The Path Toward Heaven
53 A Secret Within Everyone
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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53 A Secret Within Everyone

Staring into Chi Yan’s eyes, Mei Li said, "Could you give us a reason?"

"Jing Jiu’s family in Zhaoge is seemingly not related to the Imperial Court, but have, in fact, some sort of clandestine relationship with them, as his ancestors served the previous Emperors," Chi Yan said. "As we all know, the Imperial Court and the Zen Sects are always on good terms, and the rumors even have it that the former Emperor faked his death and is actually cultivating in secret at the Fruit Formation Temple."

"Please continue," The Peak Master of Xilai said.

Chi Yan added, "The Fruit Formation Temple had sent their Principal Justice over here during the Inheritance Competition; there was a reason for that."

The Principal Justice had rather high ranking in the Fruit Formation Temple and was the most important dignitary among the visiting guests, deserving to be received as an equal to the Peak Master of Xilai.

He usually wouldn’t have been bothered by something like the Inherited Sword Competition.

From beginning to end, this Principal Justice remained silent, but had waited at the foot of Shenmo Peak all night yesterday.

Why? The high-ranking monks of the Zen sects were usually not interested in mass events. It was understandable that those two princes of Zhaoge City were worried about Zhao Layue, but what was his interest in the matter?

People in the hall were pondering this question.

Mei Li asked, "The issue is, if Jing Jiu was from the Fruit Formation Temple, then he would know how to dismantle the Prohibited Formation of Shenmo?"

"Senior Master Jing Yang was on good terms with the Fruit Formation Temple."

Looking at the crowd, Chi Yan said, "You shouldn’t have forgotten, the ninth peak never had any outside guests, but the Young Zen Master stayed on the peak for one hundred days."

Having thought about that episode, Mei Li’s pretty face revealed a wonderful smile.

"That little monk was so cute. I’d like to keep him for a few more days as well."

"Young Sister, show some respect to the Young Zen Master," scolded the Peak Master of Xilai.

Mei Li’s shy smile indicated that she wasn’t going to say anything more.

"There is another way to climb atop the peak…using the Golden Steel Shield; if Jing Jiu was from the Fruit Formation Temple, that would explain it," said Chi Yan.

"The disciples of younger generation have said that Jing Jiu likes rubbing someone’s head," said the Elder of Yunxing Peak.

Both Liu Shisui’s and Zhao Layue’s heads were rubbed by Jing Jiu, which was witnessed by quite a few people.

"What does it mean?" asked Mei Li.

"The monks of Zen sects like this gesture, called Blessing on the Head," said the Elder of Yunxing Peak.

"Big Brother is really funny," said Mei Li with a hearty laugh.

Chi Yan laughed as well, saying, "This is merely baseless conjecture, and so these debates should stay here to avoid upsetting the disciple."

The Peak Master of Xilai sighed, "He is not a disciple anymore, but a colleague; I have to call him Young Brother, it’s…really complicated."

Elder Chen of Bihu Peak didn’t quite get what was on everybody’s mind, saying sternly, "If Jing Jiu was from the Fruit Formation Temple, what shall we do then?"

Glancing his way, the Peak Master of Xilai said casually, "We have to keep him here; what else can we do?"

"That’s right. We will try to bring him up as the second Broadsword King, letting those monks lose more than what they thought they could gain.

Touching his white eyebrows lightly and thinking of the prospect, the Peak Master of Xilai said, "If this were real, and actually came true, it would be wonderful."

On the top of Shangde Peak.

Walking into the deep end of the manor cave and seeing the figure by the well, Chi Yan said, "I said what I needed to say, but it seemed they didn’t quite believe it; in fact, the story is indeed flimsy."

Wheeling around, Yuan Qijing said with a flat face, "When the Broadsword King revealed his identity to them, who among those poor guys of Windy Broadsword Sect had even believed him?"

He was referring to a past event.

The Broadsword King was a monk at the Fruit Formation Temple.

He had chosen the north land for his experience and training in the mortal world, and joined a very small sect, using the broadsword.

In the midst of sky-filled wind and snow, he battled the enemies with that small sect, putting his life on the line with them; ten years later, he found that he could no longer leave that place.

As a result, the Fruit Formation Temple lost a highly achieved monk, but the north land gained a Broadsword King.

This past episode in the Cultivation world wasn’t a secret for those elders of the nine peaks of the Green Mountain.

The derisory exchange between the Peak Master of Xilai and Elder of Yunxing Peak was about this very event.

