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The Path Toward Heaven

Author:Mao Ni

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I am the sword. Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, no one dares take ten steps. Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, no one can take ten steps. Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, ten steps? Not possible! I am the sword, the sword is me, On the path towards heaven, each shall wield their own. 大道朝天
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 1
1 Preface
2 The Forbidden Fifteen Hundred Kilometers
3 A Sword to Slice the Heavens
4 The Youth Who Once Again Waded in the River
5 Nine Days
6 One Year
7 Traveling to the Known Mountain
8 The First Lesson
9 Natural Dao Quality
10 Your Choice
11 Too Much Trouble for Jing Jiu
12 Like a Flower
13 Three Notes in the Training Hall
14 A Debut of Talen
15 Another Year
16 The Departure
17 I Was Wrong about You
18 Not in One Cold Day
19 One Without The Other
20 Four Words in the Scripture of Swords
21 Asking an Old Man for His Sword
22 Returning the Sword to Green Mountain
23 An Ugly Duckling’s First Fligh
24 A Conversant Reunion
25 Nine Nights
26 Needing a Sword
27 Seeing a Pair of Eyes
28 Something Happened on the Peak
29 Eyeing Each Other amid the Bloody Flowers
30 I Killed Him
31 A Strange Being in the Clouds
32 The Spring Water in the Teapo
33 Held Down by an Iron Sword
34 An Old Well in the Wind and Snow
35 Two Figures on the Rocky Stream
36 He is THE Jing Jiu
37 The Competition Begins
38 What Are You Doing?
39 Where is the Sword
40 The Angry Gu Qing
41 Laughter by the Stream
42 Snatching Jing Jiu
43 Choosing the Ninth Peak of Green Mountain
44 Choosing the Same Peak
45 The Shattered Green Peak
46 I’m Afraid It’s Too Late
47 Let Them Watch
48 The Nicely Combed Hair
49 You Are With Me All the Time
50 The End of the Competition
51 Being Called Senior Master
52 The Origins of Jing Jiu
53 A Secret Within Everyone
54 The Monkey Rescuer
55 Let Me Do I
56 The Beginning of a Different Path
57 A Sigh
58 Yin San is a Good Name
59 No Need to Correct This Mistake
60 The Idiots and The Ghos
61 Visiting Bihu Peak at Nigh
62 Liu Ada
63 The Story of Immortal Taiping
64 A Cluster of Bananas
65 Doing the Same for Hundreds of Years
66 To Whom This Poem is Mean
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 2
67 The First Humiliating Day for Green Mountain
68 Listening to Frogs Croaking
69 With One Swing of the Sword
70 Swords in Chaonan City
71 A Surprise at the Auction
72 Do You All Want to Die?
73 All of You Die Then
74 The Disappeared Devil Pill
75 It Might Be Wrong From the Beginning
76 The Green Mountain, Two Years Later
77 Haizhou from Three Thousand Miles Away
78 Little Lotus
79 How Is Liu Shisui
80 The Old Ones in a Ruined Temple
81 The Ruthless Old Well
82 The Four-Seas Banque
83 The Simplest Thing I Can Imagine
84 The Gifted Youth of the Middle State Sec
85 You Are Not Him
86 Killing Without a Word
87 She Is THE Zhao Layue
88 Three Months of War and Flame
89 The Inherited Heaven Isn’t a Sword
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 3
90 Inheriting Sword Again After Three Years
91 Just Like Last Time
92 Taking Disciples
93 Naming Isn’t an Easy Task
94 The Sword Trial of Green Mountain
95 A Ghost on the Mountain Path
96 The Wild Fire and Hatred
97 The Sword of the Undefeated State
98 Becoming a Devil
99 A Passerby Standing Here
100 Picking Liangwang Peak for an Opponen
101 The Sword Moves
102 The Iron Sword Was Still with Him
103 Breaking the Sword
104 The Sword Body
105 The Big Brother under Master Jing Jiu
106 A Useless Person Returns Home
107 Liu Shisui’s Nine Days and One Year
