The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
283 Employment for the Exiled
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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283 Employment for the Exiled

Wasn't it supposed to be Winter? And not just that, the middle of Winter. If it was this warm now, it was no wonder the majority of the continent was a desert.

In saying that, it wasn't like it was hot already. Perhaps lightly warm was the right term, though the Westerners still seemed to wear plenty of clothing. Aegin was pleasantly surprised to see that not everyone wore gems. He'd been afraid that he'd have to use the last of his dwindling coin to buy more gems to fit in, but they were evidently so abundant here that nobody particularly cared for them.

Or, the more likely option, the section of the city he'd found himself in was heavily populated with the poor. Or just heavily populated. There were so many bodies densely packed into this section of the city that Aegin would never be hurting for meals. Though they were very good at hiding themselves. It was the smell that gave their presence away. Not entirely horrible, just...not exactly pleasant either.

With a sigh, Aegin sat himself in the alcove on one of the two storey buildings, hiding from the sun as he sat to observe the street below him and the general movements of the city. It was still morning, so there was plenty to see that he hadn't yet observed on his walk over. He placed down his sack which had his second set of clothes and a couple of knives in it. He was abysmally poor right at this moment. And desired nothing more than to earn some more money so that he could afford to buy himself something less worn. Two months with just two sets of clothes, plus the three months he'd already spent in one of them, was just too many. At least for somebody who was attempting to emulate freedom and write his own life for once.

He had fifty silver on him. Most of it earned through whatever labour he'd done on the ship. Say what you would about the Yilish, they paid a whole lot more than anywhere else Aegin had worked. Still, fifty silver might get him a room at some inn for a week or so. Less if he was buying new clothes. Aegin hung his head in frustration. Immortal, with strength to match an army and speed that could take him from one town to the next in seconds, and he was so broke he'd be lucky to survive a civilized life for a week.

He could just live like a nomad...stealing would probably be easy...

He huffed at the part of him that refused to turn to that deceptive life style he'd left behind so long ago. He may not have been a thief, but it certainly required similar skill sets which had, much to his shame, never really gone away.

Alright, if he was going to earn some coin, what would he do? His eyes turned to the docks, then away again as he shook his head. No way was he getting stuck in a routine like that again. Besides, it was a job that was done during the day, and he'd prefer to remain as nocturnal as he could.

Pity most of the jobs that required a night shift were on the questionable side of the law.

He couldn't be a guard. He wasn't tying himself down like that to anyone. He wanted to be able to leave at the drop of a hat. Perhaps he could help out at whatever inn he stayed at? Or a bar? The routine may bring a sense of peace...but would probably bore him to death.

He continued to thin, watching the city beneath him go about it's business. His eyes kept getting drawn to the towers in the centre. They were hauntingly dominating. If he was being honest, it irked him that someone was up higher than he was. That someone could have been looking down on him.

But even if that was the case, the last thing he needed was attention. As always, it came down to that. Maybe he should just get a job at the docks...

Aegin dropped down from the alcove into an alley as the sun began to touch the horizon. He'd need to find a place to sleep for the night. It didn't take him long. Inns were a plenty, even if they did look like they were in dire need of repair. Aegin purchased a room for three nights, giving himself that long to find some work. He was down eighteen silver though.

He dumped his sack of clothes on the bed and glanced out of the window, small, though large enough for someone to get inside if they wanted. With a sigh, Aegin weighed his pouch of money in his hand. What could someone do around here for thirty-two silver?

He knew he shouldn't, but his eyes wondered down the street for an answer anyway. A brief glimpse of a whore house and he was shaking his head. The idea didn't appeal too him. He'd spent too long worrying about the honour of one woman in particular to go around marring that of others. Even those whose honour was no doubt thrown out the window some time ago.

He was about to turn back to his bed to wait for quiet in the night when his gaze caught on to something else. Something perhaps a little more interesting. He let his hearing tune into the building at the end of the street, and couldn't help the small smile on his lips.

Maybe he didn't need to work to earn money quickly.

Moments later, Aegin found himself in front of the building in question, the man at the door taking entry fees of thirty silver. Aegin hesitated at the price only a second before he handed it over.

The building had a long dark hallway that ended in a stairway that spiraled down underground. From there, the hum of activity rose until the hall ahead opened up before him. Aegin smiled at the cheering crowd around. Mostly men, but some women too. All of them shouting and jeering at the two wrestling figures in the middle. One a large scarred man, the other slightly smaller, but with clearly more skill. Still, it seemed to be a relatively even fight. Aegin looked around until he spotted the man taking bets to the side of the ring. He palmed the two silver in his hand. He should watch for a bit first.


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