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The Path Toward Heaven

Author:Mao Ni

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Updates:Chapter 377: The Known Person Comes in the Wind and Snow

I am the sword. Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, no one dares take ten steps. Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, no one can take ten steps. Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, ten steps? Not possible! I am the sword, the sword is me, On the path towards heaven, each shall wield their own. 大道朝天
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Text
Chapter 1: Preface
Chapter 2: The Forbidden Fifteen Hundred Kilometers
Chapter 3: A Sword to Slice the Heavens
Chapter 4: The Youth Who Once Again Waded in the River
Chapter 5: Nine Days
Chapter 6: One Year
Chapter 7: Traveling to the Known Mountain
Chapter 8: The First Lesson
Chapter 9: Natural Dao Quality
Chapter 10: Your Choice
Chapter 11: Too Much Trouble for Jing Jiu
Chapter 12: Like a Flower
Chapter 13: Three Notes in the Training Hall
Chapter 14: A Debut of Talent
Chapter 15: Another Year
Chapter 16: The Departure
Chapter 17: I Was Wrong about You
Chapter 18: Not in One Cold Day
Chapter 19: One Without The Other
Chapter 20: Four Words in the Scripture of Swords
Chapter 21: Asking an Old Man for His Sword
Chapter 22: Returning the Sword to Green Mountain
Chapter 23: An Ugly Duckling’s First Flight
Chapter 24: A Conversant Reunion
Chapter 25: Nine Nights
Chapter 26: Needing a Sword
Chapter 27: Seeing a Pair of Eyes
Chapter 28: Something Happened on the Peak
Chapter 29: Eyeing Each Other amid the Bloody Flowers
Chapter 30: I Killed Him
Chapter 31: A Strange Being in the Clouds
Chapter 32: The Spring Water in the Teapot
Chapter 33: Held Down by an Iron Sword
Chapter 34: An Old Well in the Wind and Snow
Chapter 35: Two Figures on the Rocky Stream
Chapter 36: He is THE Jing Jiu
Chapter 37: The Competition Begins
Chapter 38: What Are You Doing?
Chapter 39: Where is the Sword
Chapter 40: The Angry Gu Qing
Chapter 41: Laughter by the Stream
Chapter 42: Snatching Jing Jiu
Chapter 43: Choosing the Ninth Peak of Green Mountain
Chapter 44: Choosing the Same Peak
Chapter 45: The Shattered Green Peak
Chapter 46: I’m Afraid It’s Too Late
Chapter 47: Let Them Watch
Chapter 48: The Nicely Combed Hair
Chapter 49: You Are With Me All the Time
Chapter 50: The End of the Competition
Chapter 51: Being Called Senior Master
Chapter 52: The Origins of Jing Jiu
Chapter 53: A Secret Within Everyone
Chapter 54: The Monkey Rescuer
Chapter 55: Let Me Do It
Chapter 56: The Beginning of a Different Path
Chapter 57: A Sigh
Chapter 58: Yin San is a Good Name
Chapter 59: No Need to Correct This Mistake
Chapter 60: The Idiots and The Ghost
Chapter 61: Visiting Bihu Peak at Night
Chapter 62: Liu Ada
Chapter 63: The Story of Immortal Taiping
Chapter 64: A Cluster of Bananas
Chapter 65: Doing the Same for Hundreds of Years
Chapter 66: To Whom This Poem is Meant
Chapter 67: The First Humiliating Day for Green Mountain
Chapter 68: Listening to Frogs Croaking
Chapter 69: With One Swing of the Sword
Chapter 70: Swords in Chaonan City
Chapter 71: A Surprise at the Auction
Chapter 72: Do You All Want to Die?
