The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
230 The Pavilion“s Divination*
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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230 The Pavilion“s Divination*

Lync's gaze darted back and forth between Olly and Kit with an expression that clearly showed how much he was exercising his restraint upon hearing their so called 'plan'.

"You want to do what?"

Kit opened his mouth to explain but Olly beat him to it.

"We need you to let the Inktress in so that we can lure her to the Pavilion".

Lync sighed, "And why, by the gods, would I do that? We have explicit orders not to let her in".

"Because if you don't let her in we can't kill her," Olly said. Kit's gaze snapped to Olly, eyebrows raised.

"We're killing her?" asked Kit, clearly surprised, "That's a little..."

"She's here to do the same to us," Olly said. Kit sighed. So it was kill or be killed. One of these days he was going to make Olly spill the entire plan before they were on the verge of carrying it out. Of course, that was if they survived this.

"Oh? And how do you plan on killing the hybrid magician?" asked Lync, "The last I heard, whilst Kit is a brilliant Magician for his age he is not her match".

Kit wasn't in the least bit offended. It was true. He was also curious as to how they were going to carry this plan out now that it involved not only overpowering the Inktress, but killing her as well.

"The Mist will help," said Olly.

"I thought you said the Mist didn't take sides," Kit questioned, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"It doesn't," said Olly, not seeing the confusion. Kit dragged a hand down his face before he took a breath and spoke as calmly as he could. He'd gotten rather good at it the past few years, though this was one of Olly's more outrageous plans to be sure.

"Okay, Olly, this will not be the last time I ask this but can you please explain your plan detail by detail?" asked Kit, "If only to convince Lync here that you're not insane".

"This better be an extraordinary plan then," Lync muttered, though Olly didn't seem to notice. He seemed to be in deep thought about Kit's request before he replied.

"If you know every detail, it might not work," Olly admitted.

"Well, I'm not risking the lives of my knights and the sanctity of the Pavilion on your word," Lync stated adamantly.


"No," Lync said firmly.

Olly looked dejected as Lync walked away, turning to attend to his duties. Kit hesitated before he placed a hand on Olly's arm.

"Maybe it's for the-"

Olly grabbed Kit's wrist before dragging him away, "Wait, where are we going?"

His question was answered soon enough as Olly brought him to the Pavilion. Without an ounce of hesitation he released Kit's wrist inside the Pavilion as he went to the centre, then began looking up and around as he had done when they'd first found the Pavilion. Kit sighed, turning to take a seat on the edge of the Pavilion before Olly spoke.

"The Moon will be shadowed soon," Olly said.

Kit sighed, "I'll be sure to bring a lantern that night, I think we have more pressing matters…unless the Inktress is attacking on that night?"

Olly shook his head, "The Moon's Shadow won't help nor hinder us in this".

Kit couldn't help but wonder if Olly was talking about something other than the actual moon. Kit wouldn't put it past him. Still, they had more pressing matters right now, especially considering that the Moon's shadow was irrelevant to their current predicament.

"Then would you mind explaining how exactly we defeat the Inktress?" asked Kit, "Lync is right, I'm not powerful enough".

"You don't need to be," said Olly, "You just need to strike at the right time".

"How will I know that?" asked Kit.

Olly reached into his pocket and took out a large clarity charm before he threw it to Kit. Kit caught it, looking at it in confusion.

"You'll know," Olly smiled confidently, "We should take care of the Star Stone".

"The what?" asked Kit.

Olly pointed down, "The Star Stone the Knights use to track those who are not residents here".

It was the first Kit had heard of it, or anything like it, "What does it do?"

Olly frowned, "It tracks those who are not residents here".

"No, I mean, how did they get that type of magic?" asked Kit.

"It was here before the Pavilion needed knights to protect it," Olly replied, "So the Oracles could see who was of Order and who was of Chaos".

"The who?" asked Kit.

Olly sighed, annoyed, "The Oracles...Kit is your hearing okay? You should tell me if it's not, you kind of need it for this plan".

Kit frowned, "My hearing is fine. You're speaking in riddles again".

Olly frowned back, "It's not my fault everyone else has forgotten".

Kit rolled his eyes at Olly's reasoning before he turned back, "Is there a way we're supposed to take care of this Star Stone?"

"A Locking Charm should do it," said Olly.

"Seriously?" asked Kit, "These Charms are truly ambiguous, I wish Rassa had specified them more, if only so that we could-"

"Learn more runes?" asked Olly excitedly.

Kit sighed, "Sure, that too. Where is this Star Stone?"

"Underground, in a secret room. Lync probably won't like us going there," said Olly.

Which meant that none of the other knights would like it either.

"Can I use my shadows?" asked Kit.

"They can track those who are of chaos and order," Olly replied, "But if you can get a hold of one of the knight's badges you should be fine".

"The Knight's badges?" asked Kit, "Please tell me this is the simplest part of the plan".

The look on Olly's face pretty much confirmed Kit wasn't even close to the difficult part of the plan.

Kit turned to go to find one of the Knights when Olly called out again, "Hey Kit, you've got a healing charm on you, right?"

"Yeah, why?" asked Kit.

"Just in case," said Olly.

Kit didn't think a healing charm would help. If they failed, the Inktress would likely just kill them, and a healing charm couldn't bring anyone back from the dead.


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