108 Three Visits
109 A Beautiful Jasmine Flower
110 The Second House of Immortal Jing Yang
111 Meeting the Known Young Zen Master
112 Where Is This Guest From
113 The History of the Jing Family
114 Asking the Curtain Rollers
115 I Also know Many Secrets
116 Do You Mind If I Play Chess
117 Fingers over Her Eyebrows
118 The Cold Platform of the Plum Garden
119 You Have Always Looked Awesome
120 The World isn't Worth Attention
121 The White Dew Turns into Frost in the Early Morning
122 Playing the Zither like Jing Jiu
123 Playing Chess like So-and-so
124 The Ringing Bell in the Old Garden
125 The Unhappy Royal Concubine Hu
126 The Word "Se" Has Many Meanings
127 A Trivial Matter
128 Two Statements Regarding Destiny
129 Who Has the Secret?
130 Can You Withstand I
131 Slicing the Awareness with the Sword Will
132 I Don’t Want to Know Who You Are
133 Do You Want to Give it a Try?
134 The Invisible Participant in the Old Plum Garden Game
135 Watching Chess and the People under the Street Lights
136 Calculating Well
137 The One That Is Hidden
138 The Legend of the Hidden Swordsmen
139 Jing Jiu Enters the Imperial Palace
140 The Growth of a Lotus Flower after Every Step
141 A Lotus Flower Enters Nigh
142 Being Allowed
143 The Green Mountain Is Like a Chess Board
144 Dust on the Chess Board
145 The Fire on the Chess Board
146 A Bunch of Arrogant Players by the Stream and Cliffs
147 Everything Is Like Chess
148 The Chess Pieces Are Put Down
149 Incomprehensible Chess Game
150 A Thunder in the End
151 The Last Move
152 The Great But Sad Outcome
153 Playing Chess Is a Simple Thing
154 Events after the Chess Game
155 Someone Wants to See Zhao Layue
156 One Day in Shi Fengchen's Life
157 The First Half of Wang Xiaoming's Life
158 The First Assassination Attempt on Zhao Layue
159 The Young Woman in Thick Clothing
160 It’s Harder to Escape the Unexpected Than the Sword Ligh
161 That Person Fishes Birds by the Cliff
162 Investigating the Bloody Case
163 Punishments by the Center Sect and the Water-Moon Nunnery
164 Please Have a Look at Me
165 The Most Direct Question
166 Taiping Is the Only One Left in the Human World
167 Wang Xiaoming on the Cultivation Path
168 Pity for the Mortals’ Worries
169 We Are All at the Bottom of a Well
170 Thinking of the Human World
171 Seeking Plums by Stepping on Blood
172 Coming to Check on You
173 If You Want to Do it, Go Ahead
174 Explanation
175 A Signal Full of Chilly Inten
176 If Jing Jiu Has a Feeling
177 Where Are You from Sunrise to Sunset?
178 The Sound from Outside the Cold Fog
179 Countless Bloody Plum Flowers
180 It’s Jing Jiu Again
181 Arrival of Senior Master Jing
182 What Does the Winner of the Cultivation Tournament Want to Do?
183 Who Do You Think You Are?
184 Unforgiving
185 All of You Leave
186 The Temple in White Town
187 I Come to the Human World to Have a Look at the Sun
188 Seeing a Distance of Ten Thousand Miles
189 Disappearance of a Tall Figure
190 The Strongest Opponent for Previous Life and This Life
191 There Is a Devil in the Snow Worm’s Stomach
192 I Don’t Want to Be Your Wedding Adornmen
193 The Dull Story
194 The Negotiation with the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom
195 The Negotiation Result is Precarious
196 Killing Luo Huainan in Ten Years
197 Tell Your Story, But Don’t Expect Me to Believe I
198 Full of Pear Flowers
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 4
199 Three Years
200 Tong Yan Visits the Peaks
201 The Sun Sets on the Precious-Tree House Again
202 The Spring Rain Falls on Zhaoge City Again
203 Seeing Royal Concubine Hu Again in Palace at Nigh
204 Killing with the Sword of Another
205 Luo Huainan’s Scheme
206 Who Is the One in the Scheme?