Chapter 73: All of You Die Then
Chapter 74: The Disappeared Devil Pill
Chapter 75: It Might Be Wrong From the Beginning
Chapter 76: The Green Mountain, Two Years Later
Chapter 77: Haizhou from Three Thousand Miles Away
Chapter 78: Little Lotus
Chapter 79: How Is Liu Shisui
Chapter 80: The Old Ones in a Ruined Temple
Chapter 81: The Ruthless Old Well
Chapter 82: The Four-Seas Banquet
Chapter 83: The Simplest Thing I Can Imagine
Chapter 84: The Gifted Youth of the Middle State Sect
Chapter 85: You Are Not Him
Chapter 86: Killing Without a Word
Chapter 87: She Is THE Zhao Layue
Chapter 88: Three Months of War and Flame
Chapter 89: The Inherited Heaven Isn’t a Sword
Chapter 90: Inheriting Sword Again After Three Years
Chapter 91: Just Like Last Time
Chapter 92: Taking Disciples
Chapter 93: Naming Isn’t an Easy Task
Chapter 94: The Sword Trial of Green Mountain
Chapter 95: A Ghost on the Mountain Path
Chapter 96: The Wild Fire and Hatred
Chapter 97: The Sword of the Undefeated State
Chapter 98: Becoming a Devil
Chapter 99: A Passerby Standing Here
Chapter 100: Picking Liangwang Peak for an Opponent
Chapter 101: The Sword Moves
Chapter 102: The Iron Sword Was Still with Him
Chapter 103: Breaking the Sword
Chapter 104: The Sword Body
Chapter 105: The Big Brother under Master Jing Jiu
Chapter 106: A Useless Person Returns Home
Chapter 107: Liu Shisui’s Nine Days and One Year
Chapter 108: Three Visits
Chapter 109: A Beautiful Jasmine Flower
Chapter 110: The Second House of Immortal Jing Yang
Chapter 111: Meeting the Known Young Zen Master
Chapter 112: Where Is This Guest From
Chapter 113: The History of the Jing Family
Chapter 114: Asking the Curtain Rollers
Chapter 115: I Also know Many Secrets
Chapter 116: Do You Mind If I Play Chess
Chapter 117: Fingers over Her Eyebrows
Chapter 118: The Cold Platform of the Plum Garden
Chapter 119: You Have Always Looked Awesome
Chapter 120: The World isn't Worth Attention
Chapter 121: The White Dew Turns into Frost in the Early Morning
Chapter 122: Playing the Zither like Jing Jiu
Chapter 123: Playing Chess like So-and-so
Chapter 124: The Ringing Bell in the Old Garden
Chapter 125: The Unhappy Royal Concubine Hu
Chapter 126: The Word "Se" Has Many Meanings
Chapter 127: A Trivial Matter
Chapter 128: Two Statements Regarding Destiny
Chapter 129: Who Has the Secret?
Chapter 130: Can You Withstand It
Chapter 131: Slicing the Awareness with the Sword Will
Chapter 132: I Don’t Want to Know Who You Are
Chapter 133: Do You Want to Give it a Try?
