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1111 Invincible Master Indecen

Red Shirt pulled the trigger just as he finished his sentence.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone's heart sank. He was using an AK47! At such a close distance, even a steel plate would be riddled with holes. This monk was probably dying this time.

However, just as those thoughts surfaced in their minds, they were shattered with tinkling sounds. They were astounded to see the AK47 sweeping across the monk's tattered kasaya as the bullets seemed to land on a sponge, having their energy instantly reduced to zero before dropping to the ground.

Unwilling to have his beliefs shaken, Red Shirt kept spraying bullets, hitting Fangzheng's neck and head which weren't covered by his clothes. That only produced sparks as the bullets fell to the ground with a tinkle. As this scene unfolded, everyone's mouth widened so much they could stuff a pear in it. By that point in time, they were already at a loss for words. This scene was just too stimulating, bizarre, and inexplicable.

Regardless of whether they were religious figures or not, all of them felt as though their worldview had crumbled.

The bright, bald head definitely didn't have a bullet vest over it; yet, Fangzheng was able to withstand the point blank shots from an AK47. This… couldn't be explained with common sense.

Instantly, the words of the Chinese religious figures flashed across their minds: "He is China's Master Indecent. He has divine powers and is like a true Buddha!"

They had found the Chinese foolish to say such words, believing that Fangzheng had managed to scam his way to fame China and that the Chinese government must be useless to allow such a conman run amok.

But now, they looked up at the sky. However, instead of seeing the ceiling, they could only picture a small piece of blue sky. They recalled a Chinese idiom: "Being a frog in a well!" And they were that frog in the well, having arrogantly believed that the palm-sized sky above them was the entire world…

At this moment, be it the political figures, businessmen, or religious figures, all of them no longer looked at Fangzheng as though he was a fool. Instead, their gazes were filled with fervor. This was true invulnerability! This wasn't some Master Indecent, but some Super Master, alright? Respect was needed!

Red Shirt felt that his brain was about to explode. He threw the AK47 down, staring at Fangzheng's shiny head with bloodshot eyes. Then, he rubbed his eyes, pinched himself, and confirmed that he wasn't seeing things or dreaming. He said through clenched teeth, "Get me a sniper rifle!"

A man immediately brought him a sniper rifle. It was clearly modified and not one of the famous rifles in the world. However, for it to be called a sniper rifle, it naturally had immense strength! At close distance, it was a force to be reckoned with. Its penetrative power was far greater than an AK47's.

Red Shirt placed the muzzle right at Fangzheng's head but upon realizing that the barrel might explode if a failure happened, he pulled back to open a tiny distance and said, "Monk, Die!"

Red Shirt pulled the trigger at Fangzheng who was focused on treating people.

At this moment, everyone, including Wanderer Tranquil, who worried for Fangzheng the most, Xiaoxun, and Chen Daoyuan had a strange feeling—they weren't worried at all! They were even freaking hoping to see the aftermath…


A gunshot sounded.

Everyone widened their eyes to see that shiny, reflective, bald head.

It was unknown who it was, but someone shouted. "I think this still won't work."

Just as he said that, there was a tinkle as a bullet fell to the ground, and the sparks in midair fell.

Everyone wore a look as though it was expected. The way they looked at Red Shirt turned from horror to pity.

Red Shirt looked at the sniper rifle in hand and went mad. He threw the sniper rifle and roared. "Bring me a grenade!"

"Monk…" Red Shirt wanted to say "die," but he swallowed his words because he lacked the confidence of killing the bizarre monk with a grenade.

Red Shirt pulled the pin from the grenade and threw it in front of Fangzheng before quickly retreating.

At this moment, Fangzheng, who was focusing on treatment, finally moved. He stuffed the grenade into his kasaya!

Everyone was stunned, thinking, "Does this monk find it less comfortable for the grenade to explode far away? Does it feel better if he keeps it close to him?"

As this odd thought surfaced, many people were amused by it.

However, at the next moment…


With a loud boom, everyone clearly saw Fangzheng's kasaya swell up before deflating again.

Everyone shook their head as though they were saying: "Indeed, such things are useless against him!"

Red Shirt was left exasperated. Rifles and grenades couldn't kill Fangzheng, so what other means did he have? Red Shirt ran over and pulled at Fangzheng's clothes, roaring. "What the f**k are you?"

At this moment, Fangzheng had finished treating the Daoist priest and was feeling happy. He pressed his palms together and smiled at Red Shirt. "This Penniless Monk is One Finger Monastery's Fangzheng."

With that said, Fangzheng turned around. Red Shirt had no way of holding Fangzheng still as he lost his grip on him. Fangzheng then walked to the final Chinese monk. He knew very well that he had no time to deal with the terrorists for now. Any delay could cause these people's death! Once they died, he would have no means of resurrecting them. Therefore, Fangzheng's goal was clear. He ignored everything else.

The dying monk's eyes were almost fully glazed over. But when he saw Fangzheng, it was unknown if it was due to the final pulse in his nerves or because hope had been reignited in him, but his pupils constricted once again as he smiled at Fangzheng. The ends of his mouth opened slightly as though he was saying, "Amitabha."

Fangzheng returned the greeting and crouched down to treat the accomplished monk of his gun wound. This time, Fangzheng's actions were extremely fast. He tore open the monk's clothes, quickly removed the bullet, and closed the wound. All of that took only three seconds!

The speed left the rest dumbfounded as they looked at Fangzheng with burning fervor.

At this moment, everyone's attention had moved from Fangzheng's invulnerability to his medical skills. Four people who were on the brink of death had been pulled back from the jaws of death! Especially the final surgery he carried out for the monk looked like a miracle. They swore they had never seen such advanced medical skills that could practically revive the dead.

Southeast Asia was in the same region as China, so they had more or less heard what had happened in China.

At this moment, a businessman shouted. "I remember! It wasn't long ago that a famous doctor from Korea challenged China's TCM, but he was thoroughly defeated by a monk. That monk's name was Fangzheng!"

"I recall it too. Back then, I thought it was just fake news from China…" a political figure said with a bitter smile. As he spoke, he felt his face burning with embarrassment. However, he still said it because he believed that certain mistakes needed rectification and certain honors needed to be returned to this master.

"So all of that was true. This master isn't only a master, he's also a godly doctor! He's a godly doctor who can resurrect the dead! Impressive," a Caodaist monk said.