The Path Toward Heaven
62 Liu Ada
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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62 Liu Ada

There was a cluster of buildings in front of the white cliff, on the west side of Bihu Peak, where the lodgings for the disciples and masters of Bihu Peak stood.

The Peak Master, Cheng Youtian, stood in front of the Tide Hall. He looked at the island in the blue lake in the distance, frowning slightly, feeling somewhat worried.

He was the personal disciple of the previous Peak Master before Lei Poyun, and he and Lei Poyun didn’t have the same master.

Over the last few years, he had stayed deep within the Green Mountains, on the Hermit Peak, focusing on his private Cultivation, hearing only vaguely about the happenings on the nine peaks, and he had no intention of dealing with all these problems. However, he didn’t want the inheritance of Bihu Peak to be broken, or to let that weirdo on Shangde Peak grab Bihu Peak, so he had to come back from the Hermit Peak to defeat Chi Yan before the Inherited Sword Competition.

Tonight’s rainstorm was much stronger than expected. Did that mean something?

Two important figures of Bihu Peak had already died. They hadn’t died battling demons, but had instead died senselessly.

Many disciples of Bihu Peak were furious about these deaths, and demanded justice from the Sect Master, only to find themselves suppressed by him.

Was this heavenly punishment for the evil deeds Bihu Peak had done?

Looking at the hundreds of spider-web-like lightning flashes in the night sky, Cheng Youtian felt a certain sense of awe.

Many people in the nine peaks were also watching Bihu Peak, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Yet few people could perceive what was unusual about heaven’s might.

By the cliff edge of Tianguang Peak and by the railings of Shangde Peak, the two greatest figures in the Green Mountains were silently watching Bihu Peak.

Countless bolts of lightning flashed across the night sky. The torrential rains had turned the sky into something dream-like and unreal.

Looking at such beautiful scenery, what was on their minds?

If the white cat actually attacked, Jing Jiu would probably die, even if he was different from the regular practitioners.

That was Jing Jiu’s conclusion.

For his current cultivation state, that white cat was too dangerous.

"I know that you were not involved in that incident. You didn’t have the courage."

In fact, the more alarmed he was by the white cat, the more careless he appeared, showing a great deal of confidence.

"However, if you still don’t choose to stand on my side this time, you should know what I will do."

Having said that, Jing Jiu turned around, ready to leave.

It seemed like his language was aggressive enough, and his leaving movement was careless, not taking the white cat into consideration.

Yet at this moment, he knew he was mistaken; he forgot that white cat observed everything thoroughly, so there was a sudden unexpected twist.

The white cat suddenly raised his right paw, waving at Jing Jiu once at a distance of almost one hundred yards.

The cat was still very alert and cautious, so he didn’t straighten his leg, seemingly prepared to pull it back at any moment.

His movement looked very cute, as if he was going to scratch Jing Jiu to relieve his itchiness.

In fact, this movement was terrifying.

Hundreds of lightning flashes across an area of night sky a few square miles wide had formed what looked like a gigantic net, which suddenly changed shape as if it were being pulled.

It seemed as if a huge invisible hand were scratching its fingernails across the night sky.

Numerous lightning flashes were cut in half, gathering together in a heartbeat, turning into a thick column of light that shot downward toward the blue lake.

The cold ray of light scratched out by the cat’s paw easily cut through the dense rain, reaching Jing Jiu.

At the same time, the thick column of lightning arrived alongside the cold ray of light.


The lightning and the cold light ray hit Jing Jiu squarely in the chest.

Without a painful cry or a terrible scream, Jing Jiu was knocked one thousand yards away, flung as if he were an unfeeling stone.

He fell into the lake, splashing into the water. Any sound he made was drowned by the rainstorm.

The lake waters calmed down once more.

The waters looked as any lake would during a rainstorm, like an undulating wave painting.

The white cat left the palace, walking toward the lakeshore.

The wet long fur on his body drooped downward, but rather than looking pitiful, he appeared valiant.

He looked like a king inspecting his territory, watching the surface of the lake silently, focused and cautious.

A long time passed, and there was no movement in the lake.

The hint of caution in his eyes gave way to a look of conceit and cruelty.

All of a sudden, his pupils shrank to the size of tiny peas, and his body tilted to the right, as if ready to turn around and flee at any moment.

In the rain, the blue lake looked as it did before.

Slowly, a wave appeared in the lake, from which Jing Jiu walked out.

In the rainstorm, a human and a cat faced each other.

Jing Jiu knew that the scratching paw movement by the white cat wasn’t intended to kill him, but was simply a test.

Of course, if he died, the white cat would be pleased as well.

Or, if the cat thought he was very weak and could be killed at will, then…the cat might kill him for real.

