The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
315 The Riddling of Ridge Men
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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315 The Riddling of Ridge Men

"What are you doing here?" Tigin hissed.

Aegin raised an eyebrow, "Evidently, deduction is not your forte either".

Sevis smirked, but quickly hid it as he turned towards the gates, "Let's get into these uniforms and-"

Aegin put a hand on Sevis' shoulder, "No need. Wait here for now, I'll go scope it out".

Sevis frowned, "We're supposed to do this together. The Djinn doesn't-"

"Yashi most certainly does know you're here. He likely knows I am too," said Aegin, "If he hasn't attacked you yet, he's done so intentionally, which likely points to a trap".

Sevis shook off Aegin's hand, "That may be the case, but I hardly think that you should be going in alone".

"Like you said, I've got more of a chance than the two of you do. Besides, unless there is a Gods given opportunity, I don't plan to rescue Rima quite yet," said Aegin.


Sevis slapped a hand over Tigin's mouth to muffled his outcry, glaring at him. The three of them waited, listening to the night before Aegin continued speaking.

"They haven't tried to kill her yet, she's only under guard. Besides, you said that Yashi's Master keeps some kind of Token or Vessel on his body, right? Shouldn't our priority be finding that?" asked Aegin, "That way, it won't be nearly as hard to get Rima out of there".

Sevis' hand dropped from Tigin's mouth as he sighed, "I get it".


"What he says makes sense, Tigin," said Sevis. He turned to Aegin, "But in and out, and no engaging unless you have to, right?"

Aegin smiled, "Haven't used these skills in a while".

He vanished.

Tigin looked down at the two guards, "What do we do with these guys?"

Sevis followed his gaze, "Come on, let's get further away from the gate".


The old rhyme he'd been taught as a child echoed through his mind as he made his way through the dark streets of the city. Down alleys, across rooftops, over balconies and ledges. Aegin was in the assassin's element as if he'd never left it.

Ridge Men are Silent.

Ridge Men are Loyal.

Ridge Men ride shadows,

As their enemies recoil.

Ridge Men are Quick.

Ridge Men are Clean.

Beware the Ridge Men,

For their deeds are unseen.

Ridge Men. How long had it been since he'd dared to think of himself in that way? He'd long rid himself of the title, of course. Unwilling to be associated with those who were so blindly loyal to a family of entitled, rich pricks like the Kildares'. Still, he couldn't deny that their training was more than useful, only enhanced by his Vampiric senses and abilities.

As Aegin drew closer to the compound of the Black Sands Chieftain, quite easy to pick out amongst the other building, he could feel eyes on him. Dark eyes, amused eyes.

Yashi knew they were there, alright. Though considering the lack of response from all the guards, either he'd yet to inform his Master, or the Black Sands Chieftain was so utterly confident in Yashi's victory that he saw no reason to be on guard.

Aegin didn't plan on sticking around long enough to find out which one it was.

He entered the castle-like building, scaling the balconies on the dark side of the building in order to reach the upper floors. He was pretty sure that the Chieftain would be up there at this hour.

As he reached the highest floor apart from the tower on the far side, the eyes on him became alarming to his senses. He glanced up, at the balcony at the top of the tower. Yashi was there, he knew it. Yet he did not sense the Djinn making any moves.

Aegin scented the air, wrinkling his nose and the smell of sex wafting out of the open doors a couple of rooms up. The scent of sex and various perfumes.

So, the Chieftain had a Harem? How benevolent of him.

It was not exactly an uncommon practice, and Aegin had never really had an opinion on it as a Ridge Man. Now that he'd had other experiences though, he could not help but think that power and wealth were not good enough reasons to accumulate women like possessions. Not that all Harems were that way, but the majority that he knew of certainly were. Screwing up his nose in distaste, but knowing he had no other option seeing as he was short on time. Aegin found himself standing in the shadows of the balcony door and laying eyes upon the orgy that was occurring inside the vast room.

There was no other way to describe it. His first thought, as his lip curled up in disgust, was that clearly the Chieftain overestimated his capabilities if the women had to take care of themselves or each other. His next thought, as his eyes caught Gryffyn mid-thrust. Was that the man must not have the time to carry much with him, so the item that Aegin was looking for was either hidden somewhere close or was small enough not to bother the man in his trysts.

Aegin tilted his head in thought, then Gryffyn paused and clasped his hand at something around his neck before flinging that something over his shoulder.

Two pendants fell into the prove of his spine as the man's muscles flexed. One a black feather that was locked in placed with two obsidian beads, and the other-

"Didn't take you for someone who would enjoy this kind of show, Aegin".

Aegin didn't even bother glancing at Yashi, he simply turned and ran.

Of course, Yashi didn't so much as flinch.

Aegin felt the wind beneath his feet even as he dropped to the ground. He realised right away what a mistake it was to leave himself airborne like that. He cursed as the wind spiralled around him and began carrying him up again, past the busy Harem and towards the tower.

Aegin hissed at the cutting wind. He just hoped that Sevis and Tigin stayed put.


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