The Naga Dungeon
15 Venom
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The Naga Dungeon
Author :Rel185
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15 Venom

Since Edward's dungeon was not powerful enough to make a good bow and he didn't have the Mana stones to buy from others anymore he had to get a bow in the city. Luckily being a trading hub lots of new and strange things could be found in the city. The best place to go was the Treasure Pavilion, it as a branch to a intercontinental business.

Edward arrived outside of the Treasure Pavilion and was amazed at the size of the place. When he looked at it with mana sight he noticed that all of the walls glowed. The whole building was enchanted. When he walked in it was like he walked into another world.

After walking in Edward was meet by a beautiful young woman who asked him what he needed. Luckily Edward created some gold coins and put them in his ring for travel money before he left the dungeon. He didn't know the money back then but he know gold was always good no mater the world. When asked what he wanted he told her he wanted a bow and his budget was 100 gold coins.

The young lady took him to the bow section of the 4th floor. There where not many bows here but they where all of the rare rank with a few unique rank mixed in.

Edward "Which ones of these can I afford?"

Server Girl "Almost all of the ones on this floor are in your budget."

Edward "How are these unique ranks almost the same price as the rare ranks?"

Server Girl "All of the ones on this floor are cheap because they will not work for everyone. There restrictions make them less valuable then ones without restrictions. Those are on the next floor."

Edward looked at the bow one by one until a unique bow caught his attention due to its limbs looking like raised hooded cobras. The restriction on the bow poisoned those who tried to use it without the Snake Goddesses permission. It had the effect of making the arrows fired from the bow more powerful and adding poison equal to how much of the Snake Goddesses favor you have.

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Being a dungeon of snakes and nagas with a temple to the Snake Goddess this bow was perfect for him. And at 60 gold it was a deal. Edward asked to see the bow and the server girl had someone remove it for him. As soon as he touched it he know it was the one.

System: The Snake Goddess has granted you permission to use Venom as you wish. Would you like to bind this weapon to yourself? Y/N

Edward selected yes and the bow entered his soul. Now even if his avatar died the bow was tied to his soul not his body. The server girl grow nervous when the bow disappeared and was about to call security so Edward brought the bow back out and told her he would pay for it immediately. As Edward was about to go pay someone snatched the bow from his hands.

??? "This bow looks interesting I'll take it."

Edward turned around to see a self-important looking young man behind him. After seeing the bow go into Edward's body he decided it must be something good so decided to take it for himself.

Edward "Give it back I have decided to buy it first and you can't even use it."

??? "Peasant how dare you speak to me like that do you know who I am."

Edward "Nope and I'm am not interested in someone who is not smart enough to see if he can even use a weapon before he buys it."

??? "I am Samuel, son of Lord David Ruler of Riviera. And I do not need to check there is no weapon that would dare disobey me."

To prove his point Samuel drew the bow to length and summoned a mana arrow on it before aiming at a wall 20 feet away and releasing the arrow. The arrow went barely 2 feet before dropping to the ground with no power. The power behind the arrow depended on the Snake Goddesses favor and Samuel had none. While he was staring at the limp arrow on the ground he failed to notice his hand that was holding the bow was turning black from using the bow without permission till it reached his elbow and one of his guard yelled of him to drop it.

Samuel tried to drop it but he couldn't move his hand anymore. One of his guard had to rip the bow from his hand and throw it away. But the poison was almost to his shoulder by then and he couldn't move his arm at all anymore. Edward walked over and picked up the discarded bow and turned to the server girl and asked if he could pay now.

Samuel "Guards capture them for poisoning me. I want them both dead now."

Edward "I told you you couldn't use the bow but you tried anyway so you poisoned yourself."

Edward was not worried, there was no way a place like the Treasure Pavilion would allow anyone, even the young master of Riviera to cause trouble in the pavilion. He still stood in front of the server girl to defend her till help could get here. Just as Edward thought just as the guards almost reached them they froze into solid ice. A beautiful woman with a cold temperament walked over.

??? "Samuel you dare to cause trouble in the Treasure Pavilion? If it was not for your father you would be joining your guards in death. There will not be a second chance you have been warned."

Samuel "Miss Gloria you dare to defend the man that poisoned me?"

Miss Gloria "Poisoned you? That bow is marked clear as day that anyone that tries to use it without the Goddesses permission will be poisoned by the Goddess."

Samuel "Then why is he fine to hold it?"

Miss Gloria "My guess is that he received the Goddesses permission to use the bow. Only an idiot would try to use the bow without receiving it."

Samuel "Fine but you still need to cure me."

Miss Gloria "I need to do no such thing. You did this to yourself."

Samuel "Fine give me the antidote you can get the money from my father."

Miss Gloria "I'm afraid your father doesn't have enough money even if he sold all of Riviera for that kind of antidote. This is poison from the Snake Goddess herself even if she is no longer a mid grade god she is still a god, nothing less then a divine antidote will cure her poison."

Samuel "This isn't over just you wait."

Samuel ran out of the Treasure Pavilion with his black arm.

Edward "Aren't you afraid of him getting his father to cause trouble here?"

Miss Gloria "Lord David knows attacking here will only lead to his own death."

Edward "Then I guess I'm the only one that needs to worry."

Miss Gloria "As a thank you for defending one of my girls I will ensure Lord David finds no fault with you over this incident."

Edward "Thank you. Can I buy this bow now?"

Miss Gloria "Of course I will help you with that and as thanks I will give you the VIP treatment 1/3 off so 40 gold for the bow."

Edward paid for the bow and left. He know with Miss Gloria's promise the Lord wouldn't find trouble with him publicly but he wasn't stupid, he know they would try something in private.
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