207 The Death of Luo Huainan
208 One Dies like a Smoke
209 Who Is Going to Answer This Question?
210 Who Is the Real Killer?
211 Liu Shisui Hides Underground
212 One Must Pay for Their Bad Deeds
213 Who Could Live like This Everyday
214 In the Hands of the Old Ones
215 Birds fly on their Own in the Fores
216 Cultivation Tournament in the Snowland Again
217 A Big Commotion
218 The Stories of Six Years
219 Pulling Out a Thread
220 Breaking out the Cocoon
221 A Small White Flower
222 Shallow Dimples
223 Yuan Qü and Cold Cicada
224 Looking at the Other Peak from This Peak
225 Stealing the Ca
226 The Origins of Four Principal Guards
227 Dead Dog
228 Idiots
229 This and That Kind of Person
230 The Sword Fight on the Chaotic Rocks
231 Being Relentless Keeps One Young
232 Seeking the Sword
233 The Young Man who Likes to Eat Barbecued Mea
234 There Is an Earlier Story
235 Who Are You?
236 This Is It for Me
237 Returning the Glowing Pearl
238 The Traveling Sword
239 The Giant Who Strode over the Mountain and Sea
240 Why Did the Sect Master Laugh?
241 The Scrip
242 The Deviant Wind and Fine Drizzle of Taichang Temple
243 The Shooting Stars from the Green Mountain
244 Where Did the Green Lotus Leaves Come From?
245 The Sharpest Sword in Heaven and Earth
246 Smelling the Jasmine with a Tiger Hear
247 The Young Couple
248 The Talkative Liu Shisui
249 Hearing a Sigh
250 A Leisurely Pen
251 The Three-thousand White Hair
252 The Unseen Owner
253 The Sad White Hair
254 The True Nature of the Cloud Platform
255 The Assumption of Knife Buyers
256 The Huge Mountain Rising in the Ocean
257 I’m the Whale Rider
258 Jing Jiu Tells Stories
259 The Hotpots We Ate and the People We Killed Back Then
260 The Others Are Hell
261 The Destruction of the Cloud Platform
262 A Young Woman in White Clothing
263 Experiences in the Vegetable Garden
264 Grand Plans, Troubles, and Problems
265 Mother, Preserved Bean curd, and the Return
266 The Stepmother Comes
267 I Know What You’ve Been Thinking Over the Years
268 Gaining Something
269 Fishing in Mucky Waters 1
270 Fishing in Mucky Waters 2
271 Fishing in Mucky Waters 3
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 5
272 Returning to Green Mountain
273 Negotiation
274 Jing Jiu Doesn’t Understand
275 The Wild Bamboos
276 As If Facing a Formidable Foe
277 The White Cloud in the Face
278 Experiencing Sorrow
279 An Enigmatic Question
280 The Proof Demanded by Master Dark Phoenix
281 That Person Didn’t Make I
282 The Change in the Zuo Yi Case
283 Being Silenced Permanently in the Ruined Temple
284 The Apprehensive Person and the Person with Full Hands
285 Our Peak is Not Lonely
286 The Trouble Came
287 I’m Not Telling Even if You Beat Me to Death
288 I’m Waiting for You in Cloudy Town
289 Flowers under the Moon and Dead Dog
290 Advice for Cultivation
291 Giving the Scrip
292 Growing Vegetables
293 It’s Poisonous
294 The Man with Wisdom
295 The Thinker
296 The Sword Swallower
297 The Teacher
298 The Bygone People
299 The Soldiers in the Battle
300 In Zhaoge City Again
301 The Issue of Inheriting the Position of Emperor
302 Drawing Swords
303 Entering Taichang Temple
304 Going Down to the Fiend Prison
305 Meeting the Rainbow-Man
306 Learning the Method of the Underworld Emperor
307 Talking about Past Events
308 Becoming a Simple Person
309 As Large as Heaven and Earth
310 The Mosquitoes in the Fiend Prison
311 Spring Is the Good Time for Studying
312 A New Way of Cultivating Dao
313 Listening to the Breaking Bowl, Playing with the Cat, and Being Called into the Palace
314 Master Knows His Disciple Better than Others
315 How to Live the Last Part of Life
316 The Sleeping Beauty
317 Running into an Acquaintance