This is how cats are.

A cat can be very kind and humble when he needs to be fed by his master.

However, when his master cannot provide food anymore, he will jump out the window and leave without hesitation and nostalgia.

The horrible part is that if you were to die, and if your cat were hungry, he would eat you as his food.

The worst part is that he would start with your face, his white fur matted with blood, creating a truly terrifying scene.

Jing Jiu walked toward the white cat.

He was breathing evenly and walking steadily, and nothing looked different about him, except for the tattered clothing on his chest.

It seemed that the horrible lightning flash and the cold ray of light generated by the cat’s paw hadn’t caused him any serious harm.

On seeing this scene, the white cat’s shrunken pupils expressed a hint of disbelief, then apprehension.

Why didn’t you die after the hit? Why didn’t you receive any damage?

Jing Jiu walked over and squatted down in front of the white cat, raising his right hand.

Staring at his hand, the white cat wanted to flee, but for some reason, he didn’t.

All of his fur stood up, showing great alarm as he sensed the danger.

The sense of danger didn’t come from Jing Jiu’s power or strength, but from his instinct, or perhaps the mark that many years of experience had left on his spirit.

"Liu Ada," said Jing Jiu, looking at him. "I fed you for so many years, but I still can’t gain your loyalty!"

The white cat turned out to have a rather strange name.

Jing Jiu dropped his hand.

Turning his head away, the white cat pretended not to have seen Jing Jiu’s movement, but his body was slightly trembling, clearly suppressing his urge to flee.

"You’re the same as you were years ago," thought Jing Jiu. "Bullying the weak and fearing the strong, a sensitive coward. Not daring to attack before you know your opponent."

While thinking about these things, Jing Jiu’s hand had already landed on the white cat’s head, rubbing it gently.

He petted the cat deftly.

His petting hand slid from the white cat’s head over his neck then to his back, down to the root of his tail, fast like the blowing of the wind.

Next he repeated the same movement.

Over and over again, it seemed like it was never going to end.

If Chi Yan, Mei Li and others saw this scene, they wouldn’t suspect he was from the Fruit Formation Temple anymore.

Jing Jiu rubbed Liu Shisui and Zhao Layue’s heads the same way.

This was his habit. It was nothing to do with the Blessing on the Head.

As Jing Jiu stroked him, the white cat stopped trembling, growing steady and calm.

"Are you worried that he is still alive, and if you stood on my side, he would cause you trouble?" asked Jing Jiu, looking at the white cat.

The white cat lay in the wet grass, feeling quite cozy. Upon hearing what Jing Jiu said, he still looked in a different direction, but his ears twitched.

Jing Jiu understood what he meant.

--You asked a question to which you knew the answer.

"Then are you going to remain neutral between two of us?" asked Jing Jiu.

The white cat rotated his head and shot a glimpse at Jing Jiu.

--Two strange and formidable brothers. Why would I dare offend either of you?

"Now I understand why you chose such a position."

Jing Jiu’s voice, like his rain-soaked and tattered white clothing, grew somewhat feeble.

He stood up and gazed westward at the buildings at the foot of the cliff. "I’m afraid that child Lei Poyun didn’t know anything, but Lei died because of him. What a pity."

The white cat thought that idiot’s death wasn’t worth pitying.

"I’ll come to visit you later," Jing Jiu said to the white cat.

The white cat gave him a cold stare. If you’re still alive, you mean.

Jing Jiu waded into the blue lake, soon disappearing in the water, disappearing without a trace.

Wheeling around, the white cat came to a tall tree.

The wild cats on the tree had already escaped.

The white cat jumped nimbly, like a specter, onto the treetop, about fifty feet high.

He lay down with his weight on his front paws, paying no attention to the downpour.

He looked at the lake surface, making sure Jing Jiu had left. For a second, there was a murderous gleam in his eyes.

The thunderstorm gradually died down, and the Soul Wood in the palace sank by itself, entering the spiritual vein for self-nourishment. The small island fell back to its regular tranquility.

The night clouds scattered, and the sky was filled with stars again.

The starlight shone on the blue lake, reflected by its mirror-like waters.

The white cat lay on the treetop quietly, looking at the blue lake. The expression in his eyes softened. He felt a slight longing for something.

It was much less comfortable to rub against tree bark than it was to rub oneself against a human hand. Hands were warm and soft.

Suddenly he felt a bit tired.

At that moment, Jing Jiu’s cultivation state was low, but he exerted a powerful mental pressure.

The white cat yawned with a wide open mouth.

The night sky and the lake surface became dimmer, and the starlight seemed to darken for a short moment.

It was as if they were being swallowed.
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