The Path Toward Heaven
60 The Idiots and The Ghos
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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60 The Idiots and The Ghos

The quietness in the cliff remained for awhile.

"Don’t feel discouraged. As long as you practice hard, you’ll have another chance in three years."

Gu Han talked to him with encouraging and comforting words as a big brother; but seeing Gu Qing standing by the pile of broken branches, he felt awful again.

"When I heard that you came to Shenmo Peak, I couldn’t believe it, and yet it actually is true." And Gu Han looked at Gu Qing, saying sternly, "You come down from this mountain with me and prepare to accept your punishment."

Gu Qing said calmly, "I’m not a disciple of Liangwang Peak, nor am I in Class A; you don’t have the right to punish me."

Gu Han got really angry just then, his expression becoming colder as he yelled, "Even if I can’t use the peak rules, I still can punish you by using the family rules on behalf of our father!"

Gu Qing looked at him, managing a thin smile, saying, "You guys are telling Liu Shisui again and again that all the relationships and affairs should be cut off once entering the mountain gate, all in an attempt to disconnect his relationship with Jing Jiu; why do I get different treatment? Where is the family? The Green Mountain is my family now. So now, what are those family rules…Big Brother Gu?"

He said the last three words more loudly.

Gu Han gave him a bitter gaze before suddenly turning around and walking away without a word.

When he climbed atop the peak, he raised his sword-like eyebrows in a sense of mockery at the sight of the bamboo chair.

Jing Jiu sensed someone approaching with his eyes closed.

"Did you provoke him?" asked Gu Han. "Even though some masters of the peaks appreciate you, are you willing to be the enemy of both the Gu family and Liangwang Peak?"

Jing Jiu didn’t pay attention to him, his eyes remaining closed as he merely raised his right hand.

A monkey came out from the forest, picking up a pebble and throwing it into the manor cave.


Soon, Zhao Layue walked out from the manor cave.

Feeling quite uneasy while seeing her, Gu Han bowed with some mental struggle, saying, "My greetings, Peak Master."

Zhao Layue hadn’t slept that whole night, the sword manual being on her mind at all times, so she didn’t give courtesy much consideration, saying bluntly, "No need. What’s the matter?"

Gu Han was startled by her tone for a bit before saying, "I’d like to bring Gu Qing back."

Zhao Layue glanced at Jing Jiu once.

Jing Jiu was still silent.

Turning toward Gu Han, Zhao Layue said, "Gu Qing is not a disciple of Liangwang Peak anymore."

"But he doesn’t belong to Shenmo Peak either," said Gu Han solemnly. "According to the sect rules, he can’t stay on the ninth peak."

"He is simply staying here for the time being, just like he did on Liangwang Peak," said Zhao Layue.

Gu Han remained silent for a while, then bowed before leaving without saying another word.

On the mountain path, he felt a bit unpleasant when he saw Zhao Layue glance at Jing Jiu once before answering his question, and Gu Han couldn’t help but turn around, looking at the peak top, happening to see Zhao Layue walking toward the side of the bamboo chair, talking to Jing Jiu with her head lowered and at a very close distance…

Gu Han couldn’t control his emotions any longer, the will of sword coming out from his body, stimulated by his uncontainable passion.


Countless broken leaves fell down from a tall tree by the path, a deep cut appearing on the tree trunk, which could be broken in half if pushed slightly.

The monkeys in the forest were startled, gathering around with strange screams, gazing from the nearly broken tree to Gu Han with surprised looks in their eyes, as if staring at an idiot

Gu Han was really upset now, and considered punishing these animals; but having thought about the strict rules of the Green Mountain Sect, he could only sneer coldly.

His figure faded away gradually, leaving the mountain path.

The monkeys pushed down the tree easily and hauled it up to the broken cliff for that idiot who didn’t know how to build a house; they were making noise all the way, which was quite an exciting scene.

"I heard that Gu Qing is the concubine-born brother of Gu Han’s, mistreated at home," said Zhao Layue.