318 Mortal Affairs, White Snow, and Unexpected Troubles
319 The Letter
320 Three Years
321 Conversation about the Relentless Times
322 A Devil in the Fiend Prison
323 Why Did the Bell Ring?
324 The Pain in Dragon’s Teeth
325 The Debut of the Underworld Fairy Sword
326 The Dragon and the Sword Harm Each Other
327 The Earthquake in Zhaoge City
328 Waiting for the Underworld Emperor
329 Gazing at the Abyss
330 The Devil Left the Fiend Prison
331 The Presence of the Old Dragon
332 Seeing the Head and not the Tail of the Divine Dragon
333 The Dragon Turns Around
334 Billions of Little Underworld Emperors
335 Gathering of Seven Major Sects in Zhaoge City
336 The Second Negotiation between the Human Race and the Underworld Emperor
337 Heaven and Earth in a Jar
338 Mingling Together
339 Resentful Liu Ada and Some Hidden Intents
340 The Underworld Emperor Suppressed by the Four Strongest Swordsmen
341 The Music of the Underworld River
342 The Clues Ready to be Discovered
343 The Monks Unable to Lie
344 The Person Who Has Left and Now Returned
345 The New Beginning
346 The Falling of a Flower
347 The Small Talk
348 Who is Guo Dong?
349 A New Name
350 The Youth on Cold Mountain is Looking at Jing Jiu
351 The Church Master Xiaoming
352 The Tide Rises and Ebbs …
353 Let’s Forget about that Patch of Ocean
354 Hard to Walk
355 Looking at White Bones and Ocean While Living in a Cave
356 Enjoying the Sceneries
357 Tired of Boredom
358 Young Master Li Playing Zither for the Horse
359 Someone Comes out from Behind Closed Doors
360 New Lake, Ruined Temple, and Starry Nights
361 Awkward and Nervous Meeting
362 Laughter like the Ringing of a Silver Bell
363 The Laziest in the World
364 The Flames in the Sky
365 I’m in the Free Travel State
366 Asking Questions in the Dao Competition
367 Your Name
368 Winning the Tripod
369 Two Kids Debate about the Sun
370 The Career of an Incapable Emperor
371 Those Unforgettable People
372 Those Unspeakable Events
373 The Hyped Assassination
374 The Night as Long as a Year
375 The Message for Tong Yan
376 Liu Shisui’s Days and Nights
377 The Known Person Comes in the Wind and Snow
378 The Imprints of Bird Feet in the Snow
379 No Fracture Can be Seen in the Sky
380 The Fear of Repeating the Tragedy
381 Under the Pavilion not the World
382 Difficult to Harm a Beautiful Thing
383 The Dark Cloud on the Eyebrows
384 Under the Shady Chestnut Treeconfirm
385 The World inside Me
386 The Emperors Take Turns to Die
387 It’s the Zhang Family’s Turn This Year
388 The Dim Light Can’t Penetrate His Body
389 Clothed in the Royal Robe
390 Flowers are Dying in Autumn
391 It Has Nothing to Do with Real or Unreal …
392 No Need to be Smart at the Momen
393 The Turbulence
394 Difficult Road Ahead
395 Assassinating the Qin Emperor
396 Discussion about Zhao State
397 Killing the Emperor
398 Asking How He Wants to Die
399 The Nightmare
400 Raising Questions
401 The Burning Clouds
402 Opening Eyes
403 The Last Participant in the Dao Competition
404 The Presence of the Godly Commissioner
405 Competing with the Upper Limi
406 Winning the Tripod
407 Taking the Victory Frui
408 Impossible to Forge
409 Yes, Senior Master
410 Do You Wish to be the Sect Master?
411 The Disturbing Shady Winds
412 Drinking at Nigh
413 The Small Pond after Twenty-Three Years
414 Knowing is not Knowing
415 Keeping a Peaceful Heart in this Garden of the Temple
416 Life at the Fruit Formation Temple
417 Whose Sound It is in the Wind
418 Happy New Year
419 Writing for Five Years
420 Seeking Answers in the Preserved Ribs, the Reciting Voices, and the Veiled Cap
421 Talking about the Event in the Fiend Prison
422 The Proposal of Three Strokes of a Sword
423 Presence of the Sword of Universe