Chapter 134: The Invisible Participant in the Old Plum Garden Game
Chapter 135: Watching Chess and the People under the Street Lights
Chapter 136: Calculating Well
Chapter 137: The One That Is Hidden
Chapter 138: The Legend of the Hidden Swordsmen
Chapter 139: Jing Jiu Enters the Imperial Palace
Chapter 140: The Growth of a Lotus Flower after Every Step
Chapter 141: A Lotus Flower Enters Night
Chapter 142: Being Allowed
Chapter 143: The Green Mountain Is Like a Chess Board
Chapter 144: Dust on the Chess Board
Chapter 145: The Fire on the Chess Board
Chapter 146: A Bunch of Arrogant Players by the Stream and Cliffs
Chapter 147: Everything Is Like Chess
Chapter 148: The Chess Pieces Are Put Down
Chapter 149: Incomprehensible Chess Game
Chapter 150: A Thunder in the End
Chapter 151: The Last Move
Chapter 152: The Great But Sad Outcome
Chapter 153: Playing Chess Is a Simple Thing
Chapter 154: Events after the Chess Game
Chapter 155: Someone Wants to See Zhao Layue
Chapter 156: One Day in Shi Fengchen's Life
Chapter 157: The First Half of Wang Xiaoming's Life
Chapter 158: The First Assassination Attempt on Zhao Layue
Chapter 159: The Young Woman in Thick Clothing
Chapter 160: It’s Harder to Escape the Unexpected Than the Sword Light
Chapter 161: That Person Fishes Birds by the Cliff
Chapter 162: Investigating the Bloody Case
Chapter 163: Punishments by the Center Sect and the Water-Moon Nunnery
Chapter 164: Please Have a Look at Me
Chapter 165: The Most Direct Question
Chapter 166: Taiping Is the Only One Left in the Human World
Chapter 167: Wang Xiaoming on the Cultivation Path
Chapter 168: Pity for the Mortals’ Worries
Chapter 169: We Are All at the Bottom of a Well
Chapter 170: Thinking of the Human World
Chapter 171: Seeking Plums by Stepping on Blood
Chapter 172: Coming to Check on You
Chapter 173: If You Want to Do it, Go Ahead
Chapter 174: Explanation
Chapter 175: A Signal Full of Chilly Intent
Chapter 176: If Jing Jiu Has a Feeling
Chapter 177: Where Are You from Sunrise to Sunset?
Chapter 178: The Sound from Outside the Cold Fog
Chapter 179: Countless Bloody Plum Flowers
Chapter 180: It’s Jing Jiu Again
Chapter 181: Arrival of Senior Master Jing
Chapter 182: What Does the Winner of the Cultivation Tournament Want to Do?
Chapter 183: Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 184: Unforgiving
Chapter 185: All of You Leave
Chapter 186: The Temple in White Town
Chapter 187: I Come to the Human World to Have a Look at the Sun
Chapter 188: Seeing a Distance of Ten Thousand Miles
Chapter 189: Disappearance of a Tall Figure
Chapter 190: The Strongest Opponent for Previous Life and This Life
Chapter 191: There Is a Devil in the Snow Worm’s Stomach
Chapter 192: I Don’t Want to Be Your Wedding Adornment
Chapter 193: The Dull Story
Chapter 194: The Negotiation with the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom
Chapter 195: The Negotiation Result is Precarious
Chapter 196: Killing Luo Huainan in Ten Years
Chapter 197: Tell Your Story, But Don’t Expect Me to Believe It
Chapter 198: Full of Pear Flowers
Chapter 199: Three Years
Chapter 200: Tong Yan Visits the Peaks
Chapter 201: The Sun Sets on the Precious-Tree House Again
Chapter 202: The Spring Rain Falls on Zhaoge City Again
Chapter 203: Seeing Royal Concubine Hu Again in Palace at Night
Chapter 204: Killing with the Sword of Another
Chapter 205: Luo Huainan’s Scheme
Chapter 206: Who Is the One in the Scheme?
Chapter 207: The Death of Luo Huainan
Chapter 208: One Dies like a Smoke
Chapter 209: Who Is Going to Answer This Question?
Chapter 210: Who Is the Real Killer?
Chapter 211: Liu Shisui Hides Underground
Chapter 212: One Must Pay for Their Bad Deeds
Chapter 213: Who Could Live like This Everyday
Chapter 214: In the Hands of the Old Ones
Chapter 215: Birds fly on their Own in the Forest
Chapter 216: Cultivation Tournament in the Snowland Again
Chapter 217: A Big Commotion
Chapter 218: The Stories of Six Years
Chapter 219: Pulling Out a Thread
Chapter 220: Breaking out the Cocoon
Chapter 221: A Small White Flower
Chapter 222: Shallow Dimples
Chapter 223: Yuan Qü and Cold Cicada
Chapter 224: Looking at the Other Peak from This Peak
Chapter 225: Stealing the Cat
Chapter 226: The Origins of Four Principal Guards
Chapter 227: Dead Dog
Chapter 228: Idiots
Chapter 229: This and That Kind of Person
Chapter 230: The Sword Fight on the Chaotic Rocks
Chapter 231: Being Relentless Keeps One Young
Chapter 232: Seeking the Sword
Chapter 233: The Young Man who Likes to Eat Barbecued Meat
Chapter 234: There Is an Earlier Story
Chapter 235: Who Are You?
