The Path Toward Heaven
36 He is THE Jing Jiu
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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36 He is THE Jing Jiu

Zhao Layue glanced at him as she said, "Oh, you are here?!"

Jing Jiu uttered "Er" while watching the attractive place on the other side of the bank.

Standing there were a dozen disciples, their expressions calm and confident, all A Class students of Gu Han.

Jing Jiu didn’t recognize anybody there except for one person: Liu Shisui.

Jing Jiu gazed at Liu Shisui.

Liu Shisui returned his gaze.

As the disciples checked their surroundings, they were actually being observed by others.

On the huge stone platform between the cliffs, many people there looked down at the banks of the stream atop the mountain, veiled by the clouds and fog, and many of them were taking notes with their pen and paper.

The people busy with their eyes and pen and paper were those important figures on the nine peaks. They would be making decisions as to who would be selected to inherit their swords, so they were not willing to give up on any potential disciple.

The inner sect disciples were seemingly not supervised closely by the Green Mountain Sect, quite like the external disciples with the treatment given them, who could study the Scriptures of the Sword in any way they liked. In fact, the peaks secretly observed the disciples’ performance during the Sword Washing, checking out the temperament, specialty, state, and potential of each disciple thoroughly.

"Gu Qing can be excluded as a potential target; he will definitely return to Liangwang Peak."

"Liu Shisui’s situation is different. Though he will be called to Liangwang Peak, he might be willing to go to a peak for studying the sword."

"Ji Yuanliang’s state is not very stable, but he is quite talented in riding the sword, so he should be able to move up, he deserves a chance."

"As for Sikong Yiming, I have already talked to his mother…hum…using the connection of the Hanging-Bell Sect; his mother promised us, as long as we select him, he will for sure come to us."

"Xue Yong’e should be able to participate in the next Inherited Sword Competition, his Great Uncle said that he would advise Qi Faying on our behalf if we are willing to select Xue next time."

"Qi Faying has been practicing under Gu Han in the A Class for the past two years; it perhaps won’t be easy to persuade him."

"I’d like to reiterate, if he wants to go to Liangwang Peak, we are not going to stop it, but he must go there in our name."

"Then we should move his position ahead of Sikong Yiming."

Similar discussions occurred nonstop between the cliff walls.

Watching the young disciples by the stream, the masters and their personal disciples kept on figuring out all the possibilities, writing down one name after another, with some names being taken off and some names being moved up; the atmosphere was quite intense and grave.

This was the Inherited Sword Competition of the Green Mountain Sect.

The Tianguang Peak in the nine peaks of Green Mountain had a special position, the disciples usually wouldn’t refuse their selection.

Yet, the Shangde Peak was in an embarrassing situation, for few disciples voluntarily chose their peak.

The Liangwang Peak could select their disciples from all the peaks at any time, and they didn’t have to do anything at the Inherited Sword Competition; but the situation was different this year. Though the disciple Gu Qing would apply directly to joining Liangwang Peak, how could Guo Nanshan and others let Zhao Layue and Liu Shisui go somewhere else to prepare for the Plum Meeting a few years down the road?

Thus, the choices were getting tighter for Yunxing Peak and Bihu Peak, not to mention the others, so they had to select carefully and plan ahead.

Guo Nanshan was the principal disciple of the Sect Master and also the top disciple of Liangwang Peak. Over the years, he had led the young disciples to fight with demons and devils in the mortal world, and with the Underworld demons and monsters in the north in bloodshed, but he didn’t show any aura of cruelty or bloodthirst, and was instead rather friendly and mild-mannered.

He had great vision with a broad perspective, and he showed indifference toward many matters in the world.

Watching the two figures on the green rock, one standing and another sitting, Guo said, with a hint of repentance, "It doesn’t seem to be working."

This remark had two meanings.

A few days ago, after Zhao Layue returned from the Sword Peak, he engaged her in a fairly long conversation.

Yet, Zhao Layue still hadn’t promised to join Liangwang Peak in the end.

The second meaning was that Jing Jiu hadn’t succeeded yet in obtaining a sword, so he was unable to participate in this Inherited Sword Competition.

"Even if it’s working, I don’t think it’s working at all," Gu Han said coldly.

