The Others Within - Awakening
8 Epilogue - The Second Deal
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The Others Within - Awakening
Author :Staggen
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8 Epilogue - The Second Deal

Tim and James were sitting in front of each other in the dining table. James was drinking the tea offered by Tim, while Tim was staring at his suit.

"Now... about that deal." Tim looked into the man's eyes.

"Ah, yes. I completely forgot about that due to this tea. It's good." James smiled. "It's about Emilia."

Tim stood up from his seat and slammed the table. "You know where she is?" He happily shouted with an even bigger smile.

James was scared to give him the news that Emilia is dead, he doesn't want to cause pain for someone else, but he had no choice. "Emilia... is, unfortunately.. dead." He nervously blurted out.

Tim's smile slowly fell from his face. "What... what do you mean?" His tone was sad. He couldn't accept that Emilia was dead. He pulled on James' tie. "What did you do!" His blustering didn't affect James.

"Look, I didn't kill her. She took her own life." James replied nervously. Tim let go of his tie and sat back down. Tim slammed his head on the table and started crying.

"Why... why did she do that?" He murmured. James went beside him and patted his back.

"I don't know why either," James stated. "My deal might help you though." He added.

Tim stopped sobbing and looked at him. "What do you mean?" He asked. James gave him a paper describing the details. (READ The Man's Files - DEAL #901)

A few hours later, he gave back the paper to James. "I accept." He decided to accept the deal. The man gives him a pen. "Sign the paper, and you're good to go." He said with a smile.

After signing, the paper disappears. James picks up his briefcase and stands up. "Well, I guess that's it. I will see you in 5 years." He chattered. "Goodbye, Mr. Winston." James waves as he exits through the vortex.

Tim stands up and picks up a picture of Emilia. He smiles and puts it down. He whispers something under his breath.

"A soul... for a soul."


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