Chapter 236: This Is It for Me
Chapter 237: Returning the Glowing Pearl
Chapter 238: The Traveling Sword
Chapter 239: The Giant Who Strode over the Mountain and Sea
Chapter 240: Why Did the Sect Master Laugh?
Chapter 241: The Script
Chapter 242: The Deviant Wind and Fine Drizzle of Taichang Temple
Chapter 243: The Shooting Stars from the Green Mountain
Chapter 244: Where Did the Green Lotus Leaves Come From?
Chapter 245: The Sharpest Sword in Heaven and Earth
Chapter 246: Smelling the Jasmine with a Tiger Heart
Chapter 247: The Young Couple
Chapter 248: The Talkative Liu Shisui
Chapter 249: Hearing a Sigh
Chapter 250: A Leisurely Pen
Chapter 251: The Three-thousand White Hair
Chapter 252: The Unseen Owner
Chapter 253: The Sad White Hair
Chapter 254: The True Nature of the Cloud Platform
Chapter 255: The Assumption of Knife Buyers
Chapter 256: The Huge Mountain Rising in the Ocean
Chapter 257: I’m the Whale Rider
Chapter 258: Jing Jiu Tells Stories
Chapter 259: The Hotpots We Ate and the People We Killed Back Then
Chapter 260: The Others Are Hell
Chapter 261: The Destruction of the Cloud Platform
Chapter 262: A Young Woman in White Clothing
Chapter 263: Experiences in the Vegetable Garden
Chapter 264: Grand Plans, Troubles, and Problems
Chapter 265: Mother, Preserved Bean curd, and the Return
Chapter 266: The Stepmother Comes
Chapter 267: I Know What You’ve Been Thinking Over the Years
Chapter 268: Gaining Something
Chapter 269: Fishing in Mucky Waters (1)
Chapter 270: Fishing in Mucky Waters (2)
Chapter 271: Fishing in Mucky Waters (3)
Chapter 272: Returning to Green Mountain
Chapter 273: Negotiation
Chapter 274: Jing Jiu Doesn’t Understand
Chapter 275: The Wild Bamboos
Chapter 276: As If Facing a Formidable Foe
Chapter 277: The White Cloud in the Face
Chapter 278: Experiencing Sorrow
Chapter 279: An Enigmatic Question
Chapter 280: The Proof Demanded by Master Dark Phoenix
Chapter 281: That Person Didn’t Make It
Chapter 282: The Change in the Zuo Yi Case
Chapter 283: Being Silenced Permanently in the Ruined Temple
Chapter 284: The Apprehensive Person and the Person with Full Hands
Chapter 285: Our Peak is Not Lonely
Chapter 286: The Trouble Came
Chapter 287: I’m Not Telling Even if You Beat Me to Death
Chapter 288: I’m Waiting for You in Cloudy Town
Chapter 289: Flowers under the Moon and Dead Dog
Chapter 290: Advice for Cultivation
Chapter 291: Giving the Script
Chapter 292: Growing Vegetables
Chapter 293: It’s Poisonous
Chapter 294: The Man with Wisdom
Chapter 295: The Thinker
Chapter 296: The Sword Swallower
Chapter 297: The Teacher
Chapter 298: The Bygone People
Chapter 299: The Soldiers in the Battle
Chapter 300: In Zhaoge City Again
Chapter 301: The Issue of Inheriting the Position of Emperor
Chapter 302: Drawing Swords
Chapter 303: Entering Taichang Temple
Chapter 304: Going Down to the Fiend Prison
Chapter 305: Meeting the Rainbow-Man
Chapter 306: Learning the Method of the Underworld Emperor
Chapter 307: Talking about Past Events
Chapter 308: Becoming a Simple Person
Chapter 309: As Large as Heaven and Earth
Chapter 310: The Mosquitoes in the Fiend Prison
Chapter 311: Spring Is the Good Time for Studying
Chapter 312: A New Way of Cultivating Dao
Chapter 313: Listening to the Breaking Bowl, Playing with the Cat, and Being Called into the Palace
Chapter 314: Master Knows His Disciple Better than Others
Chapter 315: How to Live the Last Part of Life
Chapter 316: The Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 317: Running into an Acquaintance
Chapter 318: Mortal Affairs, White Snow, and Unexpected Troubles
Chapter 319: The Letter
Chapter 320: Three Years
Chapter 321: Conversation about the Relentless Times
Chapter 322: A Devil in the Fiend Prison
Chapter 323: Why Did the Bell Ring?
