The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
205 The Dawn of a Warrior IV *
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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205 The Dawn of a Warrior IV *

All to aware of the danger barrelling towards him, Aegin focused on his destination, when he was within a few metres of the cage, he planted the spear in the ground before him, intending to use it to vault his body onto the top of the cage. As he shifted his body weight midair, looking lengthwise down the spear and readying himself to push away from it and the ground, the lion came into view. It had leaped at him from his flank, and just as Aegin was about the finish shifting his bodyweight, it collided with the length of the spear, snapping it in two effortlessly and pulling it from Aegin's grasp. Aegin went crashing into the ground, skidding into the side of the cage. He ignored the graze on his side as he looked at the Lion who had rounded on him without delay. It pounced at Aegin again.

Aegin rolled hastily out of the way, and the Lion collided with the bars of the cage. It backed off, shaking its head.

Aegin hurried to his feet, looking up at the cage, he took two steps then jumped up, grabbing the top and hoisting himself up. He rolled onto the top of the cage, breathing heavily.

The Lion shook off its pain, prowling around the cage and glaring up at Aegin.

Aegin withdrew a dagger, readying himself to throw it at the lion. But just as he prepared his aim, the lion took a few running steps, then jumped up onto the top of the cage right beside Aegin.

"Fuck!" Aegin cursed as he jumped back from a swipe of a paw then tumbled down from the top of the cage. He landed on his feet and rolled back a couple of metres, sitting up in a crouch as he handled his daggers in either hand. The lion roared and leaped for him.

In those several milliseconds, the feeling of the ground rumbling once more hit Aegin. Only this time felt different. This time it felt like something heavy was getting ever closer. Aegin's eyes widened in realisation, and without a second of hesitation, he leaped to the side.

He heard the squelch of flesh and blood and the crunch of bone. A pained yowling growl.

He turned to watch as the bull reared its head up and threw the wounded lion to the side.

Not quite dead, but certainly not getting up again so easily.

Aegin's eyes shifted to the bull that was rounding on him once more. The question of when they'd opened the other cage seemed completely useless as Aegin struggled to his feet and caught the fluttering of the scarf at his waist.

Knowing that there was not way he could out run the raging bull, Aegin watched the bull huff then charge for him. Aegin dodged to the side at the last second, right as the bull put its head down to ram at him. It was somewhat easier than dodging the much more aware and agile lion, but Aegin was positive he wasn't nothing to do with the bull either.

Looking down at the scarf as the bull began to round on him, he realised that he'd never heard a rule saying the scarf had to stay on Aegin. He cut it off with one of his daggers, knowing it'd take too long to undo the knot under the circumstances.

He unfurled the scarf, the bull focused on it immediately. Aegin waited as the bull charged once again, then, just as the bull put its head down, Aegin shifted to the side and caught its horn, pulling himself onto the bull's back.

The bull didn't like that.
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It huffed and threw its entire body weight into trying to dislodge Aegin. Aegin, unprepared for the sheer force at which he was being jolted, lasted all of a couple of seconds before he was flung to the side. He landed on his shoulder, hard. The pop of his shoulder from its socket was audible, and Aegin hissed in pain. He'd had worse, but a useless arm was really not what he needed right now. He shifted to his feet as quickly as he could, only to find the bull nearly upon him. Aegin moved instinctively, shifting just enough to the side as he crouched to miss the bull's head. Then his armed hand stuck a dagger as hard as he could in the underside of the bull's neck. He fell back out of the way, cringing at the pain in his shoulder. He stood on unsteady feet as he appraised the clearly in pain bull as it threw its head back and forth, unable to dislodge the dagger.

Then, in a move that nobody would have been able to predict, the bull came up along side one of the cages and threw itself into the bars. Perhaps it was an attempt to get rid of the dagger in the only way it knew how. But in its enraged state, the bull hit the cage too hard, the dagger sunk deeper into the bull's flesh. It paused for a moment, as if shocked by the occurrence, then it slowly, painfully, collapsed.

Aegin huffed, turning to look across the arena at where the struggling lion lay. It wasn't technically that far compared to the side of the arena, but Aegin had been thrown a fair distance.

Aegin made his way to the side of the cage, then, fitting his arm between the bars, he took a few quick breaths before he joted his shoulder back into the socket. He hissed a string of curses, then he made his way towards the lion, knowing that his trial wouldn't end until the beast was dead. He got within a few metres of it, and it growled at him, glaring as it clawed at the ground. Aegin withdrew a dagger and threw it. It embedded itself between the lion's eyes, and Aegin watched as it stilled, then promptly died.

Aegin looked up at the Slave Master. Two down. One to go.


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