looking at Liu Shisui, Chi Yan said, without any facial expression, "But you should know, the drawings are over."

Liu Shisui said with his head lowered, "I’d like to name an opponent."

As Jian Ruoshan named somebody to challenge, Liu Shisui should of course be allowed to do the same.

After a moment of silence, Chi Yan asked, "Whom would you like to challenge?"

Liu Shisui lifted his head, looking at a spot in the cliff.

The weed-like hair couldn’t conceal his bright and sharp eyes.

"Jian Ruoyun…Big Brother."

Uproar arose again.

The disciples around the stone forest were extremely shocked upon hearing this.

Two years ago, Jian Ruoyun was wrongfully blamed and locked in the stone room for half a year, all because of Liu secretly eating the Devil Pill and falling unconscious. Liu Shisui didn’t repent for his wrongdoing and the harm he brought to Jian Ruoyun, but instead dared to challenge Jian Ruoyun. This was truly ridiculous. Did he really think his current situation was actually caused by Jian Ruoyun?

Jian Ruoyun came to the arena along with a faint sword light. "Younger Brother Liu, why do you have to do this? Do you still think it was my fault? It’s true, I didn’t watch you closely, and let you make such a big mistake, but…it was you who made the mistake," he said to Liu Shisui with a sentimental tone.

Liu Shisui retorted, "Really? Was the person who made the mistake really me?"

Jian Ruoyun’s expression changed slightly.

Staring into his eyes, Liu Shisui said, "You know exactly what had happened, but you’ve never said anything. What had actually happened was…"

"It’s no use talking about. Now that you think it was my fault, then let’s fight. But I have to tell you, you have no chance of beating me, even though you ate the Devil Pill."

Jian Ruoyun had suddenly interrupted Liu’s speech, but his face somehow turned slightly pale.

After a silent moment, Liu Shisui said, "Well, I have said it so many times in the last two years, nobody has believed me, so there is no point in saying it again."

Having said that, he stopped talking and rode his sword upward, landing on a stone post in the west.

Jian Ruoyun raised his eyebrows a little and rode his sword upward without saying anything further as he landed on a stone post in the east.

The distance between the two posts was about one thousand feet.

Jian Ruoyun was ranked fourth on Liangwang Peak and had a profound sword Cultivation; it was said that he had more breakthroughs during his imprisonment in the stone room, and probably had reached the upper state of the Undefeated State.

It would only take him a few more years to reach the State of Free Travel.

Except for Guo Nanshan and Zhuo Rusui behind closed doors and a few others, who among the disciples of the third generation could challenge him?

It was deadly quiet around the stone forest.

Nobody thought Liu Shisui had any chance of winning even though he had acquired the Tempered Will of the Sword and the Chaotic Sword.

A moment later, shocked screams could be heard everywhere, especially on the stone platforms where the masters were sitting.

This was because Liu Shisui drew his sword.

It was not because his sword looked hideous; on the contrary, his sword appeared very peaceful.

Using "peaceful" to describe the flying sword was a bizarre thing.

Liu Shisui’s sword flew forward.

Very slowly.

Like having a heavy burden.

As heavy as the heavens

The expression on Bai Rujing’s face changed.

Bai Rujing had taught Liu Shisui that sword style.

However, he merely taught Liu Shisui for half a year, and he never though Liu could actually grasp the true essence of the Inherited Heaven sword style.

He suddenly regretted doing so.
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