The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
143 A Deal is Struck*
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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143 A Deal is Struck*

"I have recently purchased a building in Port Lace that I intend to use as my base of operation on Rouke Island," Rassa began, "I have also placed several staff there, including one that within the week will be capable of making the Protective Charms, as well as other Charms".

"Others?" asked Falla.

Rassa nodded, "A full list will be given should you agree to the terms". Falla nodded in agreement before Rassa continued, "The staff that are manning this soon-to-be shop however are...unequipped for both the clientele and the administration that will need to be done when the business opens, which will likely not be for several months. My offer is simple, in return for providing lessons to these individuals in these areas, and support where it is needed prior to the opening of the business, you will receive 50% of the first six months' sales. However, if you are also capable of providing a steady stream of Evanine Crystals, the five year deal will stand".

"50% for six months simply for training your staff? You are quite generous," Falla stated, "Jane told me you were more than capable of reading yourself, why can't you teach them?"

Rassa decided to ignore the mention of that name. He wasn't ready to talk about her.

"Because I'm not staying. I will leave come the end of the festival and I have no idea when I'll be back," Rassa stated.
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Falla's eyes narrowed, "So you also need somebody who has vested interests to keep an eye on this business of yours so nobody is bullying your staff?"

"It would be appreciated," Rassa replied.

Falla pursed her lips as she thought about the deal.

"You say the 50% for five years will only occur should I find a steady supply of Evanine Crystals?" asked Falla.

Rassa nodded, "Correct".

"Does that apply to crystals that my own stores sell as well?" asked Falla.

Rassa shook his head, "The Charms shall only be sold from my store at set prices".

"I see, may I add my own term then?" asked Falla. Rassa indicated the she could continue, "If I can supply a steady supply of crystals, then after the initial six months I will only ask for 40% of the profit, but in return I want an individual of my choosing to learn in your store how the charms are made. They will be sworn to secrecy for the duration of the contract, but able to pass on their knowledge at the end of the initial contract".

Rassa thought for a moment, he knew it was unlikely that she would relent on this point. The knowledge was key to a vast fortune.

"30%," Rassa countered.

"35%," Falla replied.

"Very well, 35%," Rassa sighed, "But only on the condition the crystals are found and secured".

"Of course," Falla nodded.

Rassa's eyes narrowed, "You seem quite confident. The Evanine Crystal Veins are in high demand at the moment. The reason I'm seeking out a partner is because I'm not confident in purchasing my own".

Falla gave a small smile, "My life has not been as simple as you might think for the past few years. Some people might call it fate that we have encountered another at this time because I just so happen to own what could be the largest Evanine Crystal Vein in Eldovia".

Rassa frowned, "Own it? Then why do you deal in fabrics?"

"This Crystal Vein is a closely guarded secret. Upon securing, the man I won it from happened to mention his knowledge of the Vanguard, which were still a prototype product. He advised I keep my cards close," Falla stated.

"Won it?" asked Rassa, "That's sure to be an interesting story".

Falla shrugged, "The best ones are, but alas, that is for another time. I shall still need the initial six months to organise the business there and establish a safe route to transport them".

It was a shame that Kit could not use the shadows as a movement ability. He would have been able to teleport them between the safe and the mine with little effort.

Rassa nodded, "In that case, shall we have the contract drawn up?"

Falla nodded, then picked up a little bell to the side and rung it. Within ten seconds, the man Layn appeared once more at the door.

"Yes, Miss Falla?"

"Prepare two sets of contract papers, Layn, Mr Moonshadow and I have reached an agreement," Falla instructed.

Layn nodded respectfully and disappeared through another door, returning a minute later with paper, ink and a fancy looking pen, as well as wax and a seal.

"Do you have your own seal?" asked Falla.

"I admit that I have no have not had an official one made yet, but I can have it done by tomorrow evening," Rassa stated.

Falla nodded, "Then shall we meet again then to sign?"

Rassa gave a short nod in agreement, then stood to leave. He paused before the windows, then turned back over his shoulders.

"It was nice doing business with you, Falla Startree".

"And you, Rassa Moonshadow. I will see you tomorrow evening for dinner at the Blue Jade Restaurant in Port Lace," Falla stated.

Rassa nodded then opened the doors and stepped out onto the balcony. He realised that to Layn, who had only seen him walk through the door and had no idea of what he was, then Rassa's next move probably seemed suicidal. It the surprised gasp was anything to go by, Rassa had certainly shocked him as he jumped over the balcony railing and fell to the ground. Still, Rassa didn't much care for the opinions of Falla's attendant.

Ebony and Aegin were waiting for him at the Ruin where he'd left them both. They looked to him expectantly, to which Rassa nodded.

"We came to an agreement, we'll sign tomorrow. I need you to order an official seal be made tomorrow morning, Ebony. As quickly as possible," Rassa stated.

Ebony nodded, deciding from his dismissive attitude that he was probably not in the mood to talk about Falla or his past with her. Still, they had an ally now. They could leave without worries.

Or at least less worries than before.


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