The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
147 A New Collection of Charms*
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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147 A New Collection of Charms*

Rassa was nervous. He rarely felt that way now. It was a foreign feeling, one that unnerved him even more just because he was feeling it. Still, no matter how nervous or jittery he managed to get, he didn't regret making Falla sign the agreement before telling her the whole truth. She surely would have hesitated if she knew the full extent of how disadvantaged they were.

They were a new company, so newly established that their business, the rumour generator though it was, was not known beyond Rouke Island. Because of this, Rassa had thought that Falla was hesitate at least a little, but despite that, she'd invested anyway. Rassa couldn't decide if he was daring or stupid, but what he was nervous about now was the moment she realised the true extent of his business world abilities.

Comparatively, the business world felt just like when he'd been stuck in anthrite chains. He had the knowledge and the skills, but they were untested, unused. He was also not as in control as when dealing with his blood-given abilities. No, the business world was largely out of his control, something Rassa was becoming more and more aware of. It did not feel good to not be in control. That felt like the hunger going out of control, and it was not an outcome anyone would desire.

So, as Rassa waited inside the almost completed second storey of The Ruin, which Rassa had not bothered to rename because everyone was just used to it, he could not help the pacing.

"You're going to wear a hole in your new floor," Aegin commented, clearly amused.

Rassa couldn't help the very slight hiss that escaped his lips. He was too on edge. Aegin sighed upon hearing it, wiping the smile off his face as he turned to fully face Rassa from where he lay, relaxing.

"She signed the agreement, she can't back out without repercussions," Aegin said, "Besides, she didn't seem like the type to go back on her word".

He was right of course. He and Falla had agreed that they'd both changed since they were children, but Falla had never been one to break a promise, a deal. It was something that had been ingrained in her from her father.

Ebony walked in then, the room they were using had become Rassa's office for the time being, and so if there was a chance of finding him, it was likely he was there. Rassa had gotten used to seeing her in a dress. It was strange to think that in five days she'd likely have to go back to pretending to be a man.

She was holding a writing pad which she promptly handed over the Rassa.

"The list of Charms you wanted," she said.

Rassa sighed as he took it. He'd included six different types of charms. Enough to generate interest but not enough to saturate the market. He'd be debating with Falla today what the base prices of each should be.

The Protection and Truth Charms were included, but Rassa hadn't included the Tracking Charm. That took too much work and intricacies, besides the fact that Rassa didn't want someone to work out how to take advantage of the system he'd created. After all, despite all of the restrictions and instructions he'd given, it was still possible for someone to take advantage of it. It was why he'd instructed everyone given the charms to keep quiet about their properties.

The other four charms were as follows;

A Healing Charm, which had the ability to heal any minor cuts or bruises it came into contact with. Rassa figured that making it any more powerful would be too much for the mist held within the charm itself.

A Sealing Charm, capable of magically sealing rooms or boxes that it touched, though it depended entirely on the size of the room and the size of the entrances.

The Unsealing Charm, the exact opposite of the sealing charm. Unfortunately this presented unlawful possibilities, so the sale of these would be restricted. Though Rassa had placed on the charm a rune that meant this charm could only be used in concert with the Sealing Charm.

Finally, the Clarity Charm. It could be used in one of two ways that was often up to the interpretation of both the mist and the holding. It could either make one's vision better, or, it could clear one's mind of unnecessary thoughts and worries. Perfect for meditation.

Rassa hadn't initially thought of the mind part of it, but the Rune for Clarity had a deeper meaning than he had initially suggested. Much like many others of the runes.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Ebony. She'd protested to the unsealing Charm, it'd been why Rassa had placed the second rune on it regarding it only being used in concert with the Sealing Charm. He admitted that she had raised a good point. The Unsealing Charm posed a massive threat to any locks, especially considering that many weren't all that complicated, you just needed to right key. A Key to unlock all doors…Ebony had thought it was an advantaged best kept in their own camp, and the others had readily agreed.

"I'm sure," Rassa replied, "Though the base prices are sure to be quite something".

"I don't know," Ebony replied, "Falla seems at least reasonable. Not overly greedy like that Ishta man. You should have seen what he asked for it, he practically wanted us to give consent for him to rob us. What did he expect us to do? Unlock the door and invite him and skip out with crate after crate of charms? Ridiculous".
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Rassa couldn't deny that. Still, he'd heard rumours about Ishta Alamone. A noble, and a very influential one at that. Not to mention his achievements. Rassa had to admit that the man may have been ruthless, but he'd managed to do what many had not even thought possible. The man had a right to be arrogant, but his greed may have been getting to his head.

Rassa paused in his pacing, turning to face the window. He could hear the carriage making it's way down the street now, Falla and her closest council within.

What would she think of the place he'd managed to make? If they considered the street it was situated on, there was certainly much to be questioned. This abandoned slum of a district was an eyesore in Port Lace, few but the poor and depraved ventured here. Yet the Ruin in the past week had evolved to begin resembling the storefront shops in the business district. Perhaps not as grand or elegant, but imposing nonetheless. It stuck out like a sore thumb on the street it was situated on. Or perhaps it was just like a diamond amongst coal. Either way, it was a good thing that Rassa had a one-of-a-kind product, otherwise it was unlikely that anyone who could actually afford his products would risk making the trip.

"She's here?" asked Aegin.

Rassa nodded.

Ebony sighed, "I'll make some tea. I trust you can escort her here without becoming a jittery mess?"

Rassa turned to glare at Ebony, a hiss on the tip of his tongue. Ebony glared back, and Rassa snapped his mouth shut, turning away. She was right. Of course she was. Urgh, it was frustrating.

"I'm fine".

"Sure you are," Ebony replied with a roll of her eyes, "Good to know that even monsters can get nervous".

Aegin chuckled, "Nervous about women?"

Rassa rolled his eyes, "Come on, let's go".

He figured it was better not to address that problem.


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