The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
202 The Smuggler in their Midst*
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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202 The Smuggler in their Midst*

After sending off the appropriate letters as warning for the oncoming visitors, Falla got to work on how it was she was going to get Kit and Olly off of the Island without Ishta noticing.

Olly had insisted that the Inktress was taken care of. That she was nothing to worry about. But that didn't mean that the Ruin wasn't being watched by Ishta's other followers. The contents of that building, both alive and not, were too important for him not to be watching.

Hence, it became important to discover how best to escort Kit and Olly from the Ruin.

Her conclusion? Well it had only taken her a day to work out that simply disguising them wouldn't be enough. What if the ones Ishta had sent were Magicians as well? They'd sense Kit easily thanks to his connection with the Mist.

Hence, the day following their decision to send Olly and Kit over to Eldovia, Falla once again returned to the Ruin, this time to talk with Kit and Olly on how to get them off the Island.

"You could smuggle us off," Olly said simply.

Falla had been surprised for a moment before she realised that it was actually a pretty good idea. Kit agreed.

"We'll have to find a smuggler though, one that we can trust," said Kit, "And a skilled one. Not to mention though, we still have to find a way to conceal me".

"And me," Olly said, appearing almost horrified at the prospect of being left behind.

Kit nodded, "Yes, and you".

Falla sighed, "There aren't many smugglers on Rouke. Most of them deal on Danfore, and very few come here considering the amount of security. No one wants to be caught doing illegal trade on the Island that is known for the legal kind".

"The Evanine," said Olly, looking towards the vault.

Kit raised an eyebrow, "What about it?"

"Move the Evanine," Olly stated.

Kit sighed, "Not that I don't agree it needs to be moved, but I personally value us more than that".

"Yes, we'll move the Evanine in the vault of course, but the priority should be you now-"

Olly spun to them, a frustrated look on his face.

"Move the Evanine," Olly said, "Smuggle us".

Falla began to protest when Kit's face lit up, "Genius!"

Falla turned to Kit, "Sorry?"
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Kit turned to look at Falla, "He means that if you hide us in create of Evanine, no one will realise we're being moved. My connection with the mist will be concealed by the Evanine around me".

Falla tilted her head in thought, "It's a good idea, but Ishta will certainly be interested to see me moving Evanine out of the Ruin".

Kit's face dropped slightly, then Olly sighed as he leaned forward, putting a piece of blank paper on the table between them and drawing 3 'X's with the charcoal in his hands. He pointed to each in turn.

"Port Leis, Port Cresh, Eldovia," Olly said. He then drew a box with two stick figures inside it surrounded by other boxes above the Port Leis X, "Gather all the Evanine and Charms in the Vault. Move them and us to Apple Star in Port Cresh".

He drew the boxes again in Port Cresh, only this time he drew the two stick figures outside of the boxes.

"Kit and I wait until nightfall, then move into crates with Apple Star goods to go to Eldovia," said Olly.

"By that stage, Ishta will be too focused on the Charms and Evanine to watch for ordinary goods going in and out of Apple Star," Falla caught on.

"Won't that put your headquarters in danger though?" asked Kit.

Falla sighed, leaning back, "Yes, but it's better than putting the Ruin at risk. Besides, Apple Star headquarters in Port Cresh is in a much more public position than the Ruin is here in Port Leis".

Her eyes flicked over the Olly who had sat back with his charcoal and paper, "How did you think of that?"

Olly shrugged, "Master Rega liked it when I smuggled goods cleanly".

Falla's eyes widened, "Master...Rega?"

Olly nodded.

"You worked for Master Rega?" asked Kit in surprise.

Olly looked down at his paper, his ears blushing pink in embarrassment, "I was hungry. He told me I could eat if I did a good job. When I did a good job he let me eat more".

Kit and Falla looked at each other, then back at Olly.

"Olly, excuse me for asking, but how are you alive if you're not with Master Rega anymore?" asked Falla.

Master Rega was a notorious Black Market tradesman on Danfore. He was, without a doubt, a cruel man. He would do what he saw fit to those who disobeyed him. For Olly to be here. It couldn't be possible that he'd let Olly go, right?

Olly brought out a protection charm from his pocket, "I brought a charm from a nice lady with short blonde hair. A bargain really, for fifteen gold".

Falla's eyes widened in recognition, "You're the one that brought the charm from Ebony when you were being chased by thugs. The first one to buy a charm".

Olly nodded.

Falla tilted her head in thought, "But how did you know it would work".

Olly grinned, looking quite impressed with himself, "The Mist told me".

"The Mist?"

Olly nodded.


Olly frowned, "You can't even see the Mist".

"I can," Kit said and Olly turned to look at him, "How did the Mist tell you?"

Olly looked a little wary, but after a moment he smiled like a child telling their parent about a fun game.

"Well, I got tired of Master Rega telling me what to do, so the Mist told me that if I sold Master Rega's weapons in the next shipment and took the money, I'd find a nice lady in Port Cresh that was selling Protective Charms. The Charms would save me. They would protect me from Master Rega and his angry thugs," said Olly, "Then I hid until the Mist told me to go to you to learn more about the Runes like what was on the charm".

Kit and Falla were silent for a moment in wonder. Nobody really ever took Olly seriously because of all his crazy talk. But for that moment, when every facet of his story seemed to click into place around the bigger picture, Kit and Falla couldn't help but wonder.

Just who was Olly?


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