The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
255 Author“s Notes Volume 3
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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255 Author“s Notes Volume 3

Well, well, well, another one down...or almost.

I have decided, that while I of course appreciate the support here on Webnovel from fans of the books, I am not gaining anything from remaining here indefinitely. It was always the goal to publish the books to begin with, but now I believe it is time to focus more on that goal.

As such ALL content to do with The Monster Inside world will now be published on my P*atreon before it is posted anywhere else. That includes all future volumes of The First Vampire.

I will also let you know that there is one chapter left of this volume 3 that I will not post until a date for Vol.4 is set. This is mostly because this last chapter is a bridge between Vol.3 and 4 and if I post it you'll all be left on a rather large cliffhanger for a few months. Yes, a few months.

Vol.4 will pick up 10 years following the end of Vol.3. While it is not confirmed, I have been thinking of the title 'The Ruin of Eldovia'.

So I suppose you might be wondering what I shall be doing if I'm taking a break for a few months?

Well, I have graduated from my teaching course and now about to take on a full-time role, so releases would not be able to keep up with the schedule I have been doing anyway. So future releases on P*atreon will likely be on weekends, or if their well-planned in advanced on other days. But of course you're more interested in my writing projects, so here is a list:

1. I will be focusing on the Short Story series for Jane and Falla prior to the events in Vol.2 (P*atreon Exclusive). These will be released with goals reached there (or if goals are reached too quickly, as soon as I possibly can release it afterwards)

2. I will also do a solo novel for Aegin that shows his journey between Vol.3 & Vol.4, this will be titled 'The Aegis of Aegin Bloodthorn' and will be released in 3 parts before it is released as a whole novel (It will likely be lengthy so may even turn into a duology) (P*atreon Exclusive)

3. There will be a series of short stories that follow Rassa and Ebony and probably featuring Falla, Iah, Kit and Olly as well that will show some of what they will be up to in the 10 years between Vol.3 & 4 (P*atreon Exclusive)

4. Editing Vol.3 to release as PDF including final unreleased Chapter (P*atreon)

5. Writing Vol.4 (P*atreon first before Webnovel - though it is not likely to reach Webnovel until the second half of this year at the earliest)
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The about list are all things that I have confirmed to do in the following months. The following is work that I will also be doing with lower priority:

1. Work on my novel Soul Blood which is also here on Webnovel, will likely only be 2 chapters a week though so slow releases.

2. Probably writing another story in the Monster Inside Series that will likely be a duology, 'Kitsune' and 'Nogitsune'. This story will show Surai and her sister Kali's origins and will delve more into the Sloth path of Chaos. Not sure at this stage whether I will publish on Webnovel or P*atreon first but will let any followers I have on my social media (links below) know when something is happening with it.

I am hoping that as my P*atreon fanbase expands I will be able to run better and exclusive content there and have more fan interactions. In the mean time however, I must say a temporary goodbye to this part of Webnovel.

As a final parting gift, the following are shout-outs for Vol.3:

(As of 18/02/20)

Top 30 voters:

1. SoraxKairi - 968 votes (Whoa, to put into context this person would have had to vote 3 times a day for just shy of 11 months - basically since I started this book - to get this high, totally blown away by this support, thank you very much!)

2. Nekomino - 883 votes (Seriously, see above, thanks for support!)

3. esmeraldo - 599 votes (Thanks a bunch!)

4. Rabliel - 544 votes

5. zecond - 500 votes

6. kehdue - 497 votes

7. Nourah1999 - 437 votes

8. Triorchan - 353 votes

9. 101st - 346 votes

10. JaxShadow - 333 votes

11. Silent_Insanity - 325 votes

12. DVDD - 308 votes

13. I_am_Titan - 293 votes

14. A955 - 285 votes

15. Oskulos - 278 votes

16. AllMight00 - 273 votes

17. animetine16 - 238 votes

18. daniel44 - 222 votes

19. Ivy_Jones - 218 votes

20. iniser - 216 votes

21. Savacou - 209 votes

22. nouara1999 - 205 votes

23. DD8DD - 204 votes

24. Ruderalis - 170 votes

25. Edgy_Elite - 167 votes

26. spite - 161 votes

26. RedsFables - 161 votes

28. XRune - 156 votes

29. Delm22 - 148 votes

30. xKaitoP - 145 votes

Top 15 Vol.3 Commentors:

(Was going to do this but then lost my data and it took me like three hours to do it the first time so I'm not doing it again right now. But I do remember these names as being quite high on the list:








I thank these people for their continued support, I know some of you have been with me for quite a long time)

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support and I hope to see you again somewhere in the future whether it be here or elsewhere. Links to my social media and P*atreon accounts are below


Facebook: @TheMonsterInsideBooks

Twitter: @Jelim38692962


P*atreon: https://www.pat* (Delete Star to access link)

(If any of the links don't work let me know)


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