The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
278 A Storm for Seekers
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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278 A Storm for Seekers

*Eldovian Era 1714 9th day of the 1st month*

Devina bit her lip awkwardly as she walked inside the cabin. Aegin stood at the far end of the room, looking out of the porthole. They had barely been able to talk amicably since the incident, not at all until a week afterwards when Aegin had stated he needed to feed.

They'd tried to keep up appearances as best they could, but with Gelling and the rest of crew, not to mention many of the passengers, whispering about the disappearance of the two Magicians mid-journey, there had been an added pressure that had made resolving their differences all the more difficult. In the end, whenever Devina had gathered the courage to speak with him, Aegin had found a way to avoid it or had simply ignored her. It was growing increasingly frustrating.

"Do you need to-"

"Not tonight," said Aegin.

Devina frowned, "I...I can sense your hunger".

She'd realised what that feeling within her was. That part of her that trusted him. She'd found that if she tried to grab a hold of it, she could actually sense when he needed to feed. It was why she'd made her way back to the room immediately upon finishing dinner.

Aegin sighed, "I'm always hungry, Devina".

"Then why don't you just-"

Aegin turned to face her, standing straighter. She saw the challenge in his eyes. The question asking if she really wanted to go there again. Devina bit her lip again.

Aegin turned away, picking up his jacket and moving past her towards the door, "Stay inside tonight".

Devina's eyes widened, "No, please, you're not really going to-"

Aegin paused, turning to look at her, "Don't make me knock you out".

Devina frowned, crossing her arms, "Well, perhaps you might have to. We made a deal, you feed off me and not the rest of the crew for this journey".

Aegin turned fully to face Devina, his eyes narrowed at her challenge.

"Devina, why do you always push your ideals onto me?" asked Aegin, "Why? You know that I am fundamentally different from you, don't you? It's part of the reason you came after me, wasn't it?"

Devina's eyes widened in surprise at his questions, "Do you not even acknowledge that taking lives as you do is wrong?"

Aegin sighed, "Devina, if you think for a moment that I enjoy taking lives, you are severely mistaken. I take them because of people like you and your Paladins, and your magician friends. People who, given the chance, would condemn me and all like me and seek to end my life simply because of the danger it poses to yours".

"A danger you are only proving," Devina pointed out.

"Because I don't have a choice," Aegin stated in exasperation, "I'm not like him, I..." Aegin trailed off, turning away before he sighed and continued, "I've never been someone that can find alternative solutions to problems. I'm not a great thinker. What I am is a survivor. And that is all I am trying to do. Survive. Survive and hopefully find somewhere where I can live a simple and peaceful life".

Devina could see the exhaustion in his expression. He was tired of having this argument with her. But she was tired too. Tired of trying to fight a battle that she was only just beginning to realise that she didn't understand.

"So when you have this peaceful life, will that mean that you stop killing?" asked Devina, "That these others you speak of, they will stop too?"

Aegin turned away, "There is only one other...and I do not speak for him. I do not wish to even see him again after what he..." Aegin huffed, "Enough, just stay here, alright, it's safer".

"You're lying," said Devina.

Aegin frowned at her, "What?"

"You just lied to me, I can see it in your eyes. What you just said, you don't believe it," said Devina.

Aegin sighed, "I believe you'll be safer in here that you will out there".

"You know that's not what I'm talking about," Devina pressed.

Aegin gritted his teeth, his violet eyes glinting red in his anger. Devina took a step back in surprise. She'd learned what that meant well enough.

"We're not friends, Devina. I don't think we're even considered allies despite our bond. We're enemies," said Aegin, "Opposite sides of a coin. And I'm pretty sure that no matter what we learn from each other, that isn't going to change".

Aegin then turned a final time.

"It definitely won't if you don't tell me," Devina snapped.

Aegin huffed, "Goodnight, Devina".

Devina barely registered he was moving before she felt something hit her in her temple.


Devina's eyes fluttered open slowly, and she groaned at the pain on the side of her head. Gods above, just how hard did he hit her?

Devina shifted ever so slightly, and suddenly had the abrupt feeling of nausea. She groaned again, stilling as her eyes fixed on her arm where her sleeve had loosened to reveal her lifelines, and the seven black thorns that were left on her arms.

Suddenly she felt the floor beneath her jolt up in an almighty crash before the end of the bed began to rise up. Devina sat up quickly to find purchase, realising that it wasn't necessarily the hit on her head that had caused the nausea.

The room tilted up before her, then she suddenly left her stomach behind her as it tilted back the other way. She registered crashing in the bathroom beside her, and an almighty boom outside. Her gaze whipped to the window, where the water, which she was usually above, was shifting dangerously as lightning flashed.

Devina gasped. Everything falling into place. There was a storm. Aegin had wanted her to stay inside to protect her from the storm.

After a brief moment of shock, Devina couldn't help but turn to anger. Arrogant man. She was a Priestess of the Holy Order. A Spark beneath the High Priestess. If there was anything she was trained to be good at, it was helping others. Devina rolled over, barely holding herself as she reached into the draw in the bedside table and pulled out her staff. She then carefully stood, gaining a wobbly centre of gravity before she moved, the room tilting as she went to open the door.

As she opened it, a gush of water poured in from the deck outside, drenching her bare feet and the bottom of her dress. The screams of some passengers nearby reached her ears. Eyes determined, she moved towards them.


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