424 The Iron Sword is Still Here
425 The Flying Unicorn and the Ugly Monk
426 Rusui’s Line of Sight and the Green Mountain Sword
427 To Know of Hotpot but Not the Bloodline
428 Short-Haired Zhao Layue
429 Sword Lights and Bird Figure Celebrating the New Year
430 The Second Hidden Swordsman
431 What Had Actually Happened Back Then
432 The Conversation between Zhao Layue and Liu Shisui
433 The Green Bird and the World in a Well
434 Spring Comes to the Water-Moon Nunnery as Jing Jiu Wakes Up
435 A Great Deal of Mortal Connections
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 6
436 The Presence of Sword Peak in Heaven and Earth
437 The Old Dog
438 Any Vicious Dog is a Good Dog
439 The Innocent Shenmo Peak
440 Sharpening the Sword
441 Both Old Tea and Bone Tea are Good Tea
442 Sharing the Tea
443 A Burning Lotus Flower Under the Ground
444 Cold Cicada Looking Down from the Sky
445 Striving for Ten Thousand Years Instead of a Single Nigh
446 Along or Against the Curren
447 The Youngsters on Shenmo Peak
448 Getting out of the Snowland
449 The Grayish White Snowflake
450 The King of Fire Carps
451 No Speck of Dust was Taken Away while Waving the Right Hand
452 Jing Jiu’s Awakening
453 Tong Yan’s Glance
454 The Sound of Xiaoming’s Footsteps
455 The Unaggressive Magic Treasure of the Heavenly State and the Stubborn Ugly Duckling
456 Fire, Mirror or Sword All over Heaven and Earth
457 The Cold Sand and Flying Snow
458 The Presence of the Snow Girl
459 Leaving at Once
460 The Gurgling Girl in the Wind and Snow
461 Coming Back to the Three-Thousand Nunnery
462 Sudden Arrival of Winter
463 The Path Leading to Heaven
464 The Snow Girl Wakes Up
465 Why so Much Delay If We Cannot Meet in Heaven
466 The Snow Girl on Green Mountain
467 The Fine Red Line
468 The Present and Future Bigwigs on Green Mountain
469 Three Questions Asked by Ordinary People
470 Not All Humans Are the Same
471 The Secret of the One-Cottage House
472 The Fictional and Repetitive Nature of the Stories
473 Snatching the Bride
474 By the Bank Covered with Willows
475 The Two-Mind Connection between Jing Jiu and the House Master
476 The Nameless Sage
477 A Rare Person in the World
478 A Cloud Drifting over from the South
479 A Letter from the Seashore
480 The Graceful Green Mountain
481 Questioning the Intention of Taiping
482 It’s not Prudent and Don’t be a Good Person
483 Readying to Strike
484 Ah, Nan Wang
485 The Mountain-God Temple and Red Lantern
486 The Person Good at Digging Tunnels
487 Having a Premonition for Everything
488 The Sword Boats Flying out of Green Mountain
489 Someone’s Coming-out Has Surprised the Whole World
490 The Powerful Green Mountain
491 All Emissaries in the Mountain Work for Green Mountain
492 The Common Enemy of the World
493 A Seemingly Familiar Sword Comes Back
494 The Meeting of Two Swords
495 The Two Separate Battlefields
496 Liu Ci Invites the Sword
497 I Am a Flash of Sword Ligh
498 Dense Clouds in the Sky Again
499 The Fairy Man and the Devil Man at the Green Mountain Sec
500 The Story of the Center Sec
501 Never Say All Are Unworthy
502 What One Has Done is More Importan
503 The Enthusiastic Young Heart in an Old Man
504 All is Wiped out during the Leisurely Cha
505 Traveling the World
506 An Extra Meaning for the Sword
507 The Sword in a Case
508 Breaking through the Broken Sea State
509 Who is More Suitable to be the Sect Master?
510 A Clean-Hearted Inquiry
511 Jing Jiu’s Action
512 The Sect Master Chen and Her Daughter
513 Killing Each Person Along with a Sigh
514 Who are You? What about Us?
515 It’s Inevitable for Flowers to Fall and Mothers to Remarry
516 The Total Transformation
517 The Secrets of the Royal Palace
518 Nurturing Everything Noiselessly
