The Path Toward Heaven
14 A Debut of Talen
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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14 A Debut of Talen

All the disciples greeted Master Lü and immediately explained that Brother Jing Jiu was here to help answer some tricky questions.

Lü’s expression seemed slightly different now, and after seeing that Jing Jiu was preoccupied with writing on the desk, Master Lü wondered what had made him help others with questions, so long as he was not teaching them wrong. However, thinking about the relationship between Jing Jiu and Liu Shisui, he felt somewhat nervous and demanded with a grudging tone, "Bring me that and let me have a look."

Jing Jiu had just finished writing the last word. Liu sensed no objection from him, taking the paper and handing it over to Master Lü with both hands.

Master Lü was getting ready to reproach him when he received the paper, but instead he uttered a gentle cry " after seeing what had been written on the paper.

The disciples didn't know what had just happened and stood nervously to the side.

Squinting his eyes slightly, Master Lü was not talking anymore, instead staring at the paper seriously.

The training hall was now even quieter than before.

"What's going on here?"

The more he read, the more amazed he became.

The entry-level methods of the Green Mountain Sect were not difficult, even simpler and more straightforward than those of other sects'; if one had some knowledge of Cultivation and practice, they should be able to pass easily.

But Liu and the majority of the disciples had no such knowledge, so it was natural that they encounter a lot of issues.

Though Jing Jiu came from an aristocratic family in Zhaoge and had some knowledge, what had been written on that paper demonstrated a superior understanding and capability.

Was it possible that he really has such a talent and advanced understanding?

Master Lü glanced at Jing once and the expression in his eyes was getting gentler.

When he saw the edited words on the last page, he could not help but frown and wanted to scold Jing Jiu, but he forced himself to stomach it because of his appreciation of Jing's work.

He handed the paper back to Liu and asked sternly while looking at these disciples, "Do you know why the external disciples at our Green Mountain Sect are only given instruction, but never explanations? It is because the head masters from all the peaks want to check on and observe your own understanding and conscience so that they know how to teach each of you based on your individual traits. You won’t be punished for asking your classmates for help—this time—because you didn’t know the reasons behind it, but don't do it again."

The disciples heard this and said they wouldn’t do it again, though they figured in their minds what Jing Jiu told them were most likely right.

It was at that moment, however, that Jing Jiu’s voice could once again be heard.

"This is a stupid approach, so it should be changed."

The training hall returned to quietness instantly. The disciples were stunned and thought Brother Jing Jiu was not only knowledgeable but also had such an extraordinary courage.

He dared to face the Master and challenge the rules of the sect!

Master Lü was astounded at first, but soon started laughing because this suggestion was too naive and laughable to even get angry at.

What? He thought the rules of the Green Mountain Sect were wrong and should be abolished...Does he think he’s the Headmaster?

Jing Jiu rarely had such a desire to talk, so he continued: "For example, somebody on Qingrong Peak...." He didn't pay attention to the expressions of Master Lü and other disciples.

Liu Shisui saw the facial reaction of Master Lü's and pulled on his sleeve right away.

Yet the worst thing the young disciples worried about did not happen.

Whatever Jing Jiu wanted to say was interrupted by a sudden and unexpected loud noise.

The loud noise came from somewhere outside the training hall, perhaps some faraway place, since the buzzing echoing = among the peaks was there for quite some time.

The disciples ran out and looked up towards the sky and found nothing but a few thin clouds floating, no trace of thunder and lightning.

And even if there were really a thunderstorm, it couldn’t break through the protection of the Green Mountain Matrix, but what was that thunder-like loud noise?

Master Lü and Jing Jiu walked out the training hall last; they knew very well what that noise meant.

"Over there!"

A disciple shouted with excitement.

There appeared a hole in the thin clouds, and it was clear and big enough for those on the ground to see the deep-blue sky, which looked like a beautiful ceramic tile.

A flash of sword light flew out from the hole in the clouds and shuttled about, going back and forth in the sky.

Looking at the scene and recalling rumored stories, the disciples started to realize somebody was flying on the sword.

The loud noise was caused by the flying sword cutting through the clouds and atmosphere.

But it was impossible for them to know which Brother in the inner sect was riding on the sword.

"Riding on a sword for the first time and being able to pierce the skies and create thunder? That is indeed natural Dao quality!"

