The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
123 A Potential Unknown*
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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123 A Potential Unknown*

Ebony's first glimpse of land was shortly after dawn on their fifth day at Sea. Several tiny islands appeared before them to the east, and she called down to the Quarter Deck.

"Land Ho!"

Over the days which she'd been at sea, she'd slowly grown accustomed to the height. To say that she'd conquered her fear was stretching it, but she'd grown somewhat used to the feeling of being in the Crow's Nest. Most of all, she'd been looking forward to that call.

"Islands dead ahead!"

Midas, who had heard her call, pulled out a looking glass from coat and extended it, looking out to the direction Ebony had indicated. After a moment he began giving orders to prepare the crew, and someone woke up a reluctant Isaac who'd been asleep for just over an hour.

Despite Ebony's quick learning, navigating around islands was far more difficult than the open sea, and hence Midas felt more comfortable with his experienced watchmen in the Crow's Nest helping Ebony.

Isaac yawned like a mighty beast as he pulled himself into the nest, squinting into the sunrise to see the islands.

"Are they...?"

"The Southern Isles," Isaac informed her, "A collection of over a hundred islands, many of which are too small to be inhabited to the point where they don't even possess fresh water".

"So where is Rouke Island?" asked Ebony.

"We'll get there in another three hours or so, it's situated closer to the centre," Isaac said, "The biggest Island in the Southern Isles, the Island built up and inhabited by Traders".

Isaac yawned again, rubbing his eyes.

"Sorry to wake you," Ebony said guiltily.

Isaac chuckled, "Better to wake me now than when we skewer the ship on some rocks thanks to you, newbie".

Ebony frowned, "I'm not that inept".

"But you're not completely confident either, are you?" asked Isaac.

Ebony turned away, refusing to admit it. Isaac continued to smile lazily, "Keep me awake for the next few hours, then I can go back and get some rest".


"The Southern Isles are in sight, Captain," Midas reported as Jeremiah stepped onto the Quarter Deck. Jeremiah took the looking glass that Midas offered and spied the Islands through it.

"Good, knowing Griffith, he'll be in Port Cresh on the Northern side of the Isle," Jeremiah said, "Seeing as he's expecting us it's best we aim to dock there".

"I sense reluctance on your part, Captain," Midas smiled as he took back his looking glass and folded it away. Jeremiah gave an unimpressed frown in reply. Of course he was reluctant. He didn't want to be there. If he didn't want to get this over with as quickly as possible he would have ordered them to Port Leis on the Southern side of Rouke. As far away from the Token President as he could get.

"Never you mind your senses in this case, Midas," Jeremiah replied, "They're better used ordering the crew to a smooth dock".

Port Cresh was the largest on Rouke, and it also had the deepest water, hence there was no need for The Miranda to be Anchored further out as it had been in Port Lovolon. Not having to row longboats back and forth would make things far easier for him and the crew.
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Jeremiah's eyes diverted to where Rassa was working on the main deck. Ensuring ropes were tight and untangled and everything was in order so that when pushed into action things would go smoothly.

"How has he been?" asked Jeremiah.

Midas followed Jeremiah's line of sight and nodded once, "Jorl says he picks things up faster than anyone else he's trained before. He even reckons that the kid could have been working on his own after the first day, but seemed to hold back for some reason. Observing him the last few days, and from what you've told me of what he was like in Lovolon, I believe he's trying to keep to himself".

"So not unmotivated?" asked Jeremiah.

Midas shrugged, "Not when he has work to do no. But there's just something that tells me he hasn't seen himself being on a ship for an extended period of time. Like its a means to an end".

"And what end would that be?" asked Jeremiah.

Midas smirked, "My senses aren't that great, Captain. You'll have to ask him yourself for that".

"Oh?" asked Jeremiah, feigning disappointment, "Looks like I'll have to get you to read through the President's collection again".

Midas rolled his eyes, "Like that'll change anything".

Jeremiah smiled as he watched his crew work, his eyes drawn to Rassa. Ever since Jeremiah had met the mysterious kid he'd wondered. Wondered what kind of potential those mysteries were hiding. He'd seen glimpses of it over the past couple of weeks. His shadow magic, his incredible combat abilities, and then the card game last night. To be able to read the other players like would truly be a shame to leave such potential in the shadows, even if the kid believed he belonged there.

Midas chuckled, "You look like you're schemeing".

"Who, me?" asked Jeremiah as he straightened and headed for the stairs down to the main deck, "Never. You have the helm".

"Aye, Captain".

Midas watched in amusement as Jeremiah disppeared below decks, no doubt to check on the preparation of the cargo that was to be unloaded when they reached Rouke. His eyes cut to Rassa, who was still working in silence, diligent as ever. He couldn't help sighing. Poor kid was in for a tough few weeks if Jeremiah's schemeing had anything to do with it.


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