In fact, Chi Yan wasn’t quite sure why Big Brother asked him to say those things at the Xilai Hall, or why Big Brother concealed his true Cultivation state; did he really intend to contend with Tianguang Peak?

Yuan Qijing sneered, saying, "That Jing Jiu is obviously suspicious."

Chi Yan agreed, saying, "But it seems he has never thought to conceal himself, and so it’s odd."

"Since we can’t get any information from the Fruit Formation Temple, we just leave him alone for now. We should start with the investigation of Zhuo Yi’s murder, following the clues from Liangwang Peak," Yuan Qijing said.

Chi Yan promised to do so.

"At the same time, we should rein in Liangwang Peak a bit, otherwise the young ones will forget their true capabilities," said Yuan Qijing.

"Gu Qing has already admitted his failure," said Chi Yan.

Having kept silent for a while, Yuan Qijing asked, "Has anybody mentioned the Thoughtless Sword?"

Having thought about the scenes in the Hall of Xilai Peak, Chi Yan shook his head, saying, "Nobody mentioned it until the end."

As Immortal Jing Yang ascended, why didn’t he bring the Thoughtless Sword with him?

This was an important matter, but those people didn’t ask about it.


"There is a secret within everyone; they’re either afraid their secrets will be exposed or of uncovering the secrets of others."

Yuan Qijing sneered, saying, "Does the secret cease to exist if you don’t look for it?!"

On the top of Shenmo Peak.

"I think that was a bit much," said Zhao Layue, looking at the outside of the cliff.

Jing Jiu knew she meant his patting on Guo Nanshan’s shoulder and those remarks he made.

He didn’t explain, for that was subconscious behavior.

No matter how experienced and open-minded Guo Nanshan was, he was still a child in Jing Jiu’s eyes.

Returning her gaze toward Jing Jiu, Zhao Layue said, "The others think that you relied on me to climb atop the peak, and even say that you are shameless; why aren’t you angry?"

Rubbing her head, Jing Jiu said, "Having less trouble is a good thing."

Zhao Layue stared at him, wordless.

Jing Jiu pulled his hands back, placing them behind his back, saying, "I’ll be careful from now on."

"I’ve found you talk a lot more than usual when seeing Gu Han," said Zhao Layue.


Jing Jiu thought of a certain night.

That night Liu Shisui came to his manor cave to visit him secretly, and Liu had talked a lot, mentioning the name of Gu Han many times.

Jing Jiu thought it was kind of interesting…since that young man, Gu Han, made him feel uncomfortable.

Of course, the whole of Liangwang Peak made him feel uncomfortable.

"That’s why you are here," he thought while looking at the bracelet on his wrist.

"What is this? It looks like my bracelet, a sword as well?" asked Zhao Layue.

"It’s a secret," said Jing Jiu.

"You have too many secrets," said she.

"I remember someone said that people having their own secrets would keep peace with each other; I agreed with it then," said he.

"You don’t think so now?" questioned Zhao Layue.

"Have you noticed that things have gotten more complicated since our meeting?" asked Jing Jiu.

"Isn’t it because we are doing the same thing?!" asked Zhao Layue, looking at him quietly.

Jing Jiu didn’t quite catch what she had just said.

Zhao Layue turned around, walking into the manor cave.

The manor cave was basically in its original condition; only the teacup used by Jing Yang was misplaced by Zhao Layue.

She walked to the deep end of the manor cave, pushing open the cliff wall and seeing a line of plain clothes, her eyes brightened.

Soon, she came back to the cliff edge, wearing a plain-colored dress.

"Does it look good on me?"

She did a full turn in front of Jing Jiu, the hems of her dress flying up like a blooming flower.

This girl with natural Dao quality is still an aristocratic mistress and likes looking beautiful," thought Jing Jiu, answering, "Too big."

That plain-colored dress was left by Jing Yang, which was of course too big for a young girl.

The peak top was illuminated by a flash of bright light, the crimson red Thoughtless Sword flying out of the cave and around her body at a high speed.

Zzz!!! Zzz!!!

After some flashes of sword light, a few hem patches of her dress fell off.

The sleeves and the bottom hem of her dress were shortened, but it still looked baggy; in fact, it was really hard to fix the size in the waist.

Jing Jiu couldn’t stand it anymore, saying, "A few days later, Xilai Peak will send some caretakers over here who will be able to fix it for you."

Zhao Layue didn’t seem to hear what he said, opening both her arms, looking at her dress, feeling quite content.
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