Master Lü gave praise while watching that flash of sword light in the sky.

Upon hearing this remark, the disciples realized who was riding the sword, getting even more excited, talking about it nonstop.

A young female disciple, her face full of admiration, couldn't stop herself from shouting excitedly.

The cheers went up around the training hall, even among the surrounding mountain peaks.

Jing Jiu shook his head when he saw the traveling sword light in the sky, swinging constantly, the up-and-down movements showing some traces of instability.

It was obvious that the sword rider was inexperienced, single-mindedly pursuing speed; whoever was riding that sword was no good in his opinion.

But that ray of sword light soon straightened and stabilized, just like a white line in the blue sky, straight without ends.

It was something that exceeded his expectations. "Not bad," Jing Jiu relented.

The ray of sword light flew back to the peaks and disappeared, and the faint cheers from somewhere could still be heard.

The tense atmosphere in front of the training hall went away completely, and the young disciples were quite cheerful.

Jing Jiu didn't quite understand why there were so many cheers inside and outside the Green Mountain Sect. "It was merely a successful sword ride; was it really worth such jubilation," he thought.

"This is THE Big Sister," Liu Shisui exclaimed.

"Who?" Jing Jiu asked.

"She’s Sister Zhao," Liu Shisui said, this time with the big, open eyes.

"Who is that?" Jing Jiu asked again after some thoughts.

Liu Shisui realized that Jing Jiu didn't know that much about the goings-on in the sect since yesterday was his first time leaving the small courtyard, so he quickly told him stories about Sister Zhao.

Now Jing Jiu recalled that one of the disciples mentioned this gifted girl the day they arrived at the mountain gate, a woman seemingly by the name Zhao Layue.

In fact, Zhao Layue came to the Green Mountain Sect at the age of twelve; it took her only one year to achieve the State of Spiritual Stability and become an inner sect disciple.

It was said that she was recognized by an ancient sword as its master on the Yunxing Peak less than three months after she was admitted into the inner sect.

"Yunxing Peak is the Fourth Peak, surrounded by the clouds all year long; numerous swords over there are hidden among the rugged rocks between the cliffs, so it is also known as the Peak of Famous Swords," Liu Shisui explained.

"I know about this, but tell me more about her," Jing Jiu said.

"Sister Zhao is only fourteen years old, but she can already ride a flying is obvious that she has surpassed the State of Perfect Attainment and has even entered the State of Perfect Preservation," Liu expressed.

Jing Jiu glanced at him and said, "And?"

Liu Shisui thought the young master was not a suitable person to tell a story to; shouldn’t one be surprised after hearing about such an extraordinary deed.

A disciple said, "May geniuses have appeared over the years, such as Luo Huainan, Tong Yan, and Baizao, all of whom are even more famous and who entered the Fourth State at an even younger age... We are short of this kind of unsurpassed genius at the Green Mountain Sect since our Great Grandmaster ascended to heaven; though the Brothers on the Liangwang Peak are quite strong, it seems as if something was missing…"

Another disciple sneered: "It is because those people all lack knowledge, they don't know the Brothers on the Liangwang Peak are seeking the Dao while practicing the sword fight, so they don't care at all about the so-called State of Fame."

"We actually know that, but the disciples of other sects will not admit it," said the disciple who spoke earlier.

"Don’t forget that Brother Zhuo is cultivating behind closed doors on Tianguang Peak, and when he comes out, the whole land will tremble."

"But Brother Zhuo is only one person; a single tree can hardly form a forest. Sister Zhao has already broken all the practice records of the past one hundred years, and she will become a true Swordsman after the Inherited Sword Competition, which is to be held in two years’ time. She will be able to rival those young geniuses from other sects, even challenge that Zen monk from Guocheng Temple."

"I heard that all the peaks have already started the fighting over who will claim Sister Zhao. Is it true, Master Lü," the disciple asked.

Master Lü smiled lightly and said, "That is quite understandable, but it ultimately depends on which sword style she wants to choose herself."

Jing Jiu was familiar with that Zen monk from the Guocheng Temple mentioned by that disciple. He finally heard a name he recognized, he thought.

The female disciple named Zhao Layue was expected by the Green Mountain Sect to challenge the little monk. She seemed to be pretty good.
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