519 The Wind Came and Blew over Green Mountain
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 7
520 Jing Jiu! Why Jing Jiu?
521 Who is Qualified to Oppose Jing Jiu
522 Unconvinced
523 The Youth in White is The Same, just with a Different Bamboo Chair
524 The Future of Green Mountain
525 The Past of the “Spring Rain”
526 Not a Good Sect Master
527 Taking Care of the Sect Affairs behind Scenes
528 New People and Old Events
529 The Unexpected Happens Often On Green Mountain
530 Hotpot and Sword, Dispersed Smoke and Clouds
531 Blossom of the Iron Tree and Reflection of the Mirror
532 The Reappearance of Xiao He
533 Walking on Opposite Sides
534 Executing the Entire Sect One More Time
535 To Never Let Go, Not Even in Hell
536 The Peach Flower, Sea and Two-Mind Connection
537 Back to the Respective Positions
538 Peers of the Same Generation
539 Green Mountain is Always Alone
540 The Swallowing Boa
541 The Leaves
542 A Few People from Green Mountain
543 The Important Figures
544 The Only Choice for Weak Opponents
545 The Eagle above the Cold Mountain
546 Slight Turbulence for Green Mountain
547 Like That Person
548 All Sorts of Light and Water Surface
549 Let’s Cultivate Together
550 The Arrival of Wind and Thunder
551 The Destruction of Pinggu Temple and a Goose
552 Cause and Effect is a Straight Line to the Deep Part of the Snowy Sea
553 Hard to Sustain the Feeling of the First Meeting
554 Who is to See Total Transformation and Move the Icy Mountain
555 The Lonely Ones are Always Lonely
556 Someone Like Me
557 Looking for The Sword
558 Not Taking an Unnecessary Step during Peace Time
559 Sword Sounds, Blooming Flowers, Music and the Heavenly Arrival State
560 I’m Jing Yang
561 One after Another Thunderous Boom
562 Presence of a Sword Devil
563 Long Time No See
564 One Strike to Finish Someone in the Heavenly Arrival State
565 A Letter from the Child in Blue Clothing
566 The Content of the Letter is a Sword Move
567 I’m the Result of All Cause and Effec
568 The Cause-and-Effect is not Paying Attention to You
569 I’m Leaving with All of Them
570 It’s the Path toward Heaven
571 The Separation of Two Camps on Green Mountain: Feelings Are Hard to Forge
572 Mountains and Rivers, Everything Else, and You People
573 The First Day after Leaving Green Mountain
574 In the Restauran
575 The Depressed One
576 Don’t Bid Farewell
577 Do You Want to Come to Cloud-Dream Mountain?
578 Shut Up if Your Sword Work is Inferior
579 The Seemingly Known Person is Here to Kill People Again
580 The Bloody Guanyin
581 All Families Eat Well on New Year’s Day
582 Picking up a Little Girl on New Year’s Day
583 The Lesson
584 Ping Yongjia Comes out from the Sword Peak
585 Trouble Caused by Beans
586 I Don’t Have a Sword Either
587 The Natural Sword Style
588 Take a Look at the Shapeless Sword Body
589 The Disappeared Ones
590 Our Horse is Dead and Our People are Locked Up
591 The Figure in the Window
592 The Person from Green Mountain
593 The Last Assembly of the Imperial Cour
594 Leave and Don’t Turn Back, Your Majesty
595 The Curtain Rollers are at Work
596 The Same Family Name of Jing and the Same Sword
597 As Wide as Heaven and Earth and as beautiful as the Human World
598 I Want to Have a Fight with You
599 Have I Told You to Do I
600 The Ordinary Lian Sanyue
601 The Thunderous Name of Kou Qingtong
602 The Last Two Members of the Bloody Demon Church
603 Lian Sanyue’s Regret and Rage
604 And Lian Sanyue’s Cruelty
605 I Want to Fight You
606 The Bloody Peach Flower Looks Beautiful
607 A Cup of Tea and the Arrival of a Woman
608 A Wonderful Nigh
609 The Returned Fairy Lady
610 A Fight with the Fairy Lady
611 One Single String
