The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
328 A Proclamation of Peace
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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328 A Proclamation of Peace

*Eldovian Era 1715, 4th day of the 7th month*

It had been two weeks since the Blue Sands Tribe was formed with Rima Bluesand as it's Chieftain. There had surprisingly been few who questioned it despite Rima's fears. Rima wasn't stupid though. She knew that both the Elders, and Aegin's near constant presence had meant that anybody who wanted to speak out always thought better of it. She'd preferred that at first. It had made her feel more confident. But it soon became clear that Aegin's presence beside her was not that different to Yashi's beside Gryffyn's.

She'd sent Aegin away and kept Tigin by her side instead, his huge frame often intimidating enough in itself.

Sevis had returned back to Red-Eye as soon as he could. His father had been quite upset with both him and Tigin for leaving without making any proper preparations. But the war was over and peace had been settled, so the Chieftain couldn't really stay angry at his son for that long. Instead, he sent Sevis to organise a celebration to put an official end to the year long war.

Clearly, Sevis had some of the leadership qualities as well. The huge array of colourful tents in the dunes had no doubt taken days to construct, not to mention the amount of resources that would have had to be brought in. Aegin had done much of that though. He'd been training with new abilities, including storing things in shadows.

Sevis and Tigin found it fascinating if not cool that the Vampire could now form blades from his own blood. Rima, if she was being honest, found it a little creepy.

"Lighten up, oh fearless leader, you're ruining the mood," Aegin stated as he appeared beside her holding a cup of wine out for her to drink.

Rima took it as she breathed out, "I've never heard of so many Tribes gathering together. I guess the thought of such powerful and ancient people has made me nervous".

Aegin smirked as he took a sip of Cora's spiced blood soup from his own cup, "Has it occurred to you that you��re not a part of those powerful and ancient people".

Rima rolled her eyes, "I don't feel all that powerful, or ancient. I'm just…"

"Just you," Aegin finished for her.

Rima nodded, "Just me".

"There's nothing wrong with that," Aegin said, "Despite what you may think, I've spent most of my life serving somebody else. Always a part of someone else's shadow. Being here…it's a relief to be just me. A relief to make decisions for myself".

Rima looked at him for a long moment, "Tigin said you were afraid though".

Aegin raised an eyebrow.

Rima's eyes widened, "I mean…sorry, that was rude of me to bring up".

Aegin tilted his head, "Just because I may seem more powerful, doesn't mean I don't feel fear. Everyone fears something…mine just happens to be fearing that I cannot protect what I cherish the most".

Rima could see from his far-off expression that he wasn't just talking about those here on the Hava Rastellan.

"I suppose you've never really spoken about it, but I can tell you left someone behind before you came here," said Rima, "You fear for them, don't you?"

Aegin sighed, "Of course I do…at first I feared I could not protect her from others. Then that I could not protect her from myself. Now…now I fear that she never wants to see me again after I left the way I did".

Rima gave a small smile, "Wow".

Aegin frowned, "What?"

"You almost seemed…normal then," said Rima, "Just a young man in love".

Though it was hard to tell from just the light of the torches and bonfires, Rima was sure Aegin blushed, "I don't love her".

Rima grinned, then downed her wine before she took a deep breath, her eyes finding Sevis in the crowd among his warrior brethren as they drunk and spoke, "If you insist, oh great Vampire. Remember to have some fun, yes?"

Aegin frowned, "I believe I came over here to tell you that".

Rima shrugged as she began to walk towards Sevis, "Then take your own advice".

The music had started up to the side, and Aegin watched as Rima crossed past the bonfire and the growing line of Tribesman preparing to dance, stopping before Sevis. She held out her hand to him. He grinned at her before taking her hand and pulling her towards the line to join in. Aegin sat back as he watched to Tribesman begin to dance, Tigin joining in with another Tribeswoman. So many began joining that Aegin had to move back out of the way.

He spotted Cora over by her own bonfire.

"Not joining in, old woman?" asked Aegin.

"Not as much skip in my step any more, child," Cora remarked, "Would you like another cup?"

Aegin gave her back the cup he'd been drinking the blood out of, "You treat me far too well, Cora".

"Nonsense," Cora huffed, "Besides, even if I did, no one would dare say a thing against it".

"Aye, you're too terrifying when provoked," Aegin replied with a grin.

"And don't you forget it," Cora warned as she passed the cup back to him.

Aegin swallowed the spiced blood with amusement, the music and rhythm of the dances filling his senses. He let himself revel in it. In the peace it brought him. For the first time in a long time, Aegin truly felt like he belonged, it almost brought tears to his eyes as he looked out over the dances.

The only thing missing was those he'd left behind.

Feeling the wetness on his cheek, Aegin reached up and swiped it away quickly passing his cup to Cora as he stood, "I'm going for a run".

"Aegin," Cora called.

Aegin turned back to her, "Be back before sunrise, I've been told the Elders wish to see you".

Aegin nodded, "Sure thing".

He turned to wove his way through the crowd of Tribesman, his pale skin for once not feeling alien amongst all the dark featured Tribesman.


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