"I know nothing about that," said Jing Jiu, opening his eyes.

That also meant that he didn’t care about it.

Zhao Layue really didn’t care about this family matter either; it was another matter that concerned her.

"Do you think Gu Qing might be a spy sent here by Liangwang Peak?"

"You’re thinking too much again."

"Did I tell you that I’m good at scheming?"

"You still think too much."

"There are nine peaks on the Green Mountain; if all the peaks are suspicious of each other, why don’t we just break up and go separate ways?" said Jing Jiu.

Of course the nine peaks couldn’t break up, but the Green Mountain Sect was full with some serious issues right now.

On the top of Yunxing Peak, Zhuo Yi of Bihu Peak intended to kill Zhao Layue because they knew she was investigating these issues.

For instance, what was the reason the Peak Master of Bihu had gone mad? And why did Master Meng have to kill Yin San?

All these issues were proven to exist; it was just a matter of seeing when they be exposed.

In midsummer, Shenmo Peak was brimming with lives, becoming noisier, and the screams of monkeys were replaced by the songs of cicadas, which became the main melody on the peak.

A rainstorm suddenly came one night, and countless rounds of thunder and lightning took place in the dark clouds as bolts of lightning struck the ground. However, neither thunder and lightning nor rainstorm could penetrate the shield of the Green Mountain Formation, only falling down on the surrounding areas of the Green Mountains.

During the intervals of the lightning, the dark sky was illuminated by dozens of sword lights.

The disciples of the peaks rode their flying swords toward the outside of the formation.

For the swordsmen of the Undefeated State or even the Free Travel State, their main purpose for today’s sword riding was to wash their swords by means of thunder.

Both the flying swords and their Sword Pills needed to be washed and tempered by this purest energy.

For those disciples with the State of Inherited Will, this thunderstorm could help them get accustomed to the new environment.

--If you let your will follow nature and use nature for its own sake, then nature will benefit you.

Those disciples who had entered the State of Inherited Will could perceive the ever broader heaven and earth, becoming more sensitive.

They had gained the ability to hear the sounds of insects from even one hundred yards away.

If they couldn’t get accustomed to the situation, these disciples would be disturbed all night long, even going mad.

This powerful thunderstorm was naturally the best opportunity for Cultivation.

Nobody knew Jing Jiu had already entered the State of Inherited Will a few days ago.

He didn’t join the group going outside the Green Mountain Formation, but not because he couldn’t ride a flying sword.

Standing by the cliff edge in silence, he listened to the thunder in the distance.

He had a pair of atypical sword eyes, and with his hearing was also far superior to that of a normal person, not to mention his newly acquired State of Inherited Will, it was quite possible for him to be shocked senseless by the loud thunder, even from a long distance.

Jing Jiu used an unknown method to prevent himself from being disturbed by the thunderstorm.

Outside the Green Mountain Formation, a flash of lightning struck a tall tree on a nameless peak.


That tall tree was split in half in the middle, causing a big fire that was gradually put out by the pouring rain.

The scene made Jing Jiu think about the Thunder-Soul Wood as he then turned his eyes toward a certain peak.

The night sky in that direction looked as if a gap had been sliced into it, where the lightning constantly struck down and the downpour seemed like a bottomless waterfall, forming a white chain and creating a beautiful sight.

That place was Bihu Peak.

Zhao Layue found out that two pieces of Bihu Peak had lost two pieces of Thunder-Soul who used the other one?

Jing Jiu thought about it for a year in the small village, predicting that he would encounter a few critical issues, and this was one of them.

Lei Poyun was involved in this thing, so he was under a great deal of pressure, eventually going mad and being killed in order to permanently keep his mouth shut.

Jing Jiu made a decision.

He was going to Bihu Peak to take a look.

Even though he had figured out that there were many possibilities, but he wasn’t sure what action he would take next before obtaining enough proof.

As he couldn’t ask anybody for an answer, he was going to ask the ghost.
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