The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
285 An Emblem of Effectiveness
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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285 An Emblem of Effectiveness

Well now he'd gone and done it. Sensing the utter stillness of a room, Aegin had a second to realise he'd just thrown his entirety of his survival instincts out of the window, and wasted plenty of silver doing it. He'd have to kill them all, then pack up and leave Rene for somewhere else. Not to mention the Priestess can't have gone far, she'd be on his ass in an instant if she thought he'd gone back on his word and was killing cause he could.

But the second passed, and nothing happened. The room was still quiet and unmoving. Waiting. For him, they realised. They were waiting to see what he and the man he'd just threatened would do. Aegin straightened slowly giving the man space after effectively disrespecting him in his own house. The man, surprisingly, swallowed his initial shock quite quickly.

"I see," he said, and the room seemed to release a breath at his confidence. Aegin had no idea where it came from. He was pretty positive he'd come close to flashing his fangs. Seeing no further argument to be had and wanting to get away from the prying eyes, Aegin turned back to head for the door.

"I have an alternative proposal, if you are willing to hear it," said the man.

Aegin sighed. No, he didn't really want to hear it. Especially not with so many people staring at him. He'd never been one for attention. One would think that the Warrior's Arena would have done him some good in that sense, but fighting for your life tended to mean less concern for large crowds that may be watching said fight.

Seeing that Aegin was going to walk out, the man spoke up a little louder.

"A hundred gold a day for what I am proposing".

Gasps went around the room. Even Aegin paused in surprise. Not so much at the amount, but at the fact that the man wasn't even flinching at the price he'd just proposed. Like 100 gold a day was pocket change.

Aegin's eyes narrowed, though he didn't turn around.

"500 gold per day and I'll listen," said Aegin, moving to take another step forward under the assumption that the man wouldn't say yes.


Aegin froze. Holy cheese on bread. 500 gold a day? He was tempted to say yes immediately. But he knew better by now that to strike a deal without hearing all the terms.

He looked over his shoulder at the man who smiled like he'd won and swept an arm towards a corridor further back, "Care to step into my office?"

Aegin gave a side glance to the peanut gallery on either side of them. Yeah, privacy sounded good.

The inside of the man's office would probably be considered simple by anyone else, but Aegin had worked for the Kildares for most of his life. He could see the hidden alcoves and small testaments to wealth spread around the room. It was like the entire place was set up to say 'welcome...and remember your place'.

Aegin immediately ignored such a sentiment and flopped down onto one of the couches, "I'm listening".

Aegin had to commend the guy for his acting skills, he didn't even flinch as he poured himself a drink and waved his hand for some of his subordinates to shut the door to the hall.

"Drink?" he asked as he offered Aegin some of the amber liquid. Aegin shook his head. The man took up his own glass as he moved to take a seat in the chair opposite Aegin, "My name, is Bosca Irons".

The name meant nothing to Aegin, but from the way the man carried himself it clearly meant something here in Rene.

"Your name, Warrior?"

Aegin stared back, contemplating answering before he realised this meeting was going no where if he didn't speak. Bosca Irons was clearly named for his strength of will.


"Aegin," Bosca tested the name, sipping his drink before his smiled, "Aegin Bloodthorn, perhaps?"

Aegin frowned at the name.

"Fear not," Bosca said as he put his glass down on the small table between them, "I have no intention of enslaving you. I saw you fight over a year ago at the Warrior's Arena. Such prowess, and you only seemed to have gotten even more noteworthy if what I saw just now is any indication. I remember thinking to myself then that a man of such prowess should not be confined for mere entertainment. All of the Reapers in fact. Are they around?"

Aegin's lavender eyes narrowed on Bosca, "I came here because you said you had a proposal. I'm not one for flattery".

Okay, a bit of a lie. He didn't mind flattery. He just didn't like it when it disguised something else so well.

Bosca sighed, "Yes, I see you are a straightforward man so I will cut to the chase. I desire to have you under my employment. A bodyguard of sorts. As I said, I will give you 500 gold per day for your work".

"Do you pay all your employees so generously?" asked Aegin.

"Generous?" asked Bosca with a smile, "You have not been in Rene long, have you, Aegin Bloodthorn?"

Aegin shrugged, "Arrived this morning".

Bosca continued to smile, "I see, then you must not understand much of how the city works. If that is the case, I am willing to have you shadow me as you learn, in addition to the 500 gold, of course".

"Is that not the job of a bodyguard?" asked Aegin, "To shadow his employer".

"Some," said Bosca.

Aegin raised an eyebrow, "I will not do your dirty work for you, Bosca Irons. I've spent my life as such and I do not intend to spend the rest doing the same".

Bosca held up his hands, "Of course, of course, you have my word. You will remain as a shadow to protect me in times of danger only".

Aegin sat up straight leaning forward, "Then you vow to not use me for personal gain, nor the suppression of your enemies?"

"I vow to never use the name of Aegin Bloodthorn in such a disrespectful manner," said Bosca.

"And I may leave when I wish it?" Aegin asked.

Bosca frowned at this, but only for a moment, "Only if you tell me what it is you desire before you do so. I would so like your abilities to be my shadow for an extended period".

Aegin tilted his head to the side in thought for a moment. That wouldn't be a problem. And this way, he wouldn't have to hide so much. Bosca clearly had power here in Rene. He wouldn't stay forever of course. Just until he had plenty of coin saved up, or he got bored. He didn't expect either to take long.

Aegin held out his hand, "I will come back tomorrow morning then".

Bosca grinned and took his hand, "I shall have a place prepared for you".


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