612 The Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies
613 A Sword Move Called Dropping from the Sky
614 The Sword Formation of Green Mountain
615 Hearing Sound of Flute Again
616 It’s a Humiliation to Stay Alive
617 The Bloody Royal Palace
618 Traveling Together
619 All Nights are Wonderful in Human World
620 I Don’t Want the Waist-Long Hair
621 One Hundred Years Later
622 Outside the Window
623 Gu Qing’s Story
624 Returning the Bright Orb
625 The Damned Man
626 Those Deserving to be Struck
627 The Reason for Short Hair
628 Your Name
629 Life Has Been Like This Since Ancient Times
630 Enthralled in White Snow and Red Broth
631 The Returned Disciples
632 Believing in Oneself
633 The Reasons for Staying Alive
634 Good Times Happen Only in Dreams
635 The Catkins
636 The Reappearance of the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies
637 The Green Mountain Meets Again
638 The Setting Sun is Beautiful
639 It’s Not the End of the Day
640 The Figures in Heavenly Arrival State
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 8
641 We’re Both in the Heavenly Arrival State
642 The Reason for not Going to Royal Palace
643 Being Together
644 Eating Hotpot and Playing Mahjong
645 Back in the Human World and Sharpening the Broadsword
646 The Preliminary Demonstration
647 Hard to Shun Responsibilities
648 Why
649 The Irregular Pattern of Sand on the Plate
650 It’s Fake Skill; All Talk but and no Action
651 A Fight Waiting On Green Mountain
652 The Stage Show amid Wild Flowers
653 No Match for Him on Green Mountain
654 Who is Really Outstanding
655 All Matter Should Be Settled
656 My Dear, Don’t Wade in that River
657 All are Doomed
658 Wishing to be a Loner
659 The Fruit after One Hundred Years
660 Entering the Soul
661 Before the Destruction of the World
662 Coming Back
663 Visiting the Known Places
664 I’ve Seen Green Mountain
665 The Inauguration Ceremony
666 Let Me Do I
667 Choosing One of Fifty Paths toward Heaven
668 Contending for Green Mountain
669 The Sea Falls into the Underworld
670 Heaven and Earth as a Stove
671 The Torrent on the Other Side
672 He Plays a Card When the World is on the Brink of Destruction
673 The Presence of a Sain
674 Raising the Iron Broadsword and Becoming a Saint after Opening the Eyes
675 The Sound of a Bell over the Bloody Sea
676 Unable to Beat the Opponen
677 Over and Outside the Ocean
678 Getting Fa
679 Standing Higher than Everybody Else
680 Thunder Still Rumbles as Ears are Covered
681 Night Still Falls while Covering Eyes
682 What She Wants
683 A Howl in Heaven and Earth
684 Pouncing on the Fan
685 Different Paths
686 The End of the Sword Formation of Green Mountain
687 Before the End of the Story
688 After the Sunse
689 A Falling Light Dust in the Twiligh
690 She is the Fairy Madam
691 Looking Down
692 In the Sky and on the Ground
693 The Snow Girl
694 The Silver Stream
695 Slaying the Fairy Lady
696 The Flying Snow
697 Binding the Cloud
698 The Deep Cloud
699 The Immortal Left on the Back of the Fire Carp
700 The Overnight Red Tear on the Lotus
701 Who Won?
702 Putting down More Go Pieces
703 The Salty Raindrops Taste like Tears
704 I’m only a Talkative Fish
705 A Fist Piercing Heaven and Earth
706 Looking at the Wells
707 Let Me Save You and this World
708 Cut off with a Swing of the Sword
709 An Ominous Bell
710 The Longevity Mountain
711 Mutual Calculation
712 The Fallen Leaves Have Nothing to Do with Autumn Wind but Time
713 Stopping Has Nothing to Do with Reciting the Scripts but Tiredness
714 Asking about the Dao
715 The Oblivion
716 Temporary Ocean Sprays
717 Repairing the Sky
718 Replenishing the Sea
719 I Know All the Principles
720 A Middle-Aged Man Coming from the Wes
721 A Madman will Sometimes be Scared