Ma Hua laughed, his chubby face wrinkled, saying, "Whatever is not working is not working."

The conclusion was that it’s not working.

Jing Jiu couldn’t be counted on.

Lin Wuzhi walked over from the bottom of the cliff.

Guo Nanshan nodded.

Lin Wuzhi nodded.

The two of them were both the personal disciples of the Sect Master, but for some unknown reason, they appeared aloof toward each other.

Lin Wuzhi suddenly stopped, saying, "Jing Jiu has registered."

"That’s a good thing," said Guo Nanshan after a while.

"Why does this guy try to do this time," Gu Han said grimly.

Ma Hua narrowed his eyes and smiled innocently, the expression in his eyes showing a trace of a chill glint.

"Senior Master Me has wanted him from the very beginning, it looks like his insight is indeed better than ours, the juniors’," Lin Wuzhi said while facing the Guo.

"I have high expectations for this youth as well," Guo Nanshan said.

"Really? I haven’t noticed," Lin Wuzhi said with an uncertain smile, glancing at Guo once. "Brother Guo simply wants to put him to the test."

"He is too proud, so it helps him with his Cultivation to experience some hardships," said Guo Nanshan.

"It has been so many years, and I am still not used to how much you believe in yourself," Lin Wuzhi remarked sentimentally.

"It’s because you don’t understand this student of yours," said Guo Nanshan.

"I’d like to hear it," said Lin, raising his eyebrows slightly.

Looking at the green rock in the stream, Guo said, "The so-called laziness is actually an attitude, looking down on everything in the world with indifference. This extreme pride has no positive effect on our Green Mountain Sect and in the lives in the world; if he can’t recognize this, then he isn’t qualified to come to our Liangwang Peak."

Lin Wuzhi sneered a little, "Have you ever thought that he doesn’t want to go to Liangwang Peak at all? Besides, what you are doing makes him unhappy; what other result could there be?"

"Joining the Liangwang Peak is the honor of every disciple, and he will understand this one day."

"Young Brother, since you are not willing to be defeated by my sword, then you shouldn’t stand by my side right now, should you?" said Guo Nanshan mildly, looking at Lin Wuzhi.

Looking at Guo quietly, suddenly Lin said, "I think you will be disappointed today…twice."

That green rock in the stream was in a noticeable spot.

Many people were staring at it.

All of them paid close attention to Zhao Layue, but part of the attention turned to her side.

The youth in the white clothing looked lazy but very attractive, his face looking so handsome.

"Is he Jing Jiu? He is handsome indeed."

"Fourth Sister, when you went to the South Pine Pavilion the year before last, did you really not see him? What a pity."

Watching the green rock in the stream, the female disciples of Qingrong Peak talked and discussed amongst themselves excitedly.

This was the first time they saw Jing Jiu, though they had heard a lot of things about him. After seeing him in person, they realized that seeing was believing.

Jing Jiu looked too attractive.

"Will he participate in the Inherited Sword Competition today?"

The disciples of Qingrong looked at the Senior Master Mei Li with great hope.

"Wait and see," said Mei Li, shaking her head.

The disciples of Qingrong Peak felt somewhat disappointed.

Mei Li felt the same way.

Both of Jing Jiu’s sleeves were moving with the wind, it was obvious that there was no sword hiding inside; it looked like the miracle didn’t happen and he still hadn’t obtained that sword.

Now Mei Li cared more about the choice Zhao Layue was about to make.

Of the nine peaks of Green Mountain, Qingrong and Xilai Peaks had more female disciples, especially the former, whose practitioners were mostly females.

From her perspective, someone like Zhao Layue, a female of natural Dao quality, should naturally come to Qingrong Peak to inherit the sword.

Of course, she thought a youth as handsome as Jing Jiu should come to Qingrong Peak as well.

Blown by the gentle wind with clouds being dispersed, a corner of the curtain was turned up.

A clean and tender voice came from behind the curtain, "Still no promise from Little Layue?"

"No, Peak Master. However, I heard she hasn’t promised anything to anybody else, so we should still have a chance."

"Hum…who is that youth in the white clothing by her side?"

"He is Jing Jiu."

"So he is the Jing Jiu."
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