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16 Climb to the peak

After laughing satisfied, Shenli then bought a rank 9 weapon or Divine Weapon.

For fear of attracting attention, and inviting disaster to her, she bought a replica of the 4th rank weapon. She also would not tell anyone about what she got, except Hanabi, Han Ji Yun, Irsan, Lisa, whom she trusted.

Shenli didn't trust them blindly, but because they were different domains, Shenli didn't mind telling them, it might give them encouragement. after knowing you can get a prize when the first person breaks through a certain layer, but it won't have much effect after knowing Shenli got it.

She also will not use these weapons carelessly, except when in danger.

Shenli, who stared at the two blades, couldn't tell which was highly ranked.

Shenli went out and entered the training hall portal which was not far from her, Shenli did not see the surroundings, this time there were not too many people only numbering over 100,000,000.

In the Shenli area, there were only 10,000,000 people, Shenli did not know the number of all the people who were still around the shelter, while over 100,000,000 people went on an adventure.

So Shenli did not know that each shelter had more than 200,000,000 million people. whereas in each Domain, there are 5 Shelters each, and Shenli is in the West Lightning Domain Shelter.

The shelter is divided into, northern shelter, southern shelter, western shelter, eastern shelter, and central shelter.

Shenli knew that she had defeated all of humanity, in her cultivation speed, but there were still people like Shenli, who had the same cultivation speed as Shenli.

Shenli is only a few hours apart from these people. Still, she defeated all of them, she is now at the highest peak of humans.

But that does not guarantee she will be at the top forever. After all, this is a world of cultivation, where competition is very fierce and cruel.

There will be people who are on the same peak as Shenli, but Shenli has an advantage over others, she is at the front.

Then Shenli went to Han Yu Ri and the others.

"Sorry, sorry, I'm doing something". The five of them nodded. they don't look upset or anything. they just wait patiently.

"Let's get in soon," Shenli said and immediately pushed them in gently. Then they entered the cultivation room. Nobody asked shenli about what to do in the cultivation room, they were just waiting for shenli to explain,

"No questions ??, because there isn't, I'll just get to the point."

"This time I will train you to cultivate. Because I have broken through, so I know what to do".

They listened carefully to Shenli, and were attentive when Shenli spoke.

"how to cultivate", that sentence made them focus. they had no idea how to cultivate at all, so they were in serious mode, they wanted to have the power to protect.

"The first thing you have to do is build a Core because your Core is still empty and thin, it needs to be charged, as for the way to do it, is to continue to absorb energy and shape it like a ball, do it continuously".

"You have to focus, remember, the core is in the navel area." Their eyes show everything.

"From what I experienced, I first felt the Energy Core, and it took quite a long time until I could feel the small space."

Shenli's explanation is quite easy to understand. They know what to do.

"Concentrate well, don't be distracted by other things".

"When you succeed in feeling one, then try feeling the other".

"After you feel everything, absorb as much energy as possible, and slowly fill it into the small space, stacking it slowly."

"When you feel that the small space is full, fill your energy core until it feels full."

everyone seemed to be thinking, after listening to Shenli explanation.

"Now enter each of your coins into the box". then they put coins into the box, then Shenli told them to scatter and form a circle.

suddenly a transparent barrier limiting them all.

"Now do as I say". despite the barriers, Shenli's voice could still be heard.

They all started, Shenli who saw them all meditating, joined in the cultivation and paid the costs of the cultivation room.

Shenli returned to cultivation.

Shenli, who was already in fighter 7, thought of how to break through to the next stage.

"No, it's not the time to break through the next stage, I have to perfect this level first".

She remembered something "I almost forgot, I still have Supreme Absorbing Art, I will use it, but how do I do it".

Shenli took out 3 Scrolls, then she selected the Scroll technique, and saved the rest.

Shenli, who did not know how, tried to get it to the core, stick it to her forehead, speak for herself and stretch the technique up, "I use this".

"I want this"

"I choose this"

"Unite Technique"

But nothing worked.

Shenli then thought, "if this is not the way to unite this technique with my body, then there is no other way". Shenli bit her fingertip, and a few drops of blood came out, then she dropped the blood into the technique.

Suddenly the technique scroll turned into a strange blob, and the blob entered shenli's body, seeing that shenli was just silent and did not fight.

Then pain appeared in Shenli's body. Shenli, who did not endure the pain, kept shouting.

the shout did not wake them up because of the barrier, there is something strange in the room.

Shenli endured the pain for more than 2 hours, she lay unconscious.

A few minutes later shenli opened her eyes, but she still had difficulty using her body which still felt a little pain.

1 hour passed, and Shenli was able to sit down, she felt a tremendous hunger approaching her, She took out 10 packs of food and finished it, this time she looked more terrible than before when she was eating.

Shenli slowly recovered, returning to her previous state, she sat down and started cultivation again. This time Shenli absorbs energy at a terrifying speed, it can be seen from the energy sucked around it.

Shenli was shocked and opened her eyes, "What is the speed of this absorption, in 1 second can absorb in a terrible amount". shenli then tried to feel Energy Core,

"This does not strengthen my core at all, it's useless". Spontaneously she said the sentence.

Blink of an eye shenli understood something "ahh so it really is like this, I have to strengthen it slowly". Her pink lips smiled.

"This technique can make me have terrible energy Stamina, or like the energy core that I have will not run out, always full-filled".

She chuckled, "I'm not afraid of running out of energy".

After that, she continued cultivation.

12 hours later, an announcement appeared in her mind "Congratulations on entering the Warrior level 1 stage".