722 A Genius will Sometimes Make Stupid Mistakes
723 Calling
724 The Time is Up
725 It’s Really High
726 It’s Really Dark
727 The Hardest Thing for Humans is being Unperceptive
728 A Different Meaning for the Ringing Silvery Bell
729 Whose World is It after Being Awake?
730 The Former Peng Lang Comes Back
731 The All in One Sword 1
732 The All in One Sword 2
733 The Effects 1
734 The Effects 2
735 Two Questions
736 The Same Lava in a Different Pond
737 Flying Bird and Fish, Firewood and Fire
738 Do it Today
739 The Long Wai
740 The Story Told by Jing Jiu
741 Living Tens of Thousands of Years
742 Leaving Everything Behind
743 After the Ascension
744 This is the Star
745 It’s a Worthwhile Journey
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 9
746 The Low-Level Civilization
747 The Prisoner in the Lab
748 Not Returning
749 The First Contac
750 The Ghostly Tenan
751 Nine Days Again
752 Lost amid the Ocean of Knowledge
753 Feeling Sentimental in the Story World
754 Stealing Money in the Desolate Neighborhood
755 How to Devour a Library
756 Jing Jiu, a Potential Physicis
757 Two Separate Sides
758 Where are You Going
759 The New Ghosts and an Old Friend
760 Creating a Yuanqi Girl
761 Regarding the Process……
762 Celebrating with a Bottle of Rice Wine
763 Life is Sometimes like the Bitter Wine
764 A Stoic Person Has no Need for Facial Expression
765 The Primary Selection of Female Pries
766 The Huge Whale Jumping out of the Sea
767 Being Gazed A
768 Ding, Ding, Ding
769 I Am God
770 The First Formal Confrontation
771 Looking at the Sky in a Well
772 Breaking out of Cocoon
773 The Ginkgo Trees
774 The Flying Butterflies amid the Sea of Stars
775 Looking at Clouds during the Day and Stars at Nigh
776 Blessed on the Head by a Fairy Man
777 You’ll be Fine in Wind and Rain
778 No Need for God
779 Participating in the Selection
780 The Gigantic Tower in the Distance
781 The Female Pries
782 The Sister of God
783 The True New Life
784 The October Water Festival Begins
785 The Place Watched by the Whole Plane
786 Having a Drink
787 Reciting Books at Night While being Drunk
788 The Plum is Ripe
789 The Successor of Female Pries
790 The Lines in the Dark Nigh
791 Piercing Everything
792 The Man Traveling against the Ligh
793 As if Nothing Had Happened
794 Being Treated like a God
795 Asking the Battleship to Come Down
796 Let You Fly for a While
797 Too Beautiful to Look at I
798 The Cocoon Breakers
799 Leaving Again
800 I’m Not Lonely But a Bit Troubled
801 A Battleship from the Wes
802 I’m Called General Li by the People
803 Inside and Outside the Well
804 The Broadsword Man on Mining Spaceship
805 I’m Cao Yuan and I’m Fine
806 God that Slices the Battleship Open
807 The Buddha Who Faced the Sun and the Youth who Didn’t See the Sea of Stars
808 I’m Waiting for Your Arrival
809 The Last Tes
810 The Person Who Turned on Lights
811 The Sword that Brought Thousands of Lights with I
812 I’ll Tell You about this Sword
813 The Burning Butterflies
《The Path Toward Heaven》 Volume 10
814 Professor Gou
815 The Show
816 The Ran Family
817 The Talk
818 The Trip
819 Number One
820 The Strike
821 The Sword Figh
822 He’s Indeed from Green Mountain
823 It’s Neither Eating Nor Fishing and Boiling Tea
824 That One
825 The Picturesque Girl
826 The Sudden Clearing of the Thick Fog
827 Traveling through the Sky like a Shooting Star
828 Seeing Green Mountain Again
829 The Thoughtless Sword Ligh
830 It’s Not the Same
831 The Longest Statemen
832 Our Principles
833 The Respective Ideas
834 A Faint “Hmm” before Departure
835 Jing Jiu’s Choice
836 The Child of Hua Family
837 Don’t Want to Violate the Law
838 Don’t Block the Road
839 A City
840 The Life Itself