The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
47 The Registration of a Magician*
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
Author :Jelim
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47 The Registration of a Magician*

Jane was nervous. Not only had she left Rassa behind, but she was also in a strange place that was intimidating to say the least. The giant building made from the earth was nothing like anything Jane had seen before, and it's sheer size made Jane feel all too small. This, along with the knowledge that those she had so far met were all Magicians, was enough to render the young girl silent and timid, afraid that she would step out of line without meaning to.

She followed behind the old man whom Arita had called the Guild Master with quick footsteps, afraid of being left behind. She was a little disturbed that Arita had handed her over so easily. She had had a few days to talk with and get to know Arita, and she found she had quite liked the Light Magician. It annoyed Jane quite a lot that she'd been passed off so easily. But on the other hand, Jane also understood that someone needed to stay with and protect Rassa from anyone who wanted to hurt him.

He'd been so quiet the last few days. So reserved. It worried Jane. What was going through his head that made him so? Was it because he was now in chains? That seemed the most obvious reason. Jane wouldn't like it either. She couldn't understand why Rassa had allowed himself to remain captured like this. He hadn't even put up a fight. For what reason was he punishing himself?

"It was Jane, yes?"

Jane was dragged from her thoughts by the old Guild Master who was looking down at her expectantly. Jane nodded quickly.

"Yes, sir".

"No last name?" the Guild Master confirmed.

Jane shook her head. She was of common birth. Few of them had a surname, if it was required, they would use the mother's name for a girl, and the father' name for a boy. Seeing as this seemed to be the next question, Jane readily gave the answer.

"Helen," Jane said, "My mother's name is Helen".

The Guild Master nodded, turning into the records room where a younger individual sat behind the desk there, looking quite bored. He looked up as the Guild Master entered, and his back straightened quickly.

"Guild Master Dannefor, sir, how can I be of service?" asked the young magician.

The Guild Master placed a hand on Jane's shoulder, guiding her to stand before him, "This is Jane Helensdaughter, she needs to be registered for the Academy".

The young magician moved hurriedly to a nearby shelf of different documents and took one from the haphazard stacks. He moved back and grabbed a quill, writing down the information quickly, "And her element?"

"Air," the Guild Master replied, "As for the report on how she awakened. Say self-defence against an attacker, then place my seal beside it".

The young magician looked up surprised. Such a small description? Usually the Academy liked to know every detail. To not give those details...the magician glanced down at Jane. The lack of details only made him curious as to what had happened to the girl. Still, he only hesitated a second before doing as his Guild Master asked.

"Age?" asked the young magician.

"I'll be thirteen in the late autumn," Jane replied.

An average age for an awakening.

The young magician turned the document to face Jane as he spoke, "Can you read or write?"

Jane shook her head.

The magician nodded as if he expected this and presented a small sponge filled with ink beside Jane.

"Place your thumb on this then press it hard onto the paper here," the Magician pointed to the end of the document and Jane did as told. The small sponge made her thumb black, but looking to the young magician this seemed normal so Jane continued with the process, watching as her thumb was imprinted onto the peice of paper. The Magician then turned the document to the Guild Master, who picked up a quill and signed it quickly on the line just below Jane's thumb print.

The Magician folded the document just as soon as the ink dried, and then placed a wax seal on it, stamping it with the Toulle City Guild Crest and handing it to the Guild Master.

"Thank you Senior Apprentice, good work," the Guild Master stated before he turned and left, Jane following closely behind.

The Senior Apprentice, despite his curiosity in Jane's case, was disappointed by the short visit. He'd been sitting behind the desk for hours and this was only his third interaction for this shift. Giving a deep sigh, he slumped back into his chair and waited for his shift to be over.

Meanwhile, the Guild Master was guiding Jane out of the Guild Hall and across the quarter square to a side street filled with large houses. He walked for some time in silence before he turned down another street and nearly immediately walked up to the front door of a rather plain and simple two storey house. The Guild Master knocked, turning back to look at Jane as he waited for an answer.

It took some time for an answer to come, but the Guild Master seemed to expect this and didn't become impatient or worried. When the door finally did open, it was to a man similar in age to the Guild Master, though with considerably less facial hair and far smaller reading glasses. His clothes were also quite simple, a thin silver chain with a pendant in the shape of an eye his only adornment.

"Dannefor, what are you doing here?"

It was the most disrespectful tone Jane had heard used when addressing the old man.

The Guild Master placed a hand on Jane's shoulder to reassure her as he spoke, "I was hoping you could help me with a problem I'm having. Being as knowledgeable as you are".

It seemed that the man was quite easily flattered, as his harsh expression softened ever so slightly, "And what is it that you require my services for?"

"Something new, or perhaps it is something very old...we were hoping you could help us with that," the Guild Master said mysteriously.

It was the mystery of the problem that clearly drew the man to invite them inside. The only consolation Jane held in her heart as she looked at the man's excited expression was that his Greed seemed to stem solely from that of knowledge. Hopefully, he would not have any ulterior motives towards Rassa.


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