Chapter 324: The Pain in Dragon’s Teeth
Chapter 325: The Debut of the Underworld Fairy Sword
Chapter 326: The Dragon and the Sword Harm Each Other
Chapter 327: The Earthquake in Zhaoge City
Chapter 328: Waiting for the Underworld Emperor
Chapter 329: Gazing at the Abyss
Chapter 330: The Devil Left the Fiend Prison
Chapter 331: The Presence of the Old Dragon
Chapter 332: Seeing the Head and not the Tail of the Divine Dragon
Chapter 333: The Dragon Turns Around
Chapter 334: Billions of Little Underworld Emperors
Chapter 335: Gathering of Seven Major Sects in Zhaoge City
Chapter 336: The Second Negotiation between the Human Race and the Underworld Emperor
Chapter 337: Heaven and Earth in a Jar
Chapter 338: Mingling Together
Chapter 339: Resentful Liu Ada and Some Hidden Intents
Chapter 340: The Underworld Emperor Suppressed by the Four Strongest Swordsmen
Chapter 341: The Music of the Underworld River
Chapter 342: The Clues Ready to be Discovered
Chapter 343: The Monks Unable to Lie
Chapter 344: The Person Who Has Left and Now Returned
Chapter 345: The New Beginning
Chapter 346: The Falling of a Flower
Chapter 347: The Small Talk
Chapter 348: Who is Guo Dong?
Chapter 349: A New Name
Chapter 350: The Youth on Cold Mountain is Looking at Jing Jiu
Chapter 351: The Church Master Xiaoming
Chapter 352: The Tide Rises and Ebbs …
Chapter 353: Let’s Forget about that Patch of Ocean
Chapter 354: Hard to Walk
Chapter 355: Looking at White Bones and Ocean While Living in a Cave
Chapter 356: Enjoying the Sceneries
Chapter 357: Tired of Boredom
Chapter 358: Young Master Li Playing Zither for the Horse
Chapter 359: Someone Comes out from Behind Closed Doors
Chapter 360: New Lake, Ruined Temple, and Starry Nights
Chapter 361: Awkward and Nervous Meeting
Chapter 362: Laughter like the Ringing of a Silver Bell
Chapter 363: The Laziest in the World
Chapter 364: The Flames in the Sky
Chapter 365: I’m in the Free Travel State
Chapter 366: Asking Questions in the Dao Competition
Chapter 367: Your Name
Chapter 368: Winning the Tripod
Chapter 369: Two Kids Debate about the Sun
Chapter 370: The Career of an Incapable Emperor
Chapter 371: Those Unforgettable People
Chapter 372: Those Unspeakable Events
Chapter 373: The Hyped Assassination
Chapter 374: The Night as Long as a Year
Chapter 375: The Message for Tong Yan
Chapter 376: Liu Shisui’s Days and Nights
Chapter 377: The Known Person Comes in the Wind and Snow